Bionic Commando: Rearmed, PSN Features: Revealed

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What’s crackin’ PlayStation players? This is John D from Capcom and I’ve got some info to share. Bionic Commando Rearmed is just around the corner and Ben Judd, our resident producer/rock star, wants to reach out to all you Sony fans by giving you weekly updates on this highly anticipated title. Expect exclusive news, videos and artwork from now thru launch. Ben has some really exciting details regarding the PSN version of Bionic Commando Rearmed, so hopefully you all will recognize that Capcom is giving love to all the Sony gamers out there.


Here’s Ben’s first transmission:

Welcome to the first installment of our weekly Bionic Commando: Rearmed column. The folks here at the PlayStation.Blog have been kind enough to give us some space to strut our Bionic stuff. Don’t worry, I promise there will not be an excess of swinger jokes.

To kick off this edition, we’d like to mention some of the “PSN specific” content that you can expect for Rearmed. There will be Dualshock 3 support, because we all know that games that vibrate are better and besides… there really is no reason not to implement a feature that has become the industry standard. Also, Rearmed is one of the only PSN games to feature Remote Play support. This one wasn’t as easy to add and, matter of fact, there is one point where we had to “creatively” reprogram the controls to give players the illusion of using 2 sticks (you’ll know when you see it). The classic 2D side-scrolling graphics really fit with the PSP and just make the PSN version all the more cooler.

Of course there is one more VERY cool surprise for those of you who purchase the PSN version… but that is another story for another time.

So if Rearmed looks like it might be up your alley, come visit the “Top Secret” crew over at, where you can read the weekly serial comic, listen to one of the most ill-advised Japanese-publisher podcasts – Top Secret: The Bionic Commando Podcast, and, of course, listen to music from popular video game rockers, the BCR soundtrack, and the original 8-bit Bionic Commando music, all on the Bionic Commando Music Player.

In the meantime, check this space again in about a week for update number 2!




Haley is the FSA’s finest helicopter pilot, who transports Nathan “Rad” Spencer through dangerous Imperial territory. From a safe altitude, Spencer is then parachuted into enemy encampments.

Due to her unique piloting style and willingness to put both her chopper and her body on the line, Haley has been labeled as “reckless” and is considered a liability by some in the FSA Armed Forces. However, her many medals and commendations for exceptional behavior in combat situations speak for themselves. She holds the record for the quickest drop-offs and pick-ups in enemy territory in the history of the FSA and, despite her feminine looks, she is fond of claiming to have “more stones than any other pilot in the force”. 

Something of a weapons nut, Haley is also a useful source of advice on the latest hardware and other items Spencer encounters in the field.


The FSA awards Medals to only the bravest soldiers for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty. There are 12 medals to collect in total, with something to suit every type of soldier, from brawlers to thinkers.


Anyone can pick up a spare Vector Cannon and blast their way through an Imperial army. After all, you have a Bionic Arm – who’s likely to stop you?! But for the swinger who has skills as well as a soul, the Pacifist Pride medal will be awarded. The conditions for obtaining it are deceptively simple – simply clear any Area without firing your gun. Can you survive on swinging skill and some quick grenade tossing alone?

Weapons: Hagle Breaker

The 13-gauge “Hagle Breaker” Assault Shotgun is a short-range firearm with staggering power, but it is completely ineffective in long-range combat. Most useful against standard Imperial human enemies, the shotgun pellets are ineffective against the machines and shields used by the Imperial army. The Hagle Breaker’s most useful feature is the ability to use its immense recoil to kick-start a swing when your momentum is lost.

John D. again. Cool update, huh? Anyway, Ben wanted to give you all this opportunity to ask him any questions you have about the game. Post your questions in the comments section below and he’ll answer most of them with his next update. Also, this is a big month for you PSN gamers as 1942: Joint Strike, the next installation of the classic 194X shooter series, finally arrives on the PLAYSTATION Network on July 31, 2008 July 24, 2008. Spread the word! See you soon!

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  • I can’t wait for this game.

    • It will be well worth the wait. Also, I made a big mistake on the 1942 announcement. It\’s actually coming out sooner than you think, on JULY 24, 2008!!! (but that\’s a good thing, right?)

  • Is there going to be trophy support?

    • It was too late into development to add trophy support at this time, however, Ben assures me that we\’ll have this feature for BCR in the near future!

      Also, I can answer some questions for BCR, but I will let Ben Judd answer most of the questions here. He\’ll choose a good number of quetions to answer and we\’ll post them up on the next BCR update.

      I\’ll try and answer some of your other questions!

  • are medals the same as trophies?
    like if i get a medal will i get a trophy for it?
    if not will there ever be trophy support?

    • Dan,

      Medals are the equivalent to achievements. Basically doing the same things in either version will open up these medals. We are currently reviewing how much work it would take to retro tag save/clear data for trophy support. Certainly though, if it does not require a huge amount of programming time (I.e. money) then we will probably move forward with it.


  • Can’t wait for it!

  • great news and thanks for responding to me last time u was on the blog.anytime time frame for the release of bionic commando rearmed?one last thing with e3 around the corner will u guys be showing some love to the ps fan base which helped create capcom to what its is today and will there be any psp love i not asking for the names of game just asking if u guys will support the psp.
    i loved mega man power up!!!!!!

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    looks great is there going to be a demo?

  • What was the reason behind the delay in publishing this title? I’ve been keeping up on your Bionic Commando blog. As others are asking, does the delay have to do with wanting to add trophy support or other unmentioned PSN features? Do medals translate to trophies (or could they?).

    Any idea how many weekly PS Blog updates we’ll see before release? i.e., when can I get my grubby hands on this game?

    PS: Thanks a bunch for the remote play support!

  • Please Please have trophies.

  • Dear John D…the love you give to the PSblog is appreciated!

    More third-party companies should be like Capcom and post more around the blog.

    also congratulations, Commando 3 has not leave the top downloaded games list since release.

    PS: still hoping for that Power Stone 2 with online on the PSN (and yes I did vote for it)

    • Thanks to all you PSN fans who supported Commando 3! Your support shows that there\’s still a fan base for old-school, arcade style games.

      And Captain, thanks for participating on the poll we have at GameSpot. We\’re watching….

  • Remote play is a good start, hope to hear more about portable titles in the future.

  • How some love for PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4? Please update the game to support trophies.

  • @ #6 (Eternity_Viper_Snake),
    There will be a demo. The demo will feature at least the first half of the 1st level, split-screen co-op, and the hacking mini-game.

    More info I have compiled:
    – After discussion on Capcom blog, the game will be priced at $10 instead of the $15 they were considering.
    – This game was rumored to be released on May 15, but now there is some confusion over when we will see a release (which is why I asked my trophy delay question)

  • Here’s hoping for a demo.

    And any idea on when SFII:Turbo HD is coming? Wasn’t that game supposed to come out a year ago?

    • Touche, SF remix isn\’t a title you want to rush. I know you\’ve all been waiting for it and we promise, it\’ll be well worth the wait. No gimping allowed when it comes to Street Fighter, know what I mean?

  • 2 Questions:

    1. Will there be trophy support (that “cool surprise”?)?
    2. Can we have a release date (and will it be the same in Europe?)?

    I’ve been looking forward to this since the trailer was released on the store a few months back!

  • Hey David, cant wait for this sure to be awesome game! Can we expect to see some other Capcom Classics like Resident Evil or Strider and not the arcade version either?

    • Obviously this is the first step for trying out a new business model. We\’ve taken a lot of efforts to not only maintain the key elements of the original that made it so great, but also to add in new modes and story. It really is more like the production of an original game rather than just a meta-emulated remake.

      If this proves to be profitable (and if I don\’t work myself to death in Japan), I\’d imagine the sky\’s the limit.

  • So when is Capcom going to give the Playstation 3 some love? You guys have been giving us the shaft since the PS3 launched. I have one question, WHY?

  • All I need to know is WHEN the game is coming out! I have been waiting since it’s original release date of April with $10 in my wallet.

    Trophies would be nice but I just want the game to be out.


  • What’s the biggest difference between BC3 and BC:Rearmed? Graphics, story, the surprise, the way you made it, or otherwise?

    • Well, one is a remake of the original game, the other is a sequel. Both could \”possibly\” feature head-poppingly-cool story events, fantastic wire gameplay, and run on the same engine that has some really nice graphics.

      So I guess the biggest difference is one will be released sooner… the other one later!


  • Is there going to be trophy support?
    Is there going to be a demo?
    Is there co-op offline?
    How much is the game?
    when is the game going to be released?

    Here i collected all the questions.

    • A solid perhaps
      A definite yes
      A concrete yes
      A reasonable 10 bucks
      When it is released (Jedi mind trick (TM))

  • Thanks for the update, I can’t wait to get this game.

    Will there be trophy support?

    Also, will Commando 3 be patched for trophy support and 2-player online co-op with another person? And will there be a Mega Man game for PSN? :(

  • Oh, also the 1942: Joint Strike game mentioned at the bottom of the post (releasing in 3 weeks) will cost $9.99 USD according to IGN.

    • Agaim, sorry, it actually releases earlier than that on July 24! And yes, it\’s only $9.99!!!

  • i cant wait for this game to come out. Looks Like Fun

  • Hey John, I was hoping you would come back to the blog so I could make a special request.

    PLEASE, I am begging you PLEASE! Let it be known that we want Mega Man 9 on PSN!!!

    If that game is going to be a Wii exclusive it will crush me.

  • @chaosatom333,
    Yes (2-player simultaneous play, join in anytime. This is in addition to online multiplayer options).
    $10 USD.

  • Hi John! Thanks for the blog post. I have a quick question. Will Bionic Commando: Rearmed feature trophy support? Is that the “VERY cool surprise” Ben was talking about? :D

  • If this game has trophy support ill buy it.

  • @gardea,
    “Will there be a Mega Man game for PSN?”

    Originally announced just for Wii download (priced at 1000 Wii points), Mega Man 9 is RUMORED to be releasing across ALL 3 GAMING CONSOLES (an industry first). Take this info with a grain of salt, but this would be cool.

    You can find the info on the ArsTechnica journal from June 27, 2008.

  • This game is gonna be awesome.

  • Any chance of any Trophy support? If that’s a yes then its a day one purchase for me.

  • will there be trophy support? if there is i will buy!!!:)

  • Good thing its working with remote play. If only i could get my PSP to do remote play over the internet. I never could get that to work. I take it that since you said “medals” and not trophies that this game isn’t going to have trophy support but it’s own built in trophy system kinda like Devil may cry 4 did.

  • Oh yeah, and I’m buying BC:R day one for sure. Please release it soon I’ve been waiting patiently since it was originally supposed to be out (May).

  • Remote Play! :O

    Any chance this “special feature” is trophy support?

  • I’m getting this game the minute it is out!!

    But Trophy support for it is a must have.

    Great work with the engine, the graphics look awesome!

  • Bionic Commando is one of my favorite NES games, so I’m very much looking forward to this game. Day one purchase for me. In fact I’m one of they guys that would have payed $20 for it, so in appreciation I bought the Rearmed soundtrack as well.

  • Thanks for the info! I was unsure weither I’d be getting this for my 360 or PS3 but with the addition of remote play this desision has been made easier. If the “cool surprise” is what I think it is then that seals the deal on a PSN purchase. Trophy support would be cool too.

  • Much respect to Capcom for keeping up with the PSN releases. You guys are definitely at the forefront of 3rd parties delivering digital goodness.

  • will the game support any of the new 2.41? Soundtracks, Trophies, ingame invites.

  • If this thing ends up having trophy support and a price tag of 9.99 then it’s a first day buy for me.

    If not, I’m waiting for a review/demo..

  • Will we be getting the trophy list anytime soon?

    I am currently updating the trophy page over in the Playstation Network Forum and would love some more info!

  • @DG,
    “If the ‘cool surprise’ is what I think it is then that seals the deal on a PSN purchase.”

    Since you obviously don’t think it’s trophies… what do YOU think it is? Home integration?

  • My PSN is X-Ninja

    Ill probably buy it no matter what, but PLEASE add trophy support.

  • I’m planning on getting this just because I’m a huge fan of the originals, however like others have stated if this has Trophy support it will be a major plus.

    The forums all over the net are basically foaming at the mouth for the next title to come with it.

  • Will there TROPHY support?

    I hope you guys implement it.

  • “Of course there is one more VERY cool surprise for those of you who purchase the PSN version…”

    Let this be a Street Fighter IV beta. If you could bless us with such a divine gift all your past sins against us would be forgivin.


  • Is BC will be support trophy ?

  • I want to know about trophy support… date coming out…. supported resolutions…… differences from XBLA version….. and well……… multiplayer limits!

  • Day one buy for me knowing that it will support remote play. Now all you guys need to add is trophy support and in game custom soundtrack support and this game will be hugely popular.

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