PAIN Amusement Park: First Trailer and Preview

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These past seven months have really been busy for the PAIN team. In addition to releasing our updates we have been feverishly building the “better mousetrap.” The DOWNTOWN area in PAIN was a huge success for everyone involved! I remember some of my first interviews where I had to explain PAIN to people who haven’t played before. Let me tell you, that wasn’t even remotely easy. Seven months later let me try that again …

PAIN is a game that picks up where other games leave off. In every other game when you are smacked so hard you fall down the game dusts you off, and makes you try again. When you get smacked so hard you fall down it’s time to START playing PAIN! You’ve barely gotten warmed up!

Now you know how to OOCH. Your MONKEYS have been SPANKED. Your FUN WITH EXPLOSIVES skillz are legendary. And MIMES … they get weak in the knees when your PSN Name is whispered. You’re quite the master of disaster.

DOWNTOWN … has so been destroyed.

Now it’s time to hit The Amusement Park for some rest and relaxation right?

WRONG! This Park needs to know your name.

What’s this?

HOT n COLD teddy bears that do the robot? Bouncing CLOWNS that need tossing and smacking? How about a little SHOT CALLIN’ to prove your skillz are better than anyone else around. What kind of Amusement Park is this?

It’s the PAIN ABUSEMENT PARK. This time you can invite your friends to join you. We have online multiplayer capability so you can finally pit your skills against other people on the PLAYSTATION NETWORK. We also support the new PlayStation Trophies. This might be useful to see how awesome your competition is before you challenge them to a PAIN game. There’s a whole lot of content in this Park. For a first preview of the PAIN Amusement Park, head on over to GamesRadar.

I’m very proud of this add-on. A lot of these ideas came from us .. and quite a bit from YOU, our players. If you haven’t been heard, I suggest you get over to and make your presence known … I already posted a brand new blog about how we came up with this add-on.

See you at the Fun Spot … and keep your “Pimp Hand” strong. You’ll need it.

Pain Abusement Park

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  • PAIN?! Whopee. Where the heck are updates and new DLC for High Velocity Bowling?! HVB is way better than PAIN.

    I wish Sony wouldn’t have abandoned a great game like HVB for a sub-par game.

  • Nice content

    one question will pain online just have PSN user crashing into stuff of will there be online challenge modes etheir way i love this game

    • Blue (reminds me of \”Old School\” – \”You\’re my boy, BLUE!!\”),
      So far, the online modes are pretty much competitive ala Bowling and such. But Idol Minds is a bunch of creative folks, so who knows what will be coming along in the future?

  • The music in that trailer seems very… GUITAR HERO!!!!

  • Well at least someone agrees with me. I bet the guys and gals over at Sony San-Diego are cooking up some good stuff for us.

  • My PSN name is JohnAlden, so feel to add me if anyone want to.

  • ahhh very cute you deleted my comment….its not my fault I hate these fruity games u keep releasing….and they just happen to be the only fruity games that support trophies..

    key here is: trophies for GOOD games please not these ones that look like they took about 20 man hours to make…

  • @ Travis.

    Good to see that you’re still in the lab with this one. Oh; the pimp hand stays strong.

  • So i paid 9 bucks plus tax for the demo so Im assuming this will be free right?

  • So, is this gonna be free cause I should have to pay to have access to playing online since it was promised in the original build and I spent 10 bucks on half a game…

  • *shouldn’t have to pay…


  • ok, first of all, I can tell you guys put some serious effort into this new level (thank you)second of all, ya know you can let me help you guys test it… my psn id is evilmonkey501… :)

  • Damn, as long as I dont get the PSN cards over in the US, I cant buy these stuff from PSN.

  • i need some answers when is PlayStation Network Card going to be realeased??

  • Nice. will the trophies be retroactive or do we have to play it again to get it? or will the requirements for the trophies be an all new experience to unlock them? [or is the trophies only applied to the new level?]

    • Wonder,
      I kinda touched on this earlier. Basically, we\’re adding some trophies to Downtown. Between the Amusement Park and Downtown, you\’ll have plenty of new stuff to unlock, and you\’ll get the Downtown trophy goodness even if you don\’t get the Amusement Park Add-on.

  • oh yeah Sony team, I wana hear an announcement at this E3:

    In-game Music and Trophy Mandatory.

  • The video is not workin..:(

  • NVM..:)

  • First I’d like to say I bought PAIN around its launch date. I had heard of it and wanted to play it so bad. I have bought all the characters and unlocked all the areas of Downtown. I remember seeing the ads on the billboards about PAIN Amusement Park: COMING SOON! I was so excited and now that its here I can hardly contain myself… One thing I think you should do is add in a couple of free characters with the Amusement Park like that cool clown or the guy in the Bear suit.

  • PS Add me for multi-player. PSN ID= Sancho45

  • Thanks for the update, really appreciate it. Also, I do have one question still spinning in my head as I was reading through the comments.

    Will we be able to access our custom music through in-game XMB?

    I am really really really really urging Sony to make trophies and in-game custom music MANDATORY!!!!!!!!

  • I like how you guys are responsive. You listen to what people want in a game and you add it fairly quickly. THANKS!:) Hey I wonder if you could add some weapons or something. That would be really cool!

  • Travis,

    Any news on that potential demo? Also any possibility of a combo pack at a cheaper price?


  • Travis…… da MAN!!!
    I have spent countless hours of mayhem with my son on your game (Idol Mind’s game). When ever I have a bad day at work, PAIN is the prescription to wind down. Will there ever be any characters from other games allowed to be in PAIN? I would like to see Kratos, Snake, Ratchet, et al. Maybe throw in the ability to do customizeable skins like in Unreal Tourney. Anywho…keep it coming.

  • I haven’t played this game in a while. This add-on will give me a reason to start playing it again.

  • Travis Williams

    @Everyone: Sorry I was on the plane back to San Diego when this posted so lemme see how many questions I can answer.

    @Coker: Thanks for helping out man. Jason is on vacation and he’s back in the house to answer questions. That’s so awesome.

    @Imperium: As a fan of HVB I can only tell you that they are working on the new stuff. Stay tuned. They work right next to us. Thanks for the ire and hate tho.

    @Midnight: FRUITY? I guess you don’t like lemons.

    @Sancho45: That’s not a bear that’s a BEAVER! Come on man!

    @Hijakker: PAIN plays MP3’s through its own interface right now. We will make sure that in the future we play nicely with 2.41’s media player. It might come as an update later. More on this when we have had time to work with the new OS version.

    @Viper: Weapons? I think being able to toss explosives and other people count as weapons. Don’t you think?

    @Psyxo: Hmmm a demo. I think it’s something we are considering. The combo question is a marketing one. I am sure they will respond to this I just don’t know when.

    @Sigchi: I am just trying to hook it up. I try to be da MAN! We have already built some other characters from other games and we will announce them when the time is right. You guys made us do it with that overwhelming vote last time. I’m glad you have something you and your son can play together. That’s really awesome!

    @Blackshadows: Welcome back then. I’m sure the new area will give you some more reasons to be silly.

  • Wow, one map in a what like 7 months? Great job devs!

  • @Sigchi: I am just trying to hook it up. I try to be da MAN! We have already built some other characters from other games and we will announce them when the time is right. You guys made us do it with that overwhelming vote last time. I’m glad you have something you and your son can play together. That’s really awesome!

    My God! If only everyone at Sony took the time to answer individual questions like Travis does. Thank you. You have never been shy to come on here even when things weren’t going so well. Do you think there will ever be user created levels?

  • PAIN is the best and most unique game on PSN next to echochrome funny and challenging its a great game, there has been glitches and problems but Idol Minds always works them out, And they have better posts then here.

    Keep it up, Idol Minds you are the one of the hottest rising talent in Development today.

  • Thanks for taking the time to get back to our questions and thanks for all your hard work on the game. My bad on the beaver… thats waaaay better. Looks great can’t wait to buy it.

    PS The free characters would of course be unlockables….

  • I have to be honest, after paying for PAIN and downloading it when it was released on the Australian store, I deleted it, I just couldn’t get the hang of it :( However, this Amusement Park looks good and the promise of Trophies has gotten me interested in redownloading PAIN and having another crack at it.

    Dont spank me Travis! :P

  • Travis Williams

    NEW: One Environment

    NEW: 4 Brand New Modes (Not including Darts)
    FREE: Online Multiplayer with voice chat (Will be patched into Downtown)
    FREE: PSN Trophy Compatibility
    FREE: 2 Alternate Downtown Layouts
    FREE: In Game Jukebox MP3 Player
    FREE: Platinum Layouts
    FREE: 1 FREE Single player Mode (Fun with Explosives)
    Seven Playable Characters
    More Playable Characters
    …and some other items we have yet to announce (which will also fall into the FREE category)

    All in seven months… Al2x So thank you for the props (and thanks for the sarcasm too)

    Sigi: We are thinking about that, but I will announce a “happy medium” soon. I hope that will help.

    @James: Thanks for the love… We plan on making even cooler stuff in the very near future.

  • So will it be called “The Amusement Park” or “The ABUSEMENT Park”?

  • @ Travis Williams

    Its all good I was glad to do the Review on the day the game came out, I won that Review and was glad. I have brought all characters too, even before you reduce the price on the christmas ones too,

    You ever need something hit me up, JamesL007 you can find me community manager at bro.


  • I have on serious question.

    Will my opinion continue to be cencored by you guys? Its a real betrayel as I pay lots of my money that I sweat for straight to your company therefor I feel like I have a right to be heard.

    I am glad I mean so little to you people…I bought this game in december of 07, you got my money so now your philosphy is to edit out my opinion so others cant be warned before they buy this, and ignore the fact that I am dissapointed.

    I cant believe I get treated like this when I spend so much on you damn people….and oh my god the rude e-mails I got from your technical support about warhawk…and the way you guys keep running me around…it drives me nuts then I come on here to prevent others from wasting their hard earned money and you guys cencor me and delete my posts over and over again.

    why dont u just come to my house and take my ps3 away and give me my money back if I am so worthless to you hmm….

    I am soooo glad that you guys are losing money and getting stomped in the console war because you damn well deserve it…

  • @ MidnightBlues,

    I am sad to hear that bro, but on the blog or forums you can’t out right swear or use adult language, you have to use some tac and cleverness to say certain things.

    Sorry to hear about the E-mails thing too,

  • Travis, I really appreciate you reading (and responding) to these comments. I am very happy with PAIN and am looking forward to purchasing this add-on. The game is a ton of fun with a friend on the couch, so online MP and another level is so great to hear in the same sentance as “Summer.” Though if that translates to July 29 thats going to be PAINful.

    Tell me this, has the team ever considered releasing some FREE characters? Or thought that maybe $1 per is a little much to ask? In HSG Out of Bounds at least the $1 characters have stats that amount to game play bonuses.

    My point is that seeing some FREE characters to download on that screen of BUY ME buttons would really be nice.

    Thanks for listening,


  • Travis Williams

    @Midnight: I don’t delete emails here so I am not sure what you are talking about but being rude isn’t really a way to get anyone to listen to what you have to say. I never shy away from a question well phrased.

    But so that we are on the same page how do you expect one to respond when you characterize someones work as “fruity”. I was attempting to be witty but I guess you don’t like humor AND fruit.

  • Oh Trav, another (well phrased) question :P Will this addon be released at the same/similar time across all Territories? I know that’s not your area, but EU/AU had to wait something like 4-5+ months to get PAIN the first time. I just dont wanna be missing out on the fun again.

    Also, I like fruit.

  • My PSN is X-Ninja

    @Travis Williams

    Pain is a great game. …but the custom music feature is slightly confusing and annoying to use and switch songs. I know it has been asked once above on this page, but i dont think you guys realise just how important it is to include in-game xmb custom soundtracks. Not just you… any developer definately needs to put it in. A built-in music player isnt what we want. Its understandable for Burnout or Grand Theft Auto to have a built-in music player due to the face that it emulates a radio (which stops when you crash or get out of a car). Though, even they should have the option to play the music through the xmb.
    Anyway, All im trying to say it PLEASE include in-game music in the next update. As soon as possible really… I never understood developers and their need to release everything in one update. Why dont you just release trophies when they are ready, then release the map when its ready? surely it doesnt cost you anything to release a patch… Its like your trying to follow the X-Box’s system updates.
    Anyway, I didnt mean to make my first comment on this blog a negitive one (especially about such a great game :D) or to criticize you, but these are some simple updates that should REALLY be there. :)
    Please consider releasing trophies like… now. Same thing with in-game-xmb music. Even if nobody uses it, at least it sets a lesson for ever developers.


  • You ever heard of a game called Mr. Bones? It was origionally a title for the Sega Saturn (and as far as I know remained exclusive to this system) well if sony could secure a title similar to guys would sell MILLIONS!! its been so many years and that game was sooo amazing I always thought it would have been SOO much better if it had been on a more popular platform…it is still my fav game even today!! you need some games like this!!!!

    just a thought.

    also I would LOVE to see a Doom or better yet Duke Nukem title make it to the ps3…I would love you guys forever! there is just something about being a lone marine in the middle of hell…putting some boot to some hellspawn ass and frag launchers!! man I miss those!!!

    Ok I bought pain last year and got bored with it (well I really sucked at it or was more or less bored with it. is this a good time to come back to this game?

  • Looks amazing, great work Idol Minds!

  • Any chance of getting Mickey Mouse as a character to launch ;) or the Banana Splits ;)
    (like that would really happen. Disney would have a cow)

    Any thought of having a tourist with one of those leashes with kids atatched either as a single play or multi play? (old arcade game Space Fury had a rubber band effect with 2 spaceships attatched in both SP and MP which was a blast) Imagine being able to clothesline people.

  • Zombies are better. though i like the kid on a leash idea.
    btw travis, my usual question…. can you allow purchases of the alternate downtown setups?

  • I think it would be cool if you made a Kaz Hirai character in which he yells “Riiddgge Racer” when he flying through the air. :-D

  • @90
    You my friend are a complete tool. You just bashed on PAIN and the PS3 at the same time, and you expect your questions to be answered. Go crawl up into a hole somewhere and off yourself.

  • My PSN is X-Ninja


    Not that im on his side or anything… but he didnt bash anything. He just said that he wants DOOM or Duke Nukem on the PSN, and that he got bored of PAIN. :/ He slightly said that the Sega Saturn was un-popular… but not really.

  • My PSN is X-Ninja

    Nevermind. I didnt notice the comments he made above were… his. Ignore that last comment, :)

  • I’m planning on getting the addon, since as the rest of the world – I’ve destroyed Downtown. Although I noticed that you said there’ll be “2 Alternate Downtown Layouts”, which sounds awesome! Then perhaps we’ll just not abandon downtown after all…

    I’ve got a question though: PAIN is a nice game but I’ve always felt that something is missing; shoot of your character, grab hold on things, swing a bit, crash, OUCH, get run over by a car, grab it… gets smashed out of the map or land the pavement – with no way to “get back in action”.

    The major flaw here is OUCH ain’t enough – or it needs more power – or another power system. Because landing on the ground in PAIN almost always means that you’re staying on the ground if you don’t get a little luck with explosives – and gets thrown up into the wild air again…

    Has something been tweaked or done in this area? Will we be able to get back into the air once we’ve landed? That way we could minimize those 10 x <1 min “action” runs…

    Great work with the addon. I’m really looking forward grabbing the trophys!

  • Great job Travis ,coker and the rest of the team. Can’t wait for the new stuff. A question that’s a little off topic. wondering if anyone over at Sony is considering allowing multiple PSN ID’s to be logged in on one console. Now that trophies have arrived and will soon be here for Pain it would be great for those that share a console with others and play multiplayer games that they don’t have to share the same ID or just be called player 2, 3, 4 and can earn trophies individually against thier own PSN ID that is on the console. It sucks to have to play a game earn trophies for player 1, quit game, sign out player 1 profile, sign in player 2 profile start game again play together and earn trophies again for that player. Then repeat 2 more times for the other two. Not that multiple plays is not fun but to watch one person recive a trohy while 3 other players that might have pulled off the same requirement for one go “wow where’s mine”. That’s a little lame. I know the focus has been online multiplayer but some people do share 1 console with others. The same thought applies to online ranking stats. I hope Sony and developers like yourself are looking to add this feature in the future. Perhaps when a new firmware comes out? Mostly wondering if the idea is being thrown around at all? Thanks.

  • lol- I’m glad I got the voucher w/ my ps3 bundle. I haven’t tried it yet, I just need to dl it and set ’em off into the buildings…

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