PAIN Amusement Park: First Trailer and Preview

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These past seven months have really been busy for the PAIN team. In addition to releasing our updates we have been feverishly building the “better mousetrap.” The DOWNTOWN area in PAIN was a huge success for everyone involved! I remember some of my first interviews where I had to explain PAIN to people who haven’t played before. Let me tell you, that wasn’t even remotely easy. Seven months later let me try that again …

PAIN is a game that picks up where other games leave off. In every other game when you are smacked so hard you fall down the game dusts you off, and makes you try again. When you get smacked so hard you fall down it’s time to START playing PAIN! You’ve barely gotten warmed up!

Now you know how to OOCH. Your MONKEYS have been SPANKED. Your FUN WITH EXPLOSIVES skillz are legendary. And MIMES … they get weak in the knees when your PSN Name is whispered. You’re quite the master of disaster.

DOWNTOWN … has so been destroyed.

Now it’s time to hit The Amusement Park for some rest and relaxation right?

WRONG! This Park needs to know your name.

What’s this?

HOT n COLD teddy bears that do the robot? Bouncing CLOWNS that need tossing and smacking? How about a little SHOT CALLIN’ to prove your skillz are better than anyone else around. What kind of Amusement Park is this?

It’s the PAIN ABUSEMENT PARK. This time you can invite your friends to join you. We have online multiplayer capability so you can finally pit your skills against other people on the PLAYSTATION NETWORK. We also support the new PlayStation Trophies. This might be useful to see how awesome your competition is before you challenge them to a PAIN game. There’s a whole lot of content in this Park. For a first preview of the PAIN Amusement Park, head on over to GamesRadar.

I’m very proud of this add-on. A lot of these ideas came from us .. and quite a bit from YOU, our players. If you haven’t been heard, I suggest you get over to and make your presence known … I already posted a brand new blog about how we came up with this add-on.

See you at the Fun Spot … and keep your “Pimp Hand” strong. You’ll need it.

Pain Abusement Park

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