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Hey Everyone! All the Sucker Punchers here at HQ are super excited about the July issue of Game Informer (available at fine magazine stands everywhere). GI has a 10-page cover story on inFamous, our (deep breath) open-world-modern-day-super-hero-action-adventure game. The article does a great job capturing the best things about inFamous.


A pile of screen shots showing Dylan’s powers? Check. A first hand account of the addictive gameplay? Check. An intro to the player-driven story line? Check. The whole thing really nails what we’re after with the game: an evolving open city where you get to choose how you use your strange newfound powers. Will you use the powers for good? …or for something else?

25 10inFamous Screen_car

A bunch of news about inFamous will be released during this year’s E3, so keep an eye out. We’re finishing up a new trailer, more artwork, some interviews, and more details about the gameplay. If you’re too anxious to wait, check out these new exclusive screenshots.

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  • Yo I got a launch ps3 , no problems from the update , thanx , great work SONY … when can we get a demo of inFamous

  • jeff i know u there in this is really off topic now im afraid of turning on my ps3.why did u guys take down 2.4 from the severs. is there an error if so should we leave our ps3 off to make sure nothing bad happen?

  • I am SO looking forward to this game now.

  • @52

    Just play the damn thing, man. Stop worrying about your toy. If it’s running fine now odds are it will still be running fine tomorrow… Keep in mind that if a problem is going to happen, it’s going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Like dying, taxes and getting Gout when your 50.

    Things happen.

  • sick it looks like the complete opposite of prototype, i think ill pick them both out to see kind of like the two sides of the war. All infamous needs is some good zombies to be completly opposite.

    o by the way i have a question, will metal gear solid 4 have a trophy support system? It has get it some time or ill be really dissapointed.

  • Wow, Sony has grabbing all magazine covers as of late. inFamous is on my want list for sure.

    I can’t to see more at E3.

  • any co-op?

  • The game is looking great, and since it’s an exclusive, will you guys spill out some details on how this game will make use of PS3’s potential to make it stand out?

  • Shouldn’t you be posting about why firmware 2.40 was pulled, despite the vast majority of people having no problems with it..

  • The only way this game could have stood out is if

    A – They allowed us to create our own super heros and costumes, as some joker on the offical forums said. I agree 100% with it though. This would ahve been awesome. Mask, capes whatever. If we are a hero or a super hero we should dress like one. Not some lame ass Dragon Ball Z or tribal band silk shirt weaing gleamer.


    B – Made our character have dark hair or wear a hat or a mask at all times. This guy looks like a turnip D*ck

  • Just in case people misunderstood something that someone may have posted in these comments:

    inFAMOUS is slated for a 2009 release currently, not 2008. No one should expect it this year, because it’s not coming out this year. Which is a good thing in my opinion; too many blockbusters and must-play games being crammed into the remainder of this year.

  • @61


    Oh, boy too many Blockbusters huh? hahahahahahhaahah man, that’s rich. Awesome and rich at the same time.

  • Just finished reading the article. As a die hard fan of the Sly Cooper Games (just check out my PSN avatar), I was a little leery when SuckerPunch said they were making a sand-box game. But the GI article more than laid my fears to rest.

    Now I have something to look forward to in Spring ’09!

  • Hey, I can’t help it if I’m not as pessimistic or picky as some other people are. I’m a gamer that doesn’t discriminate by genre. I also own two platforms, which means my wallet is doubly tapped.

    Just off the top of my head, and I’m sure this will be an incomplete list, I am planning on picking up the following before March of next year: Too Human, Mercs 2, Rise of the Argonauts, LEGO Batman, SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, WipeOut HD, Killzone 2.

  • It was a fantastic article by GI. GI, PLAY and OPM, hands down the best…

    Can’t wait. This is one of a handful I’m really anticipating w/in the next year. Disgaea 3, KZ2, Infamous, R2, LBP. Fable 2 is ?able, and I didn’t care much for Gears so I’m not excited about that one bit…

    Infamous stands in a league of extraordinary games. I really can’t wait. It crushed me to finally hear it’s scheduled for 09 now though… But I know you guys @ Sucker Punch, along with Sony will roll this bad boy out when it’s 100% ready. You guys are a quality team and I love the work. Sly Cooper was great, Infamous looks spectacular and I’m sure that it’ll be great in it’s own right…

  • Gamesblow, I would love it if you could just shut the hell up already, and leave us real gamers to talk about what exites us, without you digging up our asses about it. One request from me to you; piss off already.

    I agree with Draic, this year has tons of great games and if this game is coming out in the first half of 09, that will be great. Seriously I have tons of games I still need to buy, and all these other titles later this year, I don’t know what im going to do I need the time to play.

    I read this magazine already, and I can tell you this; im pumped. If they nail this type of gameplay/evolving world, it will be seriously wicked.

    Thanks for the screens, I can’t wait to see a trailer or something at E3!

  • @ Draicus

    Save your cash. Resistance 2, Wipeout hd… Those are the only games on that list worth pie, rowboat.

    Too human < donkey
    Little big planet < A level editor??
    Mercs 2 – EA nuff said
    Fable 2 – Looks interesting, can it deliever?
    Gears of War 1.2 – Same ol’ same.
    Killzone 2 – Textures are pretty bad for a game that has 70 million sunk into it and 4 years dev time.
    Lego batman – < Yeah, meanwhile back at the ranch this is not a Blockbuster, sorry.
    Rise of the argonauts – <Like the movie Jason? think I’m gonna pass.

    Have a nice day.

  • I havve a question:
    Will there be any inFamous content in any of the Qore episodes to come?

  • Killer. :D

    Not only are we already set for an amazing 2008, but 2009 is already looking gorgeous. Thanks to all of the development community for making such amazing experiences for us. :D

  • @ Sentry

    I’d appreciate it if you would stop insulting me, like a child in a playground sand box.

    Gettin’ old. I’ve never 1 time been rude or abbrasive to anyone here. I don’t call names and I don’t put someone down for the sake of not liking their opinions.

    Maybe you should wake up. The world doesn’t roate for you.

  • *sigh*

    Honestly, more then 3/4 of your posts are full of negativity or bullsh*t. Or both, most of the time.

    Can’t you just leave people alone? Take your ignorance elsewhere buddy, or just stop playing games altogether until they can satisfy you..

    I think everyone who is annoyed by this fellow should press the contact us button and send them a request to ban him from the blog. Would be great…

  • @ Jeigh

    What games are coming out this year that I don’t know about?

    Resistance 2
    Little Big Planet
    Motorstorm 2

    Those are the only 3 big blockbuster games I can think of from Sony right now. 1 of which I’ll be buying and that’s Resistance 2.

    I guess you all have seen more games on the way o something. I gotta go read up on what’s happening I suppose :/

  • @ 70

    You never once were rude on here? Umm, look at your post history buddy, this is not the first time you have been of annoyance. There was even a time where everyone was telling you to shut it, all at once. Does that mean anything to you?…

  • Maybe I’ll do the same for you since I am sick of you calling me names all the time on a public forum/blog where consumers come to debate and learn and toss out their opinions.

    They don’t come to get humiliated by people like you. Keyboard commandos who try to buddy pack everyone around.

  • Like I said, gamesblow, I’m not as picky or pessimistic as some people. I’m a gamer who buys and plays most everything. And thankfully, I enjoy playing those games and don’t have to log in to forums and blogs to complain about all of them, using sardonic adjectives to attempt to make a point of personal opinion and convince people that I’m right.

  • They weren’t telling me that because of something I said to someone. they didn’t say “shut up” because I was putting them down… That’s for sure.

    Mr. Elitist.

  • People have different opinions


    If someone disagrees with you, don’t argue with them. It gives them more attention.

    Just lol to yourself and move along. A game isn’t more enjoyable because one more person liked it or not, it’s not less enjoyable because one less person liked it or not.

    If you are waiting for a game, wait for it. If you aren’t, don’t get your pantied in a bunch over other people waiting for it. Not every game needs to be this ‘AAA’ BS in order to be fun.

    I can say personally I’m looking forward to Civilization Revolutions, Soul Caliber 4, Madden 09, and Too Human before the summer ends. As well as a couple of handhelds that intrigue me. Those games may or may not be your cup of tea, and so be it if they aren’t. You can get as mad as you want that I like games that you don’t, I’ll still like them just the same.

    Oh well, what would the internet be without mindless debated and porn?

  • @ DRacus

    “sardonic adjectives”

    Sure thing, the hypocrisys flowith over around here.

  • And again, gamesblow, I am not the only one fed up with you, would you like to check through the 30 some pages of the 2.4 FAQ post? Many of those comments are in relation to you, and not in a good way. You continue to hold a shield and express your negative views and put people down for their opinion, or for them liking a game, for example.

    People come to toss around opinions, not bash every singe post. Seriously, post once that you hate this game Sony sucks etc etc whatever you like, but continuously doing this is called spam.

    Just let us gamers talk about the topic at hand; inFamous. I like it, you dont, thats enough, you dont need to constantly post you hate it, we get your negativity already…

  • @gamesblow

    *hands him an Atari 2600*

    Go to town chief. If nothing seems good to you now, perhaps retro games are more your style.

    There are plenty of interesting games out there worth our time and money. They may not be of interest to you, but they are certainly of interest to somebody.

    I notice you call LBP a level editor, but content creation is the latest thing in web communities. It’s also something new and different. Plenty of new and different games have been presented over the years not all instant hits. ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, MGS1, GTA1, and several other games tried new and different ways of approaching game play. They are all classics and have a following. As I said there are plenty of failures too. Thankfully I don’t remember most of them.

    LBP may succeed or fail but at least they are trying something different instead of introducing FPS Project 2501 on the console. Even Resistance 2 is trying to bring something new to the table.

    This falls release calendar is also incomplete. We don’t know what is exactly coming or not coming into September at the earliest.

    Infamous has potential as well. Stop being such a critic and open your eyes for a second and really try to see what this game is trying to do. It’s ok to let yourself be a little excited once in a while instead of being such a cynic when it comes to games.

  • Let’s keep it civil and move on, guys.

    I can see Jeff hiding in the corner with his giant Banhammer. ;)

  • @ 80

    Oh man you shouldve seen yesterday in the 2.4 post! It was like madness everyone pouncing at each other. *sigh* Where is Jeff when you need him eh.

    I feel bad for being so off topic now, but guys @ Suck Punch who may be reading this (or not), really looking forward to this game it looks like its going to be something truly new and a mix to the genre, thanks for the update and this better not be the last one on the blog!

  • i’m highly anticipating this new IP from Sucker Punch. Please add all new videos on PSN for download. I’ve been rewatching the same inFAMOUS trailer over and over, NEED MORE!!! :P

    can’t wait for your E3 showcase Sony!

  • Go gamesblow go ! Stick it to ’em ! I support ya 100%

    As for inFamous, I’m not sure on this, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be checking E3 for more info. Looks like it’s going to be one of those, “It’s great or it sucks” kinda games. Like the movie Memento, you either loved it, or hated it, no one ever goes, “Meh, it was OK”

    Still, unless you do something crazy like pull a Haze and only do 540p and upscale, or something crazy like, oh, I don’t know, not include custom soundtracks, ya know, ’cause it’s o-so-easy ! ;) Then I will probably pick it up to give it a whirl.

    I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

  • @ Kaz

    I agree Little Big planet has a lot of potential but also what is it? What is it going to offer us? Is it just an editor? Is their a point to the game or just making levels to play, cause Echochrome didn’t go so well in this department.

    I agree, the idea and concepts behind LBP are amazing, only if it has the direction to back it up.

    As for Infamous, I’m not sold on it. It just looks typical to me. Like Crackdown. I’ll have to wait to see it in action but from what I see and gather the game will be another GTA-type open world game that puts you in a city where there is nothing to do but run around.

    I am kind of tired of FPS and GTA games. Really tired of them, actually. Resistance 2 is the last one I’m buying until Resistance 3 comes out.

  • o yeah and infamous looks great

  • @TristanMike (86)

    What do you think I am talking about?

  • I can’t wait to check out your (takes no breath that’s right am that brave) open-world-modern-day-super-hero-action-adventure game -passes out-

  • INFAMOUS!!!111!!!>:3

    So awesome.

  • Guys I can assure you based on the history of the Ps3 and it’s firmware updates things will be just find with 2.40


  • @Gamesblow

    While I would love to disguss LBP and all of it’s features with you in a public discussion. The PlayStation Blog really isn’t the place for this sort of thing.

    It is not a venting ground for our despairs (unless it is related to the topic of the blog) about the current state of affairs on PS3. Though firmwares are a bit of an exception as that is our place to politely request new features and maybe express why we think those are needed.

    But in cases like this, Sony is trying to bring the developers to us and build a personal connection to us. These people are taking time out of their day to post to this blog and do read our responses (which is hte purpose of blgs) and respond. In a sense they are guests and not just you but all of us are being rude by bickering and insulting each other.

    Try to be, constructive when engaging on this blog. You can be critical just be constructive about it. All games are not to your taste this is understandable, but this is your opportunity to explore this game by asking questions. Like I could say to Bruce “What is sucker punch doing in Infamous to innovate or change sandbox game play that we haven’t seen before?” Then I could discuss my issues with GTA for comparison.

    Leave the aggressive disdain for titles on the forums on the PSU or wait to someone from LBP comes to the Blog and ask about that game politely or any other game you have doubts about.

    Remember Jeff Rubenstien has to lure these guys in to talk to us. He’s trying to make our case for us. In a way we’re embarrassing him with this mindless nonsense. This is really our own true medium to have access to these developers. If I was a developer and I saw this sort of thing, I would right us all off as inconsiderate punks and tell Jeff that “the blog isn’t worth my time, it’s just a bunch of fanboys with nothing better to do with their time than fight with each other”. The PlayStation Blog is as much of a tool for us as it is for Sony and Developers.

    Also the PSU has a much larger group of individuals who can answer your questions about LBP than I can present you with or the PlayStation Blogs responders. There are people who are all about that game. Me personally, not so much but I do have my eye on it and I’m sure when LBP developers show up on here with video I’ll have questions. Now if you asked me about Valkyrie Chronicles or another title I am interested in I’m sure I could tell you tons of what you want to know. MGS was also a success and I was not originally into that either until recently (wrapping up MGS3 tonight). Just an example of what you can miss if you turn a blind eye.

    Anyway alot more than what I wanted to type. Long story short visit the boards and leave this nonsense there. Here respect the developers and Jeff, be constructive about how you use this very special thing Sony has created for us.

  • Good points… but they started it.

    “runs away”

  • I like it. I read the full article in Game informer too. Hot1 Can’t wait for more. :)

  • @ Gamesblow

    I look forward to seeing you on the forums and your future responses on the blog


  • I have to wait and see how long this game is. For now this looks like a rental.

  • Can’t believe I never even heard about this game! Looks like it’s gonna be a really interesting experience and I freakin love ANYTHING that has lightning. Hope we get to see a lot more of Infamous at E3, because even from just this little tease, it sure looks sizzlin.

    Roll on E3, guys!

  • Well, that might not be the way people keep reporting me.

    I do agree with your points and I, honest to god, never took into account the fact Jeff does have to go and get these developers to post here and interact with us and that right there should be enough.

    I admit, no developer is gonna wanna sift thru 10 pages of me being negative, others attacking me for and then be and the others being negative all around the blog in unison.

    So, as I said, good points and I think in the future I will regulate myself a better.

  • Ever since i saw the trailer at E3, ive been interested. Cant wait to see some new footage.

  • More reasons why PS3 PWNS!!!!

  • cool looks EPIC!!!!!!!!

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