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Hey Everyone! All the Sucker Punchers here at HQ are super excited about the July issue of Game Informer (available at fine magazine stands everywhere). GI has a 10-page cover story on inFamous, our (deep breath) open-world-modern-day-super-hero-action-adventure game. The article does a great job capturing the best things about inFamous.


A pile of screen shots showing Dylan’s powers? Check. A first hand account of the addictive gameplay? Check. An intro to the player-driven story line? Check. The whole thing really nails what we’re after with the game: an evolving open city where you get to choose how you use your strange newfound powers. Will you use the powers for good? …or for something else?

25 10inFamous Screen_car

A bunch of news about inFamous will be released during this year’s E3, so keep an eye out. We’re finishing up a new trailer, more artwork, some interviews, and more details about the gameplay. If you’re too anxious to wait, check out these new exclusive screenshots.

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