Firmware v2.40 status

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As has been reported on many gaming blogs and websites, we have temporarily taken Firmware v2.40 offline. We’ve received a limited number of calls from consumers experiencing an issue with installing the system software update on their PS3. While our consumer services department has seen a low volume of calls on this topic, we are committed to providing the PS3 community with XMB access features delivered in the v2.40 update. We are working diligently to isolate the problem for those few consumers and to identify a solution before we put the firmware back up.

We’ll provide further information as necessary here on the Blog.

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  • Still no problems… I have a launch 60GB with a swapped 320GB HDD. I am a little scared after reading what the other posts are saying so I’m backing up my saves right now.

    Good luck everyone…

  • @ supersnake 416 & 419

    I’m trying to stay objective here and not veer into fanboy flamewar territory here, and it’s tough!

    But why are you asking for an ingame store when you hate the PS3 anyway? I own both the PS3 and 360 and all I am expecting and hoping for is the features that I’ve come to take for granted on the 360 to appear on the PS3 so that I won’t miss out of certain things because I’m playing on the PS3.

    In terms of reasonable expectations, I see the XMB as an overlay of small services and gadgets that allow me to stay in touch and be able to access small features that can enhance the experience of playing a game.

    I don’t think it’s meant to work like Task Bar in Windows where open multiple apps and minimize/maximize them!

  • After the 2.4 Firmware , my store seems to load slow. After clicking the Store icon, its taking around 4 seconds to open whereas previously the store would open almost instantly. Could you please clarify me on this whether this is an isolated issue or one of the problems with the 2.4 Firmware. But the contents of the store are loading amazingly fast.

  • @450
    Haha, Gtfo out of here

  • The only problem I have run into is that the bluetooth functions changed and my IR2BT fails to work if it powers on the PS3. Hope Sony fixes this soon.

  • I posted a link which probably won’t get put up so here goes…

    Civ revilitions won’t be getting trophy support ever.

    Devil may cry 4 won’t be getting them
    MGS4 won’t be getting them
    COD4 won’t be getting them
    Grid won’t be getting them

    I have e-mails to back up all of this in my photobucket take a look for yourselves, folks. No one is supportive of the idea and 2009 is the soonest we’ll see many 3rd party devs using the feature as all their games have went into final stage mode for this year.

    Pretty damn lame, Sony. So Trophy’s are basically a “if you want to” thing and they’re exclusive to Sony’s in house and buddy dev’s. Pretty shallow and a wool pull if you ask me.

  • @ gamesblow (447)

    I think that could be it, but something else that might be the reason, is because they Eric plays the role of both PSN operations, and XMB stuff.

    They need an XMB features director… ME!

    Anyone want to get together with me and create a good in-depth list on future FW features? Gamesblow?

    I already have a few pages down, want to help me out and get some ideas together, AIM me; Newar93

  • Keep in mind the xbox 360 version of Civ Revolution gets 50 acheivments for their game. Must be nice.


  • guys seriously, you are fighting a console war

    don’t let me down here.

  • hey when 2.41 will be out cus i didnot have time to get 2.40 x( ?

  • Since I have 2.40 installed I’ve experienced a lot of problems of connection I have NEVER had BEFORE 2.40.

    And yeah, I have succesfully installed. So don’t tell that it’s ok if you install it properly.

    If you visit any kind of website talking about ps3 or vg you will read on forum that a lot of ppl have problem with connection or other kind of problems.

    Hate 2.40, it’s a shame.

  • I am still waiting for use of my XMB MUSIC CONTENT IN GAME

    -Music cant not be played during the use of this game- THATS BULLSH*T

  • running a 60gb PS3 and installed it last night. had no problem whatsoever.

  • 2.40 is bullsh*t except for the in game use of the friends list. Thats decent but WE DONT NEED A CLOCK or that little mini player

  • The Clock was a nice addon
    thanks sony!

  • Yes but really, shouldnt you have a clock on your wall? plus the clock is were the damn controller battery is at.

  • 2.40 works fine for me! thanks but i want the old Messeging system back. i rather press X to view my Messages instead of an empty profile

  • @457

    I would join for a good in-depth list on future FW features, I got heaps too.


    Yeah, I don’t know why PS3 is constantly being ignored. I think command and conquer 3 will only be on 360 and PC now.

  • Bender Rodriguez

    I must say that I hate having the clock and date forced onto me like this. WHY isn’t there a way to turn it off? It’s an eye sore.

  • My ps3 is a 60gig model and

    used to work fine. It never crashed, not even when playing GTA4.

    However after an unsuccessful install, my PS3 is now bricked.

    Need to send it back. I’ve been told its a 20 day turnover, but now seeing all these problems, it might be even longer.

    Either way I’ll lose hundreds of hours of saved game data. Thanks Sony for releasing a broken product.

    Formerly, all my games were PS3 versions. Looks like I’ll have to start supporting xbox more now.

  • What kind of process do you guys go through to insure the firmwares are stable enough to be downloaded? I am sure like with 2.40 not all things are caught which is fine nothing in life is perfect, just wondering how it’s tested.

    Also not that I ever read it but when you agree to install the update and if it happens to mess up your system does Sony cover the cost of fixing it? I didn’t want to download the update last night since it failed about 10 times trying to connect to your servers. I couldn’t go online or play online everytime I clicked NO it signed me off so I had to keep trying until it was intsalled successfully. I am just wondering if you still have to pay for faulty firmwares, if so why are the downloads forced on you. Is there an option to not download updates that I don’t know about? For future updates I would like to wait a few days before I jump right in, and during those few days I would like to still go online and not get signed off when I decline to update.

  • We all know that the in game XMB (herein referred to as IGXMB) access does not work nor show up with MGO, and a dev for Home answered the reason why. IGXMB also does not work currently with the home beta. The dev “Revz” states that it is because the virtual keyboard is running in the background, and that is interfering with IGXMB. The same applies to MGO, as the virtual keyboard is running in the background. (the dev didn’t state this concerning MGO, but the properties are true) I went ahead and ran some tests using HSG: OOB (since it uses the virtual keyboard too). While online in a game, during times that i could bring up the virtual keyboard (during shots, in between holes, etc..) IGXMB was not capable of being pulled up, but during non virtual keyboard capable times, IGXMB was accessible (during loading screens and other times that said VK could not be used). This leads me to believe that the virtual keyboard running in the background is the sole reason that IGXMB can not be accessed during certain times in certain games. Revz also stated that the dev team is working to resolve the issue so that IGXMB would be usable during said times, so apparently there is a fix for this issue. Weather or not the fix could be applied on the firmware side instead of the game developer side is another question, as it would be another thing that would have to be patched by the game developers.

    Is there any chance of this being fixed Sony?

  • I also don’t want to waste my time downloading them to not go through with the install, if anyone suggests that.

  • With each person I see saying their PS3 is bricked, the more I am thankful that mine didn’t brick (nor did anyone I know).

    Damn I guess it’s everyones fault who kept complaining and whatnot when it didnt come out on the rumored dates. If there were never any damn rumors that it would be coming out in June or whatever, then everything would be fine, and they could have launched it in early August (still Summer time as they promised), and got all the kinks worked out.

    BUT NO, people can’t wait soo some people must pay lol.

  • @C-h-a-o-s

    Yeah your right. I had a few problems as well in Australia downloading the update. Such as when there was a network error and stopped at like 46% which sucked. Why can’t we continue to download if a network error or something like that happens in firmwares?????

    Maybe I should start a list on the next firmware must haves and send it directly to Sony, lol.


  • I just wont the function so that I can go to the XMB in game and send game requests there. also I would like the function to join other peoples game from the XMB in game. Because its so much easier to jump online and join one of your friends games. those features shouldn’t be that hard to implicate. (get on it sony)

  • While fixing the update, can you please fix the audio glitch. I know this CD of Bob Marley which came out in the early 90’s wasn’t a 5.1 LPCM cd or any CD for that manner. This Audio glitch has been going on forever and because of it I can’t use my receivers Digital Sound Fields Processing. The only way around this problem right now is to constantly have to change my audio settings back to 2 Channel LPCM. Don’t feel like doing that every time I want to listen to a CD.

  • I miss the days when PS Home was still on the horizon. But in reality maybe we were just chasing the sun. :(

  • @Tandyman

    Lol, good one. Once again I have lost faith in Sony. The PS2 was successful but the PS3 is unexplainable.

  • Updated to 2.40


    Good news they are shipping me a new one tommorow, BAD NEWS? I LOSE EVERYTHING ON HD, PICS MUSIC EEEVVVEERRYYTHHHING!!!!!

    Not a happy man! Get your act togethor!

  • A1C_Shhoter_Doss

    “I just wont the function so that I can go to the XMB in game and send game requests there. also I would like the function to join other peoples game from the XMB in game. Because its so much easier to jump online and join one of your friends games. those features shouldn’t be that hard to implicate. (get on it sony)” – MaternalBloom

    The reason it has taken this long to get something like this is for the same reason that it will take about another 2 years to get in game invites…..

    and that reason being….

    a little thing called a patent..

    The US patent named “Method and Apparatus for Creating and Playing Soundtracks in a Gaming System” appears to cover any application that allows users to create soundtracks using their own audio tracks, such that they can be played during the execution of the game instead of the game’s default soundtrack

    And that my fellow ps3 gamers is why it has taken them this long just to get here
    because microsoft had to be f@gs and pattent the 2 most wanted features

    BTW the patent was issused in mid-2006

  • oh lets just hope I’m not the next victim :( Stop scaring me people, lol. I think I would have to backup my PS3 for sure.

  • It’s good to know you’re fixing 2.40; I have a complaint to register. I’ve had no trouble installing it, but after installing the Update, I look up the video files I have saved on my external hard drive and not only does it TAKE LONGER for the PS3 to read the files to list them, but it digs deep into each one and adds a “Title” to the file’s information, which is its ORIGINAL BIRTH-CREATED Filename; not the name I dubbed the file. Originally, it would Sort via the latest filename; it now sorts via ORIGINAL Filename; IT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS.

    As long as you’re fixing the Update; Fix the Video File Reading capability back to the way it was.

    Christian W. Chandler
    PSN ID: Sonichu

  • P.S.

    After fixing 2.40, you may want to rename it to 2.41, so those of us who did receive the Update, our PS3s can pick up on the patch.

  • I actually had to watch the TV with the missus last nite


  • My PS3 crashed twice when I was trying to install 2.40. First right after it copied from my flash drive when it failed to reboot to initiate the installation. After waiting 10 minutes I killed the power (from the rear switch) and it started installation. After 100% completion, it failed to reboot again and I had repeat the previous remedy.

    Its working fine now.

  • @ 485

    If the problem is really bricking PS3’s (lol sorry), then it should be named 2.45, its worthy of the jump don’t ya think? :P

  • Some of you are upsetting just to listen to. I honestly feel for the people who have lost data/downloads and whatever else else, because of a bricked system. But, for the people talking about they lost faith in Sony, they’re turning to XBOX now, blah blah, you sound like spoiled children. Things happen. You can’t just say that if they took more time, then there would be no problems. It could have happened at any point in time. XBOX 360s everywhere were bricked too after a Spring update, maybe last year. The point is they’re doing something about it.

  • Dude im with you

    Dont get me wrong Im PISSED big time, but turn my back on PS3 to Xbox 360 now way, ive got one, it cant compete!!!!

    Its just the pain is still raw!! lol

  • My 40gb PS3 is OK! Thanks guy your update!

    may I suggest anymore?

    I want to use my design as the icon of Own Users. Although I can choose this from icon from total 23 pages, these style is not my cup of tea.

    I want PS3 can recognise the itunes library.

    Thanks for your hard work and hope the bug fixed soon!

  • At least this would give time for more feedback and bugfixes for 2.41 or 2.45.

    My biggest request: Unlock the In-Game XMB Music to work with all games and let us report what games don’t work well with it and gradually patch them through future updates. (Just like patching the PS2 runtime problems)

  • I actually turned on my Wii last nite, the after 7 minutes promptly tuned it off…..

  • You guys should not really complain, im sure yelling and cursing at somthing fixes it.
    Just be patient, you can wait – go outside play some sport life isnt all PS3/XBOX/WII/PC

  • This sucks!!!

  • link to copy of the legal thingy we agreed to when we d/led and installed the update:

    looks like playstation doesnt have to do anything about the damage.. they’re covered in section 6..

    im so thankful my update went well.. though im a little concerned for future updates..
    after some of my own research, it appears to be an issue with upgraded hdd drives.. but im still not sure..

    ty for the trophies, the clock, and the ps3..
    im kinda worried though for everyone.. and good luck to the devs working to patch up the problems.. god speed..

  • When my new cosole gets here tommorow, i swear im gonna do 12 hours straight COD4.. lol

  • I was living abroad in Asia for a while and got my Jap PS3 in Hong Kong, and have since moved back to the UK. Surely Sony wouldnt ignore me if I was having problems with it (should that happen), seeing as I have over 10 games, 3 controllers, a PS Eye, etc etc?

    I’ve spent a bloody fortune on it since I got back to the UK- what you think the stance from them will be?

    Someone from Sony please confirm!

    Luckily I didnt download the update as I was away with work and didnt get back until it had been taken down last night, but I am worried that the update will kill my Jap PS3????


  • no problems for me! works fine.


  • I’ve updated my console without any immediate implications – no freezes or bricking or whatsoever. But when I hooked up my external HD, which worked flawless prior to the update I noticed the difference. The icons keep on popping up reluctantly and it may take eternity to wait for a certain folder to load. Another issue is that some of my Hidef files refuse to play from now on – no warnings of incompatible format – just blank screen. Not so much trouble but still… Anyone faces such crap as well?

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