Trophies, Timed Challenges for Burnout Paradise

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Second week on the blog – and what a week it’s been!

Here at Criterion, it was great to get the news that the Codename: Cagney update for Burnout Paradise has passed through submission at Sony Europe. That’s a great place to be in. Next step – get the “okay” in the USA and we’ll be sure to be hitting our deadline of 10th July for this awesome FREE pack of game-changing content.

Also, the third episode of our video podcast, CRASH TV is blowing the roof off the iTunes charts with its combination of exclusive footage, news, and details of upcoming PlayStation-specific features.

And talking of upcoming PlayStation-specific features, we’d like to confirm here that Criterion WILL be supporting PlayStation Trophies in a future update of Burnout Paradise. It won’t be the Codename: Cagney update, but Trophies will be coming to Paradise soon.

Burnout Paradise Timed Challenges _03

Now, if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, we thought we’d talk about Timed Challenges – a new feature that’s coming to Burnout Paradise online in Codename: Cagney that gives you even more ways for you and your online friends to get together and have amazing fun with cars.

If you’ve not played Burnout Paradise before, you may not know about what we call “Freeburn” or “Freeburn Challenges.” So if you haven’t, here’s the deal:

Burnout Paradise is about having fun with cars in a massive, open-world city. Sure, it’s about racing and other game modes, but one of the things that really sets Paradise apart is “Freeburn.” Up to eight players meet online to just mess around in their cars – see who can drift the furthest, get the most air, spins, barrel rolls, drive furthest in oncoming traffic, etc.

Freeburn Challenges are a part of that mode – special challenges that the host of the online game can activate for everyone to do together.

Burnout Paradise Timed Challenges _05

A challenge can be anything from simply driving in oncoming traffic or finding a billboard and smashing it, to lining up all of your teammates and jumping over them. It’s about teamwork and having fun, and there are 350 of these challenges to play with.

Now, Timed Challenges are a new set of 70 Freeburn Challenges that are coming with the Codename: Cagney update that add an extra, but exciting, element – a timer.

When a Timed Challenge is started, players must meet in a specified place within Paradise City. Once there, a timer begins to count down and the team of players must race to complete a challenge in the world in the shortest time possible. If you’re all successful and beat the clock, your best time is put on a leaderboard.

Sounds simple? It is, but it’s loads of fun, and that leaderboard drives everyone back for “just one more go” because you know you can shave a few more seconds off your best time!

Burnout Paradise Timed Challenges _09

And talking of countdowns, it’s just over 9 days to go before you can check it out when Codename: Cagney is released as a free update.

(These exclusive screenshots show a Timed Challenge in progress – here, two new Codename: Cagney cars – a Rossolini Tempesta Dream and a Hunter Steel Oval Champ meet up in a basketball court by the beach and must to leap off the roof of a car park on the far side of the city.)

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  • Lovely :D

  • Sweet!

  • Criterion rocks. I’ve never seen this much support and new features for a game post-release. Keep it up guys, other devs should follow suit. Cheers

  • I wish i was english so when i say : ‘lovely’ with my british accent i would be super cool (or bloody nice)

  • Awesome work guys, and great after-release support :)

  • Thast really great. I just wish trophies were already supported :'(

    Oh well. I just wont play any game until it is supported. :D

  • @ schitthammer – Incognito also rocks… take a look at Warhawk! it was released last August and is still getting new features and additional content through D/L updates. but alas you are right. I wish more devs would follow suit and give us all free content post release. tis a lovely thing, shows they really care about their consumers and the product in which they have invested.


  • well that just sold me on getting the game:)

    other developers would be retarded not to make trophies because people will buy just to level up.

  • I really hope this game sold well.
    It just shows the commitment that Criterion has to their product and to the PS brand.

  • Hell yeah! I have Burnout Paradise too.

    What about copying gamesaves? We CAN copy gamesaves and use that map feature to check any spots we missed.

    Wouldn’t cheaters have the ability to cheat there way through that by copying a gamesave?

  • Good, ut what about exclusive games ??

  • Nice job guys. Loving the support you’re giving to the PS3. You guys ROCK!!!!

  • BTW, when we use custom soundtracks on this game and we want to play our custom soundtracks, can we use the in-game XMB to play a song instead of using the menu?


  • Has there been any previous patches/add on’s for Burnout sinces it release? Because I got the idea that there had been but I went on and there was nothing.

    • We\’re about to hit the third FREE update on July 10th (Codenamed \’Cagney\’)

      The first update (1.1) was a bunch of quick fixes and improvements, the second (Codenamed \’Bogart\’) had more minor improvements and tweaks.

      If you\’re logged into PlayStation Network and you boot up Burnout Paradise, it will automatically download any updates that are out there. To test if you have them all today – just load up the game and go into an online game.

      Codename: Cagney is an entirely new thing though – a free pack full of game changing content, that sets the precedent for future updates: new game modes, vehicles and a new Live Page that will show you details of upcoming calendar events and news from

  • Yes! Sony’s already getting some devs to support Trophies.

    now all they have to do is convince IW to put some Rumble and Trophy support!

    burnout is a great game. and wasnt this already confirmed to have custom soundtracks? niiicee!

  • Guys will the 2.40 enable to custom soundtracks or do we still have to wait.

  • SWEEETT, I bought a another copy of the game recently I guess I will wait for the Game to be Patch… thanks Criterion.

  • Sweet, now gamesblow can ruin this blog too.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    that looks cool, great job guys keep up the good working looking foward to it.

    P.S. @playstation blog no more Metal Gear Mondays? :( how about news about upcoming MGS movie or maybe the prequel (PS3) that everbody’s talking about or comparing everybodys finish times or ranks (online tournements) anything related would be nice..

  • Check my comment in the last post.. I said I positive about the idea of Burnout getting Trophy support.. :)

    Very cool.. Thanks!! Burnout is the ish..

  • sweet
    i havnt got the game yet but it looks sweet loved the demo

  • Ah damn. As much as I truly hate EA Games, Criterian Games has made it clear that they want my money, and will do anything to get it. Motorcycles, custom soundtracks, and now trophy support?

    *sighs* Ok, Simon. I give up. You guys win. I’m buying the game this weekend. You guys just single-handedly ended my 5 year EA boycott.

    However, I’m only buying games that Criterian Games makes. No one else.

  • And again, the devs for this game step up. This a welcome thing to hear and I again applaud you for your constant updating of this game. There is a 95% chance I will break my boycott of EA to purchase this game in support of the hard work you do over there.

    Thumbs Up!

  • #########################################
    Will the Trophie system have to Re-done and you will have to start all over when you get the update and start from the bottom of he poll????????????


    start from what you already did so far?

    because if that is the case im not playing burnout tell the trophie system is put in since it would be a waste of time to do everything all over agian twice in a row??????????

    Thank you,

  • see like i said before in the last post developers will deliver and is nice to see it happening so quickly. thanks criterion for the support , is much needed.

  • Awesome! All other third party developers feel free to make to post here regaring trophy support. You can even do that today if you like. I really want to have trophy support for the games I already own as well upcoming releases.

  • feel free to post here…oops

  • awesome news. Glad to see how much you guys at Criterion support your games! Can’t wait to see how you use the trophy system and make Burnout Paradise an even better experience!

  • Add it to the list of ALL PS3 Games (1st and 3rd Party) that support trophies:

  • How do u plan to handle the no retroactivity thing about the Trophies? Are you coming up with brand new Trophies or there is a way to turn the “achievements” we already got into those?

  • Thanks so much guys! I am glad that not only games from Sony will be getting music/trophy support. :D

    Burnout Paradise:

    Custom soundtrack support, CHECK.

    Trophy system support, CHECK.

    Next game, step right up!

  • @lakaihigh

    You’re right. I forgot about Incognito/Warhawk.

    Excellent support for both games after release!

  • So awesome!! Time to break out Paradise and brush up on the skills.

  • That new livery is sweeeet. You guys deserve an award for the overwhelmingly awesome support you’ve been giving this game in an era where PS3 owners often get shafted. Kudos to you guys and I hope many sales and blessings are bestowed upon you. I for one can’t wait for Cagney so I can tear up Road Rage online with my own music.

  • Hmm, strange. You’ve put the clock in but not the day/night or atmospherics.

    P.S. Burnout Team Rocks!

  • How did over look this game? Man what is wrong with me? The custom sound track deal will help alot.

  • Sweet!!!! I just recently picked this game up but I am like some of you and am not gonna play until tropy support comes online. Can’t wait. Good job, Criterion. Keep it coming.

  • Okay, here’s what we can say about the details:

    * Trophies will be retroactive, so, if you’ve achieved something today, the day the update arrives (not Cagney, we want to emphasise) that will be reflected in your Trophies.

    * Your Burnout Paradise save game has always been locked to your PSN id – so there’s never been any chance of trading save games – your progress is your progress (we have a way of thinking ahead for this kind of stuff!)

    * The Save Game Analyser works with a special export file that is exported when you do a manual save from the game, not your encrypted save game file – so there’s no chance that anyone could hack that

    * That’s as much as we can reveal right now – if you know us and our site, we’ll let you know as soon as we are confident to do so

    Thanks for all of the support and positive comments, guys – we really appreciate it.

  • I will retract my earlier statement and start to burnout some rubber ASAP, sweet thanks for the heads up, Simon.


    You guys are up there with Insomniac and ND with being the best PS3 Devs around!

  • Wow thats awesome! I’m definitely going to take this one back off the shelf and start playing again.

  • ###########################################
    Thank you for the Heads up Simon! :D

    so if im right it basicly works like this.

    You play some game today such as Burnout and you do something that already has the patch of trophies already patched in to the game.

    And when 2.40 comes along and when the next time you save your progress the throphies will be kicking in..

    Im hoping I made any since i guess the word “Retroactive” got my head spining :P

    Hope to hear a answer back Simon thanks agian off to get ready for work!

    Thanks Again!

    • That\’s the deal. What progress you have made in your game now will reflect in your PlayStation Trophies when the update (not Cagney, though) comes along.

      Sorry – I used the word \’retroactive\’ since TTP used it earlier. :)

  • lol this just made me want to get Burnout.

    Guess I’ll have to look into it it looks like a great game.


  • Great news simon!

  • Thanks!!! Are most PS3 games going to be like this now? To prevent people from cheating? I hope so!

  • * Trophies will be retroactive, so, if you’ve achieved something today, the day the update arrives (not Cagney, we want to emphasise) that will be reflected in your Trophies.

    * Your Burnout Paradise save game has always been locked to your PSN id – so there’s never been any chance of trading save games – your progress is your progress (we have a way of thinking ahead for this kind of stuff!)

    Awesome! I’m thinking the same will apply for Warhawk. We’ll wait and see though. Nice work Criterion thinking ahead and locking saved games to the PSN id.

  • Roll out that TROPHY UPDATE WOOOOT!

  • wow retroactive huh? Nice job guys, im going to purchase this game in a few hours…in game soundtrack totally does it for me..keep the updates flowing

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