Trophies, Timed Challenges for Burnout Paradise

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Second week on the blog – and what a week it’s been!

Here at Criterion, it was great to get the news that the Codename: Cagney update for Burnout Paradise has passed through submission at Sony Europe. That’s a great place to be in. Next step – get the “okay” in the USA and we’ll be sure to be hitting our deadline of 10th July for this awesome FREE pack of game-changing content.

Also, the third episode of our video podcast, CRASH TV is blowing the roof off the iTunes charts with its combination of exclusive footage, news, and details of upcoming PlayStation-specific features.

And talking of upcoming PlayStation-specific features, we’d like to confirm here that Criterion WILL be supporting PlayStation Trophies in a future update of Burnout Paradise. It won’t be the Codename: Cagney update, but Trophies will be coming to Paradise soon.

Burnout Paradise Timed Challenges _03

Now, if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, we thought we’d talk about Timed Challenges – a new feature that’s coming to Burnout Paradise online in Codename: Cagney that gives you even more ways for you and your online friends to get together and have amazing fun with cars.

If you’ve not played Burnout Paradise before, you may not know about what we call “Freeburn” or “Freeburn Challenges.” So if you haven’t, here’s the deal:

Burnout Paradise is about having fun with cars in a massive, open-world city. Sure, it’s about racing and other game modes, but one of the things that really sets Paradise apart is “Freeburn.” Up to eight players meet online to just mess around in their cars – see who can drift the furthest, get the most air, spins, barrel rolls, drive furthest in oncoming traffic, etc.

Freeburn Challenges are a part of that mode – special challenges that the host of the online game can activate for everyone to do together.

Burnout Paradise Timed Challenges _05

A challenge can be anything from simply driving in oncoming traffic or finding a billboard and smashing it, to lining up all of your teammates and jumping over them. It’s about teamwork and having fun, and there are 350 of these challenges to play with.

Now, Timed Challenges are a new set of 70 Freeburn Challenges that are coming with the Codename: Cagney update that add an extra, but exciting, element – a timer.

When a Timed Challenge is started, players must meet in a specified place within Paradise City. Once there, a timer begins to count down and the team of players must race to complete a challenge in the world in the shortest time possible. If you’re all successful and beat the clock, your best time is put on a leaderboard.

Sounds simple? It is, but it’s loads of fun, and that leaderboard drives everyone back for “just one more go” because you know you can shave a few more seconds off your best time!

Burnout Paradise Timed Challenges _09

And talking of countdowns, it’s just over 9 days to go before you can check it out when Codename: Cagney is released as a free update.

(These exclusive screenshots show a Timed Challenge in progress – here, two new Codename: Cagney cars – a Rossolini Tempesta Dream and a Hunter Steel Oval Champ meet up in a basketball court by the beach and must to leap off the roof of a car park on the far side of the city.)

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10 Author Replies

  • !damit imma have to buy this guy..
    I still have the demo LOL

  • nice. gonna have to re-rent this from gamefly. dont worry will buy it one day when i actually get a job

  • 4 player off-line Split-screen BurnOut Paradise anyone??? ;-D That would be AWESOME!!! ;-P MotorStorm 2 will be doing it??? Oh well :-( Nice updates tho ;)

  • @8 Otega You should definitely get this game… The game is crazy fun and these guys are working their butts off to add to it. You should check out their site.

    @39 Cool stuff.. Thanks for all you work..

    Year of Paradise!!!

    PSN – ThEosSiE


  • “Up to eight players meet online to just mess around in their cars – see who can drift the furthest, get the most air, spins, barrel rolls, drive furthest in oncoming traffic, etc.”

    or more often than not drive around like numpties pretending it’s demolition derby!!

  • Maybe I should go out and purchase this game.

    I have had a couple of the previous Burnout’s. :)

  • Very nice work Criterion. Looking forward to the upcoming updates and also very thankful dor the retroactive trophies. Even though BP’s actually one of my favourite games, I would’ve been very frustrated if I had to start all over again from 0%. Now I have 99 and only need a couple of jumps. :p

  • Thank you criterion for the retroactive trophies!

  • Retroactive Trophies !!?? Who would have thought it possible ?? LOL

    Astounding, simply astounding.

  • That’s awesome! More devs should be like Criterion.

  • Yay they will be retroactive! Warhawk will most likely be too, sweet. Well that’s wicked cool, even though I have no real problem in playing a game again if it means I can show off my trophies. :P

    This game was already on my buy list (im out of country atm), but now it just got pushed up big time.

    YES trophies mean that much to me now. :P

  • I might pick up Burnout Paradise now.

  • and who said that SONY will not have the support of devs with this?

    Anyway it’s really cool to know this now… I just have a question before buy this game… it allows split screen?

  • @ Simon, what wrong with the word “Retroactive”?! :D

    Even Eric used it in the FW 2.40 FAQ :P

    It’s the official word now!

  • Yes This game is soo awesome best driving game ever thanks i love the new approach to giving out free content to people and retroactive trophy support! I think this is the most any game developer has ever supported a game after launch i hope you will continue to do that because it seems like lots of people will pick up the game just because of the retro active trophies and all the new updates this game is soo awesome. I also heard in either EGM or GameInformer that you guys were going to do a free update and add a new area that will be unlocked in a new patch coming out so whats going on with that update can you please answer that? Thanks for all the support of burnout and PS I was rally happy to see the rumble feature implemented to Burnout cause not many games that i have did that.

    • A free update..? We\’re talking LOTS of updates.

      Best way to check on everything Burnout Paradise-related is to drop by – click on our \’Cagney\’ Davis\’ and \’Eastwood\’ buttons for stories on what is going into those updates.

      Right now we\’re counting down to 10th July and the \’Cagney\’ update that will have new vehicles, game modes and a whole heap more.
      There will be some paid content coming, but there will be lots of free stuff, and the paid content (like motorcycles in the \’Davis\’ update) we\’re working hard to make REALLY worth the cash.

  • Criterion Developer:

    Do you know if this kind of “Patch” Retro-activity to past saves will work with “other” developers as well?

    How long have you known about about trophy’s and added support?

    Thank you

  • The amount of care you guys put into this game is amazing. Just based off the stuff I’ve seen on the blog i think im gonna go ahead and buy this one. After all i did like the demo, but somehow this game just slipped my mind.

  • Hi Simon
    You can partly thank me for posting your podcast on N4G; that might be a reason why it’s topping the charts! Oh and also will custom soundtracks only be accessible via the game or also via the in game xmb feature?

    Keep it up guys!

    • If you check our CRASH TV podcast on iTunes there\’s a video feature showing exactly how custom soundtracks will work in the Cagney update coming on July 10th.

  • Dammit! I traded this game away, but now I may have to get it back so I can unlock my trophies!

  • @ 66

    The only reason trophies will be retroactive with Burnout, is because the your stats in the game is already tied to your PSN, while other games are tied ONLY to the game save. So it depends on the game.

    Now what I have to ask is this; When you say retroactive, you mean everything we do after 2.4? Or everything we have done even before 2.4. Either way I don’t care because I have yet to get the game (I will I promise), but its important to some people.

  • Hey if you can comment on it here or not, will the Day/Night shift in the update after Cagney be tied to the system’s clock? It’d be awesome if so, it’s something I missed since Metropolis Street Racer. When you were racing at night, it was night in the game if you were in a similar time zone, otherwise it would act accordingly.

  • i guess that gamesblow don’t have nothing bad to say yet, that’s good.

  • If EA could patch ALL of their games to include in-game music support, people would love EA again, lol.

    And for every EA game that has achievements, patch those titles to have trophies. Just port the the achievements and make some tweaks and whatnot, and your good to go.

    Hopefully this isn’t the first EA game to get these features.

  • These are stand up guys. I can’t see what negatives can be added to this post.

  • @ mendezgato (72)

    LOL! Yeah, praise the lord! :P

  • I thought all games that were released before July 2nd wouldn’t have retroactive Trophies. This is a sign of hope! :D

    Nice addition Criterion! You guys sure know how to support a product. :)

  • It’s great to see devs support trophies right off the bat, hopefully others follow in your footsteps. I am not that much of a racing fan but this game looks better and better each time especially that car up there it’s H-O-T.

  • Thx for the update. I’m sure you guys wouldn’t want to delay the update just for a few trophies, so I can’t wait to see ’em on Davis…

  • Hi Simon,

    Thank you for doing such a great job of supporting the game with these great updates. Quick question, Has the Game always supported trophies and its just the patch that will add them through the official Sony API?

    Thank you

  • Yeah Burnout is a really great game, even before any of the patches. Now WITH the patched, you know, motorcycles, trophies, custom soundtracks, etc, it is SO worth buying now, more then ever.

  • You are the best, Burnout Paradise get the best support i’ve ever seen in any kind of game. Thank you sooooo much!

  • But I have a question, please get around to answering this, I think it means a lot to many people;

    So this game will have custom soundtracks, but is it going to be like, pressing start, going to music section, and pressing a button that pulls up the music section of the XMB?

    Or will we also be able be able to just press the PS button and select a track to listen to?

    Thanks a ton guys.

  • Good news, because of this I might buy burnout paradise for the PS3.

  • Phew, I thought that I have to replay the game all over again.

    Thx for the update Simon. Cheers…

  • Thanks for the update Simon! I cant wait to buy Burnout soon!

  • I love Criterion. They’re making them retroactive and everything. man, now if only other game companies cares this much about their games.

  • Great news! :D
    I bought Burnout 2 weeks ago and I wanted to wait to play it for this update. It was hard but I’m doing well! :D
    I look forward to this update and I hope by “soon” you mean trophies are coming tomorrow! :D

    You guys are great developers and your continuing support is AMAZING!

  • @77

    Agreed. I hope that Uncharted will add Trophy support soon.

  • Im sorry but this is all smoke and mirrors to me.. From the looks of it.. You (Criterion)guys came out with the game 3/4 done.. Sold it for $60, (which is why the game cost $40 now) And Disguised what you haven’t finished into this wonderful free YEAR long update process. Look Im all up for the open from the beginning thing.. But is it really necessary for it to be like that in a race.. I strongly believe that when in race mode we have a set course.. Not this BS of one wrong turn and thats it.. My race is over crap..
    Honestly all I care is that I hope you guys get this series to where it was.. Especially online.. Crash is much needed and other things as well.. Good luck

  • I am soooooooo buying this but alas i only have 23 dollars. NEED MONEY

  • “If you check our CRASH TV podcast on iTunes there’s a video feature showing exactly how custom soundtracks will work in the Cagney update coming on July 10th.”

    Yes, you would think that I watched it if I posted it on N4G! My question was because the video did not make it clear whether you could also access the tracks or playlists via the new in-game xmb feature rather than only through easy drive.


    • Eep! Sorry vrc. I\’ll get the answer to that clarified as soon as I can.

    • Hi vrc,

      I\’ve just double-checked with our QA team – here\’s the deal:

      * Yes, you\’re right – in Cagney you have to go via Easy Drive to bring up the Custom Soundtrack utility as shown in the podcast video.

      * Custom track listings are not supported in Cagney. Cagney groups music based on the folder structure from the PlayStation\’s HDD. It also does not support music on a media server.

      Hope that\’s sufficiently clear. Right now I can\’t confirm whether or not we\’ll be expanding this facility in future updates, but if we do, you\’ll know where to check for the latest news!

      But anyway, only a few more days to go before everyone can try this out when Cagney hits on 10th July!

  • @ 87

    I don’t think a patch for BO to support trophies will be out until later in July, if not early August. July 10th comes new stuff, but not trophies. So probably in late July we will see a patch for trophies.

    I hope! Either way as long as its coming this year. :P

  • @82,

    You could access your hdd music from the XMB now, but adding your music through the game is your best bet; hit the right button on the d-pad, and select ‘Soundtrack’ from the Easy Drive menu. You should be able to add your songs from there.

  • Sorry, but im a little confused.
    In the Firmware 2.40 FAQ, it was specifically stated that Trophies would NOT be retroactive.
    Now you guys say it will be… so is that just an option developers have but are not required to do?

    Ive been worrying a bit about trophies for Burnout, especially if there happens to be one for 100% completion. I achieved that several months ago and don’t want to have to do it all over to get the throphy. If there is no mistake here and trophies for Burnout are retroactive, then im happy.

    Could you please clarify for me?

    • You won\’t have to go back and replay.

      I can\’t speak for other developers or what it says in the FAQ – I only know that we made a conscious decision during the development of Burnout Paradise to lock your save game to your PSN id to guarantee that your efforts are genuinely recorded. This also means that we can support Trophies retroactively in a future update of the game.

  • Sounds like a really solid update and glad to hear trophies will be coming down the road.


  • Damn you guys rock Criterion. You are so keeping your promise to “transform Burnout” and are making a lot of buyers very happy.

  • Any word if we’ll be getting an announcement on what the Trophy requirements are? Any are they mostly the same as 360’s achievements? I’m sure many would love to start working for them now. I know I would start playing again today!

    • We\’ll be posting on (and likely the blog here) as soon as we\’re confident. (We don\’t \’keep secrets\’ we just want to make sure that when we do reveal stuff it\’s as accurate as we can make it, so that we don\’t disappoint if for any reason things change.)

      My advice for now, would be to play Burnout Paradise as you would do normally – get your licenses, get your cars, stack up the Paradise Awards – I\’m sure you\’ll be on-track for plenty of Trophies that way.

  • Thanks for replying Simon!

    @ 94

    Most games record all stats that you do in the game, using the game save. Those games, will NOT be retroactive. But since Burnout records all your stats in the game via your PSN account/ID, it will be retroactive. Because then it is not possible for people to copy a game save and essentially steal trophies.

  • Yeah, I think accessing it via in-game XMB is better. But as long as it works is all that matters at the end of the day. Nice update! Best update. A lot of respect for you guys.

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