Firmware v2.40 FAQ

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Hi again! It’s great to see the positive reaction to the unveiling of system software update v2.40. We can’t wait for you to finally go hands-on with XMB access in-game and the Trophy system – and it’s less than 2 days away. Not surprisingly, a number of you have posed questions both here and on other forums. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Will voice-messaging/private chat be featured in 2.40 as well? If not, can we expect to see this feature added in the future?

    We are evaluating the opportunity to offer voice chat, but for this update, we wanted to focus on text messaging as the key priority for communications that our users have asked for.

    Can you use the web browser in game?

    No, you must exit the game before browsing the internet.

    Will In-Game XMB come up during playback of PS2 games, Blu-Ray discs, and DVDs?

    The XMB is an exclusive feature for PS3 game titles. Accessing the XMB during gameplay was the top request from our users, which we focused on for this update. However, we continually engage PS3 owners for feedback and will evaluate the opportunity to offer XMB access during movie playback in the future.

    Can we go to the display settings and change anything there in-game (resolution, input, etc)?

    No, you must exit the game before changing these settings.

    Will it be possible to change in-game the sound output?

    Yes, sound output changes are supported.

    Will we be able to access the PLAYSTATION Store while in-game?

    No, but you can view your downloads in progress.

    Will we be able to stream music (either via media server or USB drive) for custom soundtracks or is it relegated to music stored on the HDD?

    Currently only music stored on the HDD is accessible in games that support this feature. We’d also like to reiterate that Firmware v2.40 merely enables custom soundtracks. It’s up to developers to include this feature in upcoming games (or to patch existing ones).

    Does 2.4 enable cross game invites? Will it down the line?

    No, cross-game invites are not available in this system software update. We are evaluating opportunities to expand on the new features delivered in 2.40.

    Will trophies be mandatory for all games release here on out?

    We are working with developers to ensure that Trophies are supported across the board in the future.

    Where is each player’s trophy stat info held? I am going to upgrade my hard drive and I don’t know if the trophies will still be on my account if I earn some and then get a new hard drive.

    Trophies will be attached to users’ PSN ID. Trophy data needs to be synchronized to the online account on PSN to be transferred to the new PS3 system.

    Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?

    No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.

    Can we view PSN profiles/Trophies from a PC using a Web browser? Will there be an API for web developers to access the PSN data, so online profiles can be created?

    We’re evaluating these opportunities to expand where Trophies can be experienced.

    Can you only compare trophies with friends that are online?

    As long as a friend has a PSN account, you can compare trophies with them regardless of their online status.

    Is there a limit to how many trophies the devs can put set by Sony?

    There’s not a limit on number of trophies, but there’s a value assigned to each trophy. Developers must balance out the trophies that are available to stay within an overall value based on whether the game is considered large-scope or small-scope. Essentially, a user that has unlocked every trophy in one game would have the same level as a user that unlocked every trophy in another title, all titles (depending on scope) have the same overall impact on a users’ level.

    Will new games have a cool little icon on the back saying “trophy compatible?”

    We’re currently working on how Trophy support will be messaged to the consumer on our software packaging.

    When you get a trophy, does it make a noise?

    Currently, no. How quickly things can change – there *will* be a sound effect when you unlock a Trophy.

    What is Eric’s favorite cheese?


    Once again, we will continue to evaluate opportunities to enhance the PLAYSTATION 3’s system software throughout the console’s life cycle. Consumer feedback has contributed greatly to the contents of Firmware v2.40, and continues to be appreciated. Don’t forget, this Firmware will be available for download on July 2nd.

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  • Hey Eric I’d like to place my request early for future firmware updates for post 2.40 LOL

    1) IGX for PS2, PSOne, and Bluray/DVD!!!
    2) PS2 BC for 40 Gig owners (I’m a 60 owner, but I’m sick of my 40 gig owning friends whinning).
    3) Capacity to organize music by artist and then by album.

    I’ve been playing MGS1-3 to get caught up to play MGS4 and I don’t expect this to be the last time I do this. At times I’ve been completely severed from the network when I wouldn’t mind getting a message to play Eye of Judgment, warhawk, rb6v2, ut3, MGSO, or Tekken 5 DR Online.

    Thank the firmware team for me for finally making this possible.

  • Great update, I know I and many other people have been waiting for this :)

    As for future suggestions, where can we go from here? What I’d like to see (and I’m going to refrain from moaning XD) is:

    In-game voice chat and cross game invites
    Mandatory support of trophies / custom soundtracks for new games
    In-game XMB everywhere! For PS1/PS2 games too
    Backwards compatibility is fine for me, I’ve not used it in a looong time but I do feel sorry for those with a 40Gb console who can’t play PS2 games! Some sort of emulation would be appreciated!
    Sort out EU store / SCEE in general, I don’t feel like we can get through to those guys :\

    But looking at what you’ve added since I got my PS3 just over a year ago, I’m sure it will continue to grow and expand just as rapidly :)

  • Sony still has a lot of issues to fix. They need to tie everything to your username, instead of the MAC address of the PS3. You have no idea how frustrating it is that I have to start my Rock Band save all over again, because I had to send my PS3 in for a repair. Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden, High Velocity Bowling, among others have locked saves, even with a full system back up they wont transfer to another PS3.
    On top of that, when you restore your hard drive onto another (or the same) PS3, all of your music files that are in AAC will lose all of their tags and album art. There’s no “Edit multiple” option, so you have to edit every music file one by one.
    You have to redownload all of your PSN content, and then activate the PS3 to play them…why can’t you just activate the PS3 to unlock the games instead of having to redownload?

  • I’m so excited about firmware 2.40. I’m curious as to how many current titles will have patches to support trophies. Hmm.

  • Jeff

    Which PS3 titles will have trophies support when the 2.4 gets released?

    • On day 1, it\’s SSHD. More will roll out in the coming days and weeks, but I don\’t have dates on those yet. I\’m encouraging both first and third party developers to announce those here on the blog. I\’ve got my ear to the ground for you.

  • Just make sure you guys get on that In-Game Voice Chat feature. Thnaks for the update Jeff/Eric you guys ROCK!

  • Would have loved to see in game music across the XMB not just across games that support it. That seems sort of backwards if you ask me.

    Also, cross game invites and cross game voice chat is pretty important. I hope to “hear” more about these in the very near future. Not like 2 years are v2.40 release but like 2 months.

    Trophies looks excellent, great job there. In game messaging is good as well. About darn time. Friend’s list access is also critical so you hit that one.

    Voice, invites, and music. Make it so please.

  • Saw the response regarding when a trophy is unlocked that a sound is not played. However, is there some type of visual alert that indicates that a person unlocked a trophy? Something along the lines of when a friend gets online or you receive a message?

    • Yes, check out the trophy video, Eric unlocked an SSHD Trophy on cam. He\’s quite a good gamer.

  • I never post in these things but I gotta say how impressed I am with sony and how attentive they are to their customers. I just bought a PS3 and I love it, but I think it is SO cool that you guys take the time to not only read the posts but actually response and better yet, use their feedback in future firmware updates!! Well done.

  • Also, are there any fixes among all these additions? Like fixing common technical issues/bugs with the internet, games etc. Because I can’t do all that much with NAT Type 3…

  • @50 why would this be a good thing? I’ve played games on some of the hardest difficulty hoping that I’d get some kind of accomplishment for it, so there’s no way that I’m replaying these games.

  • Hey guys I wanted to know if the firmware will be released at midnight July 2nd Pacific or Eastern time?

  • @38
    Now thats a good question I’ve been wondering the same thing.

  • When you think about it, it makes sense developers need to patch to add custom soundtracks. Lets use Warhawk for example: When they made the game, there WAS no custom soundtracks, there wasn’t even a hint of it. the wasn’t made for it. That goes with every game released yet. They now have the new 2.40 tools. They HAVE to patch it becuase the game right now still thinks custom soundtracks dont exist.

  • Thanks for the answers!! :)

    I have a major question though, about the in-game music:

    Does this mean you’ll only be able to listen to it if the Devs allow it? What happens if you try, and they haven’t allowed it? Will it cover all sounds (including cutscenes) or just the game soundtrack (or is this up to the devs on how they’ll do it)?

    Hope you catch and answer this one, it’s pretty much my main concern. Thanks again for all you work hard to do!

    • It won\’t even be an option if it\’s not patched. If you try to select the music, you\’ll be prompted to quit the game.

  • How will games with online trophies work(ex. Warhawk, CoD4, BF:BC, R6V2)?

  • Thanks Eric , Thanks SONY !!!

  • Oh, and keep PSN free please.

  • Jeff/Eric:
    Which games are going to be trophy compatible at the moment the 2.4 gets released?

  • Can’t say I like the fact that we have to rely on devs like infinity ward to patch games for custom sound tracks. We are going to be doing without this on most great games like COD4.

  • <3 PS3

    @ mywhitenoise


  • I’m looking forward to having the motivation to play my games that haven’t been touched for 6 months :)

  • I’m still confused by the whole custom soundtracks thing. In the video it showed PixelJunk Monsters which doesn’t support custom soundtracks (although this could be a different version). I thought this was the reason why Eric lowered the in-game soundtrack so they could play their music over it.

    I thought it was always up to the devs to support custom soundtracks, just like Super Stardust HD.

    So… when I get firmware 2.4, I will not be able to lower PJM awesome soundtrack and then play some MGS songs in its place like shown in the video? In the video it didn’t look like it mattered if the game supported it or not…

    I’m confused and now restless. :) can’t wait until 2.4

  • What about warhawk? no retro active trophies from save games, thats fine. but with warhawk your stats are tied to your PSN account…

    You cant really “play over” warhawk…

    Also, option to have multiple network connection settings like PSP please!

  • gamercard PSN data would be nice. Any chance of them getting PSN data to make real gamercards?

  • Awesome stuff guys!

    Is there any way that we can get any physical stuff for our levels like shwag, or I don’t know … beta testing opportunities or something other than just an online score?

  • I have one question that I keep asking over at the playstation forums…. please help me out with an answer…

    IN Regards to this question…

    >>>Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?<<<<

    No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.

    So, Since I am a very obsessive over getting everything ;)
    –Which Games that are available right now (PSN and BLU-RAY) are going to have trophies implemented?? I desperately would like to know so that I can plan on playing through them again.. cause i got em all :)

    thanks to you in advance for an answer Jeff, I am loving everything thats going on over there.. E3 Is going to be Epic!

  • Will the patched games start to produce PSN ID tagged savefiles. Currently there are some games where you can basicly load your save file and paly for a minute and you will probably given the trophy.

    There are sitsuations where this is ok, (when the player himself has achieved the things he has in save file)
    but there are sitsuations where he hasnt
    (downloaded from sites like gamefaqs)

    I think trough this update there should be limitations on sharing the save files. Having PSN ID tagged safefiles which cant be overwrited by another account could probably lessen the abusing of save files to get trophyes.

    Hopefully sony has already taken this to account since if its not it might cause some cheating with savefiles available from net.

    “I’m still a bit confused, are we going to have to replay the game from the very beginning or will it associate your game save with your PSN Username?”

    Most likely you need to achieve it again, meaning if you have already cleared game on hard (and game doesnt offer you chance to start from last stage again to clear it again)you gotta delete the old save data and clear it again. But if your on the last chapter and only few steps away from clearing the hard dificulty the achievment will be tkaen in to account, atleast this is what I hope it will be.

    And it probably differs trough games a lot, for instance in online games you already got your personal data, so next time your data gets changed after playing a game you will get the throphies your stats can give you.

  • Jeff,

    I am delighted to read the interesting and unique information posted in this firmware 2.0 FAQ.

    As for a comment in regards to what I, and surely among others would greatly appreciate in seeing through future updates is in regards to a question listed in the FAQ that was answered.

    I just want to re-iterate the significance of having in-game-XMB during DVD/Blu-Ray playback.

    Should one be watching a movie and a fellow peer has signed on; sends a message and requests an invite, I am unable to answer [ that I am busy ] without terminating complete playback of the movie. I would need to record where I am in the film and close playback, simply to answer.

    All-in-all, I am pleased with the upcoming firmware 2.4 update.

    Hopefully, ingame XMB during movie playback will be addressed in the near future.

    – AaronMT

  • Congratulations! This is a hugh step forward for the usability of the PS3.

  • @73

    My best guess at the custom soundtracks is that developers have to choose whether or not resources should be re-allocated from the game to allow custom music to be played.

    Basicly it’s a matter of
    A) have a really kick ass light show of insanely cool graphics with no frame drop at 1080p, but no In Game Music because of the amount of system resources used.


    B) If the game has enough system resources left and without to much difficulty than optimize the game to enable the feature or simply enable the feature if there isn’t an impact on the games performance at all.

    Remember Developers have been making games without any idea what Sony was going to have put into place for the final product. If memory serves me the original Xbox has this issue too as they couldn’t play music from the outset either so only certain titles had that feature.

    I have a feeling though that some of the bigger name titles will get patched.

  • I wonder if Uncharted has some cool stuff for trophies?? Sweet update and brings all us ps3 and sony users a sweet taste!

  • Are any of the games that are already released gonna get trophy support(Resistance, Ratchet, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc.)?

  • Good job addressing mose of the questions asked around here guys.

    This will be a great update, once its out the requests to include cross game invites, in-game chat/voice messages and xmb access during playback of ps2 games/movies, among other things, will be all over the place. Those obviously would be superb enhancements so hopefully they can be implemented in a later update.

    Although it was exciting to watch the video walkthrough of the trophy system, the fact that it wont be retroactive is a bit disheartening.. no trophies for all the save data of 25+ games i own.

    But im looking forward to the update, thanks again!

  • Hello Jeff, Eric and the rest of the develoment team. Could you perhaps add some functionality to link our PSN ID profiles to forums and what not? (ie: Since you’re moving forward with google, perhaps you could take a look into this

    best regards

  • Wow nice job answering those questions. I finally get the feeling Sony is really in touch with thier customers, really nice man ;).

  • I wanted to ask this question, but I wasn’t close to a computer when all this happen, is simple but is good to know:

    Q: Will the XMB theme the user has applied on their XMB be visible while in-game XMB or it will be the original XMB theme seen when accessing it while in-game?

    That all, just curious of this.

  • No voice chat? almost 2 years and no voice? wow…I want to talk to the people I play in MLB 08 and other games. You guys are buggin.

  • @Jeff

    Can the trophies become points in future that’ll allow us to purchase furniture, clothing and other items from Home rather than using real money?

    I don’t think i’d use real money for Home but still want the stuff and this can ensure more game sales at the same time.


  • Thanks for the update Eric.

    I have a couple suggestions/requests:

    1) In-game XMB access for PS1/PS2 games.
    2) Browser support while in-game (even 1 page access would be nice).
    3) Notification when you’ve gotten a trophy and if you’ve leveled up.
    4) Video/Voice chat with a buddy (or buddies) even if you’re in offline mode of the game or in another game.
    5) Mandatory trophy implementation into games
    6) Mandatory in-game XMB access into every game
    7) Multiple PSN and system account logins.

    And of course: 8) PS2 backward compatibility for 40 GB PS3

  • Wait so there is no game invites yet?? :(
    But thanks you guys!!

  • I’m wondering if you guys have a list of Third-Party Titles that will support the trophy feature or will support it later on.

  • Is it possible to use USB drive for custom soundtracks in a future FW update? Most of my music is in my ipod =(. But I just don’t think developers are going to patch the games I already own to allow custom soundtracks.

    I think voice-messaging/private chat for the XMB should be the next main priority.

  • so tomorrow night this download will be avalible YESSSSS!!! i hope. aslo its a lil late but well we ever be able to view GIF file types for pics? it would be awesome because i want a moving background pic please get back

  • A little question.

    Should we expect patches for Sony 1st party devs to be released? games like Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank etc?

    And a random question, who’s idea was it to tie an update to game data?
    I would love to say, delete heavenly swords 2gb of data or GTA4’s 4gb, but not the downloaded patch.
    And I fear of running out of space, but still wanting to play whatever game takes my fancy but not have to patch it every time.

  • I’m wondering, with firmware 2.40, will a person be able to chat to someone and be able to browse the internet too? Like, for example, a friend sends a chat invitation, you accept and go into the chat room, and then you press the PS Button which then brings up the XMB. At this point can you access the browser? I just think it would be neat to chat and browse the internet at the same time.

    About the “No, Trophies aren’t retroactive” answer. Does that mean we will have to replay the older games that we have played that are trophy enabled, even though we completed the games and the trophy tasks? That’s a disappointment if we have to replay the games. I definitely don’t want to delete my save files just to get the trophies.

    It looks great, though, In-Game XMB and the Trophy System. :) I look forward to getting trophies in future games and finally being able to message my friends during games. Great job Sony!

  • @jeff
    hmm i guess in-game chat will be a future update? and same for the PSN cards until its release for best buy and gamestop and other giants if im right. Did you psn list fill up that fast already? heh

  • Great job on this update, but one thing tho… I am still waiting to see what the PS3 sytem can do, XMB is a start. I don’t know what the sony “Ninjas” will be working on after this update but hopefully something that will have peoples jaws hanging for days! After all the PS3 is smarter than the rest of the other consoles.

  • “Jeff: It won’t even be an option if it’s not patched. If you try to select the music, you’ll be prompted to quit the game.

    I guess that answers my question. That’s a bit of a shame.

  • Yeah and a noise when you level up or get a trophy would be GREAT too….sometimes you miss what the pop-up says so atleast we’ll have a noise to tell us =)

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