Firmware v2.40 FAQ

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Hi again! It’s great to see the positive reaction to the unveiling of system software update v2.40. We can’t wait for you to finally go hands-on with XMB access in-game and the Trophy system – and it’s less than 2 days away. Not surprisingly, a number of you have posed questions both here and on other forums. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    Will voice-messaging/private chat be featured in 2.40 as well? If not, can we expect to see this feature added in the future?

    We are evaluating the opportunity to offer voice chat, but for this update, we wanted to focus on text messaging as the key priority for communications that our users have asked for.

    Can you use the web browser in game?

    No, you must exit the game before browsing the internet.

    Will In-Game XMB come up during playback of PS2 games, Blu-Ray discs, and DVDs?

    The XMB is an exclusive feature for PS3 game titles. Accessing the XMB during gameplay was the top request from our users, which we focused on for this update. However, we continually engage PS3 owners for feedback and will evaluate the opportunity to offer XMB access during movie playback in the future.

    Can we go to the display settings and change anything there in-game (resolution, input, etc)?

    No, you must exit the game before changing these settings.

    Will it be possible to change in-game the sound output?

    Yes, sound output changes are supported.

    Will we be able to access the PLAYSTATION Store while in-game?

    No, but you can view your downloads in progress.

    Will we be able to stream music (either via media server or USB drive) for custom soundtracks or is it relegated to music stored on the HDD?

    Currently only music stored on the HDD is accessible in games that support this feature. We’d also like to reiterate that Firmware v2.40 merely enables custom soundtracks. It’s up to developers to include this feature in upcoming games (or to patch existing ones).

    Does 2.4 enable cross game invites? Will it down the line?

    No, cross-game invites are not available in this system software update. We are evaluating opportunities to expand on the new features delivered in 2.40.

    Will trophies be mandatory for all games release here on out?

    We are working with developers to ensure that Trophies are supported across the board in the future.

    Where is each player’s trophy stat info held? I am going to upgrade my hard drive and I don’t know if the trophies will still be on my account if I earn some and then get a new hard drive.

    Trophies will be attached to users’ PSN ID. Trophy data needs to be synchronized to the online account on PSN to be transferred to the new PS3 system.

    Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?

    No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.

    Can we view PSN profiles/Trophies from a PC using a Web browser? Will there be an API for web developers to access the PSN data, so online profiles can be created?

    We’re evaluating these opportunities to expand where Trophies can be experienced.

    Can you only compare trophies with friends that are online?

    As long as a friend has a PSN account, you can compare trophies with them regardless of their online status.

    Is there a limit to how many trophies the devs can put set by Sony?

    There’s not a limit on number of trophies, but there’s a value assigned to each trophy. Developers must balance out the trophies that are available to stay within an overall value based on whether the game is considered large-scope or small-scope. Essentially, a user that has unlocked every trophy in one game would have the same level as a user that unlocked every trophy in another title, all titles (depending on scope) have the same overall impact on a users’ level.

    Will new games have a cool little icon on the back saying “trophy compatible?”

    We’re currently working on how Trophy support will be messaged to the consumer on our software packaging.

    When you get a trophy, does it make a noise?

    Currently, no. How quickly things can change – there *will* be a sound effect when you unlock a Trophy.

    What is Eric’s favorite cheese?


    Once again, we will continue to evaluate opportunities to enhance the PLAYSTATION 3’s system software throughout the console’s life cycle. Consumer feedback has contributed greatly to the contents of Firmware v2.40, and continues to be appreciated. Don’t forget, this Firmware will be available for download on July 2nd.

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  • Thanks for answering our questions! Can’t wait for the update!

  • Sounds good to me. Thanks again, guys.

  • lol@last question

  • Rofl…so QUestion…i dont think u caught mine it’s pretty important as lots of people are in same situation.

    If I go to a second PS3, will I be able to see my Trophies on that ps3 if i unlocked them on my first pS3 account (same PSN accounts though).


  • BTW, mozzarella sucks. Try havarti . . . . it’s GENETICALLY DIFFERENT!

  • Seet Faq!

  • Oh and mozarella? Cmon man :D

  • Mr. Lempel!

    Do you think there’s a chance for a future firmware update that will allow us to connect multiple PSPs at the same time during remote play?


  • Love it great job guys.
    Looking forward to downloading it.
    Also, I’m glad to hear sound changes will be possible in game.
    One quick question though, is if you could elaborate on the patches necessary to play custom music. Does this mean older PS3 games will not be compatable with custom soundtracks and the devs will need to put out a patch? For say genji?

    • Yes, any currently released games would need a patch for in-game soundtracks. Moving forward, game developers can build that functionality in, if they so choose.

  • Thanks for answering the display question.

  • Awesome FAQ Eric. 2.40 is looking to be a great update. Although you got more NO answers than YES, which leaves us to believe that Sony is yet to deliver more great PS3 features.

    Any idea how high up the priority list:

    RSS feeds?(like PSP feature)
    Multiple network settings?(like PSP feature)
    Video loop/repeat/shuffle options(to eliminate videos pausing at the end of play)

  • “Rofl…so QUestion…i dont think u caught mine it’s pretty important as lots of people are in same situation.

    If I go to a second PS3, will I be able to see my Trophies on that ps3 if i unlocked them on my first pS3 account (same PSN accounts though).


    Let me make this legible.

    I sign onto the PSN on my PS3 at home. I unlock lots of trophies.

    Can I view these trophies when I go to my uncle’s house’s PS3 and sign into my account there?

  • Awesome FAQ, it answered all of my questions. I would like to see two things that were discussed on the FAQ:

    – Please in the future enable a tone for when you get a trophy

    – Also would really like to see XMB support for when I am playing a PS1/2 title and watching a BLU-Ray/DVD.


  • So the trophies will be linked to our PSN account Server Side? This is why Trophies will not be retroactive?


  • Does Microsoft own a patient for custom soundtracks so thats why you need the game developers to patch the game to allow this?

  • It is all great! You guys should really get every developer to include support for trophies as well as in-game voice chat and cross-game invites. Those are most needed.

  • Super…. next… we need Getaway and Eight Days…

    More: A list with all compatible titles wourld be nice… :D

    And More: If we are playing a PS2 ou PSone game.. this functions will work?

  • Great FAQ. You got most of the questions I would have asked.

    Is there an XMB clock added with FW 2.40?

  • Thanks for the answers, that clears most things up.
    Still like some more details on third-party games (some blogs are saying 70% of games support trophies already?!).
    I really really think you need an external API to compete with the Xbox gamer cards as they are rather fancy.

  • We are evaluating the opportunity to offer voice chat, but for this update, we wanted to focus on text messaging as the key priority for communications that our users have asked for.

    See, this is the kind of thing i HATE to see…

    I know people think they know what they want, but generally no one does..

    I remember so long ago, that you guys asked what we wanted from ingame XMB and yes, in game text messaging was the top pick..

    But it shouldnt have been..It should have been cross game voice chat..

    I mean really, would you rather type out your message to your friend, or just say it?

    The community is dumb. Dont listen to us. Just give us ingame cross game voice chat and i will be a happy happy man.

  • I just want to know with warhawk because it’s only an online game… help needed there please

  • Sev1512, yes there will be a clock, it was confirmed in the first video

  • Not to complain, but if there is a way to make trophies retroactive please do so.


  • Wait remember flash update to the browser if feasible. That’s right behind cross game invites and voice chat.

  • what the heck does “No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.” mean? I’m guessing it means we will have to restart the game to get the trophies?

  • Eric, for future firmware releases could you take into consideration adding a feature that let’s you change the position of the display message? Maybe to one of the bottom corners or bottom center… and add a sound notification along with it?

    • Actually on my way home, I got an email from Eric asking me to update this post; there *will* be a sound effect when a user unlocks a trophy. You\’ll be hearing it soon enough. Hopefully a lot.

  • @19 – Netweb
    Getaway and Eight Days were cancelled, weren’t they? :(

  • Thanks for some of the clarifications.

    You guys have done an awesome, awesome job, and I thank you.

    Two things I’d like to say.

    1) Cross-game private chat really is a great feature. I use this feature, let’s say elsewhere, and I would love to have it on the PS3, and judging by the responses I’ve seen on this blog, so would lots of people. Please implement this soon as it is very important to a lot of people.

    2) I doubt anyone will respond to my next question, but I’m going to ask it anyway.

    Why does Sony feel that leaving custom soundtracks up to the developer is the best choice? Shouldn’t the user – the person paying $60 for a game – be able to choose what works best for them?

    Sure, you can argue that the developer knows what music is best for their game, but no developer can satisfy the taste of every user.

    This is something that should be in the control of the user, not a developer, who honestly has little to no incentive to support the feature. Not that none will, there’s just not much incentive for them to do so.

    Sorry, I just don’t get how leaving something like that up to developers is a wise move.

    Mind you, I’m not a big fan of custom soundtracks. I use my laptop if I ever care to listen to my music. I’m merely someone who’s looking at the decision to let developers control what the user listens to, and responding with how I view this move.

    Again, thank you for you hard work. It’s much appreciated, and I’m very greatful for the updates and communication from you all here at the blog.

  • That pretty much covered all the questions i had. Can’t wait for the update on Wednesday. I would also love to play SSHD with Eric and Jeff to compare trophies with. PSN id: Frankie09

  • Thank you very much for clearing up some of that information! Great job on the videos as well.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Retroactive trophies are good, otherwise people could just download game saves and get the trophies.

  • This update looks great. Sony, you guys have done a great job adding more and more functionality to PSP and PS3. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking for us in the future. I would like to see USB drives supported for in-game music, though, as I have a rather large USB hard drive with all of my media on it, and not enough space on my PS3 hard drive. Just something to think about for 2.5 :-)

  • Thank you for making it clear that voice messaging, private chat and cross-invite would not be in 2.40.

    Hopefully it will be implemented soon.

    Can’t wait for 2.4!!! Thank you Sony!

  • I have one question to ask, which needs answering amid all this happy jolly ingame XMB stuff. A good few people (Irish particularly) are suffering from the setback of NAT Type 3 after a recent Firmware update. We have tried all the options out there; static IP, IP passthrough, DMZ, PPPoE and so on… I suppose, my question is:

    Will the unfortunate, yet common, NAT issues caused by a previous firmware be resolved in this update and/or a future update? Has this been addressed to you? Does SCE care?

  • Does the XMB run as a TSR in reserved memory, or is it a code module that’s plugged into the game by the developer and will be released as patches for the games to support it?

  • One of the questions brought up a question. Will you be able to compare trophies with players you have met in a game like COD4?

    Just like pressing the Triangle button when you’re browsing the ‘recently met players’ list…?

  • Will the patch automatically allocate unlocked trophies according to your saved files or would you have to do it again?

    No, Trophies aren’t retroactive.

    That is actually a tragedy.

  • First off, great job on clearing all of this up.

    Second, can we expect the update to go live at midnight of the 1st (aka the 2nd) or… whenever you guys feel like during the 2nd?

  • Hey,
    I read in the official playstation magazine that “70% of released PS3 games will support trophies”. Is this true or is it just speculation.

  • Will there be a thread or rss feed to let us know collectively when games are updated to support trophy’s or will it be left to the developer to notify their users?

  • Thanks for the questions!

    Are you guys considering a more universal custom soundtrack method? Does the MS patent have anything to do with why you have to have devs design the soundtrack feature in their game? I only ask because a dev at neogaf said the functionality to play your own music over any game is available via a “force” option, so it’s clearly not a stability issue….or is it?


  • I’m still a bit confused, are we going to have to replay the game from the very beginning or will it associate your game save with your PSN Username?

  • Eric,

    Thanks to you and the rest of the team at Sony for this update. It looks great! I’m very excited to try this out. Also, I really enjoyed the ‘sneak peek’ the videos gave us. As you said, you guys like to recieve customer feedback, so I’ve got a suggestion: it would be great if you guys work with 3rd party developers to get wide support for custom in-game music, similar to trophies. Thanks for the update and blog posts, and keep up the good work!

  • @40

    Acxtually no.. because if they allow that everyone can have the trophies copy the save game from another one and no skills needed and then the trophy system will not have a point

  • Well, I feel stupid. I just remembered the clock from the walkthrough video…

    Having a bad day…. lol

    Sorry Jeff.

  • Good job guys! Today’s blog updates about FW 2.40 were magnificent!

    I have one question for Jeff though (and it’s not about cheese :P)

    Do you know if Europe will get the FW update the same day as US?

  • You have to replay the game from the beginning. Which is a GREAT thing.

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