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If you’re just tuning in, here’s what you missed this week. Welcome Criterion, making their first appearance on the PSB this week (not their last!). Also, had a great day yesterday if you haven’t been there recently.

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  • ^^^ they should add a editing button or something

  • “For the record, I’m the one who produces the videos like we did with Grace and the PSN Store redesign.”

    So you’re working on the firmware video as well? Cool. Just a quick question: is this video going to be an epic film or just a 1 minute show off in-game xmb for 30 secs and then unlock a trophy?

    • Planning 2 videos, 5 or so mins each. One for XMB features and one for Trophies. None of the previous videos has been a short as 90 seconds, just as long as it takes to show off the features and not make you sit through a lot of fluff.

  • why do we need a damn firmware walkthrough video? we already know what its gonna do.

    1. press ps button to view XMB
    2. move left and right with analog

  • I agree, everyone seems to be more excited for the walkthru video “if there even is one” than they are for the actual firmware update.

    Me, personally, I think it’s because everyone wants to see what Eric is wearing. Sony fans are funny that way.

  • It was a good week but we need more info on 2.40!

  • is the the 2.4 video ?

  • o i hope we see these videos of 2.4 soon!

  • why didnt sony let everybody know
    psn friends list is now updated to 100 friends

  • T Minus Approximately 11 Hours!!!

    The reason people want to SEE 2.4 in action (not that they haven’t [un-officially] already), is because Sony has said so little about this firmware update. Only time, was when SCEE brought it up (randomly, IMO), saying something like ‘in-game communication coming this summer via FW 2.4,’ and just recently the blog post confirming it..

    So people are anticipating a video, because they want to see it in action, and in-depth. You can’t blame ’em… Same thing happened when the redesigned PS Store was announced and shown. This is a far bigger addition to the PS3, so one can expect the anticipation to be multiplied about 10 times from any other update the PS3 has ever received.. and we’ve been through a lot.

  • Whoa cool,Thx for conforming it Jeff :)

  • oops typo.Ment to say “Confirm”

  • As long as the rumors for 2.4 being during E3 week are false and we see firmware 2.4 this week I’ll be happy.

    I’m going nuts for this feature as my online presence has quadrupled in the past few weeks with RB6V2, MGSO, and is likely to increase with Resistance 2, Soul Calibur 2, Socom and various other titles.

    Jeff could you thank the guys upstairs for giving me BC in the 60 gig for me? If it wasn’t for this system I probably would have never picked up MGS Essentials and purchased MGS4. Life is good ^^.

  • @ Kaze

    Yeah, cause it’s that important. C’mon, guys please. Why are we so worried about firmware updates when we should be worried about games?

  • @ 63:Why worry about games when they are on the way?

  • Exactly Tommy..

    People want these new features asap, as long as it is coming in July, I am cool.

    In-Game XMB may not mean much to you gamesblow (yeah, you would rather have some new b/c features or something lol), but it is a huge deal to the majority of PS3 owners.

  • Not a bad week I’d say I hope an update comes out soon i’m tired of hearing about 2.4 updates on here. For the people who work on the blog once 2.4 comes out are you ready to read a poop load of posts about home more so than ever since they wont have anything else to ask for.

  • So we are getting the firmware this week?

  • @ joel

    I kinda doubt it, but hopefully before E3. So yea within the next 15 days, most likely..

  • Thanks for responding Jeff.

  • Will they say which games support trophies? I hope its not just newer games but they retroactively add them to older games like Folklore.

  • Well in due time many games should support it, but it is mainly for future and currently hot titles. They’ll probably patch up some old games to get them to work, the easier ones being titles like R&C, or DMC4, for example.

  • I have a strong feeling that this thing is going to get the “FAIL”. Epic deletes on the way. Showing at 12pst is so that any unwanted comments can be viewed as trolling by the time the masses get to view it. Just like congresses’ midnight pay raises and bill passing’s.

  • Damn!!!! Late to the party again, missed the blog update, then I’m too late to get in on Jeff’s “Fav 100”!!!

    Good news none the less and Wow!!! Good job on being a bit vague on exactly what the video is all about. All we know it could have something to do with SOCOM if we are following your normal Blog format for the week. Tell ya what though I would really get a good laugh if you decided to “Rick-Roll” half the gamming community with the first video!

    LMAO, C’mon FW 2.40 Daddy needs some more functionality!!!

  • Bring on the 2.4 walkthrough please! I can’t take it anymore! LOL! Have mercy :)

  • Jeff Rubenstein you’re under arrest for withholding key evidence.

  • The headset with Socom looks beautiful.

  • The SOCOM headset is pretty sick and whenever you deliver the 2.40 video just try and sit back and say “Ahh great justice” or put that in your blog post.

    If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan you could put “The one update to rule them all” but I’m not sure how corny that’d be.

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