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If you’re just tuning in, here’s what you missed this week. Welcome Criterion, making their first appearance on the PSB this week (not their last!). Also, had a great day yesterday if you haven’t been there recently.

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  • Hmmm….. hopefully you will give us more info on 2.40 soon, or even confirm/deny the gamercard feature.

  • The new vids Ive seen of socom look great and its nice to finally see the game looking playable.

    How about some info on the video download service–a0004078-p0.php

  • The new vids of socom look great. It’s good to see the game actally looking playable.

  • Waiting to see if the rumours of Monday are going to be true or not. ;-]

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    No post on PLayStation with Life + the new video service?
    There wasn’t even a press release on this site, any particular reason?

  • I never can find the ‘Pet Shop Boys’ Stuff! ;-D
    The ‘PSB’ & Weekly Recap ;)
    Can’t wait for Mondays in-game XMB video! ;-P
    Keep up the good work ;)

  • Thanks for the info.

  • what website is this video of v.2.4fw suppose to be on, or will it be available for download in the PSstore?

  • quiet week, but as always, thanks for the update

  • btw, nice idea with the duplicate comment validation… Saved me from embarrassment just then. (I’ll get you yet you stupid laptop touchpad…)

  • It was kind of a quite a quiet week, but it was a pretty cool Socom update week.

    A little disappointed to learn that inFamous has been pushed back, but not all that surprised given how quiet it’s been with those guys for so long.

    Thanks for the wrap-up! :D

  • @3
    Well that was announced in Japan was it not? If so it will probably posted around E# when it’s presented to the US.

  • I cant wait for the next episode of core!

  • WOw, for once there is no 2.40 firmware news this week. Well, besides the one that says we’ll have a video walkthrough Monday. I wonder if it’s true?

    I can’t wait for the next video Qore magazine to come out. I want that Naruto demo so bad.

  • No news on playstation life service heard about it on gameinformer y nt here

  • this is madness we need some news on 2.40!! just confirm if that rumour of the gamer card with the trophies is true and if music can be played in game….please we need to know now…….
    2.40 news please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where did u guys hear that the blog was gonna have a video walk through of in-game xmb?

  • Hey Jeff, I asked this in the Socom post but it didn’t get answered. I was wondering if Sony is going to be the manufacturer of the headset that is bundled with the game. And if not, can you tell us who it will be?

  • 2.4 please

  • @16…I think it was on that one website…it also talks about the firmware info being leaked that it might not come out untill “E3” three weeks from now…

  • apparently my buddy heard it from a very well known source about the 2.4 video on monday but we will all just have to wait, and plus it was never comfirmed or anything so its just a rumour.

    Nice to keep updated with socom

    • For the record, I\’m the one who produces the videos like we did with Grace and the PSN Store redesign. That \”very well known source\” of rumors out is either ill-informed or just flat-out guesses.

      Don\’t trust anyone who hides behind a screen name.

  • thanx for the Recap. Also people stop asking when 2.4 will be release. if you think about when would be the best time to release 2.4? E3 08 ..Bingo!!!!! Also if you are wondering what features 2.4 will have well i have an answer.Is call google use it

  • Hey Jeff, you might want to fix that post:
    North American-made echochrome Levels on the Way
    PSP (PlayStation Portable) v4.01 Update: echochrome, the game that keeps on giving.

    the description for the echochrome is on the wrong line ;)

  • Jeff, do you think or can you comment at all on whether or not the Ps1 and Ps2 backwards compat in the 60gb and 80gb models will ever get an update? By this I mean do you think it is possible to maybe give them like an interpolation feature or something along the lines of what we see in emulators? This has a tendency to make the graphics look much, much better than they really are I believe.

    Thanks for the heads up either way, man.

  • So that means no walkthrough on Monday with 2.40?

    It would be nice if you could clear up that and tell us it’s not true (if it’s not true) because a lot of people were looking forward to Monday. Thanks Jeff.

  • 2.40 demonstration on monday right

  • @monkeyisland

    Seems like Jeff is hinting that it won’t be on Monday.

  • @jeff

    thats why i only check you guys for information

  • While on the subject on online games and having no way to contact Konami. Metal Gear Online:

    1. More focus on the team portion of the game as it’s the most fun
    2. Add more maps, even another 3
    3. Increase ability slots to 5 or allow anyone to use a basic CQC
    4. Allow two support items
    5. New mode where 2 players are assigned as GEKKO and the rest of the players have to work together to defeat them.

  • Do any of you honestly believe Sony would drop 2.40 in our laps before E-3? come one, folks. Be serious with yourselves for 2 seconds. Holding back 2.40 until e-3 gives Sony another Ace in the hole. You’ve/we’ve waited for 1 year and 6 months for 2.40 to get here, 2 more weeks isn’t going to kill you all.

    I’m going to tell you (unofficially) right now 2.40 video won’t be up Monday.

  • I’m getting tired of waiting for 2.40 details. Can you at least tell us whats in store for it? We know that its in game xmb and stuff but what can we access in it?

  • Oh god thats it, Im tired, tired of waiting so much.



  • Everybody shut up about 2.40. i want it too but i’m not complaining. i have GAMES to play. the longer the wait, the more features 2.40 will probably have. just wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Firmware 2.4 is going to be released during the week of E3.

  • It would be nice if they gave us a date already.

  • e3 Most likely.

  • kinda off-topic…

    but i just have to say I remember going the Playstation Experience Truck and let me be one to say, wow…… LittleBig Planet was pretty amazing. I could have played that demo all day if it wasn’t for the need to eat and sevendust. The controls are a lil weird at first (controlling each hand with the analog, and adding the z-axis to a side scroller) but once you get used to it, the game flows naturally. also the faces they make are just hilarious.

  • jeff, any news of the psn network cards thanks

    • Actually yeah. They\’re out in a few regional chains right now and you can expect them to be very widely available as the summer progresses. We\’ll update here on the blog as they hit more stores.

  • I have to say while SOCOM looks great, I’m really disappointed and greatly concerned with some of Slant Six’s game design decisions. First it was the “ranked rooms only with automatching and now this stupid Team Switching/5 rounds idea. In any competitive sport the opposing teams don’t play the game and if they happen to have equal games won, they don’t let a computer or some stats system to decide the winner, they play a TIEBREAKER round!! Why remove this from SOCOM!? WHY!? Come on Sony/Slant Six, get your act together. Please don’t let stupid decisions like this ruin an otherwise great looking game.

  • why is that the blog only shoots down rumors and never informs of when we should expect things other than 6 month time frames?

    Jeff can you give us a time frame?

  • Yes Jeff will you please tell us when we can expect some official firmware releated info?

    thanks in advance

  • It would be nice if they would answer the questions we are interested in, as opposed to only shooting down stuff that we enjoy. This blog is usually like a wet rag.

  • Ok so we dont trust that person that hides behind a screen name, but why do you think (Jeff) that we believe them, because there is a lot of misinformation, there’s lack of contact between you guys and the PlayStation Fans that come here everyday to see all the news that are posted in this awesome blog, and then they ask questions but you guys seem to ignore them and just answer to one of two, im not asking you guys to answer every single question in here but at least if you watch that a lot of people are asking the same question again and again and again you should give us a heads up so we can stay calm and dont get our hopes up…so at least you should say when we can expect an official announcement and the video walk through of the firmware update for the ps3



  • Why is my PS3 constantly freezing? My brother’s PS3 started freezing about 8 months ago, and it died last week..what the hell is this console having a one-year lifetime? EVERY SINGLE game freezes, which makes the ps3 restart..

  • @43

    Please, it might freeze on a few games or every now and then “Oblivion for one” but it isn’t constantly and if it is it’s your fault. You’ve probably got bottles of Castro oil sitting by it, and open ant farm coming in and out of the system and god knows what else. The xbox 360 is way worse when it comes to faulty hardware so be glad you didn’t buy one of their out houses.

  • @ games

    Buddy i treat my ps3 better than i treat my 2 year old daughter. It freezes on every single game, whether online or offline. What happens is that it freezes, then the ps3 bips 3 times and restarts. My cousin’s ps3 started doing that 8 months ago, and it died last week. The difference with the freeze he got the day it died is that there was no more sound in the game he was playing (fifa08). it started with no sound, then the controller wouldn’t respond. he manually restarted the ps3, and bam the XMB screen did not show. when he removed the disc, it couldn’t read any. i know 2 other people that had the same problem. Sony even admitted few months ago that they DID NOT know about that problem..but now they do, so what are they waiting to fix them? I swear i will never buy a new unit until sony fixes it. Same for my brother, he’s not getting a new one. We both paid 599 euros, and this how sony treats us..with a 1 year console.

  • Ok the 1 year warranty blows goat nips, I agree. I am on my launch 60gb and had to recently fix mine myself cause of no warranty. I know what you’re talking about and a simple HDD reformat would fix it or swapping the hdd out all together for another one. What size do you have in it? Maybe you should think of expanding to a bigger one.

    I went from 60, 160 and now to 320 just recently.

    I use to get what you get sometimes while playing Demos and as I said even Oblivion use to freeze up on me but every since the hdd swap I haven’t had any problems.

    Lets face it, these hdd’s are holding all your data. All those demos, all the web pages you access, all the pics you put in it, all the music you might’ve had in them, all the games, all the game saves, anything you might be using it for like Linux. There is no clean up disc feature so you have to reformat sometimes.

    It sucks, believe me but it’s for the best if you haven’t already. I’d give that a shot.

  • I forgot to add this bit to my last post by the way.

    “even though you delete something off the drive, it’s still inside the hdd. You might think you got rid of it or what have you but it is still there slowing things down cause you don’t have a defrag option or remove from the drive option.”

  • @ games

    As i said, i treat my ps3 better than i treat my daughter. I haven’t downloaded a single demo. I haven’t changed my HDD. i haven’t transfered some music or videos via USB. The only thing i’ve done with my ps3 is downloading firmwares and gaming. Not even folding@home. Only those 2, and still i got the freezes. I did try to reformat, i wasted my time. After my cousin’s ps3 died, he also tried formatting, it did nothing. He then tried resetingt the bluray laser (pressing 30 seconds on I/O)..again no success. The ps3 has a MAJOR disc-reading issue, and that is a fact. I’ve been browsing youtube lately, typing “ps3 broke”, and you just have no idea how many people are in the same boat.

  • Damn it, i pressed submit by mistake.

    I’d like to add that i’ve been a sony consumer for over 20 years. Everything i have and had was from sony. From TVs, to walkmans, passing by cameras without forgetting handycams and video game consoles. Sony is the company i always trusted, that i always loved. Sony was part of my daily life. I never thought something like this would happen..i am extremely disappointed. This surely has broke the chain between me and sony’s gaming hardware. i love games. I collect video game consoles; you see i have over 30 consoles in my living room. Some like the atari2600 are +20 years old, and they still work perfectly fine. When i say that i treat my console better than my daughter, i am not kidding. All my oldies work perfectly fine, just as if i just bought them. But my ps3, that isn’t even 6 months old, has started its slow death.

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