Looking for a Hot Shots demo? Today’s the day.

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Now that this week’s humpday is done and over with, we are but a working-day (and then some) away from the glorious freedom that is the weekend. I for one, plan to take some time soak in some rays and join a couple of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds tourneys using the new Oceania course and perhaps maybe some Highland CC action as well.

Hot Shots Golf Chip

But enough of my plans… lets talk Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds update, and particularly about the blog post for each update… which among other things, usually had a comment such as this:

So is there never going to be a US demo of this game? I’m not dropping $60 on a game I’ve never played before.

or one of these:

Will the demo of this become available on the US store as well? And if so, when?
Really want to play this game, but would love to get the demo first.

or sometimes something like this:

Is there going to be a demo of Hot Shots Golf for those that would like to try it in order to make a decision if they want to buy it?

Well, for all of you that so patiently waited for the Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Demo, this one goes out to you: as of today, Thursday, June 26, 2008, all North American users can now download the HSG:OOB Demo from the PSN store!

The demo is quick in-depth sample of the Hot Shots Golf experience. You’ll be able to start off with beginner character Jasmine, perfect the new advanced swing system and graduate onto intermediate player Felipe. If you’ve got a friend about, just jump into the offline multiplayer option (max 2 players) and hit the links.

Hot Shots Golf Multi-Player

So now, with the demo being released, you’re weekend should no longer be plan-less. Here’s how I see it playing out:

Thursday: Play demo with Jasmine; perfect character and new advanced swing system
Friday: Perfect Felipe; buy Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Saturday: Build up your favorite character’s loyalty
Sunday: Get online and join a couple of tournaments; dominate the competition.

Hot Shots Golf Winners Circle

Looking forward to seeing you guys online!

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  • Yo Chris,

    Tween U & me I actually hate sports games however the demo got me open as a day one purchase. Hopefully it will have the same effect on those waiting to test the waters. Easily the most fun me & the wifey have had on the 3!!!

    BTW, since you seem to be granting wishes today how’s ’bout some voice chat for the next blessing?

  • Better late then never :D

    Please tell you guys are bringing The Square PSOne games that were released in Japan this week.

    I need me some Einhander!!!

  • Store takes forever. Almost 6PM EST. Why can you guys update at 9AM EST 6AM PST.

  • Nice I will give it a try

  • “Today’s the day.”

    That is, if the Store gets updated before the end of the day…

  • Already bought the game thanks to SCEE having the Everybody’s Golf demo and Circuit City having the game on sale for 49.99 when it released.

    SCEA really should have put the demo up earlier so it could have been timed with that sale. I can’t really see the demo doing anything now that the game is now longer on New Release walls and the promotions ended.

  • Downloading it in a bit.

    The demo for PSP was awesome, some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the PSP.

  • Worth the buy, totally.

    And all you people who complained: IT’S CALLED A RENTAL. Stop harrassing people with your obnoxious delusions of entitlement. Get a job and work for your happiness like the rest of us!

  • It’s about time, I was wondering why the PSP had HSG demos and the PS3 didn’t! Thanks for the demo will be playing it ASAP.

  • A truly addictive game if ever there was one, the PSP version was simply awesome. THe PS3 version is sueprb with its online mode, although we could do with a few more online players. Try out the demo guys and get out there and buy, buy, buy. More players the better online.

    Also, will the US PSN be getting the costume packs that have appeared in the Far East for the game at any point?

  • Too bad that you can only have one of the two demos for the PSP game on your memory stick at once.

  • Cool. This will help get more people into the game.
    Will there be any more goofy DLC released? I know I would definitely pay for Greg from HSG4 to be my caddy (best caddy ever).

  • thanks for the heads up on the demo Chris! Hopefully it’ll put me in the mood to drop $60 bucks on the full game.


  • Heh, it’s nice to see my video is being linked to random websites :)

  • @ Eternity_Viper_Snake

    No problem. The online mode is excellent though. Even Gamesblow is being positive about this game :P

  • Hey Chris –

    Golf games even 10 years ago had options of creating courses. With games such as echochrome, players can create levels that others can play. The options for sharing user created courses is mind boggling. This would be tremendous!

    It could even be a PC program that makes it easy to do, then move the file over to the PS3…or just do it on the PS3 to begin with.

    I think it’s a shame the current crop of golf games don’t allow for this. The Tiger Woods series did it about 5 yrs ago, then stopped. Not sure why – this would be an awesome addition. Just curious if you could at least address this and say if it’s too hard or whatever to implement.

    A lot of us REALLY miss this feature – and the life of the game would grow a tremendous amount with new courses available.


  • Will we be able to use our Home avatars in games like Hot Shots Golf or Pain?

  • Any word on whether or not trophies would be supported in a future Hot Shots patch?

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