Looking for a Hot Shots demo? Today’s the day.

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Now that this week’s humpday is done and over with, we are but a working-day (and then some) away from the glorious freedom that is the weekend. I for one, plan to take some time soak in some rays and join a couple of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds tourneys using the new Oceania course and perhaps maybe some Highland CC action as well.

Hot Shots Golf Chip

But enough of my plans… lets talk Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds update, and particularly about the blog post for each update… which among other things, usually had a comment such as this:

So is there never going to be a US demo of this game? I’m not dropping $60 on a game I’ve never played before.

or one of these:

Will the demo of this become available on the US store as well? And if so, when?
Really want to play this game, but would love to get the demo first.

or sometimes something like this:

Is there going to be a demo of Hot Shots Golf for those that would like to try it in order to make a decision if they want to buy it?

Well, for all of you that so patiently waited for the Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Demo, this one goes out to you: as of today, Thursday, June 26, 2008, all North American users can now download the HSG:OOB Demo from the PSN store!

The demo is quick in-depth sample of the Hot Shots Golf experience. You’ll be able to start off with beginner character Jasmine, perfect the new advanced swing system and graduate onto intermediate player Felipe. If you’ve got a friend about, just jump into the offline multiplayer option (max 2 players) and hit the links.

Hot Shots Golf Multi-Player

So now, with the demo being released, you’re weekend should no longer be plan-less. Here’s how I see it playing out:

Thursday: Play demo with Jasmine; perfect character and new advanced swing system
Friday: Perfect Felipe; buy Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Saturday: Build up your favorite character’s loyalty
Sunday: Get online and join a couple of tournaments; dominate the competition.

Hot Shots Golf Winners Circle

Looking forward to seeing you guys online!

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  • Even though I already own this game and love it, I’m glad you guys are giving people the opportunity to download the demo and get a feel of the game before they buy it. Make sure you guys keep up the good work. I also wanted to ask you if you plan on releasing a patch to allow custom soundtracks. I’d love to play music from my PS3’s HDD while playing Hot Shots. It would be an excellent feature which would only add to the gaming experience.

  • I’ve been waiting for this. Glad I’ll finally be to finally test the game out later

  • Whew, glad to finally see a demo. Whew, glad I didn’t wait on it.

    Hey guys, I played the HSG:OT2 demo. I really like the way you pickup the extra costumes in their. I won’t spoil it for everyone. It’s much better than playing a tourny and only get awarded a dang caddy custome or something. I’m after clubs and balls!

    Thanks for a great series guys.

    Now for the wants:

    Anyway we can get some alt shot gameplay? Or a 4man bestball game play?

  • I’ve been waiting for a demo for this game. I only played a demo of a PS2 version many many moons ago. Heard that this one was good, but as a comment you quoted said, dropping $60 for a game you’re not sure about is risky.

  • While you guys are doing updates to this game, can we beg for Youtube video upload functionality to be integrated for those replays? I’d love to export my best replays from my videos list to Youtube videos for showing off to friends online.

    Great game. Love the new course too!

  • thats really lame… the one time i get first they take it off… sheesh..

  • Why don’t people just download the demo off the EU store? That’s what I did.

  • ok, i definently thought this game looked intresting, but i never thought about actually buying it. mainly because its a golf game, how can it possibly be fun? but for some reason i heard its a great game… time to test it out with the demo, i wish the US update isn’t so late in the freaking day!

  • @5

    Maybe if your post had more content other than,


    It would have stayed first.

    Hey, any chance we can get voice chat online? Golf is a social sport. We hush when someone’s taking a swing and critique everyone afterwards. I say in the user created rooms only would be awesome. No need for it in the 50p tourneys.

  • Can’t wait to give it a spin! I played the PSP version like crazy.

  • Mr Chris Hinojosa-Miranda i will download the demo today if MGS4 and MGO let me.
    Sincerely Fersis.

  • Awesome! I’ll check it out.

  • Hopefully people enjoy the demo and join us for some games once they buy it. :D

  • I’ve actually played the hell out of both the JP and EU demos for the game. I’m guessing this is the same as the EU demo? Either way, still a title I need to pick up as the demo was just plain fun and me and my cousins enjoyed it.

  • Wow!! Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting to try it, since I hear the full game is fun. Now I can make up my own mind! Wonderful! :D

  • YESSSSS!!!! GREAT!!! Thanks a lot! I was wondering what the game looked like, and now I’ll see it. I’ll download this… NOW! :D See ya! :D

  • Cool I have been looking forward to the demo HSG PS3 version, I really in enjoy the PSP demo of HSG it is a blast. It might sway me to go pick this game up.

  • Thanks. Definitely going to check this one out.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    Sweeeeeetttttt!!! :)

    thanks so much i love online multiplayer Demos ill download it today and ill try to get away from MGS4 and MGO for a little bit


    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Hey EVS, want to clarify something: the demo does not have any online multiplayer functions. It is strictly an offline experience.

  • Are we going to be3 getting the costume packs that Japan has been getting? I want to golf with the chick in the dominatrix outfit. Hilarious.

  • Looking for a demo? No.

    Looking for online voice chat? Yes.

  • Releasing the demo a few months after the game doesn’t seem too smart to me. Whatever, if it encourages a few more people to buy this great game then it’s a good thing :)

  • Hmmm, I’m not really interested in this game… When is WipEout HD coming out? Today I hope.

  • kool ill be checking out the demo today

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    @ Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

    woops, so are you saying that we won’t be able to play against other players online (besides players @ home) ????

  • Looking forward to the Demo.
    Has voice chat been implemented yet to the online mode?

  • Thanks for providing the demo on US PSN store.

  • Should have made it an online demo. 59 people playing online right now. :(

  • It would be cool if the demo was actually on the PSN store right now.

  • Thank you for the demo :) more demos are always a good thing.

    Are there any plans or considerations for a pack combining the d/l characters and new course?

  • For everyone who hasn’t played the game yet – it’s probably the best golf game I’ve ever picked up. Even though there’s so few courses, you don’t really notice it (not yet at least for me). The one thing the game desperately needs though is some sort of voice chat (unless that’s part of what’s coming in 2.4). You won’t be sorry if you pick it up!

  • I know this is a bit off topic, but has any egm subscribers got the Killzone 2 issue yet?

  • @ Eternity_Viper_Snake

    Demo (assuming it is like the UK demo) is 2 player offline. In the full game you can play online against other online players but you can’t go online with two or more local players.

  • That’s so awesome, thanks. I wanted a demo all along.
    This looks like the Hot Shots I remember back when I was a kid, but a million times prettier.
    How big will the file be for the demo?

  • I’m not cause I got it day one; couldn’t miss out on the best Golf game ever made! Anyone who has a ps3 and is even remotely into golf or even miniature golf, buy it. Dl the demo, try it and see how a real golf game is to be played. Not that garbage wii crap.

  • good reason to check the psn store i’m might just buy the game after all. thanks.

  • After playing the demo

    Hot Shots Golf:Out of Bounds>>>>>>>>Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

  • Eh, I suppose better late than never. I got it a few months ago- I never thought my brother would actually enjoy a sports game, but he loves HSG:OoB. Nice work! :D

  • So far, I’ve liked the PSN Store updates we’ve gotten for the past couple of weeks. Plenty of demos, plenty of good add-ons, and plenty of videos. I’m glad we’re getting the Hot Shots demo, it’s a fantastic game, but I have two questions:

    1) How come it took so long? Didn’t Europe get it months ago?

    2) Are we going to get more PS1 games on PSN? I look at the Japanese store, I get excited. I look at the US store, and I cry. I look at the Europe store, and I feel sorry for them.

    All I’m saying is this:

    You have a good, solid online network that brings players together from around the world, I want to ask this:

    Can you unify it? Make ever PS Store the same. What Japan gets, both NA and Europe gets. What we get, both Europe and Japan gets. What Europe gets, Japan and NA gets. What I’m saying is that PSN has the potential to be the best thing out there, but the one thing holding it back is store content. Like I said earlier, what’s there already is nice, but each regions store is severely different in terms of content, or in terms of when two different stores get said content.

  • Oh and I really liked the idea one of the earlier posters had- integrate YouTube uploading for our best replays! :D I know that replays are technically not videos, but rather interactive recreations of any given round, and this definitely complicates things, but it would certainly be cool.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    @ Gadbury

    thanks man apperciate it.. o well i was really looking foward for an online demo (dont get me wrong) i love free stuff i just love competition online as well, like (bad company,lost planet)ect. but thanks again for the update (i dont take anything forgranted its well apperiated)

  • thank you so much

  • Awesome news. I already owned the game, but I hope more play it and see how great it is. :D

  • Very nice. I have been waiting for this demo for a long time. I wanted a demo before I bought.

  • Are you guys considering adding rumble support in a future update?

  • “””So is there never going to be a US demo of this game? I’m not dropping $60 on a game I’ve never played before.”””

    people are freaking spoiled, what did you used to do before demos, or did we forget there used to be a time before them?

  • Could you guys offer Japanese VA and BGM as DLC?

  • It’s great that there’s a demo for this now. I’ve really wanted to try it out since I haven’t played a golf since Golf on the NES…which scarred me for life and made me never want to play a golf game ever again (same for NES Tennis). So now I can give this game a chance and hopefully I’ll like it and finally enjoy playing some games of golf again.

  • I enjoyed the first PSP game, so I’ll be sure to give this demo a try.

  • yes!!! Im one of the guys who asked for a demo here :D

    finally i can try the game

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