The PSB & Weekly Recap

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Any big news this week?
I feel like I can finally walk down the street with my “In-Shirt XMB” safely. CONFIRMED.
Thanks also to Noel for yet another awesome How To. More things like this on the way.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

PS – it’s the longest day of the year – so you if take Snake’s loading screen advice and take a 15-minute break every hour (anyone?), then go ahead and enjoy the extra daylight. Especially if you live in Finland.

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  • here the video showing what all the promised us….

  • It was a decent week, maybe now I will find a new theme I like.

  • On the topic of Socom. I just got my new issue of Game Informer and the screens in the preview section (page 70)look great.

    Please get the ranking system up to par before this title ships. Thanks.

  • Ugh, listen- product testing isn’t over for firmware release 2.4. I’m sure they have been going through HOURS and HOURS of work and testing the new XMB system not only through many different games, but also the Store and whatnot. Of course, they already have the XMB going through the Web browser, but they might also want to test performance through the latest firmware release.

    The community has waited for quite a while, now just be patient and let ’em do there thing and release it. I’m sure any of you wouldn’t want the stress to recode the OS structure to allow users to access any information on the hard drive any time they want to now, would you?

  • where is 2.4 Sony? hurry up and release it, quit being lazy you sparkling wiggles.

  • Jeff, every comment her is about 2.4. Please take the Banhammer off the wall and start swinging.

    Looking forward to the Killzone 2 cover story (it is by an extremely large coincidence that I happen to have a subscription), and that Weapon of the Week is pretty impressive- at least in the fact that it still sounds fast at 1/4 speed. :D

  • You forgot to remove the “Uncategorized” from the category in the WordPress Editor.

  • Dude your going to get banned, I seriously suggest you stop now.

  • awesome lil recap. hope to find some new and exciting info on the infamous and ellusive 2.4. Everyone should know by now that Sony does not deliver a sollid date for firmware release until the week of its release. hope we can all expect something this month or in July. would be an awesome fourth of july present. LOL


  • not even a date just a release week for 2.4 would be great, or a month or a quarter…
    same for home im tired of seein TBA

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