Hot Shots Golf: THIS is a course!

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G’day lads, happy Friday! Chris here again, dropping in on you with a little update from the latest news from the smallest continent in the world… Australia.

As you’ve most likely already experienced (and shame on you if you haven’t) the greatness that is traveling through Hot Shots Golf (Africa, the Alps, Japan), there is no amount of text that could possibly describe the Dingo goodness that you’ll be sure to experience with the new course… drumroll please… Oceania Resort Course!


True, true – just turn on your PS3 and get a-downloading, once that’s completed, log on to the PSN store and purchase the key to access the content. Vegemite not included.

This is a complete 18-hole course (with a long and regular tee variation). It’s also by far one of the most difficult courses on the Hot Shots line up, with plenty of natural obstacles such as sand traps, waterholes, rocks, and kangaroos. Ok, maybe not kangaroos, but they will be on the course – so make sure to not feed the animals (especially the alligators!).

As far as design goes, we’ll, it’s always to the Hot Shot standard. You’ll have traffic flowing through, some hot air balloons floating about, etc. The course is littered with various “out-back” nods… and it even comes complete with a giant lobster.


You’ll be able to play this course both online and offline, we’ll have some special tournaments set up for it as well. Check out some more the images below.

oceania5 oceania6

That’s about it folks, I’m about to have a Tim-Tam slam and get going on another 18-hole round. See you guys on-line!

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  • @krae

    The difference would the stuff on the game was already done. The stuff downloaded may have been done after the initial print run, despite it being downloaded to the hard drive it was additional post release work. I believe they are also only charging us like half what the Japanese paid for it. I’m pretty sure we paid less for Gloria and the other female.

  • I love HSG and I’m glad to know the new content is in fact not already on the disc, but I’m still disappointed that the entire game is installed on the HDD. The hard drive installs are supposed to be used as a cache, not simply to copy all the data over from the disc. That’s just plain lazy.

  • Holy Gigantic Lobster, Rubenstein! :P

    I actually saw that screenshot BEFORE I read the text and I was quite confused as to why there was a gigantic lobster on the course- even more shocked by the fact that a ball seem to have been shot INTO said giant anthropod. (Or is it a cephalopod…? )

    That’s pretty cool. Thank you! :D

  • Oh Your God! I just got the joke! “THIS is a course!” It’s a parody of an old movie, right? “You call that a knife? THIS is a knife!” XD

    I wonder if I’m the only one who took this long to get it… :P

    • You like that? Good.

      I\’m a professional.

      And yeah, I think lobsters are cephalopods, which fits under the arthopod umbrella.

  • As totally cheezball as this game is…i cant put the g’damn thing down…LOL

  • I am also one of those that is staying on the fence. I like golf a little but as someone else mentioned I won’t be buying without trying it first. Any chance of a demo? I would rent it first but it cost $8 to rent it… add that to the purchase price if I like it and then the price goes to $68 + tax (ouch). A demo would certainly help get some more purchases I would think based on my experience.

  • This course looks great and is alot of fun.

  • Great, but did the framerate issues get fixed yet? I’ve stopped playing completely because I can hardly use those flaming shots you get when you hit it 100% perfectly. Those shots are supposed to give you some extra boost, but all it does is causing stuttering and severe framerate problems. So much that it’s actually making it harder to hit the bal perfectly!

  • Hello
    Just looking in from Europe, Denmark to be precise.
    Seems I have a problem with these downloads, have bought both the 2 golfers and the new course in the EU store, but when I start Hot Shots Golf, there isn’t anywhere I can find any of the DLC, how is it found in the game?
    Otherwise I just love this game, use it a lot when tired of playing GTA or Oblivion, finished both LEGO Indiana Jones so now it is back to the golfing :-)


  • Are you guys planning on adding custom soundtracks from our PS3’s HDD being that all these other games are doing it? I’d love to play my own music in this game. It would only add to the experience IMO.

  • My wife and love love love this game. And I’ve only every been online once. There’s so much content offline, and it’s so much fun.

    As of now, I won’t be buying the new course. Just can’t make the math work.

    However, I’ll be looking for that big DLC that was promised in an earlier post.

  • I love the new course. it’s awesome. keep supporting the game <3

  • lol, Dingo goodness. Great course… pretty tough, but totally worth the effort for the giant lobster alone.

    Glad to have some new courses, Chris. You and yours did a fantastic job on this game.

  • Love this game, and have bought all DLCs so far, but cannot find them in the game?.

    Otherwise this game is great, use it mainly to wind down after playing GRID, GTA IV or something similar , never played it online though – this is still to come :-)


  • whitewolf,

    Do activate the DLC you have to go to the Online portion of the game, the update will add your purchased DLC.

    I just wanted to thank you guys for the game, i love it just as I have the previous versions and I hope you guys continue the DLC’s in the future.

  • I don’t think the DLC with the update idea is that good. People that don’t want it still have to take it in order to play online and then it takes up room on the hard drive.

    This was the game that made me get a new hard drive actually. I only bought a 20 to begin with and planned to upgrade eventually but the install on this took up enough room that I couldn’t save MLB 08 anymore.

    I paid for the course but haven’t gotten to play it yet. It looks really nice,especially the water areas. Any chance of a Jamaican course with some holes on a beach?

  • @ 65 – Thank you very much, now I both got the 2 new golfers and the new course.

    Love the new course, great graphics and a lot of detail, great idea with the cars and roadtrains driving by, have only played a few holes on it, but will very soon get around to play the rest.

    Hoping to see a lot more DLC like this.


  • If you’re on the fence about this game and you like golf, then buy it. Period. Its incredibly well-done.

    If you like beautiful courses, buy it. Its really beautiful.

    If you like interesting characters with a little extra flare in between shots, buy it, they’re fun.

    If you think those screenshots are tampered with to look that good, they’re not — the game’s really that great to look at (with lots of replay cameras).

    If you like trick shots, well, its got a few little sneaky things (bouncing your ball down a set of three large round towers right onto the green on a par 4 course for example) but its more of a real golf game than an arcade game.

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