Day in LA: Ask Your E3 Questions, Share Your Pics

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Tomorrow I’m heading down to our Santa Monica studios (with a side trip to Insomniac Games) to shoot some pre-E3 interviews. In case you weren’t reading us last year (I’m glad you came around), we asked a number of producers the following questions:

    1. What game do you have at E3 this year?
    2. Describe it in five words or less.
    3. If you could sit one person in front of your game for an hour, who would it be?
    4. What game do you most want an hour to sit in front of yourself (besides your own)?
    5. How many E3’s does E3 2007 mark for you?
    6. Describe the pre-2007 E3 experience in five words or less.
    7. Most over used phrase or expression during E3 season.
    8. You are asked to make suggestions for an E3 survival kit- what three items HAVE to be included?
    9. What advice would you have for someone who has never experienced E3?
    10. Describe what you anticipate from 2007’s newly formatted E3 in five words or less.

The plan is to do something similar, only I’ll be shooting video so you can better get to know the faces behind the games you’ll be playing over the next year or so.

Looking at this list, I’m thinking not all of these questions are relevant this year. So what would *you* ask? Keep in mind I’m asking the same questions to everyone I interview, and that it’s more focused on the person and the event than the games – I’ll of course invite you to share your game-specific questions *at* E3. So please don’t post: “how many multiplayer stages will there be in R2??”

I’ll ask that *next* month.

Oh, and later on tomorrow night, I’m going to drop by the Hollywood launch of Metal Gear Solid 4. Anything you’d like me to ask David Hayter (the incredibly gruff voice of Snake) or any of the producers on hand?

Speaking of MGS launches, if you end up taking some good pics of yourself in line (especially if you’re dressed up like Snake or Eva or Ocelot), give us some link love in the comments.

PS if you’re lining up at the West Hollywood Best Buy, make sure to say hi.

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  • Dear Jeff,
    (please respond) I have a question about E3 itself. since we cannot go will it be brought to HOME like ubidays, Ikow the majority of us like myself are not part of the closed beta(and i doubt ill get to take part when they expand it in july) but i think it would be a cool and inturesting way for use to see home and to get us pumped for the open beta this fall. Also if this happens can you please post some vids of the event on the blog? please respond.

    as for a question ask David Hayter how he got into acting,paticulary voice acting, also tell him hes done a brilliant job in briging snake to life.

  • I got some questions you can ask devs.

    1) Why are some big games being delayed for the PS3?

    2) Why are games being cancelled for the PS3?

    3) What does Sony need to do to make development better for the PS3?

  • I have another question.

    How does it feel to develop for a system that will remain in third place until the end of the generation?

  • I also wana know, whats the future of game installs in PS3, is the amount of HDD space used is limited by Sony, or is it up to the developers?

  • playstationalltheway

    how about
    are your future games going to have trophy support?

    youd probably would not reply becouse its related to fw2.4

  • @ 62 Stoffinator | June 10th, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Those are all great questions man. I think that’s something we all need to know.

    At this point I don’t even know if releasing the firmware update 2.4 is going to gain us PS3 users any ground. We been left behind by such a huge margin ; ; I’m so pissed damnit!

    I don’t even feel like going to the MGS4 even tomorrow anymore.

  • i have a question.!

    why are you letting your competition win?

  • Why are you passing up on good JRPGs (SO4, LR) to Micro$oft?

    Oh well, at least we still have FFXIII… for now..

  • Some pics or video of the MGS4 launch would be nice. ;)

    My questtion for MR. Hayter is:
    “Since this is the final chapter for Solid Snake, Do you plan to do more voice work for future games/movies? or are you going to focus full time on writing movie scripts?”

  • “My questtion for MR. Hayter is:
    “Since this is the final chapter for Solid Snake, Do you plan to do more voice work for future games/movies? or are you going to focus full time on writing movie scripts?”

    Good question. I’m gonna miss him. ;_;

  • Oh, and about David Hayter –

    Please tell him that Stephen says HI! ;)

  • Can you ask Sony

    -where are all the RPGs/jRPGS?
    -are you going to try get some exclusive RPGs/jRPGS??
    -when are you going to try get some exclusive RPGs/jRPGS???

    And please remind Sony that they were heavily supported in the past because they had variety.

    They need to step up their game, most multi-plats are boring so bring on the real games.

    Can’t wait to pick up MGS4 tomorrow though

  • How do the Devs like Firmware 2.40? because I can’t use it yet.

    How many plan to back patch the game to support In Game XMB on 2.40?

  • @68 ChateauDIf:

    and that’s why you wonder why Microsoft gets the game. You rely on one franchise and think it’ll be better.

  • Sorry to say it but you guys (people who are posting about 2.4 and complaining) are annoying as hell.

    You were the ones who chose to believe the stupid rumors that 2.4 was coming. Let me tell you this.. Only go by what Sony says because if you go by a rumor that some random person makes up, no matter how logical it sounds, almost 99% of the time it’ll be wrong.

    You guys don’t like waiting? Too bad because theres nothing you can do to change that at the moment, so stop complaining. No point in complaining about stuff you can’t change. Man I swear, one person makes up a stupid question like: “ask them about 2.40” and the rest of you follow. Learn to think for yourselves people.

  • I got a pretty good one:

    Since the PS3 has been out for about 3 years. What advances have you and your development teams made during that time?

    What have you been able to do now that you could not have done since the release of the PS3 and also the PS2?

  • ack make that 2 years… -.-

  • @Jeff,

    I think as many people have voiced on here, a good question to those at Santa Monica Studios possibly to a Project Manager that deals with third party line titles:

    “Do you feel there is a clear cut strategy for capturing the Japanese RPG titles for the PS3?”

    Thats a hard hitting question right there.
    With Microsoft announcing big JRPG exclusives Sony needs to give an answer soon or they will loose potential fans.

  • I enjoyed these interviews last year, I also like that the interviews will be done in video!

  • I guess I would ask something about the latest events.

    As a really big fan of many of Square Enix titles, even though I’m not a big fan of the Star Ocean series; I would need to ask this question.

    How did Star Ocean 4 end up being a X360 exclusive?, how did a multiplatform title (The Last Remnant) end up being a timed X360 exclusive?.

    I’m sure someone at Sony should know the answers, I gotta say I was pretty disappointed on both Sony, for letting slip away RPGs that we, PS3 owners, do need; and Square Enix for selling themselves for big fat checks and changing their original announcement from “simultaneous multiplatform release” to “timed X360 exclusive”.

    Oh well, I hope I never see Sony announce God of War 3 as a X360 timed exclusive. Heh.

  • Why was a game like Eight Days cancelled but Killzone 2 is allowed to continue? What is the difference?

  • I don’t know if this has been addressed, but I’d like to know if MGS4 has any plans to integrate with Home, if so, what sort of interaction will it be?

    Also I’d really like to hear from Mr .David Hayter how he feels about snake’s saga *apparently* being finished, and what sort of things he might be doing after MGS, I know he’s a screenwriter…whats he up to?

    And tell the guy we’ll miss him a lot if snake is indeed finished with.

  • Given the large number of betas that are 360 only and the way many jrpgs are (at the very least timed) exclusive to the 360, do you feel that Sony hasn’t been doing enough to improve 3rd party relations?

  • Here are some of my questions

    1 -Why is Home still not out?
    2 -Why do we still not have xmb?
    3 -Why is Sony killing the most appealing games the ps3 had? Getaway, Eightdays to name a few?
    4 -Why is all 3rd party support leaving sony?
    5 -Why can’t Sony get a 3rd party exclusive now? Oh, and keep it.
    6 -Why no RPGS, Sony?
    7 -Why does the U.S. Stores Ps1 games blow goat nips? We need more! Alundra, Suikoden, Silent Hill, Mgs1, Resident Evil D.C. to name some.
    8 -Why is Insomniac really making that second division? Is it because they’re going multiplatform too?
    9 -Why the hell did you axe Eightdays? That was the main reason I bought the ps3.
    10 -Why does Sony follow trends so much and why did they stop being the leader and start following? Motion controls, casual games… please. Leave that junk at the door and give us what we need. Ps1 and Ps3 were great, you killed ps3 because of your idiotic actions.

    Finally, why has the ps3’s sales been on a steady decline and even just 2 days out from Mgs4 it still hasn’t beat xbox 360 sales. That’s a shame. Maybe you should pack it in, Sony. Call it a day and stop getting our hopes up and making us waste more money on your lies. I’ve bought your lies for too long and been 1st at the register for everything you’ve released.

  • gosh, jeff, thanks for making me have a hard time coming up with a question. if it was a single game i’d have the answer to it in a snap, because i’m always curious about certain things, but if you want a question to ask EVERYONE, then how about…

    playstation home intergration, have you any thoughts of your game dealing with it?

  • Here is my question:

    Why is gamesblow back here trolling again? If you don’t like Sony then go by the other system and stop trolling here!! Jeff can you ban his IP?!! I know this guy works for the other console and I’m sick of his negative comments. Stop commenting here please!!

  • How do you balance the need to get a polished show demo together with a schedule that requires the entires game to be at that stage at a much later point?

    E3 has changed a lot in the last few years, where do you think it’s headed?

    What’s your ‘best-ever’ E3 experience?

    What one thing would you change about E3?

    What is the biggest thing you expect to happen at E3 this year?

    Without being specific, how big are the PS3 megatons going to be at E3?

    Which game, announced or speculated are you most looking forward to seeing at E3?

    This E3 is clearly going to be a tooth and nail fight – what does anyone need to do to make the best impression on gamers / the industry?

    Which Sony-affliated developer are you most looking forward to seeing content from?

    How much of a focus do you have on PSN games at E3 this year / going forward?

    What makes a bigger impact, a could show-floor presence, or a good conference?

    Are you putting content on the PSN over E3?

    … Hmmmm


    How many multiplayer levels are there going to be in R2?


  • I don’t know how anyone can come up with questions that wouldn’t have anything to do with actually playing a game. My question would have to be “can I play your game?”

  • First, my questions for the interviews:

    Do you think that we might go back to the “old good” E3 one day? Or is there a trend towards small events throughout the year?

    On this generation, how many months/years does it take to develop a small/medium/huge game?

    Are there features that you feel like mandatory these days and weren’t in the last generation?

    Is it easier to go by non-mainstream IP these days?
    (Yeah, i know, develoment cost are much higher so the answer will be probably NOT… But what about the PSN? “Everyday Shooter” seems to tell me there’s a room for the unexpected and niche-gaming)

    What is the tougher part in developping/producing a game?

    Second, to Sony:

    The recent Microsoft event in Japan was a terrible BLOW for loyal fans.
    This was NOT just some kind of frustating and irritating news, but a real MEGATON announcement.
    If you are not convinced about that, you’re really fooling yourself! Just go through a handfull of blogs and forums to see how the PS3 community feel.

    I’m really excited about playing such games as LBP, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 or the next ICO game… Many things are shaping up nicely…
    But you’re shooting yourself on the foot with this kind of bad business: In one day you lose way more you gained so far on the other hand.

    I’m now pessimistic about the future. I think that with this “smart” move from Microsoft they are perhaps on the verge of a snowball effect this fall…
    I do hope you’ve got some huge games for the E3 to come; that we’ll soon get a release date for “White Knight Chronicles” and the long awaited “FF XIII” and “FF versus XIII”; that “Eternal Sonata” will get an US/european release too.

  • I agree with all the comments on the RPG issue, I wish they would have gotten Star Ocean… Whats up with that? Whats been up with Square as of late?

  • ok, i have a mullet hair cut and mustache , can i show that ? do you are ready for that ?

  • Hello Jeff,

    I have a question.

    Could you ask the producers if they will be a MGO 2?

    Thanks Jeff!


  • I’d have to agree with the other commentor and if you run into someone from Square-Enix, ask them exactly how much money Microsoft paid for them to go with their crapbox?

  • “-where are all the RPGs/jRPGS?
    -are you going to try get some exclusive RPGs/jRPGS??
    -when are you going to try get some exclusive RPGs/jRPGS???”

    Don’t forget, we have FFXIII as an exclusive (THE BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT EXCLUSIVE). So, don’t fret. And plus Disgaea 3, Valkyria Chronicles and White Knight (Level 5 FTW) should hold us until then!!

    I trust you Sony!

  • @ ChateauDlf: Assuming we even get to keep those as exclusives…exclusives are dying…its all about the money.

  • Dude, we’re keeping them, trust me.

  • Here’s what Milkman from 1up said:

    “I firmly believe that, despite Sony’s parade of “we don’t pay for exclusives” comments over the years, that they have firmly supported S-E in the development of FFXIII (and it’s ilk) in order to retain console exclusivity. I’d be very surprised if that changed. I think S-E is content to let tri-Ace do the heavy lifting in supporting the 360 with its content, and I was pretty underwhelmed by the ‘RPG conference’ as a whole. No real surprises. I mean, I love tri-Ace, and think these announcements are great, but it felt like the 360 got the B-team, while the A-team are free to frolic away on the PS3. Just my two cents. ”

    And he’s a huge 360 bot as well!

  • Speaking on the JP RPG issue. It’s just so shocking O_O to everyone. I personally always thought that the tables would be turned once the JP companies started backing up their countries JP console. I read the news and I still cant believe it myself. $h!t!!!

    I really want to know how does this happened. The home team just turned on Sony ; ;. Konami seems to be the only home team supporters at this point.

    I remember seeing Mass Effect and thought to myself. Yeahhh, that’s cool. Enjoy for now 360 user…but just wait until the JP RPGs start rolling in on the PS3. Man, was I wrong!

  • Microsoft is just trying to piss off Sony, they know they’re already dead in Japan even with SO4 and IU. Last Remnant will be on PS3 for sure (with an FFXIII demo) and SO4 is most likely a timed exclusive. All that matters is Final Fantasy, which Sony snagged.

  • I have a question:

    What is SCEJ doing?Jeff can someone from SCEA contact them and ask them why they are falling sleep?why did they take out BC from PS3 in Japan?

    I am not a RPG /JRPG fan by any means ,,but Sony should know that their fans(from PS2)like RPG/JRPG games,,,,why hasn’t SCEJ done anything to get some released?help namco bandai to release the timed exclusives from the other console after one year.

    Ask them to Release the first jRPG in japan .SCEE and SCEA are doing very good jobs in pumping out decent exclusives but SCEJ hasn’t been very active since the PS3 launch,,,

    BTW,,,this is very nice that we(PS3 owners) can talk to people in Sony and share our concerns with them,,,,very smart feature,,,, much appreciated.

    After my rant I should add that Sony has done a very good job on PS3,,,,,I love it,,,,but get these people some Jrpg/rpg out the door fast please, before they go nuts :D.

  • “I am not a RPG /JRPG fan by any means ,,but Sony should know that their fans(from PS2)like RPG/JRPG games,,,,why hasn’t SCEJ done anything to get some released?help namco bandai to release the timed exclusives from the other console after one year.”

    Because they’re trying to target PS2 owners. So why not remove BC to cut costs if the targets already have PS2s? I think it’s a good decision, frankly, $200 drop in 1 year is very resourceful. Good job Sony! And I agree with that JRPG thing, but Disgaea 3 is coming out in 2 months, and Valkyria Chronicles is almost out as well!

  • Ask it with a smile:

    “hey, say the truth, you are here just to play MGS4 for free and get a courtesy copy, uh?”


  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    hey jeff i like this post asking us for question to ask the E3 great idea :)

    questions to David Hayter
    1. Since MGS4 was snake’s last mission what’s going to be your next project?
    or you can throw a curve at him :)
    and ask “So since this is snakes last mission on MGS4 are you going to be in MGS5? :) (see if he pauses or gives us a hint)

    2.there is rumor going around that there is a metal gear solid movie in production and you have no part of it is this true and if so why dont you want to have anything to do w/it?

    3.So since this is snake’s last mission and for some reason hideo decides to make a mgs5 are you in w/no questions ask or will you think about it?
    keep up the good work Jeff!!
    P.S ruffly 12 hrs and counting MGS4!!! :)

  • If you could work with/on another game, what would it be?

  • Hate to sound like a broken record, but where are the RPGs?

    I’m a diehard Sony fan. I’ve purchased every system since the PS1 including both models of the PSP (now there’s a very nice little RPG machine). Thus far, after almost 2 years all I’ve gotten is Untold Legends, Folklore, Oblivion and Enchanted Arms (barf).

    I don’t understand the business sense here. You’re isolating part of your core market. Well, you’re actually handing it over to the competition by focusing too strongly on other genres.

    The Star Ocean 4 announcement, marked the first time I’ve ever considered buying another system – especially that one.

    I hope in the comming weeks/ months you folks at Sony get some saavy and start focusing on some of the games that created the fans who purchase your systems.

    – Christian

  • I have some questions as well:

    !. For the next PS3 update do you plan to include support for PSP files? I mean both systems download form PSN, but both systems can’t read or play the files they both use. IE The PS3 can’t read PSP movies, or display them, and the PSP can’t play PS3 movies or display them no matter the size, or resolution.

    2. Is there any chance that HOME will launch as planed this year? Or has their been yet another delay?

    3. Many PlayStation fans are wondering where the RPGs are for the PS3, sure we have two confirmed and one released, but the PSP, and PS2 have crap loads of RPGs, sadly the PS3 has none, while the other consoles get more and more. Maybe a return to Disny’s classic: Kingdom Hearts?, or how about Word on Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3?

    4. The last question is about HOME: We have heard many things about HOME and seen things as well, is there any more info you can give us on the steps needed to ensure bad things like Porn, or Smack Tarding other players will not happen online in HOME? All you have said is that you have ideas in place, but can you give us some more info about how you plan to stop these kinds of acts without hurting other HOME users not involved?

    Thankyou for you time…….

  • To Sony:

    “What do you have to say for yourself?”

  • I would ask them:

    What thing you don’t like about the game industry and how would you correct it?


    What was the most difficult thing to do in the game you are currently developing?

    And of course you can ask them: If a cat always falls on its feet and a buttered slice of bread always falls on the buttered side, what would happen if you butter the cat’s back?

  • @ 97


    I’m sure Jack Tretton will be even more pleased than he was last year and when you’ve seen project XXXX from Naughty Dog, you will be too.

  • I have a question for David Hayter:

    “When are you going to screen-write Metal Gear: The Movie?”, but seriously, “Has anyone contacted you to screen-write for Metal Gear?”

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