METAL GEAR MONDAYS! Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Launch week!

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Hi all – I assume most of you reading this know already, but, at long last, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots launches this week, Thursday June 12, 2008! Of course, there’s tons going on!

First, we have numerous midnight launch parties and signings in NY, LA, and SF. Below are all the details!

MGS4 World Tour


WHERE: Best Buy
1015 N La Brea Ave
West Hollywood
(323) 883-0219

Wednesday, June 11
11:45 pm – 1:00am

David Hayter – Voice of Solid Snake
Kenichiro Imaizumi – Senior Producer
Ryan Payton – Associate Producer


WHERE: Virgin Megastore
1540 Broadway
Bet. 45th & 46th Street
(212) 921-1020

Wednesday, June 11
11:45 pm – 1:30am

Mr. Hideo Kojima
Yumi Kikuchi – Model


WHERE: PlayStation Store at Metreon
101 Fourth Street
(415) 369-6000

Saturday, June 14
4 pm-6 pm

Mr. Hideo Kojima
Kenichiro Imaizumi – Senior Producer
Ryan Payton – Assistant Producer
Yumi Kikuchi – Model

You should definitely arrive early. You will be able to purchase a standard edition version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the events. You can also see a complete list of what launch events are happening on a global scale for MGS4, here.

Next, we’d like to point out that the third and fourth parts of GameTrailers amazing Metal Gear Retrospective are posted. As previously mentioned, these detail everything in the series to date, and contain MAJOR SPOILERS, so be warned.

More after the jump!

MGS4 Page

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the official MGS4 site is live! It contains a ton of original interactive content, including playable training and special missions – essentially distilling some of the core game play mechanisms of MGS into a Flash game – that can prepare you for what awaits in MGS4!

As a special MGS4 launch week treat for the devout Metal Gear fans among you, we are releasing the passwords to unlock a ton of secret characters in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + for the PSP! Here we go…!


20: Normal Soldier Short Sleeve


21: Normal Soldier Long Sleeve


22: Normal Soldier Short Sleeve Magazine Vest


23: Normal Soldier Long Sleeve Magazine Vest


24: fox face type 1


25: fox face type 2


26: fox face type 3


27: Female Soldier


28: Female Soldier


29: Female Soldier


30: Male Scientist 1


31: Male Scientist 2


32: Male Scientist 3


33: Female Scientist 1


34: Female Scientist 2


35: Female Scientist 3


36: Maintenance Crew Member 1


37: Maintenance Crew Member 2


38: Maintenance Crew Member 3


39: High Rank Officer


40: High Rank Officer


41: High Rank Officer


42: High Official


43: Ocelot unit (hostage use only)


44: KGB soldier (hostage use only)


45: Gru soldier (hostage use only)


46: Gurlukovich’s Soldier


47: High-Tech Soldier


48: Tengu Soldier


49: Seal


50: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform A


51: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform B


52: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform C


53: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top A


54: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top B


55: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top C


56: Ocelot unit female soldier A


57: Ocelot unit female soldier B


58: Ocelot unit female soldier C

QJ4ZTQSLUT8 // # 59: ゲノム()

59: Genom Soldier (White)

9CM4SY23C7X8 // # 60: ゲノムレッド

60: Genom Soldier (Red)

9GNPHGFFLH // # 61: ゲノムブルー

61: Genom Soldier (Blue)

TGQ6F5TUHD // # 62: ゲノムグリーン

62: Genom Soldier (Green)

CE5HHYGTSSB // # 63: ゲノムイエロー

63: Genom Soldier (Yellow)

WYNGG3JBP3YS // # 64: ゲノムブラック

64: Genom Soldier (Black)

7WRG3N2MRY2 // # 65: ゲノムピンク

65: Genom Soldier (Pink)


69: Tsuhan soldier


70: Hidechan soldier


71: Washington, D.C


72: Alabama


73: Alaska


74: Arizona


75: Arkansas


76: California


77: Colorado


78: Connecticut


79: Delaware


80: Florida


81: Georgia


82: Hawaii


83: Idaho


84: Illinois


85: Indiana


86: Iowa


87: Kansas


88: Kentucky


89: Louisiana


90: Maine


91: Maryland


92: Massachusetts


93: Michigan


94: Minnesota


95: Mississippi


96: Missouri


97: Montana


98: Nebraska


99: Nevada


100: New Hampshire


101: New Jersey


102: New Mexico


103: New York


104: North Carolina


105: North Dakota


106: Ohio


107: Oklahoma


108: Oregon


109: Pennsylvania


110: Rhode Island


111: South Carolina


112: South Dakota


113: Tennessee


114: Texas


115: Utah


116: Vermont


117: Virginia


118: Washington


119: West Virginia


120: Wisconsin


121: Wyoming

With this post, we end Metal Gear Mondays – and would like to thank you for joining us these past few months, as we counted down to the launch of MGS4. But that’s not all! There’s much more to come in the following days, weeks, and months ahead! Stay tuned!

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  • **************HELP********************
    Does the Beta now become unplayable? Like if you still have the code & never used before, can I still download it although the game is out now?

  • Unfortunately I can’t go to any of the events.

    Also, sony, you need to get on the ball. Star Ocean 4 is now on 360 (possibly exclusive), and the last remnant is now a timed exclusive for 360. I’m not sure if you know this, but a lot of people buy playstation products to get JRPG’s. not all these dumb FPS’s (although resistance is fantastic). You need to start approaching the Japanese developers and getting some JRPG’s, all we have is one…. ONE! and it’s a horrible game.

    end rant

  • Hey Brandon Laurino I have a question about the signing. Will they be signing our copies of MGS4 or will we get sleeves and get them signed?

    Sleeves were signed in the UK last week. I don’t know if this was because MGS4 isn’t released yet or whatever.

    Thanks and please let us know as soon as possible. I’m going to the San Francisco signing. :)

  • Thanks for all the info that has been given out on the site so far. Looking forward to Thursday. Especially what ever the secret content that Ryan said would be revealed only on the 12th of June that no early release people could not unlock.

  • I agree with B1ack_Mage.

    Star Ocean 4 possibly not even appearing on PS3.
    Last Remnant confirmed as timed exclusive.
    No Eternal Sonata for outside of Japan.

    I would honestly much rather have Star Ocean 4 than Killzone 2 and I’d much rather have some JRPGs than another Haze. I know White Knight Story and Final Fantasy XIII and whatever else are coming, but, come on! Microsoft is completely smoking you guys, break out the check book and do something about, Microsoft obviously aren’t afraid to.

  • MGS4 is soooo closeee!!!!

  • Too bad I have exams till 19th, I have to hold off until then.

  • I wish the tour was coming closer to me! Damn what an amazing event!

  • I agree with B1ack_Mage too

    Even if its off topic.. when i turned on my computer this morning and saw that square enix is releasing almost all their games on xbox, i was shocked… Do something.. Sony used to meant rpg games and actually theres none.. (i know ff13 and versus are coming but we didnt even get any piece of info in a while like white knight story). Star Ocean got to be on ps3

  • @51 The beta ended ages ago

    Also love the world tour reminds me of the world series.

  • Does anyone know when firmware 2.40 comes out?? And what does it have ???
    Will it be before mgs4’s release??
    Someone please anwer :)

  • im so exited

  • wait… some kids have this already and it’s only tuesday. what am i missing!? making me wait till thursday!? hellz nah!

  • @24 Thank you for the geography and population lessons, but I never said that Kojima should skip the states and come to Canada instead, and population has nothing to do with it, he was in Netherland which has less population than Canada.
    He could have come to Montreal for example which is just one hour away from New York (by plane).
    You don’t have to feel threatened just because we want Kojima to come Canada, chill out dude.
    We are buying the game here too, and it is an official market, so I don’t see the reasoning
    of KojiPro for not to come here.

  • thank you thank you

  • @59 even if it’s off topic, i feel you on that comment. i really don’t know what the hell is going on!

  • @23 VenomProject
    Yeah man , good luck ,meet the man !

  • @ 66 candiria and @59 Daver
    I understand what you say , but listen:

    MS pays for games ,for exclusives and timed exclusives ,SONY dont.

    The Microsoft console is almost dead on Japan, so they need to do somethin’ ,they spend a lot of cash on RPG’s.
    Its a good move from MS.

  • Please release MGS 1 on the US PSN Store.

  • So close now. C.E. here I come!

  • I wish i could call in sick on Thursday.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    First of all :) so close that i can smell it can’t wait!!!!!

    @ #63 yes your right i don’t know what the hell went on all i know is it was wal-mart that release this game almost a week early (across the contry not all wal-marts) and i think that’s bull$hit that’s not fair to the people that waited for 4yrs and more for this game what was 1more wk going to do and wal-mart stated “It was an accident” i think not.. they done this before having no repect for street relase date they did it w/the nintendo wii as well. And you know what really sucks these punks that has no respect is already putting spoliers on websites spoliing it for others that are still waiting for the game. my opion is i lost respect for wal-mart never will shop there again!!

    back to a happy note come on MGS4!!! MGS4EVER!! my question still is are we still going to have Metal gear mondays because there’s a movie in progress and i would like to here updates about it but if not it was fun while it lasted…

    sorry for long post guys
    PSN ID: EternityVipSnake
    (for my metal gear solid fans/friends more than welcome just let me know your from Ps blog) see you on MGO!!!!! :) :) :)

  • Can we please have a target release date of fw 2.40.

    Even if the date is missed, having something to look forward to is nice.

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    Sorry to double post

    but no tour for texas (san antonio) we never get anything over such as game conventions or tours only thing is sports (final 4) and Spurs finals (even though they got kicked out :() i was really looking for to this tour even if it was in Houston,Dallas,Austin i would of drove for MGS!!! maybe in the long future (notice i said loooong future) LOL

    P.S. 2 days MGS4 freinds :)
    PSN id: EternityVipSnake

  • MGS4 has been unofficially released in Saudi Arabia today, I am playing it right now! All of the gaming stores here are already selling it.

    Did I hear a “Simultaneous Release” worldwide? ;)

    The game is awesome!

  • Really looking forward to this game, should be absolutely mental. Can Konami confirm if the servers for MGO will be global or localised? I want to play against my friends in other countries.

  • No Demo of MGS4. I have demo’s of MGS2+MGS3 and NO Demo for MGS4 (I’m sad now). But I’m getting happier only two day’s left. Friday I will have to call in sick. Thank’s Any can’t wait to play I’m geting new HD TV too!!!!!!

  • I cant stand the waiting.I think i’m going to raid a store and steal a few copies for me and my friends.

    Only 1 day, 6 hours, 44 minutes, and 30 seconds to go WOOOOOO!!!

  • Sorry for the double post but to shut people up about it dissapointingly the MGO severs are region locked

    But if you live in Western Europe when you get a chance to play MGO join my clan the I.R.S.U (Irish Republican Stealth Unit)

  • Mekuro Gear Solid

    oh man……………… i was supposed to meet kojima sama in nyc screw nyc.. i wanted to meet kojima!! oh well.. thats my luck for you was so close i coulda tasted it! oh well mgs4… best game ever made… 4 years of intense waiting… is finaly over….ish… this will be the 2 longest days of my life… man if only i continued living in california i would have met david hayter and ryan payton………………. :'( anyways… i really enjoyed this mg mondays you guys did great i wish u arent quiting REHAB IS FOR QUITERS! lol ^^;; i see why you did though considering you where just gettin publicity for your game obviosly its a buisness and all the people complaining to you guys made me sick… waa my beta code is funked waaa i already seen this vid waaaaaaa get a life you kids.. did soemone steal your bottle solid snake procure that from u?! hell no hes to bad ass for that!! 0.0 Brandon Laurino please do everythin in your power to tell kojima thanks a million like.. no words can describe how much i owe him for what he did for me.. with mg… kept me alive and sane over these bitter years tell him we need remake or port of policenaughts!! n david hayter he is the most bad ass canadian/man to ever live n to kick the crap out of who ever wrote x-men 3 movie cus it was horrible n the 2 mr hayter did before where briliant… and to ryan payton mgsaga was a briliant guy and tell them good luck with their future not that they need it… maybe this will be the first comment of mine to receive one of those awesome red comments from the uber guys we wish we wher! lol thank you very kindly n btw much obliged fr the mpo+ stuff cant beleive i never bought that yet damn memory n being poor! lol guna go buy it right now… 2 days left omgg MGS4 4 liiiife wuuuut!!

  • Brandon is there any other Konami event coming for this summer?? New games (pro evo 09, zoe and such)??



  • I wish I had a PSP

  • This game will be epic.

    And no you cannot use your beta codes anymore. Metal Gear Online is almost here.
    As far as region locked, it was bound to happen. But look at it this way, if it wasn’t region locked there would be a ton of problems, even more then the beta had.

    Look forward to seeing you guys on. I will be playing MGS4 nonstop for 2 weeks straight.

  • @ cmargary obviously you are one of those people “Who doesn’t know” either. You see Metal Gear Solid is a PSone game, notice no Number FOUR after the title in the other persons post. So before you try to make someone else look like a fool, check yourself because You are making yourself look like the fool. There I said it. Now please don’t ban me again.

    @ imique, why Toronto? St. John’s gets to Midnight before you all, Toronto is NOT the center hub of Canukia, If it wasn’t for Newfoundland the country would never be. It’s here where settlers First landed, It’s here where Democracy First hit the New World and Yes it’s HERE where the new day dawns. Just once I’d like to see a big wang, dang, doodle of a premiere for a game. Here not LA, T. or NY NY. Here where it all started FIRST.

    I just know that myself and my friends will be having our own Launch Party and be online before most of yas, well except for those that got a leaked copy.(Walmart sock dude)

  • Where’s the Chicago love? Third largest city in the U.S.! Well, I took Friday off so I will have my own launch party involving me, a few beers, and a lot of MGS4.

  • I have been w/out Internet for a month! Of all times, right before MGS4 comes out. Thank goodness I finally reinstated it for MGS Online. This game will justify being a gamer for the rest of my life.

  • Oh, but to Konami, just want to let you know that I don’t consider MGS an FPS and you guys are always welcome. :) Got my LE reserved and I may have to camp out to make sure I get my goodies. :D

    Resistance is cool too, especially since it’s made by Insomniac.

  • @89 Nero25
    Go and buy another console , and spam their blog when it stops working, or when you are bored.

  • Wow, only just over a day to go. Can’t bloomin wait. Please release MGS1 on PSN soon as well.

    I made a really cool banner over at our forums for the launch of the game:

    Let me know what you guys think!

  • Damn those MPO+ codes are late as hell.

  • Awesome! MGS4, here I come!

  • This game is going to be amazing.

  • I will say everything I see looks awesome. I have not played any of the previous titles and a looking to catch up. Anyone got a reference for a site to do so? I don’t think I have the patience to go back and play a PS title like the first MGS. Any suggestions? I also recently got a PSP and was thinking of getting the Portable OPS title. Or am I selling short by not starting at the beginning?

  • I was waiting for this. MGS4 tonight for me at New York! I’m pumped.

  • Wooohoo! 8 hours and 20 minutes and I’ll be kicking some but as solid snake baby. Man oh man… this is going to be the longest 8 hours ever lol.

  • I just called my local Gamestop, the only place near me that is doing a midnight release. They said they only recieved 1 bundle and already had someone standing in line for it. The next closest one only got 2….
    That sucks, the 80 gig has been discontinued for 6 months to be re-released with all the hype surrounding mgs4 and they only send 1 or two per store. Have they not been producing them for the last 6 months?…Seriously! Get a clue SONY !

  • OMG…

    The wait was worth it. I sat through the opening menu scene 4 times. The music was so emotional I almost did not want to start the game. Complete awe. I am lost for words. I don’t really know what to say… thank you? Thank you, Kojima. Thank you for the wonderful adventure I am about to embark on. Thank you for taking your time. Thank you for everything you have done and given your fans over the years.

    Thank you so very much.

    Sony, you cannot let this one go. If not already sealed deal, this cannot be a timed exclusive. Pay the man whatever he wants. THIS game defines not next-gen but the new millennium in GAMING.

    Thank you so much.

  • Check this out guys! Just got back from the Virgin Megastore signing with Kojima!

  • That isn’t what I call a “World Tour 2008”!

  • Wow…. especially the 80gig bundle. I would be exited if this bundle could be bought in Europe… or any other downwards compatible PS3 with DS3.

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