METAL GEAR MONDAYS! Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – Launch week!

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Hi all – I assume most of you reading this know already, but, at long last, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots launches this week, Thursday June 12, 2008! Of course, there’s tons going on!

First, we have numerous midnight launch parties and signings in NY, LA, and SF. Below are all the details!

MGS4 World Tour


WHERE: Best Buy
1015 N La Brea Ave
West Hollywood
(323) 883-0219

Wednesday, June 11
11:45 pm – 1:00am

David Hayter – Voice of Solid Snake
Kenichiro Imaizumi – Senior Producer
Ryan Payton – Associate Producer


WHERE: Virgin Megastore
1540 Broadway
Bet. 45th & 46th Street
(212) 921-1020

Wednesday, June 11
11:45 pm – 1:30am

Mr. Hideo Kojima
Yumi Kikuchi – Model


WHERE: PlayStation Store at Metreon
101 Fourth Street
(415) 369-6000

Saturday, June 14
4 pm-6 pm

Mr. Hideo Kojima
Kenichiro Imaizumi – Senior Producer
Ryan Payton – Assistant Producer
Yumi Kikuchi – Model

You should definitely arrive early. You will be able to purchase a standard edition version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the events. You can also see a complete list of what launch events are happening on a global scale for MGS4, here.

Next, we’d like to point out that the third and fourth parts of GameTrailers amazing Metal Gear Retrospective are posted. As previously mentioned, these detail everything in the series to date, and contain MAJOR SPOILERS, so be warned.

More after the jump!

MGS4 Page

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the official MGS4 site is live! It contains a ton of original interactive content, including playable training and special missions – essentially distilling some of the core game play mechanisms of MGS into a Flash game – that can prepare you for what awaits in MGS4!

As a special MGS4 launch week treat for the devout Metal Gear fans among you, we are releasing the passwords to unlock a ton of secret characters in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + for the PSP! Here we go…!


20: Normal Soldier Short Sleeve


21: Normal Soldier Long Sleeve


22: Normal Soldier Short Sleeve Magazine Vest


23: Normal Soldier Long Sleeve Magazine Vest


24: fox face type 1


25: fox face type 2


26: fox face type 3


27: Female Soldier


28: Female Soldier


29: Female Soldier


30: Male Scientist 1


31: Male Scientist 2


32: Male Scientist 3


33: Female Scientist 1


34: Female Scientist 2


35: Female Scientist 3


36: Maintenance Crew Member 1


37: Maintenance Crew Member 2


38: Maintenance Crew Member 3


39: High Rank Officer


40: High Rank Officer


41: High Rank Officer


42: High Official


43: Ocelot unit (hostage use only)


44: KGB soldier (hostage use only)


45: Gru soldier (hostage use only)


46: Gurlukovich’s Soldier


47: High-Tech Soldier


48: Tengu Soldier


49: Seal


50: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform A


51: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform B


52: USSR Female Soldier in Normal Uniform C


53: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top A


54: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top B


55: USSR Female Soldier in Tank-top C


56: Ocelot unit female soldier A


57: Ocelot unit female soldier B


58: Ocelot unit female soldier C

QJ4ZTQSLUT8 // # 59: ゲノム()

59: Genom Soldier (White)

9CM4SY23C7X8 // # 60: ゲノムレッド

60: Genom Soldier (Red)

9GNPHGFFLH // # 61: ゲノムブルー

61: Genom Soldier (Blue)

TGQ6F5TUHD // # 62: ゲノムグリーン

62: Genom Soldier (Green)

CE5HHYGTSSB // # 63: ゲノムイエロー

63: Genom Soldier (Yellow)

WYNGG3JBP3YS // # 64: ゲノムブラック

64: Genom Soldier (Black)

7WRG3N2MRY2 // # 65: ゲノムピンク

65: Genom Soldier (Pink)


69: Tsuhan soldier


70: Hidechan soldier


71: Washington, D.C


72: Alabama


73: Alaska


74: Arizona


75: Arkansas


76: California


77: Colorado


78: Connecticut


79: Delaware


80: Florida


81: Georgia


82: Hawaii


83: Idaho


84: Illinois


85: Indiana


86: Iowa


87: Kansas


88: Kentucky


89: Louisiana


90: Maine


91: Maryland


92: Massachusetts


93: Michigan


94: Minnesota


95: Mississippi


96: Missouri


97: Montana


98: Nebraska


99: Nevada


100: New Hampshire


101: New Jersey


102: New Mexico


103: New York


104: North Carolina


105: North Dakota


106: Ohio


107: Oklahoma


108: Oregon


109: Pennsylvania


110: Rhode Island


111: South Carolina


112: South Dakota


113: Tennessee


114: Texas


115: Utah


116: Vermont


117: Virginia


118: Washington


119: West Virginia


120: Wisconsin


121: Wyoming

With this post, we end Metal Gear Mondays – and would like to thank you for joining us these past few months, as we counted down to the launch of MGS4. But that’s not all! There’s much more to come in the following days, weeks, and months ahead! Stay tuned!

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  • sweet cant wait for thursday

  • Sweet, I really wish I had the money to buy this game right now, heck I’m not even that far from the Best Buy in Hollywood, but what a great-looking game!

    Oh and first? My first first on this blog if so… Haha

  • Wow i Love mg mondays and can’t wait till the 11th im going to be at the NY signing for sure

    thanks for everything guys

  • I cant wait!! 1 question tho.. What to do with the beta? just erase it? Thanks

  • SWEET! AWESOME!!!!!! Cant wait for MGS4!!!!

  • Hey KONAMI, abou Mr. Kojima’s tour, you totally forgot about Canada, THANK YOU! >:(

  • yes can’t freakin wait!!!! About 3 days left people!!!
    one question, does anyone know how Kohima is going to release the passwords for the extra costumes and masks etc…

  • Thanks for the update. Metal Gear Mondays have been awesome so far.

  • WooooHaaaa This is it!!!
    Thanks Sony You made this Only for PS3!!!
    Thanks Ti This Blog!!
    Playstation Rules!!
    Viva Mexico!!! Viva Snake!! Viva!!
    From Tijuana Mexico Thanks
    PSN wizardpsx

  • Thanks for not coming to Canada. I mean its not like we buy the games up here or anything.

  • See you in NY Mr. Kojima!
    I’m buying two copies of MGS4 so he can sign them for me. One to keep sealed and one for me to play.

  • @post 2
    lol it was me

    well any way
    question and if u can please answer
    1. Will we still be using the konami ID for MGO, and if so why cant we just use our PSN ID?
    2.Are you playing MGS$ as we comment
    3. If the answer to above was yes then does the game rock ?
    4. Do we still need to download a patch for MGO?
    5. I know its to soon to ask but when do you think we can expect downloadable contents for MGS$/MGO?
    thx if you reply

  • Dubbedinenglish

    Great thanks for all this excellent info that’s been Metal Gear Mondays…It’s almost surreal though that we’re getting the game in our hands this thurs. I cannot wait!

  • No Hideo Kojima in Los Angeles?

  • i will def be going to the nyc event.

    should be awesome

  • I recall reading at the last MGS4 event that Sony had plans to have a 3 day long PSN content update for MGS4. Do you happen to know anything further on this?

  • finally! can’t wait to get the game and meet mr. Kojima!

  • Can’t wait 4 this game, been watchin the BLOG all day for either news on this or a new FW update. This will have to do. MGS4 = GAME OF THE YEAR!

  • um what happen on the metal gear headset its not real?
    jeff,noel,or brandon say anything about this
    please i heard about and u guys never said yes or no on this subject?
    i mean the official metal gear headset?

  • This is it. I’ve waited so long for this game. It’s finally here! WOOOHOOO!

  • I’m going to West LA.

  • FeaturePreacher

    The U.S. version of the mgs4 site continues to redirect you to the age verification page. Best to use the U.K. version of the site.

  • David Hayter?! *High pitched fanboy scream*

    If I lived in LA I would so be there…I’d be like:

    “Do it…Please?”

    David: “Fine but you have to promise me that you’ll leave me alone…”

    “Yeah, I swear to God.”

    David: “*Sigh*….*puts finger on ear* This is Snake.”


  • @#6
    The hard reality: United States, population: 305 million. Canada, population: 33 million. Number of stops for kojima: 2. Sorry dude.

  • Can I read / write messages from my Friends List while in game? If not, then epic FAIL.

    Every day that goes by that SONY doesn’t provide the community-building features that PS3 needs (aka. total in-game Friends List access, voice messaging, etc.) is one more nail in the PS3’s coffin. How many more nails until it’s completely shut, SONY?

    I’m psyched for MGS4 but, at the same time, I wish it was on a console that had a more complete feature set–I’m tired of gaming on a box of “future potential”.

  • i cant waite for this game

  • wow Thanks a lot will try to get to the New York event…wish me luck!!

  • i must say that this metal gear mondays is great
    cuz its 2 days for mgs4

  • The most FUNNY THING ABOUT THIS IS, the fact that I will have it before you all. You see where I live is the place that hits Midnight First in the whole of North America. So while everyone is waiting, like GTA IV launch, I’ll be at home playing. lolz it’s kinda sad that Sony never does an official launch or anyone for that fact, from the official City that starts the new day first. My city. google it to find out. All the way East. This is the game most have been waiting for a long long time.
    great Job Folks, I bet it will blow our minds. Fanboys and Fangirls the world over will be in Orgasmic Gaming Heaven. AM I not right?
    p.s. I can’t wait to go online again.
    See you in the games….

  • LA, SF, and NYC represent a world tour??

    its really disappointing that Chicago is never properly represented by anyone.. 2 locations on the west coast, but no chicago..?? sad, indeed..

    i’ll get my game on Friday.. thanks..

  • Any word on what the numbers are gonna be like for the 80 GB bundle are gonna be, I don’t want to wait around for weeks because I cant snag one at launch.

  • =D

    *begins chanting metal gear*

    Metal Gear!
    Metal Gear!
    Metal Gear!
    Metal Gear!

  • No *sniff* more *sniff* Metal Gear Mondays… That is the sadest news I’ve heard all week. I can’t wait for Metal Gear but I always looked forward to Monday blogs. Oh well I’m sure you guys will keep us posted about MGO goings ons. :^)

  • So will MGS4 be coming out w/ the new update.
    the one w/ in game xmb?

  • @jazzagers i believe the mgs4 bundle is limited and once they sell out of the 80 gig that its for mgs4 bundle.
    its not a bundle for good.not i may be wrong so if i am i say sorry in advance

  • You guys are already looking to score major with this title, though I’m somewhat dumbfounded as to why this isn’t plastered all over the place, and playing every single commercial break. After all, this thing is massive. Still, you’ve got to be pretty happy with the fact that you crashed :P

    Easily going to be the PS3 Best Seller thus far within a month, maybe two. Be proud. :D

  • Please release Metal Gear Solid on the US PSN Store. Please.

  • @MGSMerc

    For the people that doesn’t know MGS is a dual layer Blu-Ray disc and how there will be in the PSN? a 50GB game in the PSN… who will want to download it with the infamous DMR of sony?

  • Wow… Those are a lot of codes….
    Anyways, I got a question, Do I have to have played Metal Gear Solid before to play this game & enjoy it? I am a new PlayStation 3 owner, and new played any consoles before, just PC. So my friend told me to get MGS 2 & 3 to understand the story. Is it required?

    Anyways, why two west coast that are very close to each other? How about southern & middle US? Canada?

  • @ cmargary
    Are you serious? Dual layer? 50GB?? Wow! That would be 3 weeks of downloading~ lol!

    *Sorry for the double post*

  • Thanks for not coming to Florida, we don’t like special events or signings… On a more positive, less sarcastic note: WOO! CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY SOME MGS4!!!!!!!

  • metal gear4 + 2.40 + trophies = Dankandsticky stays awake for 2 weeks…..

  • K2016>>

    Playstation the official magazine put out a metal gear solid exclusive , like 20 pages of everything needed to know.. check it out anywhere like walmart or whatever…

  • I meant Metal Gear Solid, the first one. Where in my post did I say Metal Gear solid 4?

  • playstationalltheway

    hours remain…

  • awesome. 10 years of waiting…have turned into 2 days. seriously, i can’t put the emotions into words.

  • Anyone knows if we’re allowed to bring our PS3 and have it signed? Or do we have to buy it then and there?

  • Why cant they bring Kojima to Toronto, Canada, so unfair!!

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 is almost here I am so excited!

  • Well I pre-orderd it and I have to find out if there doing a midnight release around me because if they aren’t i’m going to go crazy.

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