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While we’d like to consider the PlayStation.Blog to be a (the?) primary source for PlayStation news – there are a lot of really, really good gaming sites out there. Personally, I plow through roughly a thousand articles/posts per week. The most informative end up on the “PlayStation Converstation” on the right side of the blog.

But since only a few fit in that box at a time, we figured “why not put together a comprehensive reading list for PlayStation fans?” Also, we figured “we’re at least as qualified to recommend PlayStation stories as Oprah is to recommend books.” Please Oprah, don’t be mad at me.

Did we miss any big stories? Share your links in the comments below. Please keep in mind that comments with links have to be individually approved – and therefore will take a little while to show up.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 5/26)

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  • a little question why don’t sony’s phones work with the PS3?
    i have a Sony Ericsson K750i and it doesn’t even see it as a storage device :X

    is it that there is so much stuff to do except work out internal product compatibility?

  • weird my comment with the links to the in-game XMB stories did not appear. :(

  • Playstation gets a lot of exposure. It would be cool if there was some news to talk about. Kind of a dry season, save a few things.

  • Have you guys noticed that the rumors and news released out there about the PS3 are positive now?

    Have you noticed the tone of the comments on this here blog?

    I think Sony’s finally doing things right… not really there yet but taking the right steps I’d say. Keep at it Sony, I’m loving my PS3!

  • There were several great reads this week about the playstation over at I don’t know if you guys saw them. Some about the update rumors and a few about MGS.

    Future of MGS:

    A Brief Synopsis of MGS 1 and

    Top 5 Bosses of Metal Gear Solid

    We have been kind of gearing up for MGS over here.

  • How about the Walmart deal this week. Walmart (in store only) has Playstation 3 console 40gb + $100 gift card for $399.

  • I made these for your viewing pleasure until sony get around to releasing XMB related info.

    Spread them far and wide!

    Xbot troll:

    Grin Cat:

    Happy Firmware Cat:

  • Ouch…no love for huh?
    I’m sad now. lol

  • me personally as much as i want 2.40 to be the end all be all bad mamajamma update i seriously doubt it im getting the rattling feeling of disapointment
    @ bishop where and how are u getting a 16gb card i def wanna pick one up 2

  • @45 huked on foniks
    Next week maybe

  • See Jeff is Mine and Yours #1 employee. He gets the goods that we want.
    @#6, what is the folder structure like on your psp mem stick. if you have two music folders then they will conflict with each other. If you have a music folder only out at the root of your mem stick then you should be able to drag full albums in their own folders into it. I do and have been since release day. I have FOUR psp’s, 3 phat 1 slim. I know all about them lil buggers. I too take mine everywhere but It has become a music player only as of late. Since there hasn’t been a :”GREAT” game since socom FTB. Sorry I’m not a FF fan or MHP2ndG. patapon was fun but I finished it in 9 hours. I would like to see the psp get 1seg in N.America or something equivalent to it, maybe put Location Free Player firmware into the next ps3 update after 2.40. Considering how poor the sale for LFP has been for the past year. Might be a great way to revive some older tech.How about PlayTV for us Canadian, we have IP tv here also.

    Anyways keep up the great work Jeff, oh and would you like some Beer from Up Here? Oldest brew in N.America.

    p.s. the reason for lack of posts from me on here:
    I Just discovered R/C FLIGHT!

    Now you all have some real competition to keep me inside…..lolzzzzzzz last.

  • This is PR!
    Sony made this post and purposly excluded In Game XMB to get us all talking about it!
    Viral marketing at it’s best!

    Don’t get me wrong I want In Game XMB BAD!

    I just hope it doesn’t turn into another Firmware 2.00

    I think we have waited long enough from the days of In SHIRT XMB! (Still want that shirt!)

  • @60, you are right, I can bet my masamume they did this post totally on purpose to get us talking about certain fw update that will be available for us very soon ;)

    BTW, I want in-shirt XMB too! (M size ^_~)

  • Hows this for news?

    Yeah DualShock PSP!

  • definate truth to the rumor :)

  • Good idea. Thumps up!

  • Just post something back to us even a simple maybe, that 2.40 is coming sooner rather then later.

  • An interesting article about 3D Blu-Ray on PS3, available in 2008 via a single firmware update :

    (Site is in french, but this page is in english, as Play3-Live published the original text)

  • Did it ever occur to any of you that he may just not know about it. He can only tell us what he knows (and more importantly what they let him tell us). At the very least, we’ll find out about the validity of the rumor within the next 10 days or so.

  • Come on Eric Lempel finish the Firmware 2.40 demo video and lets get one hell of a blog post to start this week off!

    Obviously no other news really matters right now.

    In Game XMB and Firmware 2.40 FTW!
    After we get In Game XMB the Firmware team can take a vacation for like a year!

    I seriously hope for the sake of Sony and PlayStation and for the sanity of all of us that Firmware 2.40 is everything it has been hyped up to be!

  • @68
    If he DIDN’T know about Firmware 2.40 then he obviously needs another job! As a Social Media Manager for PlayStation one could reasonably assume he would be on the up and up on the latest news and rumors that have come to a loud roar. If we know about it anyone in that position should know about it.

    However, what they LET him post is another story and that goes back to my previous post #62 I think it is all PR!

  • Theres all kinds of great PS3 news lately. I personally hope “certain” rumors are true. I’m actually sure this “certain” rumor is true, the only uncertain thing is a date that is related to this “certain” rumor. You know what I’m talking about. Tell Eric Lempel I can’t wait to see him. ;)

  • yo jeff i know your reading this

    its obvious in game xmb is coming, it says in the article comments have to be monitored first, you havent put it in the list, peoples xmb links arent showing up.

    just give us a hint, even if its the most subtle hint ever!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Everyone\’s links are showing up now. Comments with links automatically are thrown in moderation to stop the worst spammers. And I don\’t work weekends to approve them.

      Links aren\’t/won\’t be rejected for where they link to, as long as it\’s gaming/PlayStation-related.

  • 2.40 wouldn’t be a rumor if Eric got on here and made a post!

    Come on buddy I know you want to make that blog post! =)

  • Can someone help me understand why people care so much about in-game XMB? It seems like a very minor thing to have added; what is it that folks want to do with this feature?

  • lol has anyone seen this baby dancing around for ps3

  • You said you guys dont post rumours right, then whats the MGS4 magazine rumour hmmm??

  • @Jeff,
    Because you brought it up, Yuengling is only $11.97 per case in Washington, DC this week. Is this PlayStation related? Yes, in fact, since we threw back a few cases of it and played SingStar with it this weekend.
    I didn’t know you Californians knew about Yuengling. Last time I was out there, no one had it on tap.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      And that\’s the problem. I\’m from Philly and I miss my lager.

      OK, time to ban myself for being off topic.

  • Jeff, please reply to the email i sent to you via the contact us form.

  • JEFF…

    Can you give us, perhaps, some indication about what Eric and team are feeling right now?

    You are clearly on the verge of an EPOCH in terms of PS news… come on, give us a sign… anything…


  • I have the a doubt.
    The firmwares (the OS) are developed by Sony Japan or Sony America ??
    Or is like 50% japan and 50% america?
    Just for curiosity.

  • Hey Jeff, Guess What? I got a fever… and the only prescription, is In-game XMB

  • @81
    WOW Firmware 2.40 has the potential to be TRULY EPIC!

    In Game XMB is the most important feature to grace the PS3 it will potentially provide in game custom sound tracks in game adjustments of audio settings etc. and of course the most important thing is in game communications so we don’t have to close our games to do the basic of functions. YEAH AND IT’S ALL FREE!!!!

    PS3 FTW!!!!

  • Jeff, you know it’s not a rumor. Lol, you know it’s actually true.

    Ok, no more in-game XMB comments from me if you answer this.

    Will we have any firmware updates on the PS Blog soon? By soon I mean either this week or next week.

  • @83 I just don’t see it but I’m obviously in the minority, so I’ll just sit quietly :)

  • I wish we could have some news about new PS3 RPGs.

  • @85 well I guess the In Game XMB is really only useful for people that play online and need to communicate without exiting, like Warhawk when trying to organize the clan or tell a friend to come join you and what server your in.

    A good example is say your playing with your bluetooth headset and it goes dead well normally you would have to exit the game and reset your audio device but with In Game XMB you could potentially if Sony makes it happen change it right in the game and keep on gaming. I have the PS Eye and Bluetooth headset so I switch between those devices based on the game and of course charge level of the headset and I really hate quitting my game to change those devices if I forget to do it before I start the game.

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on June 2, 2008 at 9:16 am
    We’re linking to news rather than rumors. Seeing as how firmware news almost always originates right here, *we* will carry that news.

    “We will carry that news.” In game xmb confirmed? YES

  • Shouldn’t the PS Blog get this info before most game news sites? Well I guess Sony doesn’t have complete control on what 3rd party devs release and leak. Anyways… Jeff your doing a good job with the PS Blog.

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