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While we’d like to consider the PlayStation.Blog to be a (the?) primary source for PlayStation news – there are a lot of really, really good gaming sites out there. Personally, I plow through roughly a thousand articles/posts per week. The most informative end up on the “PlayStation Converstation” on the right side of the blog.

But since only a few fit in that box at a time, we figured “why not put together a comprehensive reading list for PlayStation fans?” Also, we figured “we’re at least as qualified to recommend PlayStation stories as Oprah is to recommend books.” Please Oprah, don’t be mad at me.

Did we miss any big stories? Share your links in the comments below. Please keep in mind that comments with links have to be individually approved – and therefore will take a little while to show up.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 5/26)

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  • In-game XMB stories?

  • I’m glad to see the blog getting updated on the weekends as well. And good to get a post with a one stop links.

  • Yeah but they are probably saving In Game XMB stuff for an official post (hint hint)

    BTW, cool for posting on Sunday, that doesn’t happen often.

  • You missed the biggest news of the year! ^^;;
    Jeff, are you teasing us? :D

    In-Game XMB for PS3 is OTW!

  • @1
    You don’t really think they’re going to link to RUMORs now do you? They’ll definitely make their own post about 2.40 when it comes time for release.

    The biggest official news for me was Bioshock, cant wait! :)

  • What is going on with the PSP? It had some awesome games early this year, but looking at IGN’s release list there’s not much of anything in the pipeline. Where’s Team ICO’s PSP effort? Why was Heartland canceled?

    I take my PSP everywhere, and I am thinking about picking up a 16GB Memory Stick, but I don’t want to do that if Sony isn’t serious about the platform.

    Also, its been a while since the firmware added anything worthwhile. Skype came out in January, and you couldn’t even use it until May because the headset wasn’t available!

    How come I still can’t make music playlists on the PSP after 3 years? Why can’t I nest folders on the memory stick? When I copy music (manually since there’s no good PC software), I have to copy “OK Computer”, “Kid A”, and “The Bends” separately. It would be a lot easier if I could just drag “Radiohead” in and be done with it.

    Please tell me Sony is going to get the PSP situation straightened out.

  • Great, now I can see news about PS3 from other websites from the official PS3 blog, hehehe

  • Nice, i really like this idea :).

    Jeff please, just answer us with a simple yes or no. Is firmware 2.4 coming in june and will it have ingame xmb?

  • Hey Jeff, do u actually note down the things we say? or do u try to keep it all in your’re head.

    I am sure there are lots of opinions and lots of ways of improving and not all can be remembered.

  • Nice that you guys read around.
    I noticed that you failed to mention all the rumors and news about the new firmware, supposedly on with trophies and in game XMB. Did you fail to read these or just not comment on them?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We\’re linking to news rather than rumors. Seeing as how firmware news almost always originates right here, *we* will carry that news.

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    so many great ideas, yet you tend to not answer if in-game xmb is coming this month or not? we’ve been patiently waiting a year and a half now for XMB and yet you still feel you must keep silent and not answer if XMB is coming this month or not? heck, if i had a million dollars right now, id pay you just so all of us dedicated ps3 owners could be told if XMB is coming this month or not. is it that hard to say yes or no?

  • You know there are plenty of links to the massive rumor that is fw2.40. Though I don’t suppose you’ll be doing anything with those. I like these new week summary articles! Sometimes I miss articles that were in that little box.

    Thanks! :D

  • “Did we miss any big stories? Share your links in the comments below. Please keep in mind that comments with links have to be individually approved – and therefore will take a little while to show up.”

    The only story you missed was this one.

    Where is it? Lol, I know your reading this. Can you please share some info on this?

  • Lol, Jeff, you seen this coming….I know you did. A million people sending you links to in-game XMB in 2.40 and I’m sure you seen that video 100000 times on youtube.

    You never replied to my comment. So I guess that confirms in-game XMB in 2.40.

  • I thought this was a pretty important on you missed. Home will be used for public events.

    I really like that idea. Can’t wait for Home. Sony took a huge step in the right direction with Home.

  • Oh BTW how can i make a icon here


  • betcha it will come tonight


    I know Sony has its own dedicated SOCOM blog (which I visit on a constant basis) but before that even launched I had started my own to keep up with the constant flow of SOCOM Confrontation news and to give a voice to the hardcore fans that had been ignored for so long.

    With that, I also run an audio podcast for it, and you can find the 2nd episode here (along with the RSS feed and iTunes link).

  • Hmm..Whats that smell?…

    Smells like a FW 2.40 Announcement tomorrow.

  • I think the reason the XMB wasent mentioned in the post is because hes linking us to news not rumors and speculation.

    Thanks for the post Jeff but Id like to see more of the news above shown first here.I go to for news that I would like to see here first.

    Make it so Jeff

  • We just need something. Anything. I don’t care if it’s not coming until next year. Show us some videos and pictures of it in action and just say “check back here for more information on the release of this firmware update”. Just throw us a bone. You’ll shut so many people up.

  • Come on.. Lets be real.. This is the only thing that sometimes pisses me off about Sony.. Come out and confirm the [DELETED] already.. So what that you haven’t gone through the whole PS3 library to make sure that In game XMB is working for everything or not.. I think that its just and insult to come out Today with this post like he just crawl out of a rock.. *sigh*

  • Looks like jeff crawled out of a rock or something..

  • Quit with the xmb crap..I know the whining will never stop,but they aren’t going to comment on rumours till they can nail it down.If they did,the same people would want their heads to roll,if something didn’t happen.

  • Please it that was the case then we would be reading about the so called 2K Developer who leaked the video, his head would be rolling cause Sony hasn’t confirmed yet.. And I dont know how its complaining when everyone here is not asking why hasn’t it come out.. We know it coming out but when.. I dont even care if Jeff was not to provide a date.. But don’t insult us like we don’t know how to read and don’t know what going on in the world wide web..

  • Geekpulp had three hands on previews this week. A lot of people haven’t heard of us but we do get some really good content from our friends at Sony.



    MotorStorm Pacifc Rift

  • Wait… isn’t today Sunday?

  • Hey Jeff can you ask Eric Lempel if he could come by and say hi, we REALLY miss him. Its been a while now since he last posted and we just wanted to know how he’s been doing, what he’s been up to and stuff…you know


  • I know it’s hard to read or comprehend..but here goes.Why would acknowledge a rumour? Really?Yes,it’s coming. But,you don’t talk about it till you get it nailed down.People on here get so offended so easily.Nobody is insulting your intelligence.How about not getting so butt-hurt every time a store update or announcement isn’t done exactly the way you want it.

  • Jeff your thread got hijacked by ingame XMB lawl

    Go Bioshock!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Thanks for the list, I’ve already read them all, but it’ll be useful whenever I can’t access the Internet for extended periods.

    Personally, I’m betting on them announcing inGame XMB for 2.4 early this week, assuming of course that it really is coming out around the 10th.

    Sony isn’t really cruel enough not to shoot down a rumour like this if it were all a lie….. Right?

  • I got one Jeff.

    IGN UK Gives MGS4 9.9/10!!

  • Yes, you missed just about everyone claiming to have a PlayStation insider who tipped them off about firmware 2.4. ;)

  • lol… stop asking and saying about the firmware 2.4… if will happen will be something bigger and better or maybe an official post at least with like 700 posters..

    On topic. This is a great idea with this and yesterday are great concepts.

  • Kratos_ate_Snake

    Whats the big deal with not announcing any in-game XMB news. I mean, really? how can it hurt you guys in any possible way?

    I usually don’t wine about things that are missing from the PS3, cause I know there is no point in doing so, but when there are rumors like this, I don’t see why PR can’t just come out and lay down some facts.

  • Nice list. I’ll be sure to read a few of the articles

  • I know you have the Home update up there-Meet PlayStation Home’s ‘Media & Events Space’ – Joystiq- but can we have an official blog post from someone working on Home so the people not in the beta can ask him questions?

  • Wow thanks Sony!

    i can’t wait until you post more about in-game XMB, your trophy (achievement) system, and of course, YOUR VIDEO SERVICE!!!!

    all that in firmware 2.4 right? YESS!!! THIS SUMMER!!!!

  • Jeff, you got to get in contact with me. Need some E3 related help.

  • I have been hearing some thing called PlayStation Radio which will be for the PS3 and so I was wondering is this like the radio on the PSP? If so will this make it in the 2.4 Firmware by any chance?

  • The 2.4 firmware will likely arrive on
    June 10, Jeff cannot comment on rumor or speculation ,so that is why he cant put fw 2.40 related story.
    keep the good job with the blog jeff.

  • huked on foniks

    Dear Sony,

    We want a feature you promised to us, your longtime playstation fans, years ago. We need a confirmation, and a date on the in-game XMB.

    I don’t like to quit my game just because I need to send a message to my friend! Its ridiculous to me.

    Sony, you have been doing great with getting us more and more games, and all I can say is keep ’em coming. But there are things the other consoles have had since launch, that we don’t.

    I know I am not an economics genius, but wouldn’t more people buy the PS3 if it had better features than the competition?

    Thanks, the Playstation community is dying for a response. :)

  • GREAT SITE!!! ;D

  • btw… how do you change your blog avatar???

  • Did anybody catch the story that POSTAL III is coming to the PS3?

  • It’s great knowing the truth and all the right stuff. I hate it when people spread rumors. Too much clutter is caused by rumors.

  • Cool

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