SCEA Judges Day: How do you play PixelJunk Eden?

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A few months ago, during the Game Developers Conference, we got our first look at Q-Games’ PixelJunk Eden. Clearly it possessed a striking look, but how do you actually *play* it? That’s what I was wondering as I approached the PJE setup at last week’s E3 Judges Day event. I’m guessing that you might be too, so I set up the camera as blog regulars Deb Mars and Matt Morton walked me through the early parts of the game.

It’s quite an addictive game (not unlike PixelJunk Monsters, even if that’s the only thing they have in common), and this fact wasn’t lost on the media in attendance. Look for more on PixelJunk Eden soon, right here on PlayStation.Blog.

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  • For the love of God please at least think about patching in an online multiplyer mode in the future (into Eden and Monsters as well).

    I don’t even care if it’s laggy. I just need it. Local coop is totally of no use for me.

    We are videogamers. We don’t have a life. Our friends are odd nicknames on MSN. We don’t meet with people in our rooms. We meet them online.

    Seriously, tho, there are many grown up videogamers out there, and grown up people with work and family usually meet up with friends just on birthdays and funerals. It’s easier for them to play online rather than locally. My sons are too young to even hold a controller. My wife doesn’t care and my brother lives in another city. So how am I suppose to play this locally?

    Online. Online. Online. Online. Online.



  • Oh, forgot to add:



  • oh, btw, for those who had any other questions:
    Key Features

    * Visual Appeal in Full HD
    * Dynamic Animations and Effects
    * DUALSHOCK®3 Support
    * Trophy Support
    * Up to 3 player co-operative play
    * Online Support – Players can track single-player and co-op high scores on the online leaderboards
    * Remote Play – Supports Remote Play for PSP® system

  • I could say strange at least…but this is a good kind of strange. I feel intrigued to know how it plays!

    I’m probably ending up buying this.

  • Online multiplayer please. No one in my family plays games that lives with me so local co op is useless for me.

    But i’ll get this game anyway.

  • This game looks really awesome. Sony has really stepped up to the plate in offering unique and memorable games on PSN. Can’t wait to get this game.

    BTW Jeff, where can I get one of your cool Patapon T-Shirts? Me likey.

  • Hello

    I would you really like to thank you guys’ for bringing us some awesome and innovative games at a fast pace!

    My family, friends, and I love co-op and it’s such a great element to the game(s) that you just start to look for it in every other game.

    Pixel Junk monsters had lead to many middle of the nights, with early morning to work, with my brother and I.

    I really hope you start looking into online co-op so I can expand the fun on to my other friends.

    I look forward to this title it looks awesome, sort of looks like a cross between LocoRoco and Everyday Shooter.

    Thanks for the great titles, look forward to many more. You got yourself a loyal customer here, from now on.

  • The blog’s “email us” and “comment” function doesn’t work through Firefox.

    Each time I try to send something via “email us,” it says “image verification failed.”

    When I try to leave a comment, it says I have to be logged in, but I already am.
    Right now, I am using IE.

  • Great demo. Now I fully understand the game.Simple yet satisfying.

  • Jeff, you suck for banning my first account from posting.

  • Nice T-Shirt :)
    Also watched the Killzone interview, very nice!!

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein
    Isn’t it kind of ironic that this is a playstation blog and yet whenever I try to log in to make a comment with the browser on the ps3 it causes my browser to freeze up and I end up having to restart my console? Or am I the only one who has this problem? Sorry about being totally off topic.

  • #51 TTP
    We are videogamers. We don’t have a life. Our friends are odd nicknames on MSN.
    We don’t meet with people in our rooms. We meet them online.


    @57 Dante101
    Jeff explained a little about that on the last Plastation Nation podcast, check it out on

  • #51 and #64

    Well, many of us actually do have real-life friends. And we appreciate having local co-op.

    That’s not to say we don’t also want online co-op. But it would be a mistake to sacrifice one for the other.

    So, feel free to campaign for online co-op. But please don’t campaign AGAINST local co-op.

  • Jeff, Not sure if you are still reading these comments, since this is now an older article.

    But if you see this, I am Sev1512, I am a member of the Official PS forums, and avid Sony and PlayStation fan, and the administrator of

    This July I will be attending the E3 Media summit in LA, and I want to be able to attend the Sony E3 Press Conference.

    I dont know any other way to go about this. I couldn’t find an email address for you.

    If you need to get in contact with me, my PSN ID is sev1512, and my email address is

    Also please delete this if its against any rules, or if you just want it off the comments.

    Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • This game is trippin balls.

    If its ten bucks like echochrome I will buy it for sure.

    To be honest I just want littlebigplanet and this game kinda reminds me of it.

    My screen name is also my psn so you can send me those free games that you promised me Jeff…I will be brutally offended if you do not provide them to me by friday. Thats the 20th, I will be waiting, and im giving you until midnight, so dont push your luck.

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