SCEA Judges Day: How do you play PixelJunk Eden?

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A few months ago, during the Game Developers Conference, we got our first look at Q-Games’ PixelJunk Eden. Clearly it possessed a striking look, but how do you actually *play* it? That’s what I was wondering as I approached the PJE setup at last week’s E3 Judges Day event. I’m guessing that you might be too, so I set up the camera as blog regulars Deb Mars and Matt Morton walked me through the early parts of the game.

It’s quite an addictive game (not unlike PixelJunk Monsters, even if that’s the only thing they have in common), and this fact wasn’t lost on the media in attendance. Look for more on PixelJunk Eden soon, right here on PlayStation.Blog.

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  • Can’t wait for this, BRING IT ON!

  • Wow, that helps immensely in terms of understanding what you actually do in this game. Great Job!!!!

  • Poop in the Face I am happy!

  • Yay more PixelJunk games! You guys are great. I love that you seem focused on making great co-op experiences. Can’t wait to see another great game from you.

  • looks awesome.

    How long is the game?

  • Haha, 8 o’ clock.

  • cool is it going to go for 9.99 price?

  • Q Games is really showing others how to take advantage of PSN. They have developed a cult following now. I expect this title and PixelJunk Dungeon to sell incredibly well.

  • That looks really awesome..

  • I sure hope this game has Online co-op.

  • PixelJunk Eden looks like a marriage of LocoRoco, Flow, Flower and… Spiderman, oddly enough with the Grimp’s swinging abilities. Looks like a pretty cool and fun game!

  • given i’ve disliked every other pixeljunk title i’m giving this a miss. they’ve had enough of my money for tat already.

  • Amazing. This game looks so awesome!

  • do u guys accpet checking card i have a master card checking card can i us e that to add funds i want ounk seirs?

  • It definitely reminds me of Wik: Fable of Lost Souls. That also had the swinging/momentum mechanic. (Yes, I know this is an XBLA game…please don’t hate).

  • More PixelCrack!!!!!!

  • I am not feeling this game. It seems we are getting more interactive art then games. I think the PSN needs a “diablo” game (co-op online dungeon crawler) for example more so then interactive art. I am not saying no to games like this, i think they help make the psn stand out over Wii Ware and XBLA games. I just want to see more variety and quantity of new games for the PSN.

  • @ zakupilot256
    Have you tried Dark Mist? It is kinda a dungeon rpg, at a basic level. For more info check out this forum post

  • I’ll give you an answer to your question in a year or so, when it’ll probably consider showing face in Europe.

  • day one buy for me.

  • How about we get real games, and not another one of these artsy tech demos.

  • Wow, that looks awesome.

  • Wow… pretty… You don’t happen to have a screensaver of this do you…? :D

    Looking forward to it- having trouble pulling my brother back into Monsters Encore since he recently picked up Metal Gear Essentials, but we’re going to attack it this weekend. Any thoughts on making an RPG?

    Have a good weekend.

  • PixelJunk’s games looked like little uninteresting games to me. The name PixelJunk did not help, but the demo of Monsters was awesome! I love it and I am going to wait to see if PixelJunk will come out with a complete version with the expansion pack included maybe. The PixelJunk racing demo one was OK, but Monsters grabbed my attention.

  • Mmmmmm… not really feeling the interactive art games…

  • I am seriously addicted to the PixelJunk games. I understand that they dont appeal to everyone but congrats to Q games on another awesome addition to the series!

  • lol,Jeff looked as confused as me.It is very beautiful,but without the video,nobody would know what to do.

  • Looks interesting, but I’m not sold on this yet, I’ll probably needa demo to decide for sure on this.

    How many people can play co-op? online? Remote play?

  • I don’t understand where people are getting this “interactive art” angle. Did you watch the video? They’re actually playing a game, go figure. What, if a game looks artistic it’s immediately ‘interactive art’? Open your eyes. Go try out Tori Emaki and then come back here and tell me this is ‘interactive art.’

  • pixer junk monsters i love
    i think ill wait 2 play a demo

  • Jeigh is actually being a [DELETED] again, go figure

  • You point and jump. You land on something and it grows, artistically. Then you point and jump. Interactive art.

  • 50 levels! awesome…. and no cpt blue its not just interactive art… check out the PSeye games for that, and theyre lame… this is gonna take skill as well, thats why theres trophies..

  • Looks pretty fun, especially multiplayer.

  • Looks great Jeff..Any word on the trophies or if we will hear something soon?

  • hmm, fun, pricing jeff, pricing. oh and notice, i’m so enticed by this game that i was about to forget LBP, which you still havn’t covered…

  • No online co-op, no purchase for me.

  • Dubbedinenglish

    Looks almost like a blend of LBP and everyday shooter. Very cool and unique.

  • jeff i just head the inview thing u did with the people from ps fanboy pod cast
    u did great in its are there any other inview from any other big sony people that we dont know about?

  • o and how is lil big planet lastest built?

  • The game does not look half bad. I will have to keep this game on my mind to check out later when it comes out. Just looking at the game reminds me of Flow seeing as that too was a simple yet so nice and a warm feeling game. So I hope this game will be good.

    Also not having to do with this game but does any one know what happened to Eyedentify, Eight Days and Getaway?

  • getaway is still in developement but it coming out with a movie in the theather

  • Hehe, Jeff, I heard you on the PSNation podcast.


    Also, this looks like the kind of game that I may enjoy until LBP comes out…

  • Pixeljunk Eden is looking great. Glad to see more footage of this game and a better explanation of how to play. Love the style.

  • hey jeff now that phil is gone i think u should take over. people already know u now from the who else is better to take over? so see ya at E3 lol

  • what are the trophies like?
    how do they work and what do you win them for in this game?

  • you asked all the questions i wanted to ask. that game looks awesome now. before i didn’t know it had a point

  • The game looks great but…

    Where are the PSN Cards???

    Oh well…

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