Behind the scenes at SCEA Judges Day

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For much of today, the people who will determine E3’s “Best in Show” awards are holed up in the penthouse of Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel. They’ll spend hours with some of PlayStation’s top upcoming titles – and you’ll be reading about their impressions starting later this afternoon.

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Much like last week’s PlayStation Day in Europe, games like Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, SOCOM Confrontation and Motorstorm Pacific Rift will be on display. In addition, some eagerly anticipated PSN titles are playable, like PixelJunk Eden and Siren: Blood Curse.

Unlike Europe’s PlayStation Day, E3 Judges’ Day is a much more intimate affair. Therefore, we’ll do our best to pull back the curtain on the event. Throughout the day we’ll be posting Twitter updates and pointing you to coverage you’re sure to find compelling.

Attached are some pics I took this morning – if you’re a gamer and the sight of these future titles doesn’t get you drooling – kindly check your pulse.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift

See you this afternoon.

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  • @Money1 If you think you look crazy on 36 and 37 then you probably don’t want to look at what is 48 at the moment. XD

  • Awesome.. can’t wait for some updates

  • @51 Jeigh

    lol man that gave me a good laugh

  • I have one question…is Motorstorm PR going to be in 1080p….unlike motorstorm 1? I don’t have motorstorm partly because of this (and because of no split-screen), so i just hope that full hd goodness will be included! Thanks!

  • Jeff

    Do you know if a SCEE blog is in the works at all?


  • damn…the things I would do to get my hands on that killzone 2 demo.

    any word on why Sony are cockteasing us so much with the demo?

  • Can’t wait for all those games… I just wonder if there will be any other titles being shown at E3 Hmmm?

  • Jeff your by far the Coolest guy on here.. dont take it any way Other Sony reps.. But Come on Jeff he knows how to get the Croud going..

    (One great upgrade that could come to the Blog is Spell Check!) ;););)

    Not to mention any names but has one! but I reather come here then go there and only find rumors that are only fake or half true..

    Reather go stright to the Sorce for INFO!

    Thanks for Keeping me Up to date with News all SONY :D

    Come to the Blog every day while im at work ;)

  • Hello Jeff! I’m glad to see you hear responding to so many comments, very cool of you.

    I know you can’t reveal any specifics to us yet, but I was wondering if you know anything about what Naughty Dog might be working on right now? I imagine it’d be a sequel to … something. When do you figure we can learn more about their project? Hopefully E3!

    Also of great importance to me is InFamous! I am a huge fan of all the games made by Sucker Punch, in particular the Sly Cooper series, so if you know anything at all about when we’ll be seeing more of their game, please, do tell!

    Thanks a bunch.

  • Whoa, is that Feb 09 as in 2009 or February 09, 2008?

  • Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, EvoAnubis is back! I sent you all postcards from Liberty City; did you get them?

    Anyway, looks like I missed a lot during my vacation. Siren: BC looks amazing (I got the demo from my JPN account) and I never got to play it on my PS2, so I am looking forward to this a lot.

    I agree with Phoenix; Linger in Shadows, judging from what I’ve seen thus far, looks to be a very beautiful and interesting game. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Jeff, any word on when we’re going to hear something about inFamous? Or more specifically, Sucker Punch? I’d love to hear that they’re wrapping up the inFamous project and starting on a new Sly Cooper game, and also I REALLY want to be playing inFamous.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Today is all about the games mentioned (the full list is in that shot I threw up on flickr this morning).

  • Any idea on when we’ll get more on Afrika, it’s been ages! thanks guys.

  • @60….
    “Whoa, is that Feb 09 as in 2009 or February 09, 2008?”

    What is today? lol ;)

    Anyway, PJ:Eden looks cool but I also dont get the concept of the game yet. Anyone know of any trailers or anything to see what you do? Thanks

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      For the record, I shot a video with two of the producers today. Seeing a trailer of the game really doesn\’t explain much. It\’s really frackin\’ cool and I hope the video we\’ll publish next week will make that clearer.

  • Nevermind there is one on I should search first ask questions later.

  • Jeff me good buddy, how she cuttin? Pretty good I hope. These shots are sweet. Please try to get a new Socom Confrontation screenshot or two. Need something to fill my 40inch till the real thing. Keep up the great work. Wish I was there to be a Judge. Oh yeah. More Canadian contests please.

  • pardon me for double posting. But “Frackin”, now who’d ya steal that one off of hmmmm? C’est Moi.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Any word on a LBP demo down the road.That title is going to be a big seller.

    Also,will there be any video of the event downloadable on the psn store next week.I downloaded all of the video content from the SCEE reigon and it was very informative.

  • “Today is all about the games mentioned (the full list is in that shot I threw up on flickr this morning).”

    Ah, too bad. Well, it’s all good info anyway! Insomniac looks like they’re once again going to show why they are the best small developers in the business with Resistance 2, MotorStorm: PR is looking very, very nice (I just played the first one 3 weeks ago, and was blown away), and KZ2 . . . well, hell: just LOOK AT IT!

    Not to mention my most anticipated game this fall, namely LBP. It scares me knowing the hours I will pour into that game.

    Well, my Whiz Mobile phone is alerting me that I have a text message, so I think my presence is required in Star Junction. Be cool, all. And thanks for the reply, Jeff.

  • @jeff
    is there anymore PSN store card news, coming from this event, I still havent been able to purchase one at stores around california, any news that you can you pass it on thanks.

  • Sorry for my bad english I’am senegalese. ^^

    Can you tell us if they will have a Linger In Shadows gameplay trailer ? Please.

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    any word on when Linger in shadows is coming out?

  • They really need to fix the camera on Siren: Blood Curse. It is terrible and will ruin the game. I don’t know who does the testing on these games but it seems they are too close to the project to see its serious flaws. IGN also commented on the terrible camera in their preview. I really hope this kind of feedback from the blog gets back to developers while games are in the development cycle.

  • will there be any gameplay footage realeased for motorstorm 2?
    I am so stoked for that game

  • @73
    You can check out IGN, they got like 4 offscreen gameplay vids

    These are just the already announced 1st Party games. I cant wait until E3 to find out more about the future of PSN and future games.

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