Behind the scenes at SCEA Judges Day

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For much of today, the people who will determine E3’s “Best in Show” awards are holed up in the penthouse of Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel. They’ll spend hours with some of PlayStation’s top upcoming titles – and you’ll be reading about their impressions starting later this afternoon.

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Much like last week’s PlayStation Day in Europe, games like Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, SOCOM Confrontation and Motorstorm Pacific Rift will be on display. In addition, some eagerly anticipated PSN titles are playable, like PixelJunk Eden and Siren: Blood Curse.

Unlike Europe’s PlayStation Day, E3 Judges’ Day is a much more intimate affair. Therefore, we’ll do our best to pull back the curtain on the event. Throughout the day we’ll be posting Twitter updates and pointing you to coverage you’re sure to find compelling.

Attached are some pics I took this morning – if you’re a gamer and the sight of these future titles doesn’t get you drooling – kindly check your pulse.

Motorstorm Pacific Rift

See you this afternoon.

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  • Wow, got me tuned in.

  • I’m interested in hearing more about Linger in Shadows. I see it’s listed among the PSN titles showing and we havent heard anything about it (other than the one video).

    • It\’s an interesting title – completely unlike anything I\’ve ever seen on any other console… ever. If we don\’t talk more about it today, we will most definitely have the creators speaking about it more soon.

  • Any news on when that official mic will release? I know they plan on releasing it with Socom as a bundle but i want to know if it will ever be a standalone product before September.

  • OMG Jeff, bring us the goods :)

  • man, i want to hear about that linger in shadows demo,
    i thought it was a game engine specially for the ps3…

  • wow, linger in shadows is a PSN game? thats kinda crazy. speaking of E3, we are going to see more than these games right? lol

  • is linger in the shadows like siren? or a completely diff concept?

  • Jeff Thanks for the update today for SCEA’s gamer day 08. I just want to ask you something. Why isn’t Sony putting out games that they know will sale like possibly a Shadow of colossus remix on PSN or games like White knight chronicles for this year? I know for White Knight you probably can not answer since it is an SCEI title but a game like Shadow of colossus would generate huge sales for the PS3 even if it’s a remix title on PSN.

    I am a huge Socom fan and can not wait for confrontation but pushing it back to September is really risky because you have little big planet the next month. Doesn’t that take online market away from each other?

    Nintendo is making a killing off of really doing nothing but remake games from their past consoles so why not do the same if it works and Sony has a stellar past library of games?

    Hope I get a response from you, but if not thanks again for the gamers day info today.

  • Hey guys, I was wondering what you have to say about the following titles:

    White Knight Story
    Eight Days

    When are we going to see them come stateside? You’ve got the arsenal but you’re not showing off your big guns, it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Awesome, I can’t wait to see more info.

    I want all of these games (‘cept Elephunk).

  • Why isn’t there any more news about Infamous???
    They showed it last year at E3 and then it just dropped off of the face of the earth… There hasn’t been a single thing about it since then… Is it still being developed?

  • @10

    EleFunk is more awesome than you realize.

  • do you have in game xmb on display, just a joke why would you, i really am getting tired of sony, mgs4 wont keep me much longer, what is so crazy is that it’s the only and i mean only thing that would make me switch, isnt that a shame such a simply feature makes such a big impact

  • @13

    But we do have in-shirt XMB though. The jokes on us people!

  • Was Socom Confrontation in playable form or was it a trailer….or both. Can we expect new Socom Confrontation Footage in the coming weeks?

  • quick question

    when I looked at the new pixeljunk eden features, it said Trophy support. is this like xbox achievements or what is it?thnx

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    So, where is this one game i heard about at E3 called “InFamous”? did it just completely disappear? im really looking forward to it, even though we havent heard anything about it…

    All of those are a MUST buy games for me.

    linger in shadows looks awesome!

  • great please show some socom confrontation stuff!!!!!!!!!

  • i have a question why doesn’t sony put the gamers first can you answer that JEFF?? I’m sorry my fellow gamers I dont mean to keep coming up on here but i really can’t believe that while I’m in a game I cant send one of my friends a mesage, and invite see what he or she is playing unless im not playing a game I mean why would sony think gamers would not want that feature, because there were too worried about blu-ray

  • @16

    I think it is, it’ll be 2d trophies at first and 3d trophies once home arrives,i read somewhere open beta is in nov, this is directed to the people that still whine about home

  • @19

    quit whining about in game xmb

  • i think im gonna call fox 5, and talk to that guy that does shame on you and see if he will do a piece on the issue with the in-game communication maybe if this spreads on a nation stage they might do something

  • @21 maybe you dont have friends to message while ingame maybe you only got a ps3 for blu-ray, but me i have friends and i dont give a damn about blu-ray maybe in 2010 I will until then give up in-game xmb or tell me you can’t so i can buy an xbox 360

  • @22

    if people wanna talk to friends while playing games then swap phone numbers

  • @23

    lol so childish

  • Please give us some updates on SOCOM and when can we expect that Demo? Best game Ever until those glitchen-Mod Disk 8 year old NOOBS! took over.

  • @23slickrich05
    what Money1 is saying is that is not the post to ask for in game XMB, (wich by the way is coming).
    Asking for that here is offtopic.

  • Dubbedinenglish

    Good to see some Killzone 2 goodness. Did you happen to ply it?

    And can you steal one of the demo and send me one? Come on! Be a Prometheus for the Killzone fans :P

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I did!! I played through the demo\’d level, then played through again. Oh, and again this morning. I\’ll be shooting an interview with the producer later today.

  • @26

    i heard it’s online only, but developers put all their focus on thatso it probably will be great

  • I didn’t realize Siren was going be a psn title and be episodic. I am kind looking forward to it now.

  • dude i know it’s coming it’s been coming for months, you see i know what sony is doing, dont you see in game communication will be through home, that is why everytime home get delayed so does that feature, that’s why they said summer because that is when home was suppose to drop, i bet you wee wont see in game till the fall

  • @27

    Thank you, it’s like every time I come on here someone always complains about the same ol’ sh*t

  • So when are these Resistance 2 screens going to be released?

  • Hey, Jeff! Friday! Got anything good planned for the weekend. I haven’t even read the article yet, and I’m already psyched just seeing the pictures.

    Take it easy. :D

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    i suppose your not going to say anything on InFamous? it would be nice if you would though, because i want to know more about it. is it going to still be released this year?

  • @32 Money1
    Yeah, is really boring to read always ‘ i want ingame xmb’ in every damn Playstation Blog Post :p .

    Maybe they need to make:
    ‘The Oficial I want in game XMB post’ , so everyone can complain on that post and not in the others.
    mhmhmh good idea.

    My PSN ID : Fersis
    Add me to play some COD4 and on less than a month MGO :D (God, im so pumped for MGS4)

  • @36

    Don’t have COD4 srry but i’ll add ya in advance for MGS4, can’t wait for that

  • @37

    you sir are friggin’ hilarious

  • Can we expect Motorstorm:PR Demo soon on PSN? Or we will have to wait for ending of Summer/Fall?

    I’m quite interested to play the Demo of Motorstorm:PR.

    Also was Resistance 2 Campaign playable or only the Multiplayer?

  • @39

    …you make me feel like an outsider now…lol, i didnt say i dont play, i just dont own,

  • Nice pics!

  • @41

    Resistance 2 is campaign with 8 or 4 player co-op online, not sure cant really remember and it’s up to 60 player online shoot out

  • @44

    im not poor, i just try to save

  • will there be a socom bundle annouced in the future for the people who would want the retail version of the game thanks

  • @41
    Resistance you have you a normal campain mode and a separate 8 player co-op campain

    and 60 player objective base mode with about 4-6 people per squad speaed out aroung the map with there own objective

  • hey Jeff thanks for the info. Question: only three (plus possibly PJ:Eden, which I am guessing will be Remote Play-able) titles for PSP are featured for the remainder of the year?!? Wow. Is SCEA pulling support for the handheld? Hard to believe PSP is outselling PS3. I knew things were bad for the PSP when MGS4 features an in-game iPod instead of a PSP, now this… yikes! Hopefully I am over-reacting.

  • Hello Jeff,

    Will we see Killzone 2 before xmas this year?
    thanks in advance!

  • @50


  • I think they booted booted the guy who was being somewhat racist, but now 36 and 37 looks like im talkin to myself

  • @Jeff

    Any chance we will get a demo of Killzone 2 before its release?

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