HAZE, Your Questions Answered

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Hi guys, this is Ubi_Wuzzi! First I wanted to thank everyone for reading my first post last week about the demo of HAZE. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated, so please keep them coming.

Since last week, I hope you enjoyed the demo and that you did not make any abusive use of Nectar. From what we saw, it seems that you enjoyed playing this demo. Yet, we noticed that some of you found the demo too easy, for those ones the suggestion is to try the Hard mode. (You may also be glad to know that an Ultra Hard mode is unlockable in the final version of the game!) From some other comments I read, I wanted to clarify that the game runs at 720p resolution.

Now for this week’s entry, I brought answers to several of your questions. I hope they make things clearer, otherwise feel free to post additional questions here or check out the “Ask the Devs!” thread in the Haze forums.
From k.j.khaos :

Will the game support four-player Co-op offline or just online?

    The four-players Co-op mode is supported online, and offline via LAN by linking two PS3 with two players split screen per PS3.

From the_icon :

Will the game support 4 player co-op and multiplayer in split screen? How much of the game-play takes place in open environments vs enclosed spaces?

    The game supports two players split screen per PS3 in Co-op and multiplayer. You can connect two PS3 with 2 players playing split screen to make it four players. And you can even LAN four consoles to play four versus four… if you want to. And, it’s an even split for gameplay in open vs closed environments. It ranges from claustrophobic firefights to stunning unbroken vistas – but you will be too busy with the action to take in the view.

From P_tear_griffin :

Will there be customizable elements to some weapons aside from nectar enhancement?

    No need. The power of Nectar and the rebels resourcefulness will give you all the firepower you need.

From wocyob:

How long will the game be?

    The campaign will take you through twelve places, but there are no levels as usually meant. The whole story will take place over three long days and nights, without any loading times whatsoever. The time you will need to go from the beginning to the end pretty much depends on your skills and the level of difficulty you chose. It can be shorter if you are especially skilled or much longer if you are especially average! ;)

From whoelse:

What inspired you to make Haze including the use of ‘Nectar’?

    Nectar is everything. It shapes the gameplay throughout.

From ghamdikh1:

Does this game support the SIXAXIS?

    Yes, and it can get you out of some life threatening situations… As an example, you can use it to pull out a knife or extinguish flames when you are on fire.

From ghamdikh1:

Does this game have an option to install the game to the hard drive?

    We install some data, but not the whole game. The disc will still be needed to launch the game.


I think we’re done for today. Thanks everyone for reading!

Before ending this post, I wanted to share with you these wallpapers of funny Tiny Troopers. I hope you will like them!

Haze Wallpaper - TinyTrooper3Haze Wallpaper - TinyTrooper4

Additional image sizes for these wallpapers are here.


PS – Check the PlayStation Store update tomorrow to download a new Haze theme for your PS3!

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  • Will there be ranks in online? Also can you custimize your online chracter? Lasty when was this demo made?

  • So does the final game have better graphics than the demo or what? There’s a rumor going around that the demo is from an older build and the final game is much better looking, but there’s been no confirmation at this point.

  • Also you mention that the game runs in 720p, but is the game actually rendered in 720p? There’s another rumor going around that the game is rendered in a lower resolution and simply upscaled to 720p, like GTA IV.

  • I just noticed a problem with one of the pictures. On the second picture with the concrete block, there is a vertical line where the picture has gone strange, like something has been cut out.

  • Heh, chibi troopers. That’s pretty awesome.

    Also, any word on how old the build of the game used in the Demo was? There are some pretty noticeable differences between the playable demo and new screens that have hit the media sites recently. Just wondering.

  • a few more days and ill have it, cant wait

  • Boy did this guy ever cut and run from this blog. It bugs me when developers do this. The Insomniac guys usually hang around and answer questions (especially the Warhawk dude).

  • Haze should be in 720p and 1080p because the developers had way more time than other companies to refine their game. It would be kind of a let down. I would prefer to hear that the game will be coming out in July with up to 1080p and a sexy woman commander in there as well lol. I can dream. But at least put the res to 720p, its the PS3 for crying out loud.

  • I thought the graphics were great, I’m one of those who cares more about a silky smooth frame rate than a choppy high-res game. I was not expecting the demo to be as smooth in fps as it was. The quality was fine by me, as long as the gameplay excels.

  • cool b-day gift….having my question answered by Ubi_Wuzzi…sweeeeet thanks replying…zOMG 21 now go bar go

  • Will the final version of the game have a little more advanced rumble feedback? I couldnt help but notice that the firearms dont cause the controller to rumble when its shooting. Most games include this. Its kind of wierd not feeling any rumble while the gun is shaking so violently. I think it would make a big difference if its included in the final product.

  • But besides that the game is amazing.

  • a failed promise…

    I recall 4 player splitscreen announced by you guys…

    Haze now = skip for me

    Better off playing army of 2….

  • Yup.

    Haze was overhyped. The demo underdelivered.

    I’ve taken it off the must buy list based on the demo.

  • +PLEASE! Do ‘TimeSplitters 4’ in
    4 player off-line split-screen mode!(with Bots)
    Seems like games are going backwards??? not forwards nowadays??? :-(
    + ‘Resistance:Fall of Man’ has got
    off-line 4 player split-screen mode???(ok it’s got no Bots which is a shame) and that game is over a year+ old??? Ho-Hum! :-(

  • Will Haze have clan tags?

  • was gonna pre order, and actually have it preordered, but will not purchase till I find out if the 540p or whatever is fixed.

  • Please ship this with 1080i for those of us without 720p sets. I’m not guy to buy it if I have to play it in 480p, and that would be sad.

  • ** 540p is *Not* fixed..

  • @TTP – the difference in graphical quality from the heavenly sword demo to the retail game was quite striking. The demo was ugly. The retail game was not.

  • #70

    Quite striking?

    That’s nonsense. The demo had the exact same resolution…with perhaps a wee bit of framerate dip and a bit more subtle lighting. Otherwise, it looked essentially the same as the final game.

  • #57

    Cut and run. That’s starting to be the norm around these blog postings. For some reason, developers think it’s better to just remain quiet on a topic and not piss off the customers with answers until they’ve actually bought the product (when they discover that the graphics really ARE just as terrible in the final version).

    On my front: I wouldn’t buy this game based on the crappy demo. And if the developers don’t have the decency to answer some questions, then I won’t buy the game regardless.

  • It has been well documented online in various forums already that the DEMO (maybe not the final game) runs internally at lower than 720p (640p being from a source I trust, 576p from some others). Although the game is OUTPUT at 720p, the internal rendering resolution is everything for sighting enemies at a distance, etc.

  • This is terrible

    You didnt even answer any questions properly at all!

    And what the HELL??

    This game has always touted 4 player co-op via split screen

    Now suddenly its only 2 player split screen?? what the hell??

    You have cut things out of the game??


    I am not buying this game. The demo was a complete joke, this game sucks.

    The only reason I wanted it was for 4 player split screen and now you have cut it… what a complete joke, no wonder it was delayed.. Free Radicle obviously cannot program a PS3!

  • Those wallpapers are cool.

    Question, hold old was the demo that was put on the PSN last week?

  • HAZE, Your Questions Ignored…

  • So many crybabies on here…. lol

  • no more 4player splitscreen

    first, no in game xmb… now things like this? wats next?

  • I have some questions will the vehicles utilize the nectar? make them temporarily faster add shields for durability?

  • w00t! totally loving the wallpapers, adding to PSP, and PS3 ASAP! Also looking forward to the release, can’t wait to go to EB games to pre-order and check out some other titles. This game is actually the reason we might get an HD-TV, so congrats to Haze for the sexy looking game but, one question.

    What resolution will the final product be? this will pretty much determine which HD I’m getting for one, also curious to know the visual factor

    Thanks, 13lind

  • Right I do believe demos should not be a review for you as it is not a final product and little problems could be ironed out. It allows you to feel the way a game is. And I believe Haze isn’t going to be the brilliant work the Free Radical devs have done before. It seeems very serious and poor dialogue. Nectar sounds cool but all it does is speeds up play slightly and make enimies flash yellow. Big deal!

    Also on the serious not it has a realistic feel but the aim on the guns, Auful and overcrowded. A red dot sight or down the barrel look or something like that is begging in this game but you get a cluttered scope that isn’t very good at all which appeared to be on all guns.

    The serious shooter genre is overcluttered. Call Of Duty, Mercanary, Battlefield and Brothers in arms. There are no arcade shooters for the PS3 but maybe Resistance.


  • After reading the IGN review, it’s clear that your money is better spent elsewhere. Even after many delays, the game is still trash.

    Good job Sony for securing this exclusive. I’m sure it will sell systems due to it’s “quality”

  • Hope the game sells well despite the reviews.

  • only please hold onto Haze. On behalf of us fps gamers we would like you to hold Haze and revise it. It has the potential to be a unique fps but based on the demo and the comments from well established gaming journalists especially IGN i think it would be a waste to release Haze right now. Free Radical was good with Timesplitters maybe they should jut work on another one and put Haze under the knife again. But hey we know business is business so money has to be made. Anyway good luck.

  • Love the Wallpapers!

    I’ve been looking forward to this game and I enjoyed the demo. The controls were nice and smooth and the use of nectar was fittingly very addictive!

  • @Violater

    Yes, lets hope a mediocre game sells well, and encourages other developers to churn out ugly, half assed, entirely too short games for sixty dollars. Free Radical has ridden the nostalgia of the N64 shooters as far as they can, like Factor 5 before them, the myth of their quality as a dev team has been completely eradicated. Haze is the new Lair.

  • This game is TRASH…You might as well punch yourself in the NUTZ if you bought this as it won’t be played at all. The Demo BLOWS!

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