HAZE, Your Questions Answered

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Hi guys, this is Ubi_Wuzzi! First I wanted to thank everyone for reading my first post last week about the demo of HAZE. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated, so please keep them coming.

Since last week, I hope you enjoyed the demo and that you did not make any abusive use of Nectar. From what we saw, it seems that you enjoyed playing this demo. Yet, we noticed that some of you found the demo too easy, for those ones the suggestion is to try the Hard mode. (You may also be glad to know that an Ultra Hard mode is unlockable in the final version of the game!) From some other comments I read, I wanted to clarify that the game runs at 720p resolution.

Now for this week’s entry, I brought answers to several of your questions. I hope they make things clearer, otherwise feel free to post additional questions here or check out the “Ask the Devs!” thread in the Haze forums.
From k.j.khaos :

Will the game support four-player Co-op offline or just online?

    The four-players Co-op mode is supported online, and offline via LAN by linking two PS3 with two players split screen per PS3.

From the_icon :

Will the game support 4 player co-op and multiplayer in split screen? How much of the game-play takes place in open environments vs enclosed spaces?

    The game supports two players split screen per PS3 in Co-op and multiplayer. You can connect two PS3 with 2 players playing split screen to make it four players. And you can even LAN four consoles to play four versus four… if you want to. And, it’s an even split for gameplay in open vs closed environments. It ranges from claustrophobic firefights to stunning unbroken vistas – but you will be too busy with the action to take in the view.

From P_tear_griffin :

Will there be customizable elements to some weapons aside from nectar enhancement?

    No need. The power of Nectar and the rebels resourcefulness will give you all the firepower you need.

From wocyob:

How long will the game be?

    The campaign will take you through twelve places, but there are no levels as usually meant. The whole story will take place over three long days and nights, without any loading times whatsoever. The time you will need to go from the beginning to the end pretty much depends on your skills and the level of difficulty you chose. It can be shorter if you are especially skilled or much longer if you are especially average! ;)

From whoelse:

What inspired you to make Haze including the use of ‘Nectar’?

    Nectar is everything. It shapes the gameplay throughout.

From ghamdikh1:

Does this game support the SIXAXIS?

    Yes, and it can get you out of some life threatening situations… As an example, you can use it to pull out a knife or extinguish flames when you are on fire.

From ghamdikh1:

Does this game have an option to install the game to the hard drive?

    We install some data, but not the whole game. The disc will still be needed to launch the game.


I think we’re done for today. Thanks everyone for reading!

Before ending this post, I wanted to share with you these wallpapers of funny Tiny Troopers. I hope you will like them!

Haze Wallpaper - TinyTrooper3Haze Wallpaper - TinyTrooper4

Additional image sizes for these wallpapers are here.


PS – Check the PlayStation Store update tomorrow to download a new Haze theme for your PS3!

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