HAZE, Your Questions Answered

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Hi guys, this is Ubi_Wuzzi! First I wanted to thank everyone for reading my first post last week about the demo of HAZE. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated, so please keep them coming.

Since last week, I hope you enjoyed the demo and that you did not make any abusive use of Nectar. From what we saw, it seems that you enjoyed playing this demo. Yet, we noticed that some of you found the demo too easy, for those ones the suggestion is to try the Hard mode. (You may also be glad to know that an Ultra Hard mode is unlockable in the final version of the game!) From some other comments I read, I wanted to clarify that the game runs at 720p resolution.

Now for this week’s entry, I brought answers to several of your questions. I hope they make things clearer, otherwise feel free to post additional questions here or check out the “Ask the Devs!” thread in the Haze forums.
From k.j.khaos :

Will the game support four-player Co-op offline or just online?

    The four-players Co-op mode is supported online, and offline via LAN by linking two PS3 with two players split screen per PS3.

From the_icon :

Will the game support 4 player co-op and multiplayer in split screen? How much of the game-play takes place in open environments vs enclosed spaces?

    The game supports two players split screen per PS3 in Co-op and multiplayer. You can connect two PS3 with 2 players playing split screen to make it four players. And you can even LAN four consoles to play four versus four… if you want to. And, it’s an even split for gameplay in open vs closed environments. It ranges from claustrophobic firefights to stunning unbroken vistas – but you will be too busy with the action to take in the view.

From P_tear_griffin :

Will there be customizable elements to some weapons aside from nectar enhancement?

    No need. The power of Nectar and the rebels resourcefulness will give you all the firepower you need.

From wocyob:

How long will the game be?

    The campaign will take you through twelve places, but there are no levels as usually meant. The whole story will take place over three long days and nights, without any loading times whatsoever. The time you will need to go from the beginning to the end pretty much depends on your skills and the level of difficulty you chose. It can be shorter if you are especially skilled or much longer if you are especially average! ;)

From whoelse:

What inspired you to make Haze including the use of ‘Nectar’?

    Nectar is everything. It shapes the gameplay throughout.

From ghamdikh1:

Does this game support the SIXAXIS?

    Yes, and it can get you out of some life threatening situations… As an example, you can use it to pull out a knife or extinguish flames when you are on fire.

From ghamdikh1:

Does this game have an option to install the game to the hard drive?

    We install some data, but not the whole game. The disc will still be needed to launch the game.


I think we’re done for today. Thanks everyone for reading!

Before ending this post, I wanted to share with you these wallpapers of funny Tiny Troopers. I hope you will like them!

Haze Wallpaper - TinyTrooper3Haze Wallpaper - TinyTrooper4

Additional image sizes for these wallpapers are here.


PS – Check the PlayStation Store update tomorrow to download a new Haze theme for your PS3!

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  • RandomEarthling

    Those wallpapers are sweet. Are they going to be part of the theme on the PS store?

  • You mention the game runs in 720p. Is this native 720p or is the game upscaling from a lower resolution to 720p. I poster who has been quite accurate with determining the true resolution of games (Halo 3 running 640p, etc) found that the Haze demo is rendered at 576p or 576 lines of vertical resolution. Could you clarify whether the game will run at the same resolution as the demo?

  • this game will be great… around how long is the story?

    And when you play online co-op does it save, so when you and your friends get back on later you can start where you left off?

  • SWEET! Can’t wait for this game to come out!!!1

  • I am putting that Haze trooper taking a… nectar-filled #2 on my PSP right now…

  • How big is the installation?

  • Great info. I am going to give this game a purchase. I love supporting exclusives.

  • Will Haze be taking advantage of Home?

    Will there be DLC? Map Packs…etc

    How long will it be before we see DLC content if any?

  • Oh… and are you saying the 720p is native?

    So the demo is different than the game?

  • Really though, how long will the game be? You gave us no sort of time frame. Duh, it’s going to take an advanced shooter less time then a normal shooter.

    Please give us some sort of time frame. I am not going to buy Haze till I know from you, or from someone who buys it. I hate shooters that are really un-replay-able and are only a few hours long. Worst waste of money ever.

  • Is some data = 6 GB?

    And is it 720p native or upscaled?

  • the demo that was released on the PSN Store is that what we can expect in the full game from gameplay to visuals?

  • Day 1, The demo sold me on this game.

  • You clearly avoided the biggest question that everyone has been asking (in the forums, on the blog, etc.)

    It’s a big concern, and one that needs to be addressed.

    Why are the graphics in the demo so incredibly inferior to the screenshots we’ve been seeing for the last year?

    The resolution of the screenshots has been very high, but the resolution of the demo was quite poor.

    Please provide an explanation.

  • lol @ those pics

  • is this a timed exclusion or is its a ps3 exclusion and wont be ported to the xbox 360?This is a really importance isssue before i go out and buy haze.

  • How is exclusivity an important issue?

  • Any chance you’ll add in 1080i support (scaled is fine) for the many users with TVs that don’t support 720p?

  • Thanks for the info;)

  • Seriously, don’t give us wallpapers with the companys logo and all that writing.

  • I want to know how long it will take to beat on a normal mode (playtime)in single player 6-8 hour’s I’m guessing. But I’m glad next week is momorial day Extra day off work!!!! Just for HAZE!!!!!!see you on battle field (hopefully)

  • Jmm…. this little guys are perfect as little big planet citizens. Please make it happen. Im liking the idea of having our major heroes as sackboys in LBP. Old snake anyone? ZOMG!

  • I was excited for this game back when it was announced, but in my opinion, the game would turn out 100 times better if the devs would have gone with a lighthearted comic approach – ala the wallpapers above . From what I can tell from the demo, the game aims for “serious” and “realistic” but completely misses the mark – character appearance, dialogue, etc… it just fails to impress.

  • I hope the devs can answer one more question:

    I know Free Radical are old school doodz, so: Have they gone the extra mile and made the local multiplayer awesome? IE : Will we have bot support? If so, how many does the game support? Unlike Call of Duty 4, will all multiplayer maps be available during local play?



  • I loved the demo, but I do have one question. The demo sated that the game was still in development and as such was not representative of the final product (something like that). How old is the demo we recieved then?

  • hey, PLEASE add 1080i upscale! i dont want to play this game in 480p.

  • Just FYI most Demos are Alphas, and Betas of the actual product that will be released. IE all game demos use that disclaimer so customers don’t sew them over faulse advertiseing. IE even the Resistance: Fall of Man Demo had that disclaimer, as well as the Iron Man demo, and even the Turok demo had this as well.

    It only means your playing an unfinished product before release thats all.

  • Finished products do still look exactly like the demos. Might show some minor fixes, but nothing as huge as a resolution upgrade.

  • @ TTP

    That’s not true, look at the demo of Heavenly Sword and the final game. The demos lighting looks terrible.

  • Hmm… not really. At least I don’t recall the lighting being any different. Maybe the frame rate was better and some less tearing. Again, nothing major. Nothing compared to a resolution upgrade anyways.

  • I like the Tiny Trooper images, reminds me of what the Killzone team did back in 2004 shortly after that game was released.

    Thanks for the updates, although I do doubt that I will pick up the game (the demo made the game feel archaic)

  • Fixing lighting or tearing is one thing, but to run the game at a higher resolution than the demo? Thats basically two separate games in terms of the development necessary.

  • Those Haze figures remind me of the Killzone2/LBP figures in that trailer.

  • The demo made me feel like I was playing a slightly rejuvenated Perfect Dark

    Here’s to hoping the game actually impresses

    *And he throws up a prayer!*

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    I thought the online demo was also going to have team battle one team could be the rebels and the other team in haze troops? it would be nice though cause the stage was way to short and quick even when i had it on hard (even w/co-op…

  • I forgot a question (sorry) back month’s ago you guy’s said if you had time. You would show us or tell us what you added in the game that caused they DELAY. Is it in the finial version of the game or will it be relesed here on the blog. Just wanted to know why it was delayed!!!

  • awsome cant waite to get the theme tomorrow, i havent even played the full game but i have played the demo and have already preorderd it and love it.

  • I really don’t see the problem others do with this game.

    I know it was getting heavy media attention due to its delays, and questioned exclusivity, but really what did people expect?

    I have played the demo a few times already, and initially it did not really impress (graphically or gameplay wise). What DID impress me is the 4 player campaign co-op. That was pretty cool.

    Maybee its just me, but the graphicss areent all that bad, and I really dig the volumetric smoke/explosion effects.

    I’ll wait for reviews, but I really think this game may surprise some people when the reviews come out.

  • Hi Wuzzi! Love the demo and an really looking forward to getting my hands on the full version. However, I have a problem with getting onto the HAZE forums. I keep getting “System Error” and can’t get on at all. Help please? As I really want to talk about one of my most hyped games!

  • Hey are the characters that you have made available as posters/backgrounds. will they be in LBP because they look like Little Big Haze/Planet. LAWLZ

    Also, wasn’t Haze supposed to be a PSP game first and then you all decided to put it onto the PS3 instead. It’s what I heard a looong time ago. Tell me I’m correct. I love being correct. Just hope that first level is way different than the demo. That was boring…

  • @ scuffy5, I see you getting a BAN very soon.

  • How about some real answers, such as “Is this game going to look exactly like the demo, or is the demo an early build, and the game is going to look way better?”…I know everybody is wondering this…

  • Wow!! 1st time a dev answered one of my questions! Thanks Sony and UBI WUZZI!

  • So no 4 player spilt-screen off-line mode then erm just using 1 PS3???????????? :-(
    Oh dear :-/ I Loved the TimeSplitters games with 4 player off-line with Bots!!! :-(
    Very disappointed(from a MASVIE! FAN) sorry! :-(
    Why didn’t you do that for???

  • ^^^^ I ment Massive! ;-D ^^^

  • Nice wallapaper.The answers to the questions were pretty helpful

  • The game looks great. i hope the story will also be great. One question though. Are there any women in Mantel? I think a woman with a kick as body in one of those leather suits would really add to edginess of the game. Anyway the whole nectar thing is pretty neat though. How balanced is the multiplayer going to be since some of us will be supped up on Nectar and others not? Thank you.

  • I also have a question about MP will we have vehicles in MP outside of Co-Op play? I mean it’s one thing to give us a few weapons, and some nifty Gameplay and then let the players play on some basic maps. But I realy do hope that we can jump in the Mantel, and Promised Hand vehicles in MP.

    Also any chance we will get tanks in the SP game or MP? So fare all we have seen is dropships with missiles, and bombs, as well as heavy duty jeeps. Please tell me thats not all Mantel has to though at a world wide rebllion. I mean what would happen if Tanks did come into play, or the Promised hand came up with a way to beat down Mantels foot soldiers on a more massive scale then the player will be doing.

    I think a Tank mission, or two would rock so hard and I hope we have some missions where we can drive big vehicles and punish infantry, and jeeps.

    It just gives the player that extra edge of feeling power in their hands. Also Mantel is all about power at least form what I gather. So a few tanks, or APCs would make the player say take this you ants!

  • Hehe love the wallpapers, thanks.

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