New Hot Shots Golf Characters

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Hey kids, Chris here again, coming in to roll out the red carpet for two very stylish new addition to the Hot Shots family… Gloria and Alex.

Gloria Alex

You might have been hearing some news around the interwebs on pricing, availability and player level – but lets make it official:

  • Each character will be available for purchase over the PSN at .99 USD.
  • Alex skill level will be intermediate; Gloria’s is expert.
  • Both characters will be available to purchase on the 15th.

gloria 2 alex 3

Now, in previous posts there have been some comments of the content being on the disc and needing a key to unlock it, so let me go ahead and clear that up for you: all the content on the physical disc can be accessed without additional purchases – it’s that simple. The “core” or “shell” of the on-disc game has a sort of plug-and-play feature that lets us quickly deliver content (such as characters and new courses) without clogging up your pipes, which also makes it easier for you to purchase the new content from the PlayStation Store (once you decide to) and access it right away. So if you’re tired of getting schooled by some young punk – you can quickly gain access to one of the more advanced players and unleash your mighty golf wrath upon them.

gloria 3 alex 2

Everyone, regardless of buying new content or not, will be required to download the new patch. It just keeps the game running smoothly… some wonky things start to happen online players are running different version of the game.

That’s it for today’s Hot Shots Golf news… cue the exit song

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  • So like others have said, what about the new course?

  • #49

    There’s nothing “unacceptable” about it.

    DLC helps extend the life of games, and you should appreciate that, not complain about it.

    Developers are providing added value. And they have every right to charge people for it.

  • Any chance of getting rumble in an update?

  • I think it’s unacceptable that we have to pay for something that’s already going to be on the HD.

    But then again, seeing as how the game bombed, Sony might as well try and make some money anyway.

  • I don’t agree at all for once, I think the patch you download gives the ABILITY for every system to render those new characters on screen, so to speak.

    SO if you play online with someone who has bought them you don’t get locked’s actually REALLY a smart way to do this. It creates everyone playing the same game, rather than two sets of online.

    And again – $1 each…as the saying goes, what can you really get for a dollar? Go on XBOX LIVE and see how much gamer pics and themes cost…

  • @55

    What are you talking about? when they do Alex only tournaments, only people who bought the character can use her. Same with the new course that’s comming.

    This isnly any different then a map pack for COD4 or something. It will still create haves and have nots.

    The people defending the DLC need to wake up. That’s like asking the government to tax you more and get the same level of government services before the tax increase in return. How can you he for that?

  • Like one of the other Posters already asked, would it be possible to add the original Japanese Voices to the DLC? I’d even pay for them, because the dubbed once are well…. let’s just say my ears want to cut themselves off everytime I play the game :/

    And please consider about merging the online servers.

  • It makes me so mad to see people complaining about DLC. I like the fact that new content and features can be added to my games and I don’t mind paying for it as long as prices are reasonable. 99 cents is reasonable.
    For those of you complaining about this stuff…this game is awesome. It is a fully fleshed out title. There is plenty to unlock. You do not have to buy anything. But I bet you would be mad if you were not allowed to play online in rooms where someone had chosen one of these characters, wouldn’t you?

    @ Chris

    I would like to add my voice to the request for Voice Chat. And do my eyes decieve me…why is there no mini golf?

    You really do need to put a demo out. So many people mistake this for a kid’s title. Maybe they would try it out then. And you need the advertisement…for example, HSG:OT2 for PSP will be out in a few weeks and I haven’t seen any advertisments on it. Put a demo on the PSN for that one too!

  • Krae_man (#56):

    Your logic is ridiculous.

    And your “tax” example is laughable. We’re not receiving the same level of service from “the government”, we’re getting additional services that we’re more than willing to pay for.

    Take your anti-DLC whining elsewhere. Or buckle up and get ready for the ride, because DLC is here to stay.


  • Hey, been a big fan of Hot Shots Golf for some time now. Big enough to download the demo from the Japanese PSN over a year ago anycase. But that leaves me with a question that I’m more than a little embarrassed to ask. And maybe I already know the answer to this, but why do all the girls now wear those really awkward shorts under their skirts? It aesthetically bothers me more than it should.

  • @58

    There are 2 Hot Shots Golf Portable 2 demos up on Japanese PSN.

    To the DLC champions

    DLC is fine but how most developers are currently handling it shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone.

  • Well…it’s only unacceptable to a few people (like you).

    The rest of us like it.

    So flitter away little June bug.

  • Not a huge fan of characters only dlc but appreciate the added value. Looking forward to a voice chat with a mute option. Pretty please! Also would like to see some dlc courses soon.

  • The litmus test for wether DLC is a scam should be this- ask yourself this question… If DLC didn’t exist, would they have included this in the base game at the same price? Or, from another angle: Was this in the game to begin with but management pulled it out at the last minute to make more money later? These two questions illustrate the DLC trap we as consumers are buying into.
    For example Good DLC- Oblivion: Shivering Isles, PixelJunk Monsters: Encore.
    Bad DLC- Pain and HVB chars being sold the day the original game was released.
    No one is saying DLC is inherently bad, just that it can be misused at the expense of the consumer…

  • Pain is the game for you then my friend. The demo costs $10 and you have to buy the rest of the game piece by piece to boot!

    I hope I’ll be able to type “After” and “happened” post thursdays update without the man censoring me.

  • @65 The sad (and hypocritical) part is I like Pain so much I’ve bought every rip off peice of DLC they’ve thrown at me. The difference is I know I’m being screwed as I do it…

  • I havn’t bought any of the skins yet, but the demo is fun. Wish I didn’t pay $11CDN for it though.

  • #65

    “The demo costs $10 and you have to buy the rest of the game piece by piece”.

    You see, that’s where you’re so wrong it hurts.

    You don’t HAVE to buy any of it. It’s entirely up to you.

    That’s the beauty of DLC.

    Buy what you want. Don’t buy what you don’t want.

    For $10, I can’t even buy entrance into a 2 hour movie.

    I definitely got more than 2 hours of enjoyment out of PAIN.

    Suck it up. And deal with the new reality.

    DLC is here to stay.

  • people who are professional victims should join the NAACP-the National Association of Always Complaining People. this comes from the great american writer james lee burke…seems to fit with many posts on the internet

  • Players are available in the Euro store HOWEVER, they are currently no where to be found in the US store?


  • So if i’m playing with a friend who has payed for Alex and he chooses her in a match will she show up on my screen as him playing as her?

  • Catman68, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason (or one of them reasons) why there is an update (which seems to be up right now). The characters are given to us for free with the update, but we have to unlock them in order to use it. To unlock it, you have to pay for it.

    It wouldn’t make too much sense for people to have characters that we wouldn’t be able to see.

  • I’ll be downloading this stuff friday. Any new courses on the way?

  • Chalk me up in the crowd that feels this is another nickle and dime cheap move.

    I enjoy downloadable content, and am willing to pay for something worthwhile (Warhawk maps and vehicles for instance, or in this case a few new golf courses)…..Characters for the game? They should be free.

    Sony won’t get my business on this one. I hope the suits are reading this.

  • Is there any kind of block that stops us from using the EUR characters on a US game/ps3? I,ve been checking the store in US over and over with no new characters.

    Maybe the guy that puts new stuff on the US PSN was sick? Or maybe he’s at home playing these new characters?

  • I added $10 to my wallet last night and downloaded the 2.35 fw and downloaded the HSG update today to play these new characters asap. I see you guys are in no hurry to release them on time, so I think i’m gonna avoid them completely now. Have fun losing business for being lazy and wasting peoples time. This Thursday only update crap is really a laziness thing from Sony.

  • wow, twooh. Talk about impatience. The Store is updated at least by 5pm central time on most thursdays. It is still early and you are already getting pissed off?

  • @77

    It’s 2pm here. That’s the middle of the day 8hrs after the 15th.. It’s not about being impatient. It’s the fact that the other stuff was released to download at 12am. Why are the characters taking so long? And EUR already has them. They get to use the new characters and we have to sit and watch? I think that post that all the EUR psn users made about SCEE sucking has helped them. And SCEE has realized.

  • I wonder if I could get a response about this…

    Is there any chance to allow JPN players to play US players online?

    Perhaps an update ?

  • @79 second that and please add the original voice over to choose from.

  • I’m not complaining about the price. It is the way of gaming these days. Games that are almost finished will forever keep coming out, to help compensate the huge price tag to make a next gen game. Sorry Wii players but that is not you. I’m more disappointed about the mandatory hard drive install. 5 gig’s…really?? Anyway cool characters.

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