New Hot Shots Golf Characters

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Hey kids, Chris here again, coming in to roll out the red carpet for two very stylish new addition to the Hot Shots family… Gloria and Alex.

Gloria Alex

You might have been hearing some news around the interwebs on pricing, availability and player level – but lets make it official:

  • Each character will be available for purchase over the PSN at .99 USD.
  • Alex skill level will be intermediate; Gloria’s is expert.
  • Both characters will be available to purchase on the 15th.

gloria 2 alex 3

Now, in previous posts there have been some comments of the content being on the disc and needing a key to unlock it, so let me go ahead and clear that up for you: all the content on the physical disc can be accessed without additional purchases – it’s that simple. The “core” or “shell” of the on-disc game has a sort of plug-and-play feature that lets us quickly deliver content (such as characters and new courses) without clogging up your pipes, which also makes it easier for you to purchase the new content from the PlayStation Store (once you decide to) and access it right away. So if you’re tired of getting schooled by some young punk – you can quickly gain access to one of the more advanced players and unleash your mighty golf wrath upon them.

gloria 3 alex 2

Everyone, regardless of buying new content or not, will be required to download the new patch. It just keeps the game running smoothly… some wonky things start to happen online players are running different version of the game.

That’s it for today’s Hot Shots Golf news… cue the exit song

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