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Happy Friday Everyone,

If you didn’t catch our last post or the news on other blogs like VGBlogger and Kotaku we are giving people who didn’t score cards last week another chance at Free Card glory.

Eye of Judgment Promo Card screen

Just like last week, the same rules apply-

  • One address per person.
  • Repeat addresses will not be recorded.
  • Confirmation emails will be sent next week once all entries are reviewed and cleared.

Remember, winning addresses from last week will not be recorded so that more people have a chance to win.

All you need to do is hit this LINK.

Good luck to everyone and congratulations to everyone who got a set last week.

Have a great weekend and expect to see confirmation emails next week after we process all the entries!

Be sure to look out for more EOJ news and promotions right here or on the other great EOJ Community Sites-

– Chuck

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7 Author Replies

  • Darn it I was at a Youth Symphony Concert! Well alas…was worth a try.

  • uouou chuck nice see you again here, and mark i know he reads all we write :P.what will be the next event? world international tournament like other online games?

    i want show to everthing our new project: EoJWiki –

    Thx for all Chuck


  • hey mark,
    nice to see eoj is getting some love from sony.
    it’s about time.

    btw, do you know ?

    check it out.
    it’s a great eoj website

  • Hey Chuck, is there a way to correct an address once it’s been registered? Me, as well as some other users would like to change the address etc.


    • Sadly I don\’t think so. We have to trust that folks are going to put in their correct information. We do field for addresses that don\’t exist so for example you entered a wrong ZIP code and did another entry right after with the correct one, there\’s a good chance you might still get the cards. (If you entered in time, that is.)

  • howiefacedgat0r

    hello i just bought the water conquest deck for set 2 and i got 2 set 1 spell cards in it #092 and #098?? why is that??

  • Thanks Chuck you da man.

    Also on a side note any chance the EOJ team will ever make a EOJ RPG?

    Because I just bought the patch 2 for the set two cards and was thinking in the starter decks you guys give lots of info on the EOJ world with the little books.

    So it got me thinking why not put all that info in an EOJ game that is not card based.

    So is this any thing the EOJ team is thinking about be it and RPG game or some other game?

    If not I hope to see more EOJ stuff because I for one have never had as much fun as I do playing this card game. So thanks for that I really am thankful and can’t wait to see what the future holds for EOJ.

    • An EOJ RPG would be pretty sweet, especially considering the rich universe the team has created. I\’m sure if they weren\’t thinking about it before, they might now since the team reads the blog. (Any ideas are welcome here!)

      So happy you are enjoying the game.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Would it be possible for you to resend the messages to the winners,from both times, with the addresses? Ever since I got the differing emails, I’ve been a little worried that the winning address might have a had a typo.

    @50 (xplosneer) what country/state do you live in? I’m in the Youth Symphony Orchestra in Anzoategui, Venezuela, but I was under the impression that Venezuela was unique in this.

    • Sorry, the emails went to the addresses that were entered. If the addresses were correct, you should have recieved either one of the emails.

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    This sucks i was working the whole day yesterday, than today i worked in the morning and than took my mom out to eat for mothers day and i come on now and realized i missed out on this great oppurtunity…

    will there be any more chances to get free EOJ cards?

  • Hey thanks for the reply Chuck. It’s just I may have forgotten to add my apartment number to my address. The main address is right so I guess I have to hope that the mail man just leaves the package in the lobby. Ugh.

  • Help i can’t get online with eoj it locks up on the connecting to sever..i got the update and have played online with set 2…2 to 3 time and now nothing any help out there thx u

  • Hmm, its been a while since I’ve played this game! But I still like it though!

  • Damn, I forgot about this again. Busy life always getting in the way of my gaming. LOL

  • @56 howiefacedgat0r:

    Each set 2 theme deck contain 2 “set 1” spell cards… They basically had to do that because it was the easiest way to make competitive, ready to play, theme decks for set 2.

    The good news, on the other side, is the fact that with set 1 theme decks, you had 1 UR and only 1 Rare card. Now, with set 2 theme decks, you get 1 UR, but 2 Rares… I guess the extra rare is there to compensate for the two set 1 cards… Remember, those decks have to work as is and be decent.

  • @52Goodfella2487and 60 bugout79….

    …Mr.Greenberg is spewing his nonsense ’cause His Product WILL NOT have a 10 yr life cycle(and M$’s track record)is not too pretty.He’s Just saying the things that will make his “CORE/Rabid” audience happy specially since their Yr+ LEAD has been ERODING and their upcoming line up Looks a Lil’ Dry “IMO”.
    But if you are one of those FANBOY XBOTS pissing in our EoJ parade LET me KNOW so i can SPANK your lil’ butts @ your HOLY GRAIL tittle “HALO 3″…Ok? Here are by XBL “TAGS”(YEAH I OWN TWO x360s)Gh0strider 777 and H0mie G Dawg …care to go to to check my stats? go ahead… LOL! you’ll see that “I” beat that Biatch on “LEGENDAY” by “MySELF”.

    …Now Let’s stop the spammin’ and trollin’ Ok? Let try to stay on TOPIC.

    Psn name: IcedDice777

  • @67 IcedDice777

    Amen, bro!

  • I have to ask: who is voting down free cards!? Whoever they are, they really should be smacked fairly hard right upside their heads. Or maybe they’re voting down the fact that they missed it. I just want the people who are running this thing to know that we most certainly appreciate this, and, really, any super cool free stuff.

  • well, i just ask:

    what about europe? how can we get something like this?

    couldn’t you do a only european giveaway?

  • Chuck Lacson replied on May 9, 2008 at 6:12 pm kicks butt people! :)

    Do you moderate the site? If you are North American based you may want to be part of the netowrk of EOJ Community Sites like the other ones I listed. (Check the Seal)

    Thanks Chuck. I do, and I would, although so far no one from SCUS seems to have noticed the site or extended the olive branch. We have been up since Nov 12, have over 700 registered users, and see an average of 2000 page views per day. Please send some info to me at . Thanks!

  • Lgass: I have to say that Europe has been quite lucky with EoJ so far…
    – Have you seen one of those silver EoJ card holder given in N.A? No. In Europe? Yes. (tournaments and shows)

    – Leather EoJ pouch in N.A.? No. Europe? Yes (tournaments and shows)

    – Awesome EoJ Tshirt in N.A.? No. Europe? Yes(Ask Watanabe questions giveaway)

    – Promo cards (elf and bomber) in N.A.? Scarce, probably bought oversea. Europe? Tons, with guys selling them on Ebay in pack of 50!

    – Tounament organised by Sony Community Director, with prizes provided by Sony themselves in N.A.? No Europe? Yes.

    Trust me, I would say it’s very nice to finally get our hands on some goodies ourselves… Would give a lot for one of those Tshirt! : ) But not ready to move to Europe yet. Now, I just wish I could read japanese because I suspect they also get their share of the goodies. And remember, this is also because we had to wait for our cards!!! I spent about $30 for overnight shipping for preordered cards I got weeks later than anybody else, so somehow I feel that this money is now offset by the fact that I made it in the first 500 batch. Nothing more.

    BTW: Have to say thanks again (Mark, Chuck, Jeff and others) because they have included Canada in the deal!!! So many times, I’ve seen event like this, where Canada was not included. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • @57 yeah that would be a great idea and RPG EOJ…also a version set up like “Yugio Duel of Roses”..I’d buy that for sure and i know a few other people that would too…keep up the good work Mark,Chuck and everyone else helping to keep EOJ going. thanx

  • SWEET!

  • @70 Real Gambler
    european lucky?
    omg i have to come here to know more offically about eoj, we dont have a decent blog to speak for eoj, we have to make it ourself.

    – here at spain leather eoj doesnt exists
    – here at spain t-shirt doesnt exists
    – promo card we got but not too much and the promos of set 2 dont come still….
    – here tournaments about eoj ande sony’s tournament in our dreams, we want a tournament we have to do a tournament,

    You can say UK is lucky with this, but the rest of european countris i think no.

    Im very happy with this blog and the actuations of mark and chuck and the other this doesnt happen at europe and at spain less yet…

    Thx for read this boring post haha


  • Finally, I guess this is just another proof that EoJ is not as global as we would like it to be!

    On the other side, I just shipped a card from Canada to Israel… And who knows, with so many great guys doing their best for us (Mark, Chuck, Jeff, Elixor, Lestrade, maybe one day, we will have a world tourney where I’ll be able to kick your butt (spain), but other great guys like Lgass (Portugal), Parky (Belgium) and so many other great guys from all over the world.

    P.S: Can you buy cards locally in Spain? In Canada, you still have to order online, or drive 250 kms to your “nearest card shop”… : )

  • yeah. in spain cards are all over the place.

    in portugal, we have few shops with the cards. our shipments come from spain.
    also, no promos, no shirts, no metal card holders… those are sweet. all i own from eoj was bought online…

  • I have a question. Have the emails for batch 2 gone out? i would be REALLY sad to find out that i was left out of the cards AGAIN

  • Yo, this is DancingFighterG. I was wondering the same thing about the emails. Please let me get my promo cards.

  • @thesmartguywithinfo

    Woah there, SLO County Youth Symphony in California. :P

  • Yes please, have you folks done calculating all the data stuff for the promo?

  • just got my E-mail today stating i was one of the lucky winners YAY!!

  • Dear Mr. Chuck

    I Won the three promotional Cards
    about sending them i live in poland in europe do i have to pay for the international package or something i will do anything :P ….. Almost :)

    Best Regards

  • Ha ha finally won something, thank Chuck and the EOJ Team :)

  • I got my email today too! Horray Free cards :)

  • howiefacedgat0r

    @64 real gambler thanks for the info.

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterg. I guess I did not win again because I didn’t get an email. That sucks!!

  • Got my email the other day… I got a set! :)
    I figured I would… seeing as how I stalked the blog for about 5 minutes until the post came up. :)

  • Just got my 3 EoJ cards in the mail today. Thanks so much!

  • @87 cool to be you.. i won on the first go round but still allas no cards.. maybe on Monday

  • Hey Chuck or Mark… when’s the EOJ update.. any word?

  • I got my cards, just wanted to say BIG THANKS!!!!!

  • Got my cards today! Can’t believe you guys shipped them in a plain envelope o_O At least mine arrived without being bent… Now I gotta get to building a new deck XD

    Thanks a million!

  • i haven´t receive any mail of the free card part 2 if I won the 3 cards,have you send any mail for the winner?

  • I just received my card. Appreciated y’ll (the EOJ Team)and thanks for this opportunity.

  • i recived today my cards from first eoj free card day, thank you Mark, Thank you Chuck, thank sony US.

  • Just got mines, thought i’m no US resident :p
    Thanks, you are THE man ^^!

  • Hi Chuck, hi Mark ten days left for June, do you know something about update??

    Thx far all ^^


  • I also got my cards today. Thanks to Mark and Chuck and all the gang.

    Still waiting on that list of retailers (more specifically in Canada) or some way to buy cards online in Canada…not through eBay ;p

    I really hope you convince “chain” stores like Walmart to carry these cards. I was there the other day and was disgusted by how many Yu-Gi-Oh cards there were. I was thinking how nice it would look if it were all EoJ cards. :)

    Thanks again.

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