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Happy Friday Everyone,

If you didn’t catch our last post or the news on other blogs like VGBlogger and Kotaku we are giving people who didn’t score cards last week another chance at Free Card glory.

Eye of Judgment Promo Card screen

Just like last week, the same rules apply-

  • One address per person.
  • Repeat addresses will not be recorded.
  • Confirmation emails will be sent next week once all entries are reviewed and cleared.

Remember, winning addresses from last week will not be recorded so that more people have a chance to win.

All you need to do is hit this LINK.

Good luck to everyone and congratulations to everyone who got a set last week.

Have a great weekend and expect to see confirmation emails next week after we process all the entries!

Be sure to look out for more EOJ news and promotions right here or on the other great EOJ Community Sites-

– Chuck

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7 Author Replies

  • Link down… great…

  • Submitted!

    Please please please please let me be on the good list.

  • DONE! *checks time* New Record!

  • Ok got in. Crossing fingers.

  • I really hope I got it or I’ll be a sad Panda.

  • link down what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • devilnthedetails

    done, sweet

  • wow…it seems like it will be kinda close

  • 1st 500 again?

  • Wow, hope I got in, had to set my alarm this time…

  • Woo! Got my addy in, I hope I’m in the first 500! Unless it ran out in the first 30 seconds, I should be good >_>

  • Just keep refreshing the page, the link isn’t down, it’s just being hit hard. Hopefully I got in the first 500 this time :)

  • I hope I got in this time.

  • I hope i get to win those cards. anyway, i submitted twice because the first time it seem like link was down.

  • I remembered to be home this time. I hope I get a set for my son. Thanks Mark and everyone else for doing this for the EoJ community.

  • Done, thanks for the promotion opportunity :)

    Good Luck everybody :)

  • Submitted… Thanks for the redo!!!

  • Faceless_Shaman

    Ok submitted. I hope I make the cut this time if not maybe they do a third week.

  • @14

    Same thing happened to me too I put my info in at 7:00 and gave me a error and I redo my info again and said Thank You for Summitting

  • my first entry got an error, refresh it and it say thanks for submitting. does this count?

    anyway, do it a second time just in case…

  • submitted.. hopefully i get it this time and i have to send it in a few form in becaz of web error

  • I have a question I had to send my info in two times now say I got in will I not get the cards because I sent my info in two times?

    I hope not I really wanted those cards believe it or not but I have not bought the patch for set two yet because I can only find set one in the store and if I can get these cards they would be great in my deck.

  • few it worked hopfully i got them cuz the first time i missed it cause i was doing a chariy event so maby my good deed will be repayed

  • I got in this time!!!

    I really hope i get those cards THIS time!

  • i hope i win this long will it be til we find out if we got it?

  • I hope i got in. The site was down when i first tired.

  • I’d like to thank the EoJ team. Promotions like this are what keeps your fanbase happy and coming back for more! :)

  • Hey guys at PSN. Why no love for

    • kicks butt people! :)

      Do you moderate the site? If you are North American based you may want to be part of the netowrk of EOJ Community Sites like the other ones I listed. (Check the Seal)

  • Sent in, hope I get it this time. I wonder how many people won who don’t even own the game. :-\

  • I registered 17 minutes late…Hope I got in.

  • I hope I’ll be luckier this time around.:) I probably just missed the cut last week. This promotion is a really excellent way to thank dedicated fans of EOJ and at the same time generate the interest of gamers that haven’t discovered it yet that may be inclined to spend alot of money on the cards in the future. Don’t forget the MSG 4 bundle is coming out in a month, and I think alot of people that have held off buying a PS3 will buy it.

  • i hope i get the cards, i entered at 8:05 est

  • hopefully this time i get them…last week i i came on like 10 minutes later thinking there was enough….so wrong

  • is another eoj website

  • It has been over an hour, have we hit 10,000 submissions yet? :)

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Registered right when the link went up so I hope that I got it this time.

  • Good luck DancingFighterG :P

  • This is so awesome. I hopefully get in this time. Thanks in advance guys.

  • Anyone have a clue to what the cards are? Also are they promo as in you can’t get them from a booster?

  • Volomon, yes they are promo. yes you can get them in boosters, but with different images than on the promos. hope this help.

  • So how does a wonderful site like become a member of the all mighty official site list? ;)

  • So how does a wonderful site like become a member of the all mighty official site list? ;)

    • Hey Rayvolution- The EOJ Official Community sites are sites that have been up for a while and have shown consistent content since the launch of EOJ. If shows the same kind of consistency over the next few months we would be happy to extend an invitation. Keep up the great work! You site looks great!

  • You know…when I think about it…I think I might have typed my address incorrectly ._.;

    Is there anyway to check on the submitted address or if (hopefully) I am one of the first 500, is there a way to change it to the correct address if it does indeed turn out to be wrong?

  • Yea, I have the same concern as Judo. I may have forgotten to put in my Apartment number on my address. Is there a way to add it?

  • I love this game. I just can’t win at it, so I get discouraged to play it. But hey Sony, what a great way to get people to download the $14.99 upgrade, give the 3 free cards.

  • Two questions:

    1: Can you guys release a wallpaper of the art for the three promos stitched together as one image as was intended?

    2: Any info on the other avenues for acquiring these promos?

    Thanks in advance :D

  • thanks chuck for answering me

  • man i still missed it please help

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo I forgot this was today

  • I hope mine went through. When I first hit submit, it had the webpage error, so I refreshed and it gave me the confirmation… I was in a hurry so I couldn’t actually enter a second time. I hope it went through…

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