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Eye of Judgment Promo Card screen


I think we knew that Free Card Friday was going to go over well, but we had no idea how well. The blog is used to taking in a good amount of traffic, but apparently it wasn’t ready for the EOJ community! We had an overwhelming response and we want to thank everyone who participated. Confirmation emails are going out today to the first 500 people that submitted their info, you should be receiving cards in the next 2 weeks.

For those of you who have been hanging in suspense, sorry for the wait. Thousands of addresses were submitted and there were a “ton” of duplicate entries and incomplete submissions that needed to be scrubbed so now we can finally contact the card winners. So, if you’re wondering why it took so long to get a confirmation, now you know.

Eye of Judgment Promo Card screen

For those of you who didn’t score the cards this time around, thanks so much for participating and don’t feel bad. Based on the response last week, we have decided to do …

Free Card Friday PART TWO!!

Note: This is for the folks who “didn’t” score cards last week.

If you were one of the lucky 500 who won, if you submit your info again for Free Card Friday Part 2, it will be counted as a duplicate and removed.

(Sorry ya’ll, but we want to spread the wealth.)

So if you didn’t win last week, be sure to dial into the blog this Friday afternoon (5:00 PM PST) for a “second” chance to get these cards.

Same cards, same rules apply. (Don’t worry- Jeff fortified the PS Blog for the next wave!)

Till then, have a great week!

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  • Nice. Thanks for these opportunities. :D

  • Thanks for the Cards ^_^ just read my mail

    and at 44 – Local is still better then buying online.. but glad to see somewhere in Canada has the cards because Alberta SURE DOESN’T. T_T

  • I got my confirmation email, yay!!!

  • Once again I set out for my weekly journey to find “ANY” EOJ cards.

    Target: None, Electronics person didn’t even know what they were till I pointed out the game in the case and gave a detailed description. I think he is going to buy the game. They had 2 peg hooks with labels for the Set 1, but has been empty for over a month.

    Wal-mart: None, I went to 5 different Wal-marts. They have never had them. I would tell you what employee’s tell me when I ask about them, but you would wet yourself with hysterical laughter.

    ToysRUs: 1 beat up Wood Theme deck from Set 1, nothing else. They have no idea if Set 2 will ever come in.

    Gamestop: I went to 3 Gamestops. Each store only had 2 booster packs from set 2, which of course I bought them all out.

    So for a whole days work of driving around? 6 booster packs from set 2, of which only 3 were new cards.

    Now if I could only convert all the multitude of duplicates I have into Gasoline to cover the entire day of driving around it would be perfect. I tried holding the duplicate cards up to the headlights on my car to see if it would read them, or at least transform into a Parmetic Deathspeaker, but alas no.

  • I dont have the game but plan on buying it to get the eyetoy. So the free cards couldnt hurt if I can cath it next time around.

  • maybe we can have a free promotional email address list contest, where the first 500 to post get to have their site advertised to everyone who signed up for the free promo cards! ;)

  • Tried to get a card last Friday, but failed do to lack of internet (I used my phone and the server crash made me think i lost service in the area). :( I will be trying again this Friday WITH the internet this time!

  • Another winner here…Thanks Mark and Chuck for all the hard work.

  • I think it’s great that you’re doing a second one for people who didn’t get in on the first batch, but I’m disappointed that it’s the same time again. I reloaded the page all day last week, and then finally saw that it would be 5PM (8PM EDT) when I’m unavailable. I logged in as soon as I could after that but I just got the email saying I wasn’t in the first 500. Now the next giveaway is at the same time again? Wouldn’t it make sense to do it at a different time to give other people a chance?

  • Wait a minute, i didn’t even get an email saying i got in or not, what does that mean???

  • I missed it last week thank you for the second chance :)

  • WOOHOO got my confirmation email

  • hey chuck, i have a question! i got neither a yes you got it email or a no please try again email… if i did happen to be one of the first 500, would i still get cards even if i didnt get the email? (i might have entered my email wrong :))

  • @Tristan: Seeing all the complaints about the fact that cards are unavailable almost anywhere make me wonder… Could you imagine how many players this game would have today, if cards would have been as easily available as MTG or Yugioh???

    In Canada, there’s only a few stores that are selling the game itself, and most of the time, it’s in the accessory section, not in the game section, so when people look at it, they likely don’t even see A game, but just an accessory, the camera. And since no cards are available anywhere, there’s absolutely no visibility whatsoever.

    Could you imagine if this game was really getting some shelf space in most stores? It’s not the Playstation Blog server we would bring down, it’s the whole internet : )

    With decent visibility, I could easily assume we would be five time as many as we are today…

    BTW: Why did you mention EBgames for Canada? Did you find one somewhere that sold the cards??? Because so far, they have been the most unfriendly place, EoJ wise, since they never had any cards (as far as I know), and they usually hide the game itself under the counter, IF they have it.

  • Keep this up and these cards will not be rare at all. LOL

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Didn’t get the cards so I’m hoping tomorrow I can get them. Was disappointed :(

  • Thank you EOJ.. i was one of the first 500 i got my email this morning.. cards in two weeks…. thank you Mark and everyone who helped set this up including Sony…. EOJ rules.. now if i can just get someone to play online.. players are getting scarce.. most time i have to create a room and wait almost 5 to 10 minutes for a challenge…. where’re all these so called advid players?

  • For everyone having trouble finding cards in the States.. try your local comicbook store or if your in a town that has a NEWBURY COMICS.. they get new cards almost every friday… hope this helps

  • 500 winners list

  • What is with everyone making lists? LOL

  • 500 list cont.
    500 winners list
    lost mongoose
    real gambler
    rated g
    someone cont. this list please so we know who the real players are

  • Checked my e-mail this morning and behold what I found… A confirmation e-mail stating I am a lucky winner. Woohooooooooo.

    Thanks to everyone at Sony who made this promotion happen.

    And it just goes to show you just what a strong community EOJ has.

  • this is so stupid i patiently waited for my chance at cards last friday and nothing just a stupid email i should have just bought an xbox 360

  • out of all the players of EOJ, how many have registered thier copy of the game….now who should get special treats….hmmmmm

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Alright. i’m going to try again and hopefully I can get the cards. Have to be quicker this time and know where the link will be

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Ok, 5:00, let’s do this.

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Does it take some time for your avatar to show up on the blog?

  • Good luck to all those people who tried last week but didn’t get it.

  • Result ! Got my Email, good stuff !

  • hope im not late this time

  • Good luck to all you guys and gals that did’t win cards last week or got in too late…we hit over 1000 blogs last friday for our cards… can you guys top us… thanks again to the guys @ EOJ

  • @78 took mine about a day

  • I really hope I get mine today! :)

  • 2 more hrs!

  • Why can’t every day be Free Card Friday??

    My poor F5 key has no idea what its in for today.


  • i can’t believe i’m in the hunt for these cards again this weekend :( i’m not sure HOW i messed up my own email :(

  • DancingFighterG

    Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Yhea, I don’t know how I messed up either. I will type real slow this time. :)

  • lol, who needs F5? last time, I just set the page to auto-refresh every 5secs :D got in right after the server came back up…firefox ftw…literally!

  • hmm I guess i need to read up on some rules

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