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Eye of Judgment Promo Card screen


I think we knew that Free Card Friday was going to go over well, but we had no idea how well. The blog is used to taking in a good amount of traffic, but apparently it wasn’t ready for the EOJ community! We had an overwhelming response and we want to thank everyone who participated. Confirmation emails are going out today to the first 500 people that submitted their info, you should be receiving cards in the next 2 weeks.

For those of you who have been hanging in suspense, sorry for the wait. Thousands of addresses were submitted and there were a “ton” of duplicate entries and incomplete submissions that needed to be scrubbed so now we can finally contact the card winners. So, if you’re wondering why it took so long to get a confirmation, now you know.

Eye of Judgment Promo Card screen

For those of you who didn’t score the cards this time around, thanks so much for participating and don’t feel bad. Based on the response last week, we have decided to do …

Free Card Friday PART TWO!!

Note: This is for the folks who “didn’t” score cards last week.

If you were one of the lucky 500 who won, if you submit your info again for Free Card Friday Part 2, it will be counted as a duplicate and removed.

(Sorry ya’ll, but we want to spread the wealth.)

So if you didn’t win last week, be sure to dial into the blog this Friday afternoon (5:00 PM PST) for a “second” chance to get these cards.

Same cards, same rules apply. (Don’t worry- Jeff fortified the PS Blog for the next wave!)

Till then, have a great week!

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  • Hooray. Not sure if I won last time around.

    Closer to knowing a date for the 2.10 patch?


  • When you say that the emails are going out today, have they already gone out or are they going out soon?

  • Hi chuck its nice see you again, for all the eurpean people we dont have promo??? here at spain ther isnt -__-, thx for other post offer here you have:

    we have forum, blog, and a new wiki eoj dedicated i wish you like it. ^^

    thx for all

  • Thanks for the update!

    I was on my honeymoon last week and was checking the blog regularly throughout the day last Friday. Had to try and be covert about it to keep my wife from throwing my phone in the lake.

    Happened to catch the post about 10 minutes after it was posted last Friday and signed up on my PDA phone while at Epcot waiting for the fireworks to start.

    Between the wedding and honeymoon I haven’t had a chance to play in over 2 weeks. Going to be firing up my PS3 for a few games here in a few minutes though.


  • Cool.

  • This is some good news.

  • Any chance sending emails to those who DIDNT win ? :-)

  • Awesome news about the emails AND the second contest. I have a feeling I’m gonna have to try again in 48:41!

  • I got my email saying I didn’t win ;(

  • Hope I get emailed

  • Well, I just got my e-mail. And no cards for me. :( See yall on the 9th. :)

  • Wooh! I am so happy now!

  • I got a Email stating That I will receive the cards. The Email is as follows.

    You were among the first 500 entries into the THE EYE OF JUDGMENT
    Promotional Card Giveaway. Three promotional cards will be mailed to the
    address you provided within the next two weeks.

    If anybody receives this email then congratulations.

  • w00t! Got email! for teh win!

  • I have a guestion me and my brother both put are info down then after it was all down we saw it said one per person per address so would that count as a dup or not.

    Also if it does not would only one person get the card or would we both get the cards too?

  • Win! ^^

  • I’m getting the cards!! Thank you!!

  • Awesome, got in! Thanks! And really, a heartfelt thanks for continuing to support this truly wonderful & innovation game :)

  • Is it possible to get a more detailed delivery date so I know when to go out and get it? Also how is it arriving? In the mailbox? UPS? FedEx?

  • Shocka!.. I will try again.. but 5:00pst is 8:00est for me. And I have a deadline at work to deliver for the meeting on Saturday. If I get a chance I shall try again.. If not then.. maybe I’ll wish for Part 3 .. :-)

  • Just got the email. WOO!

  • Got my email that I didn’t win,but I’m gonna try this friday.Thanks

  • It’s good that they are going to do it again. I talked to alot of cool people who were here with me all day Friday who probably didn’t get it. Good luck.

  • YESSSS! I’m a winner! Thank you SONY!!!

  • Hey Chuck just a quick question. Will anything be done to help the community as far as making it easier to find cards ? I know you can buy online as I’ve been doing alot of that lately. It just seems like we have to pay a lot more then we should (because of shipping and ebay prices) to get things like theme sets and boxes because most stores don’t think enough of the game to carry stock. I love the game (need more practice though…) but I feel like I would be able to buy more if it weren’t for this issue.

    • I agree, we are totally feeling people\’s frustration on finding cards. We know they are out there, but there is a good chance people are buying stores out. All I can say is if the demand is there, stores will re-order so be sure to tell your local GameStop or comic book store manager.

  • crazy_eyez_killa

    I’m a winner !!!! Whoever is in charge of all this goodness. You are the MAN. :)

  • devilnthedetails

    this is awesome, thanks you guys so much for giving us another chance to get these cards!!

  • I didnt win :( loll its alright it was a nice promotion
    Good job!

  • Darnit! My shift at work doesn’t end until 5:30, and I have zero computer access at work. This means people will have been sending entries for 35-40 minutes by the time I can get to my computer. My chances of winning on my second try to get those cards are looking pretty darn bleak.

  • Chinese Big Wing Bird

    I hope you really understand
    “eye of Judgment” really means “eye of God” looking at Judgment day! which is the eye of the satellite.
    They use it to keep track of criminals.
    Take care

  • Too bad we can’t get them signed. a Signed promo card would not only be worth a ton of money, it would be one hell of a collector’s item.

    Imagine when we’re all playing set elventy seven and some of us old school people show our “amazing pictures” of set 2 promo cards, signed by the artists/devs, mark or chuck *cough hint*

  • Got my confirmation email… yippie!

  • @5

    Actually, she leaves the room when I put EOJ in. That should tell you what she thinks of the game. Yes, I know, and I still married her.

    She’s not a big game player but loves Lemmings and gets a kick of out Aquatopia of all things… even though we have 2 real aquariums.

    Just got the email and looks like I missed out on the first round of cards. Does anyone at Sony take bribes? I have $20 with someones name on it if they can put me on the good list. :)


    • Lemmings? Sweet! Has your wife played Patapon yet?

      Save your $20 and just come and visit us again this Friday for your second shot. :)

  • Suck that I get off work at 5:00 and won’t be home till about 6:00. Looks like I’ll miss out again. Damm!

  • I got my confirmation email . Mmmmmm free cards..

  • One of the lucky 500!!! Thank you!

    Was really fun to bring that server down! I almost feel sad that I cannot try to bring it down again friday. Though I’m sure Jeff and his team did a great job (and hopefully got his Yuengling!) But I’m sure there will be enough EoJ fans to test it too!

    It’s nice to see this community being supported . Thank you all for your hard work guys. All of you!!!

  • Prima Guides finally responded to why they have not done an EOJ Guide Book, here is what they said cut and paste:
    Are there legal reasons why you have not done a guide to the PS3 game Eye of Judgment?
    Thank You
    Prima Response:
    Absolutely! We don’t have a license from Sony to do the guide.

    My guess is License Fee’s are either HIGH or very hard to come by.
    So Mark…Was there ever a consideration for a Guide Book, or was there just never any plans to do one since the Theme Decks come with a mini-guide?

  • YES; YES!! THANK YOU! I registered for the PS Blog for the first time just now to say thank you for giving us a second opportunity! I’m a huge EOJ fan but totally forgot about Free Card Friday until it was too late. THANK YOU!

  • This is a smart contest. I had no plans on buying set two cards. Now that I’m getting free cards I’m getting the add-on from the PlayStation Store and I’m looking for a set two deck online. It’s great that your going another round with the contest. Maybe if my friend wins free cards this time he will get the update and play against me :)

  • Hello,

    Thx for the great news, but i do have 1 small question. I sent 2 applications because there were an error in my postal code ( zip ) on the first one and only noticed after I backspaced to check. so i sent another 1, that did not win btw, with my correct postal code.

    This is not my real code but it shows the error I made :

    G1P 1P” instead of G1P 1P2. i just wanted to know what i could do to confirm you have the right postal code.

    Tyvm for your time and sorry to bother you guys.

  • I can’t believe i got the cards so awesome. Good luck to all who enter the next one!!!

  • Come on guys… We don’t have a GameStop in Canada (and the EBGames that we do have are sparse and very spread out). Why no deals with chain stores ? The same stores who carry the bundle ?

    Can you shed any light as to WHY places like Walmart/Zellers/Blockbuster even, don’t carry the cards ?

    I go to the corner store and there are Yu-Gui-Oh cards everywhere. I was hoping the EoJ was going to be as easily available.

    I’m just really itching to collect these… I WANNA PLAY *cries* :P

  • Tristanmike, and other canadian eoj players, there’s a store near me in Qubec city that has all theme decks and boosters.

    you could order from them online and at least save the possible customs fee from buying in the US.

    I’m glad if this helps someone get some cards, and i do wish everyone was as lucky as me to have a store here in Canada that has plenty of eoj. We also have a gamestop and EBgames here, but neither of them carries the cards …

    Hope this helps some of you.

  • Chuck Lacson thanks for replying to my last post.

    I now have another I was not one of the 500 and I was wondering if I was but was taken off the list because me and my brother both put are account info.

    I really do not think I was but I was just wondering if because we both put are info in that because we did it would cancel us out thinking we were a dup.

  • How about posting Part 2 at an earlier time for those of us not in a Pacific time zone. Here on the east coast it was 8pm on a Friday – my wife seriously didn’t like me taking away from our family time. I don’t know if it will fly if I try it again this Friday :o).

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    I’m ecstatic that I got the cards, and think it’s awesome that those that didn’t will be given another shot!

    Last Friday I registered twice, since I wasn’t sure if the info was recorded, and I now have two emails about the Free cards. The first one says that I didn’t make the cut and the latest one says that I did.

    Is there anyway I can confirm that the winning entry has the right info? I would hate to have made the cut, but have the cards lost in the mail… :(

    Thanks for the update, and the continued support!

  • How about opening up these promotions to us EoJ players outside USA/Canada?

  • I got my confirmation! Perfect surprise to see at the end of a pretty crappy day. YAY!

  • Thanks Mark and Chuck for all your hard work. Is there a way you could also post a link to the “Offical Sites” in the email confirmation? Im sure there are alot of new players who would like to know places to get EOJ info and buy cards ; )

    Thanks. Christopher.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    I’ve heard that set 3 will be coming out at the end of the year, and I was wondering if these new sets will keep on going on and on (as well as the patches), or if after a year or so fans will just continue on playing with what’s available.

    Either way, I’m happy with all this content, which I expect will keep me playing and buying cards for multiple years, since I donn’t have the money to get all the cards now, I was just wondering if you get shed a little light on the basic outline of EOJ’s future life.

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