HAZE lifts on PSN demo tomorrow

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Hi everyone! I’m Aymeric Evennou, also known as Ubi_Wuzzi, Community Developer on HAZE. I’m here to give you updates on the game and get your questions answered by the developers. Basically, if you want official answers from the team behind HAZE, ask your question and check out our regular entries on the PSB!

For today, my introduction for the first post will be nicely handled by this video, featuring Rob Yescombe, screenwriter on HAZE:

You got it, I wanted to give you details on the demo of HAZE hitting the PlayStation Network this Thursday. Some of you may know it, this demo will take you straight to the opening level, called Salva region. You will then have a first taste of the game by going through the entire first level, with its lush and bright jungle and its suitable-for-massive-assaults environment.


If that is not enough, the demo will also give you a taste of not only the single-player campaign in HAZE, but will allow UP TO FOUR-PLAYERS, drop-in drop-out co-op play online and LAN. Bringing 4 friends to massive carnage is always fun and has never been so easy! Please take note that the voice chat won’t be activated by default so, for a better experience, before starting or joining a co-op game go into the sound options menu and turn the voice chat on manually.

One last bit of information I wanted to share with you today is that the demo will also allow for “private” rooms: these are invite-only sessions that will not appear in the list of servers unless you have been invited by the host. You can assign up to 3 private slots per game, so prepare yourself to “fight the good fight” with friends!


That’s all for today. We know you’ve probably got questions, so if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for in our “Ask the Devs!” thread in the Haze forums, post them below and stay tuned for further information!

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  • WUZZI!!!! :p
    i would like to ask something
    how long will the game be
    i know it depends on the player but from exp from the testers what were the results of it

    btw i cant WAIT!!! for the gamemy b-day is on the 14th so im going to try to pick it up if no one buys it for me :P
    later and mad props

  • You guys need to put Rob Yescombe on camera more often. His interview with Gamespot at PAX last year was one of the best developer interviews I’ve ever seen.

  • Man, Free Radical has been catching a lot a flak for this game.

    Still a first day buy for me though. I am very excited about the demo tomorrow. Looking forward to “Fighting the good fight” :)

  • Kickass, that’s gonna be two nice updates in a row! I’m glad I finished the main story arc of GTA IV, so I can devote some time to other games…Though I still have some 30% left of GTA for the 100% mark. I also have to buy Echochrome, there’s a lot of good things coming out for the PS3!

  • Oh, forgot to mention, I hope this game has built-in support for headset management and access to PSN messages, like Burnout Paradise does and indeed all games should…

  • Looking forward to this game. Hope it’s great and hope it stays exclusive. :)

  • Just wanted to say I enjoyed the demo from the EU PSN store. But one question I have is what is the Native resolution that the full retail Haze will be running at? There’s far too much hatred going on about the Haze demo running in 576p with no Anti-Aliasing.

  • I enjoyed the demo.Looking forward to seeing more of the game.

    PS.I’ve seen Rob before.He is insane.

  • Yeah Bring it on baby! I can’t wait to download this and play it! Haze has been on my radar ever senice before I bought my PS3, now I can show it off and all can be amazed!

  • @Aymeric Evennou
    1-Dose this game support the SIXAXIS
    2- Dose this game have an option to install the game to the hard drive.

  • In the game HAZE I was wondering if you guys are pushing co op as much you can. Than please tell me that if me and a friend next to me can go online together with spilt-screen……………….alot like Halo 2 where you and a friend can play in rank games in spilt-screen if so you just got yourself a fan for life.

  • OMG YES! cannot wait for this game! Gonna be stuck on the demo for a while.

  • regardless of what some may say i played the demo and had more fun with the Coop than I did playing on my own. Crank up the difficulty call in a couple of your friends and have a blast. This game show why SONY needs to get on the ball with in-game XMB. It is necessary! Haze might be just another shooter with OK graphics compared to COD and the others but you can actually get a game going with your friends a lot quicker then most games out their.

  • the demo was cool, i just think it was too easy. i flew threw it. the graphics are rough but its a demo. but as many times as they have pushed it back it need to look better and be a bit tougher.

  • i really hope this game does good so i can get it 4 me and my bro

  • Everbody talks about this 4 player online co-op…when really that does not matter…It’s the multiplayer we want….that’s what made Halo…not the game. With that said…they better have spent most the time on multiplayer….u beat the game in a week…multiplayer last forever…

  • Hay we all knew there would be snobs who have to justifiy their 20,000.00 dallar Sony XBR 1080p HDTVs by claiming that all games that don’t run in 720p or 1080p are not HD and should be boycotted. Oh well their loss the rest of the gamer world will move on without them. I would rather have a game thats 480p and runs as smooth as silk with no AA in use then a game with 1080p and 12X AA in use and only get 20FPS, or just as bad 30FPS ala GTA5.

  • Can’t wait for the demo. Played golden eye all through college so always willing to give Free Radical a try. Been waiting for this game for a while ;)

  • You don’t have to be a snob to say that anything less than 720p isn’t considered HD — because, well, anything less than 720p ISN’T HD.

    It’s not up to debate. It’s a simple fact. There are currently two resolutions that are considered “HD”. 720 lines of vertical resolution. And 1080 lines of vertical resolution.

    And if you’re happy with 480p, well, good for you. Nintendo makes a great little system called the Wii (Welcome back to 1996!)
    . You’ll be more than happy with pathetic graphics.

    By the way, the graphics in the Haze demo are beyond bad. I’m stunned that they would publish a demo with this quality.

    If the real game has these same graphics, I’ll be steering well clear of it.

  • As TouchyEd says its not snobbish to call that not HD. But HD quality graphics I can sacrifice if the game is good enough such as GTA and COD. On the fence with this game tell I hear more.

  • Poor graphics. And average gameplay.

    There’s really nothing distinguishing this game from any other FPS on the market.

    It’s certainly no COD4 (in terms of graphics or enjoyability).

  • Funny I’m seeing alot of the same names who claimed that Ratchet&Clank Future: Tools of Destruction ahd bad graphics, and that Resistance: Fall of man had bad graphics, Also your all the same people who claimed that GTA5 is the best looking game ever in history, I beg to differ! Check out Mass Effect, and COD4, as well as COD3, and even older games like COD2 have better ingame graphics then GTA5 has right now. They also have more things going on at once then GTA5, and have more PFS rates IE 60FPS for almost all of them.

    Your just mad it’s not 1080p so your uber expensive 20,000.00 Plasma HDTV you bought is yet agian not justifide at all.

  • On a side note you downloaded it off the EU store. ALl PSN downloads are region coded to only work on EU PS3 systems. Not everything is region free on the PS3, only hardcopy BD PS3 games are region free and work on all PS3 systems. All PSN downloads and all BD movies are region coded, and may not work as intended on a PS3 not from the EU.

    Trust me download it again from the US store and you will find it looks better, and plays better.

  • The version on the US store will look and play better because of differences in region locking?

    You’re a nut-case. Region locking has nothing to do with the quality of the graphics or the gameplay.

  • @TouchyEd

    If you play the EU PAL version on a NTSC screen, of course there will be a difference.

  • Differences in PAL/NTSC in the HD realm are related to framerate only, not resolution (unlike the obsolete SD realm where PAL had a different resolution).

    A 1080p frame is the exact same resolution in PAL and NTSC. As is a 720p frame.

    The Haze demo is clearly not even in 720p. It looks like a PS2 demo.

  • @TouchyEd

    Ok, I’ll take your word. I’m not buying the game now.

  • I’d like to retract my statement about the graphics looking like a PS2 demo. They’re definitely BETTER than that.

    But they’re certainly not up there with the likes of GRAW2 or COD4.

    I think COD4 has really spoiled us. It was such a leap in quality over existing games that it really set the bar way over the heads of most of the games we’re going to see in 2008.

  • ^Well, I won’buy a FPS if it’s not AT LEAST as good as COD4 MULTIPLAYER. Otherwise I’ll just keep playing COD4.

  • You guys are ridiculous. . .either buy the game or don’t, but this blog isn’t the place for this kind of talk.

    Anyways, I enjoyed a new blog post about a game I have on pre-order. I am completely stoked to hear that the demo will feature online coop and a full version of level 1 storymode. You guys did a great job on timing; the Metal Gear Online Beta is over, so this will leave me with just enough time to play this before it comes out on May 20th. ;)

  • ^^ Just to clarify, the beta ends May 11th, It IS NOT over yet. Sorry ’bout that all. -_-

  • This blog isn’t the place for discussing the quality of the HAZE demo?

    Hmmm….I thought a Blog about the Haze Demo was EXACTLY the place for this kind of talk.

    Where would you suggest we discuss the demo?

  • A forum? I just thought it looked so cluttered is all. Afterall, they did post a link to their haze forums in the blog post. But argue with me if you want, as everyone is into it I guess it cannot hurt anything but my self-esteem and up my stress level
    in-time for cancer. Yea, thanks for being a #### man, I appreciate it… Of course the majority are like this so do as you please, as apparently no one can teach you anything other than yourself. It’s cool, next time I won’t say anything then since you like to target me personally with unwanted attention as you have just done. Internet preds for the loss.

  • You guys are out of hand and it is stressful to me that you do not realize that. But whatever I will just keep to myself and “not care” from now on as you never learn.

  • Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth – you could care less, it’s all you do. You asked, so I told. Blame yourself for your downfall.

  • I was REALLY excited today when I saw the demo on the store! Unfortunately I didn’t get to play it yet… :(

    But, I’m REALLY excited!!!! lol I’m looking forward to playing this demo tomorrow!


  • The demo was way too short, and ended in disappointment because there wasn’t enough action or much to do in it.

  • awesome game!

  • Is it true that the game requires a 6 GB installation?

  • Well, played the demo. Not impressed. Oh sure, the graphics looked great, but they better be for a next-gen system. the whole nectar gimmick already has been done in Metal Gear Solid 4 (in the MGO beta) with the SOP system in locating enemies, and a whole lot better. The only real unique thing about it is the trippy effects it causes from using nectar too much. And a whole lot better too. The reticle for shooting through the gun’s scope is too busy and distracting.

    Granted, this is all based on the first level of play, but you’re supposed to hook players–but I’m not taking the bait.

  • Will the game support four-player co-op offline or just online?

  • My biggest issue with the demo was not being able to skip the cut scenes. Been a pet peeve of mine on all games. I’ve seen them 10 times I don’t want to see them again. I think that would get really annoying online.

    Other than that, the demo was pretty good I think.

  • The Mantel guy that pops up on a rock, talking about some screaming animal, wishing for chow looks like Ubi Wuzzi, sans the accent. Did you guys superimpose your faces on the characters?

  • Reefer_Smoker97

    dissapointment for me yes this is just the demo and only a part of a level or w,e but i dont think the graphics are that good and when u use nectar its annoying how the people glow they good have done better with that

  • Eternity_Viper_Snake

    the demo kinda of suck due to couple reasons graphics were ok could of been beter, the nectar was cool to a certain point till i got tired of seeing all the enemys in yellow all the time i would like to see blood and the person im really shooting at and i was really hoping (in the demo) the stage to be a little longer and the co-op online play like everyman for himself or team battles like the extreme lost planet (ps3) demo has. but my opoion it would be a rental sorry. and that’s because im first person shooter fan also (pretty sad) :(

  • i cant wait to get my [DELTED] ps3….lol

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