HAZE lifts on PSN demo tomorrow

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Hi everyone! I’m Aymeric Evennou, also known as Ubi_Wuzzi, Community Developer on HAZE. I’m here to give you updates on the game and get your questions answered by the developers. Basically, if you want official answers from the team behind HAZE, ask your question and check out our regular entries on the PSB!

For today, my introduction for the first post will be nicely handled by this video, featuring Rob Yescombe, screenwriter on HAZE:

You got it, I wanted to give you details on the demo of HAZE hitting the PlayStation Network this Thursday. Some of you may know it, this demo will take you straight to the opening level, called Salva region. You will then have a first taste of the game by going through the entire first level, with its lush and bright jungle and its suitable-for-massive-assaults environment.


If that is not enough, the demo will also give you a taste of not only the single-player campaign in HAZE, but will allow UP TO FOUR-PLAYERS, drop-in drop-out co-op play online and LAN. Bringing 4 friends to massive carnage is always fun and has never been so easy! Please take note that the voice chat won’t be activated by default so, for a better experience, before starting or joining a co-op game go into the sound options menu and turn the voice chat on manually.

One last bit of information I wanted to share with you today is that the demo will also allow for “private” rooms: these are invite-only sessions that will not appear in the list of servers unless you have been invited by the host. You can assign up to 3 private slots per game, so prepare yourself to “fight the good fight” with friends!


That’s all for today. We know you’ve probably got questions, so if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for in our “Ask the Devs!” thread in the Haze forums, post them below and stay tuned for further information!

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