HAZE lifts on PSN demo tomorrow

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Hi everyone! I’m Aymeric Evennou, also known as Ubi_Wuzzi, Community Developer on HAZE. I’m here to give you updates on the game and get your questions answered by the developers. Basically, if you want official answers from the team behind HAZE, ask your question and check out our regular entries on the PSB!

For today, my introduction for the first post will be nicely handled by this video, featuring Rob Yescombe, screenwriter on HAZE:

You got it, I wanted to give you details on the demo of HAZE hitting the PlayStation Network this Thursday. Some of you may know it, this demo will take you straight to the opening level, called Salva region. You will then have a first taste of the game by going through the entire first level, with its lush and bright jungle and its suitable-for-massive-assaults environment.


If that is not enough, the demo will also give you a taste of not only the single-player campaign in HAZE, but will allow UP TO FOUR-PLAYERS, drop-in drop-out co-op play online and LAN. Bringing 4 friends to massive carnage is always fun and has never been so easy! Please take note that the voice chat won’t be activated by default so, for a better experience, before starting or joining a co-op game go into the sound options menu and turn the voice chat on manually.

One last bit of information I wanted to share with you today is that the demo will also allow for “private” rooms: these are invite-only sessions that will not appear in the list of servers unless you have been invited by the host. You can assign up to 3 private slots per game, so prepare yourself to “fight the good fight” with friends!


That’s all for today. We know you’ve probably got questions, so if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for in our “Ask the Devs!” thread in the Haze forums, post them below and stay tuned for further information!

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  • awesome

  • Tres bien.

    I was hoping for the demo this week since I don’t really want to make a European account.

  • cool demo. Im wondering if the game will have dedicated servers orpeer to peer?

  • I really think this game can top COD4.


  • That all sounds really good except for the voice chat part. Don’t let that get into the final version, if you have to activate the voice chat in a manu, then no one will use it…

  • man…this is shaping up to be a great store update tomorrow.

    so far (confirmed) is Pixel Junk Encore and now this? that pretty much is a great update on its own. anything outside of this will just be icing.

    maybe some Sony Day Europe videos/info and maybe 1 or 2 more demos. so far so good…tomorrow is already a great update in my opinion with these two updates alone.


  • @ superbone547

    i’m sure people can figure out how to hit the “ON” switch with voicechat. i’m sure that won’t make or break the game.

  • I got some questions:

    1: Is HAZE bit like sandbox type of game(ubisoft’s own Far Cry) or a bit more linear?

    2: Will the game support 4 player co-op and multiplayer in splitscreen?


  • Here’s hoping I can pull myself away from MGO Beta long enough to try it out. Eh, maybe when I get frustrated with knifers.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • 576p.

  • StalkingSilence

    Haze demo? Awesome! Add it to the list:

    === CONFIRMED ===
    – The Bourne Conspiracy [Demo] (FREE)
    – Guitar Hero III DLC – Muse Track Pack ($6.25)
    – Haze [Demo] (FREE)
    – PixelJunk Monsters ENCORE! [Add-on] ($5.99)
    – Race Driver: GRID [Demo] (FREE)
    – Rock Band DLC ($1.99 each, $5.49 pack)

    === RUMORED ===
    – Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds [Demo] (FREE)
    – SOCOM: Confrontation Theme & Wallpapers (FREE)

    Keep up to date with us: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=psnetwork&thread.id=205031

  • StalkingSilence

    The people who complain about 576p are also the people who say graphics aren’t everything and you need better gameplay. Come on guys, you can’t have everything! I’m looking forward to the multiplayer portion of the demo and think it’s cool the developers thought of us and made a demo!

  • StalkingSilence

    Last question – for the “invite only” slots, can I only invite people who are already playing the Haze demo? Or can I invite anyone on my friends list?

  • Ahhh, good, I was beginning to think this title was Vaporware.

    The HUD looks pretty cluttered, hope there’s options to clear some of that

  • StalkingSilence

    Questions from Ask the Dev you linked to make it seem like you aren’t happy with the game. Obviously, it’s hard to get a feel for tone on the internet, but what’s the deal?

    Q#4 Are you planning on using Haze’s game engine for any of your future projects?
    [DL] With suitable modifications and enhancements to it, yes.

    Q#20 Can you do ‘Capture the flag’ in split screen offline?
    [DL] No, because the game doesn’t support ‘Capture the flag.’

    Q#22 Will characters be customizable in Multi-Player?
    [DL] Well, you can customize other players from being alive to being dead. Otherwise no.

    Q#25 Will there be proper clan functionality?
    [DL] Nope.

  • I basically have 3 Q’s:
    1. How much of the game-play takes place in open environments v. enclosed spaces?
    2. Will there be customizable elements to some weapons aside from nectar enhancement?
    3.Any award and/or unlockables in the game?

  • I’m very sorry to say that but i was looking to buy haze on day 1 (even if im not a big fan of fps)i tried the demo on the European store all i can say is that i wont buy it.

    It was really disapointing, I never complain usually about any games that i am looking forward to but for haze i had to.

    The graphics are bad, but not only the graphics, the animation too and such ( i dont want to know what it was looking like when you first announced a date of release), the gameplay is not better too, i mean from the demo at least, you need to inject yourself the stuff to see people otherwise its very hard to see them, as human we are not that blind lol, well its not very usefull either, i mean if you dont you will die but it doesnt give you the feeling that it is necessary and gives you somethign special.
    Theres some things very cool tho like 4 players coop and such but it dosnt worth my money
    I’m sorry again, in my opinion it could have been a very good game but now its just another shooter.
    All those delays made it better but the formula is maybe not the way it should have been used

  • Sweet!!!

  • Thanks for talking to us Ubi_Wuzzi. I loved the sense of humor you seem to exude in some of your responses. I appreciate a good sense of humor. :D

    One particular question that I could almost extrapolate from the answers given, but just want to be sure is: is the four-player co-op available off-line?

    Also, pretty early on in the process of the game’s unveiling a pretty strong spoiler (the defection) was revealed. I realize that it was almost entirely necessary to show the game itself, but it seems like it could have been left at least a little vague. I also greatly appreciate stories and plot-twists. It’s a bit too late now, but, as a fan I’d like to request that, in future titles the storyline, your “cards” if you will, be kept a little closer.

    Once again, thank you. :D

  • #20,

    What in God’s name does that have to do with Haze?

    Quit spamming blog entries with your off-topic nonsense.

    As for the demo, hopefully it lives up to the expectations!

  • Will the Japanese release of the game have a full English option, like Uncharted and DMC4?

    Also, how much does the demo represent the final build?

  • StalkingSilence, no, we’re not the same people.

    SOME people complain about gameplay, SOME people complain about graphics, SOME of us complain about sound, and SOME complain about all three.

    Personally, Ratchet & Clank was a great example of all three working well together, as was Drake’s Fortune. I think Hot Shots Golf is pretty close too. Super Stardust is close, so are a few others.

    COD4 is a nightmare, graphically (for my eyes), its way too blocky. I’ve been waiting for Haze hoping it would look better.

    I honestly WILL NOT play any FPS that can’t pull off 720p for the same reason I wouldn’t play ANY FPS at 480p on my old systems — I want high resolution for accurate details and aiming. No details, no play.

    Gran Turismo 5: Prologue would be a great example of very high quality graphics and sound with decent but not yet outstanding gameplay (if they improve online games, I’ll upgrade that to ‘very good’ game play).

    Yes, I blog — https://blog.mikebabcock.ca

  • I’ll have to jump on this and complete it before MGS4.

    Looks like a good story too, that’s mainly why I’ll be getting it. That, and having my buddies being able jump in online to complete it with me. That rules!!!

  • @ Solid Squirrel (#11)

    Heh, the MGO Beta will be over in time for Haze. It ends May 11, Haze releases May 15.
    Plenty of time.

    And to Daver (#19):

    That’s all good and well for you, but I’ve SEEN it and the graphics aren’t bad, though I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion aren’t you? I’ll be deciding for myself with the Demo we are receiving tomorrow, just like anyone and everyone else who has a PS3 rather than listening to you. Good day, ma’am.

  • @XxBigP123xX
    get the f@ck out of here with 576p crap
    go play your halo2.5 in 576p

  • @ TouchyEd (29)

    Quite indeed. This sort of thing belongs in forums like on PlayStation.com, not on the blog.

  • I downloaded yesterday from the european store, and it`s cool. I will download from the Us store too, to play whit gringos :).

    The game it`s really good, i hope this games sells a lot of copies

  • Sweet.I’m definitely downloading this demo

  • SWEET! thanks for the info. I’ve been waiting to try this game out for awhile now..

  • 2 Week’s left!!!! And I havent even played 6 hour’s of GTA4. Then 3 more week later MGS4. You guy’s are killing my wallet!!!! But I guess that’s why I chose PS3 over the other system’s just have better games.

  • ive alraedy preodered this game and would like to know if you guys have anyplans to do things with HOME

  • yeeeeesssssss!!!!!

    can’t wait!

  • Can you tell us from when the build of this demo was from? Because it doesn’t look as good as the first screen shot you got up there. And on one of the boards we’ve been wondering when this build of the demo (from the UK) was from?

  • @Jeigh

    loll even if you have SEEN the game like you said… i played it and thats my opinion, i didnt write that to influence people not buy it.. It is just what i think, maybe i had too much expactation or something but it is how i feel the game.

  • I have been waiting for this demo ever since last year when the game was first announced .

  • well the images for the game are lies. Its not that clear and sharp. The demo plays at like 560p and these images look like they are HD 1080. The text in the game is blurry and jacked like as if i was playing on a SD TV.

  • #36


    You really think that Sony would be dumb enough to require customers to create an ISO of thier PS1 game (using their PC), then have them edit the ISO on their PC, burn the ISO back to CD, and then install it on their PS3?

    Yah, great frickin’ idea. No potential for piracy there, huh?

    As I said, you’re a fool.

    It’s a dumb idea. Drop it. Or take it elsewhere.

  • @40, I think you got the wrong number. ;-) I didn’t say anything about ISO.

  • You’re right Stoffinator. I think a moderator has removed Ouren’s comments about pirating PS1 games and editing ISO’s.

    Which re-numbered all the entries in the list.

  • I hope they remove all of my comments too, because now I look like an idiot insulting a bunch of people who never made any such comments.

  • Hey there Aymeric!

    First let me say, I really liked Timesplitters 2 and I’m looking foward to trying out Haze. I also really hope that Haze is a success for Free Radical.

    Anyway, I was wondering if there is going to be any 1080 upscaling support for those of us with HDTV’s that do not accept 720p?


  • Loving the YouTube video instead of crackle or whatever. Hope to see more of that.

    Oh, and I will be downloading the demo. :)

  • Don’t buy this game, it’s pretty average and sadly it can’t even be considered an HD game, since it doesn’t run in 720p.

    Pretty sad that Sony went after something like this instead of stuff like Bioshock and Dead Rising.

  • is this game a true exclusion or is its a time exclusion? well there be any home support?last question will haze allow mod support or even dlc?

  • Question:

    What inspired you to make Haze including the use of ‘Nectar’.

  • One question. Will this game stay EXCLUSIVE TO PLAYSTATION 3?

    We need an answer for that before we buy. I felt cheated when Ninja Gaiden SIGMA came out and I bought it then we hear that they’re only developing Ninja Gaiden 2 for the other console..

  • cozican12345176

    Graphix sucked when i played da demo

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