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Good news for all North American EOJ players, cards have hit stores earlier than expected and we have heard that many of you have already bought your Set 2 cards and have started building your decks and organizing your strategies. We are happy that all these players have cards now and are ready to play.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, call your local GameStop, comic book store and hobby shop to see if you can pick some up or go online to The Set 2 Download is ready to release today on the PSN. In addition, you will see a new EOJ theme available where you can switch backgrounds to your favorite affiliation.


We want to thank everyone for their patience and support for Set 2. As a token of our appreciation have concocted a “surprise” for you EOJ Fans so be sure to check in on the PS Blog tomorrow.

Till then, here are some more strategy samples from the Set 2 Theme Decks from Wizards of the Coast-

Earth Cropped

An Earth deck can be both highly defensive and capable of delivering a devastating punch. Here are some tips to give your custom deck a specific Earth theme.

Verzar Swordsman
The Verzar Swordsman provides one of the best ‘cheap shots’ available (Summoning Cost 1, Attack 2) and should be a staple in any Earth deck whatever its theme.

Wood Cropped

The Woodland realm contains a great diversity of races and affiliations, many of which can be used as the core of a themed deck. Here are some ideas to help you start customizing a Wood-themed deck.

Lord Hu
This redoubtable warlord is perfect in a long-game strategy. Once he is on the board, you have a huge advantage in the ‘mana race’. Every enemy destroyed is worth 1 extra mana to you, while the Summoning Cost of other Wood creatures is reduced by 1. Use Hu’s Wood Invocation to incarnate other support creatures (such as Goblin Fort or Edin the Persecuted) and save your mana for a summon-attack, courtesy of Juno Forest Dragon or Elven Night Rider.

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  • Could we have an update, where you can play online against someone without the “Check” winning the game. I think the “Check ” has its place and should be left in the game, but it would be nice to have a “Last Person Standing” option online.
    Out of 12 games I had only one person willing to just battle it out and not win by “Check” and then “Check Mate”.
    I can’t tell you how many times players are just filling the boxes with characters to just win by “Check Mate” Really no strategy if you just rush to fill boxes up.
    Once again the “Check” game play should stay, but surely you can add an option in the rules with “Last Person Standing”, something along the lines to take every box with you characters.
    I love a player that is willing to keep battling it out with me, sadly I have only found 1 willing to, that person was willing to actually battle instead of just rushing to fill boxes up, it was a nice long game and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Before everyone starts YELLING at me, understand I don’t wan the “Check” game play removed, it would just be nice to see another option to play a game of “Last Person Standing”
    If your that type of person, then send me a message on the PSN at my gamertag, which is frostquake.

  • Chuck,

    No one has yet to give us any word on whether there the Devs are going to patch the game so it will display in 1080i on TVs that only display 480p and 1080i. If you have one of these TVs then games like EOJ will be downscaled to 480p and it looks pretty bad.

    There is a huge thread on the Playstation forums about this and it is affecting many people.

    Please give us an update.

  • I just got the update yesterday and love it :D

    So where is the Surprise that you’re keeping for us?????

  • Yo, this is DancingFighterG. So what is this surprise that they are talking about?

  • “We want to thank everyone for their patience and support for Set 2. As a token of our appreciation have concocted a “surprise” for you EOJ Fans so be sure to check in on the PS Blog tomorrow.”

    So what is the surprise? I missed it.

  • There is no suprise as of yet.

  • now that aint right. check back tomorrow and i did and still nothing.

  • It’s the Playstation blog for North America, and it’s Eye of Judgment… Maybe there’s a delay? : )

    But I know that at least, it seem like everybody who’s working on EoJ works evening and weekends, so who knows, there’s still a few hours left…

  • i got the game love it but 15$ for the update and 3.99 for booster card’s this is a BIG down side for me.the update needs to be free i guess ill be on gta4

  • Sweet, finally got my first set 2 cards, what’s this ‘surprise’ then ?

  • No clue. they forgot about us.

  • Oh this is a cut and paste from the other blog, I want the developers to see this post:
    Oh, and I am sure this has been suggested before, but just in case, Is there ever, so ever, a slight chance that we will get an Eye of Judgment: Space Odyssey. Having it out in space, with Command Battleships, Freighters, Space Stations, Bombers, Small fighters, men in tiny spacesuits with tiny lasers. Can you imagine a card game like this that uses the eye camera for say, oh Star Wars, or Star Trek or even say the Marvel or DC universe. OMG you better get a patent on this right away!!! Those 4 franchises would blow Halo, MGS, COD, and Mario out of the water. I know if you guys did something along those lines it would sell a TON of Cameras, and you would be rolling in the cash atop your 24k Gold toilets. You have not begun to tap the potential of the card camera based game. Ok now I am drooling, gotta stop.

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