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Good news for all North American EOJ players, cards have hit stores earlier than expected and we have heard that many of you have already bought your Set 2 cards and have started building your decks and organizing your strategies. We are happy that all these players have cards now and are ready to play.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, call your local GameStop, comic book store and hobby shop to see if you can pick some up or go online to The Set 2 Download is ready to release today on the PSN. In addition, you will see a new EOJ theme available where you can switch backgrounds to your favorite affiliation.


We want to thank everyone for their patience and support for Set 2. As a token of our appreciation have concocted a “surprise” for you EOJ Fans so be sure to check in on the PS Blog tomorrow.

Till then, here are some more strategy samples from the Set 2 Theme Decks from Wizards of the Coast-

Earth Cropped

An Earth deck can be both highly defensive and capable of delivering a devastating punch. Here are some tips to give your custom deck a specific Earth theme.

Verzar Swordsman
The Verzar Swordsman provides one of the best ‘cheap shots’ available (Summoning Cost 1, Attack 2) and should be a staple in any Earth deck whatever its theme.

Wood Cropped

The Woodland realm contains a great diversity of races and affiliations, many of which can be used as the core of a themed deck. Here are some ideas to help you start customizing a Wood-themed deck.

Lord Hu
This redoubtable warlord is perfect in a long-game strategy. Once he is on the board, you have a huge advantage in the ‘mana race’. Every enemy destroyed is worth 1 extra mana to you, while the Summoning Cost of other Wood creatures is reduced by 1. Use Hu’s Wood Invocation to incarnate other support creatures (such as Goblin Fort or Edin the Persecuted) and save your mana for a summon-attack, courtesy of Juno Forest Dragon or Elven Night Rider.

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  • You guys a really supporting this game.

  • This game does look interesting, but I wonder how many people are online playing this? Does anyone know?

  • Love the game, have some set 2 cards ready to include my deck, love the expanded rule set.

    Was wondering – where is a place I can read about the new rules and such? For instance, what the heck is Decoy?

    Thanks for continuing to support a wonderfully unique & fresh gaming experience

    • All the Theme Decks have a full glossary of game terms in the Summoner\’s Companion booklets but with the SET 2 download you can access an in-game glossary as well!

  • @ Mcriggen – when I chose to play a ranked match, it takes me 5 – 10 seconds to match up with someone.

  • is that theme going to be in today’s update? that looks like it would look great on my 47inch lcd. lol.

    man…you guys are going to make me purchase this game. i keep reading more and more about it and think about checking it out. is there a way to pick it up without the camera (playstation eye) if we already have it?

    • Currently no, if you want the game it comes with the camera.

      (You can always give it as a present to a fellow PS3\’er.) :)

      Hope you decide to join the fun, it is a very cool game to play.

  • You guys make me want to try this game more and more

  • really want this game,and the camera is just a plus.going to wait till bargin bin time,the cheapest i’v seen it is €90 and hell no am i forking that out.damn irish retailers
    i really like the idea and i hope they keep this support up

  • I love this game….I just can’t financially commit myself to keeping up with the cards. Things are getting tight these days.

    Come promotion time for me, though, and I may be buying up boxes of these things.

  • PSN Store only will get this and Maps Pack to COD4.. nothing more today.. xD

    I don´t have anyone of this games..

  • Cool. Still undecided if I’m going to buy the new set though. I spent about $200 on Set 1 and didn’t play it nearly enough.

    PSOne games today please?

  • LOL if any of you call our local GameStop for ‘EOJ Cards’ and then quickly switch it to a BattleToads call—we will subsequently sell all your personal information on the black market hehe LOLJK—-props to those of you who caught the joke there.

    My bro will be psyched—he liked EOJ–although he uses the stand more with EyeCreate to make stop motion videos.

  • Sounds good but I’ve spent way too much money already and never got the whole set of set one. TOOOOO Much money they should be 10 cents a card not 50 like they are now. Way too much money. Anyways for the people asking, does lots of people play online well every time I went online I always had a ranked player to play against so your answer is yes. BUT, don’t get your hopes up moving up the ranks easy cause CHEATING CORD PULLING DISCONNECTERS pull the Internet cord if they are about to lose to you and after spending a hour into a ranked match a few losers do that and US “WINNERS” never get one honor point while the Disconnectors lose Rank points but like they care cause they still do it all the time. Thats the only problem I have with this game online. It should be that we still get Honor points along with the Win if they Disconnect while we have them in check, and its our turn and they lose connection “meaning” the loser pulled the cord cause he didn’t want a lose on his record!

  • There are lots of people playing the game (it is awesome). I have seen people with rankings such as 4800+. This means there are at least 5000 people playing. :)

    I’ve never had problems finding online opponents. The game is awesome, if a little expensive (for all the cards. Getting the rare ones can be tough!).

    There are a lot of active communities going as well… check out: — (great deck builder) — one of the better strategy sites

  • Thanks Mark.

    Can’t wait to start playing with all these cards hanging around. Everyone don’t forget to call your local comic book and hobby shops for these cards. Also if you need to find out any EOJ information check out

    Here’s to a great day for EOJ


  • i hope the surprise is how to get the Set 2 promos. I’ve posted a few times on Mark V’s blog about it, but havent gotten any response.

  • Yeah! This update is great!
    For all of you new to this game…
    You can pick up the game really cheap off or ebay with or without the camera. You don’t have to own very many cards to play competitively. The online ranking system has been fixed to account for disconnecting players as far as I can tell. You can find out more info from the Eye of Judgment forums at

  • Thanks for the update Mark. Everyone call your local comic book and hobby shops for these cards.

  • I’ll definitely have to go check out the stores for the new cards!

  • So did I hear someone say online was fixed MAYBE now about the Disconnecting Losers lol. I haven’t played online in like a month cause I got sick and tired of Disconnectors

  • hmmm “surprise” I like surprises ::cough::free cards ::cough:: :)

  • This game is in EVERY OTHER post, can we get some news on MGO or GT5P…PLEASE!

  • awsome i love this game, but i was wondering if you guys would make a special set of Playstation icons like ratchet and clank, nariko, kratos, Drake, Rohn, Jack and daxter…….etc. I think that people would love to see their favorite playstation icons battleing it out with each other in a really neat way. please respond even if it is going to crush my dreams.

    • We agree, that would be awesome to do! We have presented similar ideas to the team so cross those fingers and keep those dreams alive.

  • “We want to thank everyone for their patience and support for Set 2. As a token of our appreciation have concocted a “surprise” for you EOJ Fans so be sure to check in on the PS Blog tomorrow”

    NICE is all i can say! i hope you guys are sending promos to every person who buys the update that would kick *** lol

    cant wait i already put my $15 in the ps wallet WOO HOO our day has finnaly come

  • For those newly interested in the game, be sure to visit the PlayStation EoJ forum.

    Friendliest place on the net.

    Will help you get started, we even do some common and uncommon card give-aways.

    If you are looking for more information on the game, stop on by.


  • I don’t play this game, but it looks nice to try for lees than an hour ;)

  • How much is the cod4 map pack?????
    in $$. not pounds

  • well from what i heard cod4 map pack Free on ps3 $9.99 on xbox 360

  • thanks

  • Sweet. Its a nice refresher for new cards.

  • Thats what I’m wondering about to SUPER8SEAN is how much the COD4 packs will be since I held off 3 weeks now till today when all online stores said for weeks when the new COD4 game of the year with free map pack codes with came out. Its not coming out I mean look at it says out today but call Bestbuy and they act stupid and say what game again we have COD4 but not the Game of the year edition, it just pisses me off how they get your hopes up on ONE SET DAMN DAY and its never what they say on PS3 for release dates on there games. So I’m not waiting another damn week I’m out just to by COD4 for god sake now! Before that copy just leaves the store all weird like to lol. I can’t believe I believed this date and waited weeks for it to hear maybe the middle of May now is what I’m hearing. I mean good God lets make it year 3000 while were at to JEEZ!! LOL

  • ZOMG, we’re getting a PSOne game this week!

  • Very nice, I will get these cards today. I do have a question though….is what I am hearing about Castlevania Judgment true?
    Please say yes or “could be” :-)

  • it look cool i might consider getting it

  • So does this mean it’s going to be easier to find cards ? I just got this game about 2 weeks ago and I’m stoked to try new cards. I live in NY and its hard to find them. I understand online you can find them but the prices are sometimes crazy. Does anyone know where to find cards at good prices ?

    I’d love to get into this but I would like it to be a little easier to find cards/boosters so that I’d be able to stay competitive.

    • Welcome to the party! Ring up your local Gamestop, Hobby or Comic book shop. should offer the regular retail price for online orders.

  • Thank you.

    And for all the homies in Japan and Europe that have been kicking my behind with your missionaries and generals and sarmas…


    Sony, don’t you EVER do this to me again. You’re lucky I love you.


  • how much is set 2 download gonna cost

  • Great! I’m still undecided if im going to buy the 2nd set tho (maybe if the cards become easier to find here in canada, dont want to import them from UK again lol)
    I Hope the surprise is a campaign mode for the next update :)

  • @ shaunofthedead31

    It costs $15 just to be able to play with the new cards…

    and then of course you have to buy the cards..

    so you are being charged double!

    Very disappointing pricing strategy, instead of building communities by having the update be free, they would rather charge more for it.

    too bad.

  • Hey Mark, any answers on my question regarding the cross-compatibility of the update and the US/German versions?

  • thank you so much for replying back Chuck, i really hope that somthin like that gets made cuz i would love to see my playstation heros battle it out, ounce again thank you for responding.

  • I have the game and love, just haven’t played it lately.

    Q? How much trouble am I going to have if I chose to play online w/out dl’ing this update and getting new cards? Will I be obsolete now?

    • The game was designed so you can still play with Set 1 cards and win. There have been some recent issues with some Set 2 cards being too powerful but the team will be addressing that issue soon. We are all about having a balanced game with whatever Set you are using, so we will always work toward that.

  • LAME!, I am all for this game. But when i have to fork out money just to buy the ability to use the new cards i have to go and BUY thats not worth it for me. Why cant they just do an update for the game…Why should we have to go buy the cards and on top of that go and spend more money just to use the cards. Just update the game with the ability to use the cards you spent your money on.

  • Great game, getting better!

    Interesting how small the file size is though…not sure I understand how that is possible, but I did enjoy the fast download!

  • hey chuck,

    mark still vacationing on the french riviera…lol? great to hear the d/l is available now. it was causing a wee bit of strife on lbshooters with some of our members having set 2 and others not. but as my bro, thetwelve, says, “WORD”. the scales will once again balance.

    awesome work, guys! lbshooters supports you all the way. gotta go get my d/l now.


    p.s. don’t forget what we talked about (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)

  • I spent seriously $3000+ on cards and boxes. Im not wealthy or rich but love the game so much, this game has been a breath of fresh air for me. I collect all kinds of cards over the years and glad to see this game start to really take form.

    Thanks sony!

  • Could EOJ be put up on the PSN to download for the folks who already have a camera? Might be a solution.

  • This may sound silly, but I think it would be cool if you guys released EOJ deck boxes, with some art work on them. Right now when I build a deck, I just wrap them in the pack they came in. Yes I know there are deck boxes out there, but they are ugly. It would be a cool collector idea to release EOJ deck boxes. I know I would buy 10 or 20, and I bet the other EOJ fans out there would too!

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