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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: yet *another* company jumping (late) onto the blogosphere twitter social networking bandwagon. Like the title says, we’re on Facebook now – but we’re not there “just to be there.” We’ve re-created everything you find here on the PlayStation.Blog – news, pics, videos, links – all in one central location. We’re all about flexibility – find the PlayStation information you want in the way that you want – and here’s another easy option for you.

So you’re the type of reader who subscribes to the RSS feed, gets the email updates, and still drops into the site just in case… what does this page offer you? PlayStation Events.

Our promotions department will use Facebook to let you know every place they’re going to be (Coachella this weekend!), and in turn, you can let them know you’re coming through the app’s excellent event system.

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Another reason to join us? To let everyone on your friends list know that you’re a loyal fan of PlayStation.Blog. Because you *know* they obsessively read your mini-feed. Find our Facebook page here.

PS – Keep in mind, this is our first go at this, and Facebook is pretty darn flexible. Any applications you’d like to see on the page? Should we build our own apps? Let us know.

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  • all right!!!! playstation got a facebook!!!
    now get back to work on Home!!!! lol
    Do what ya do Playstation, Do what ya do….

  • A blog on facebook. Does it contain any info on whether the delay of Home means that in-game xmb is delayed? The current (lack of) of online integration leaves a lot to be desired. I’d far prefer that over a facebook page or a Secondlife clone.

  • Very nice addition to reach the audience and provide an alternate way to get information.

    I am also glad to see that a few others recognize that there is more than one Sony team working on Firmware updates, Home, and every other feature they have been clamoring about non-stop even though it has been announced and stated to be in development many many times. Maybe I should constantly ask my boss where my raise is at? Do you think I will get it faster?

    Keep it up Sony!

  • please, we need one of those programs that let you see your friends list on your computer, would be very nice for those who want to save energy and don’t want their ps3’s to be running 24/7

  • Cool.If a page for it is made on MySpace, I’ll try to be one of the first to add you guys.

  • Cool
    I love the ways u are constantly updating the PS Blog service.
    It really is great.
    Well done.

  • Not terribly interested in this feature, but are there any plans to some sort of Facebook app for your PSN id? I’ve got an XBox Live app that displays my gamerscore and recent gaming activity, I’d love to see something like that for PSN on facebook.

  • While there are some larger things going on at the moment that I hope will be addressed, hearing from you makes things a little bit better. Really can’t be mad at you, Jeff. :D

    Just be sure your supervisors know that if they’re ever looking to lay someone off.

  • thats cool but canyou get someone to come talk to us bout HOME since its now delayed ……. agian, and can you tell them to adress its consumers on this matter because many have no clue on whats going on with the service and i think its time that they have a chat with its consumers who are not so patient anymore

  • How about a Facebook app that acts as a gamer card or what have you. A badge or something on my profile that shows off what games I own, what badges I have in Warhawk and Resistance, my Uncharted treasures, etc.

  • Jeff-
    I created an account just so say this, so hopefully no one else has.
    First of all, I am an English major and you are correct, quoting multiple paragraphs requires only one quotation mark at the beginning of each paragraph and then one at the end of the full quote.
    Second of all, I have a request, a very simple one. Sony is the ninth most innovative company in the country, or the world, or something, so I would like you to prove it once more. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make a facebook application that does not totally suck nards. I stopped using facebook because everytime I check my e-mail I see that my “stats have changed” or that i’ve apparentley been turned into a zombie/werewolf/vampire/ninja/pirate/goatman/or some kind of strange lobster-like creature with a lions mane and a scorpions tail. My account is flooded with the stupidest, buggiest applications this side of myspace. In fact, facebook is quickly becoming worse than myspace. It all started when they let little high school kids on.
    And that’s another thing, and this is my rant. I don’t care about in-game XMB. Unlike most people on this blog, it seems, I have a job to work at, classes to study for, family to take care of, and books and music to write. When I turn on my PS3 I already know exactly what I’m going to play and how long I’m going to play it for, and if I want to get people together for an online game, I use the telephone, text messaging, e-mailing, or instant messaging. I don’t just expect to see my friends at the bar, and if one of them walked in and the bartender didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t get pissed about it. It’s my responsibility to stay connected, not his. Too many kids get on blogs nowadays who can’t even remember what life was like before online console gaming. In fact, no more speaking if you haven’t put at least 500 hours into Oregon Trail in your life.
    Well, what I’m trying to say is, look, you guys are the developers here. I bought the PS3 because I trust Sony more than Microsoft to consistently put out solid, quality products instead of rushing out crap. They aren’t taking massive development manpower from in-game XMB and Home to make a facebook page. Honestly, their janitor could have made the facebook page.

  • Jeff, you guys really need to step it with this blog, know your readers. The people that frequent this site are dying for game info. Where is inFamous, Killzone, LBP, Home, Team Ico, God Of War info…. Are you even gonna let us know what the deal with Home is? Do you guys even know? The negative comments I admit are annoying sometimes, but you guys have been dark on far to many games for far too long and it’s getting frustrating.

    • You\’ll hear a lot more about many of the titles you speak of as we get closer to E3. Look for impressions and details to start popping up all over the place beginning in a few weeks.

  • First time i’ve commented on this blog (been reading for a while but specifically wanted to comment)

    – I’d like to see the ability to associate your PSN ID with your facebook profile and have it displayed on the page. That way I could search my friends on Facebook and find out which are on PSN, and game with them!

  • ok facebook is an ok move. but isnt there more people on myspace than facebook? wouldnt want to be where there is more traffic to get more exposer? nice try sony but it seems that you guys have a lot to learn. first mistake was advertising Home in commericals when we all know it wont be ready until fiscal year of 2009. another is not having the XMB feature added to the console. i really hate when i get an invite while playing COD4 and i didnt know it was sitting there for a few mintues, and when i do accept invite the server is now full! mang, isnt that frustrating.

    it seems to me sony and the other goonies arent focusing on what matters most; gamers and helping gamers communicate with other gamers easily.

    this blog is nice but it sucks when the admin doesnt answer your questions either

  • Jeff-
    I hope you guys at sony realize we do not only need a global blog, webpage or some sort of global source of news, but beyond that, I think the whole Playstation business needs to be global.

    It was a great idea to make games region free (for PSP and for PS3). This is a global market anyway. But an online console needs to be entirely global and region free. I am not talking about the DVDs or anything. I am talking about the whole system, be it blogs or PSN store.

    It makes absolutely no sense to be able to buy let’s say Japanese games but not able to get extra content for them because each country has its own PSN store (and some countries have absolutely no access to PSN store at all).

  • Always nice to see the information expand into other sites.

    A question (might be a tad off topic): I am “the type of reader who subscribes to the RSS feed”. It would be very sweet if my PS3 could read RSS feeds and perhaps display them somewhat like the information board. Then I could easily see new posts from my favourite blog before starting COD4…

  • Comment on my own post: that wasn’t a question, that was a suggestion :)

  • Added i use the same name as here and the forums on Facebook. I don’t check Facebook as much as MySpace but i usually check it every day :)

  • Thanks a lot Jeff. I’m a big fan of Facebook, love PlayStation and PS Blog, so I became a fan asap. :D

  • Also Jeff, sorry for the double post, but it would be cool to receive applications on our Facebook profiles relating to PlayStation.

    • More specifically, what would you like the app to do? I have a few ideas (besides what has been suggested here), but more input is good, before we move forward.

      Oh, and you\’re very welcome.

  • Looks cool ;) I’ll have to join FaceBook now ;)

  • The masses are always critical, regardless of news good or bad

    Are there PS events in Hawaii? Looks like im adding this to find out

  • I poked you Sony!

  • Hey Jeff! Could you guys make a sidebar here for events too? I don’t have a facebook account hehe—-are you guys going to do MySpace too?

    Also, is there a way we can petition SCEA for events? Hehe I live in Montana (no, unlike what many people believe, only a few people here listen to country music and we all own cars—everyone outside of Montana thinks we all ride horses and junk) and we had the XBOX thing come here once (giant inflatable arena–actually did work there hehe 3 11-14 hour shifts) —you guys should send a PlayStation truck to our state fair and show M$ up hehe!

  • great to see that you are trying to reach more customers and fans.

  • I would also like to see Facebook and PSN to have some kind of link. I realize that showing resent activity on Facebook would be hard, and you guys might not have control over such things. But maybe being able to which of my PSN friends have a Facebook (and vise versa) would be more do-able?

  • Heh I actually just made a Facebook now.

  • 77 posts here, over One Thousand fans of the face crak site. Hmmmm, me thinks more people are going to favour that over this…hmmmmm indeed.

  • If you guys are interested come over to and see the players behind the games, a whole PS section was started too.

  • Jeff,

    I like this Facebook idea, mainly because I check mine a lot more than most people (iPhone user lol).

    I know that when Home is released, you will be earning trophies or something equivalent for doing certain things in games and you can display them in your home. Since you seem to like the idea of sharing your PSN ID info on Facebook, is there a way you could incorporate trophies/achievements earned into said Facebook application? This way, even friends who want a PS3 but don’t have one yet can see how good you are.

    Just a thought.

  • Some suggestions for your Facebook application:

    -Display your PSN ID (obviously)

    -Have it display your PSN avatar

    -Display your current comment on PSN (if it’s possible to do such a thing…)

    -Display what games you have or have been playing recently. (User selectable would be OK, but it would be amazing if it would automatically update with data from the PS3. However, I don’t know if you have the capability to do that)

    -When Home launches, integrate trophies/accomplishments.

    -Maybe have some sort of friend integration and/or game finder.

    I’d love to see something like for the PSN…

  • Can you tie facebook into PS Home when it arrives? It seems you need a “Window” out of the PS universe to really make PS Home really work for a social hub, Even if you go to a home area called Face Book or some other social site to get into that function, or maybe you could have an area in your apt to display any social info?

  • Wow, facebook is lame….

    Thanks for the news Jeff….but lame.

  • Its good the acknowledge it and it should shorten the information gap between consumers in Europe and SCEE.

    They should somehow link the European Blog and US Blog together so maybe its the same blog, but filtered through so Europeans only get EU Store updates and not EU AND US. This way, we all get information from the developers and it isn’t just limited to one region’s blog.

  • Jeff, it would be great to see Sony and websites like Facebook and MySpace work together to unite our PSN accounts with our accounts on those sites and also do a lot of other cool things.

    P.S. Thanks for replying to a lot of the comments made by other people. It helps to keep us informed with the exciting things you and your team are doing.

  • Jeff,

    I know it’s been commented on before but I really urge the blog developers to reconsider linking on the Playstation.Blog. When you have a user visit the site, you want to keep them there to read all the good stuff you have posted BUT introducing links that take you away from the site can cause the user not to return. Not as in “I’m so upset that it didn’t open a new window”, more like “oooh look, something shiny” At times I click a link and I forget to come back to the blog to finish my reading on a particular post because I got wrapped up in other content. The readers you are trying to reach would most likely use a web browser that supports tabbing.

    Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  • @82
    you sir, have some excellent ideas.
    I’d really like to see all these things.
    Also i can only assume a myspace counterpart is to follow. It would be awesome to see pressreleases and new blogs when i check my myspace and all that jazz. Guarantee PS.Blog would be in my top 8. :)

  • Created a facebook account just for PlayStation Blog.

  • facebook today……..

    myspace 2morrow……..

    PSN handle


  • heloo !?
    where my post ?

  • hi
    first of all my name is Sultan am saudi guy and i think am first arabian guy here in these buty blog..
    Me & al my Forum frindes wondering about FAQ wish to answer it from Mr. Dille

    1) Will Saudi STORE will be in Arabic language ??

    2) Will there in Saudi STORE will be Arab films and serials ??

    3) Do you have any interest in the Saudi STORE ? Or is that what is being loaded in the Europe STORE is loaded in the Saudi STORE simply !?

    4) Can you give me the time of issuance of cards in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East?

    5) We Arabs want to have arabin PlayStation blog for us ,,so Sony Will you make it ??

    6) Why the PSN is just be one blue colour !? it`s look like died STORE
    we want it more Action , Ebend life , More great ads and colours.

    7) Why not Sony do great Declaration and hype for her powerful Games as Microsoft do?

    Now to my Feedback :

    * Why not be the PSN logo full of colour and life as these pic i do it be myself with photoshop ..

    * We want the future Firmwares to be so small ,, lock to 360 Firmwares it not take 1 or 2 Minutes !!! and in PS3 it take 1 or 2 Hours

    * here in saudi Arabia the Maximum speed of communication is 8 and 10miga
    and its Extremely cost , not all the People have these 8 and 10miga.. so do you know about it ,, i wandren who HOME will be in my speed communication
    256kp !?

    finaly Sorry for Much of the talk but i hope you will answering it because it`s not just from me ,, it`s from me and my Forum..sorry agine and we Waiting ,,Good luck.

    Sultan Alyami

  • Jeff If you need any help figuring out what to do for the Facebook site:

    -Answering customer Email via video
    -User Game reviews

  • Hey Jeff,

    I would first like to say that SCEA is doing a great job at reaching out to it’s consumers. However, it is unfortunate the SCEE is not following suit. I am a UK gamer, and I would very much like SCEE to have a blog or to make this blog global. The EU region is currently the stronghold of the Playstation brand and I find it upsetting that we are not able to converse directly with SCEE. It seems that SCEA is taking more of an interest in it’s consumers than SCEE is. At any rate, I hope things change in the future.


  • Please tell me Kaz Hirai has a facebook so I contact him? Lol.

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