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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: yet *another* company jumping (late) onto the blogosphere twitter social networking bandwagon. Like the title says, we’re on Facebook now – but we’re not there “just to be there.” We’ve re-created everything you find here on the PlayStation.Blog – news, pics, videos, links – all in one central location. We’re all about flexibility – find the PlayStation information you want in the way that you want – and here’s another easy option for you.

So you’re the type of reader who subscribes to the RSS feed, gets the email updates, and still drops into the site just in case… what does this page offer you? PlayStation Events.

Our promotions department will use Facebook to let you know every place they’re going to be (Coachella this weekend!), and in turn, you can let them know you’re coming through the app’s excellent event system.

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Another reason to join us? To let everyone on your friends list know that you’re a loyal fan of PlayStation.Blog. Because you *know* they obsessively read your mini-feed. Find our Facebook page here.

PS – Keep in mind, this is our first go at this, and Facebook is pretty darn flexible. Any applications you’d like to see on the page? Should we build our own apps? Let us know.

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  • 1st .
    This is really cool and I might use it

  • “We’ve re-created everything you find here on the PlayStation.Blog”

    Unless you add something else than can’t be found here i don’t see why i should go there. seems useless.

    and yes i’m still mad by the delays, you know MGO, Home and XMB.

    • \”what does this page offer you? PlayStation Events.

      \”Our promotions department will use Facebook to let you know every place they’re going to be (Coachella this weekend!), and in turn, you can let them know you’re coming through the app’s excellent event system.\”

      People frequently has expressed frustration to me that they didn\’t know an event was coming to their area. We though Facebook was a great way to address this – and to see who else in the area might be attending.

  • Cool. :)

    I’ll add you!

  • i’ve never been a facebook guy, but always good to see more options offered

  • Wow.. so Home (the Sony answer for “social networking”) gets delayed until … well let’s just say the unforeseeable future and the PlayStation.Blog answers by creating a page for PS3 users to come together on Facebook. I seriously never saw that coming.

  • Can you please go global with PlayStation.Blog. The non-existant regional attempts just make it ever more apparent how good you guys are and how you’re filling a much needed spot.

    Please? For a chocolate heart? Or a bunny? You like bunnies dontcha?

    • We know that there are a lot of readers coming here from beyond North America (notably the UK, Oz, Germany, and more). We\’re in the process of working out how to make sure your needs are addressed. We hear what you\’re saying.

      I\’ll take the chocolate bunny.

  • ok…now for a comment…

    cool cool. myspace next? i don’t use facebook (and haven’t checked myspace in almost 3 months) so i come here for official PS news. this is a cool way to reach more people though so congrats.

  • aww…they took my first off because i didn’t leave a comment.

    touche’ sony blogmasters lol. message received.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Im just expresing my frustration, sorry if it sound a lil more serious that it really is.
    anyway i know that the official playstation site already offer the event promotion service. i don’t see the need to create a new page when there’s one that can be improved.
    btw i heard that the european forums get an update that allow users to link their PSN ids to their official forums ids. why don’t you add that to the playstation underground site?

    • I understand your frustration, no need to apologize.

      1 – if you don\’t find the Facebook page convenient, then by all means, do what works for you. I know that a lot of people check their Facebook account several time a day (or more), so it will probably work for them!

      2 – Single sign-on is a goal for our team this year – we are actively working on it.

  • i dont use facebook. but its cool that sony is keep releasing new features. and will there be a post about the home delay? or did i miss it. im goin to check

  • Okay this is pretty awesome.
    And idk if anyone else caught this, or corrected this.. but i just saw this right now. in ur first reply Jeff, you made a error. and before i say it, i just want to say, im not like a english major or w/e im just saying, u guys tend to type in proper english.. so i just want to point it out ..

    “what does this page offer you? PlayStation Events.

    thats what you wrote, im pretty sure there shud be quotes after the question mark..

    • Actually, and I knew someone would say this, I\’m quoting two paragraphs consecutively. In that case, you don\’t close the quote, because you\’re quoting the next paragraph too.

      Some English major can probably confirm that, but until then – NICE TRY!! ;-)

  • awesome, I actually might look at facebook…..

    Thanks Jeff for the new password… I wont let you down! ;)

  • Yay! I am so happy! I will actually use facebook more, too. I hope these PlayStation Events are good!

  • So we get to see the REAL you’s? We get to see what you look like or are you using an avatar?

    Do you think this would be wise that gamers around the world will now know what each other look like. ( yes I know eye chat but how about peeps you don’t know).

    This is a good idea to an extent. This Blog is where everyone converges to find info.

    Will the FaceCrack page, yes facecrack(you will see), be updated separately to this one? Twice the work for the same pay??

    I’ll look but i’m not too sure I want the world of Sony Gamers to know who I really am. Do you?
    Hope it works out great for you all. I may become a fan of your (FB)site.

  • My two posts deleted…</3

  • cool.

    add me on PSN


  • that’s awesome guys! I just became a fan. good to see you guys stretching your reach out into the facebook worl. I def think you should develop some kind of apps for your page on there. I would love to see some new exciting stuff that would premiere and be exclusive on there. great work. and why are people down playing this??? what’s not to love about facebook? this should be nothing less than 4 ‘boxes’!


  • I joined the Facebook list, so I’ll join this one too :)

  • Sweet, I check my FB everyday xD Have you checked out the Animoto vid app? It’s pretty nifty.

    And if you were to make your own apps, would you make them available to the FB population just like those WP plugins? (I find the author-comment reply plugin pretty damn useful btw, thanks for releasing it !)

    • Ya, we\’ve been kicking a few ideas around. They\’d be \’take anywhere\’ facebook apps, but debuted on this page.

  • ooh yeah,I’m a fan now also. I’m the guy with elephantiasis of the eyeballs. Cause I AM THATPSPGUY! I see EVERYTHING!!!

  • I like Playstation, and I like Facebook. So, this is an awesome marriage of awesomeness.

  • Heck yes. I am a fan of this.

  • What about a twitter feed?
    I use it on my blog and it comes in handy.
    At the top right corner,but you probably already know about twitter.I used your Blog Widget on there too..Very nice!

    I’m not a fan of facebook,but myspace is a different story.How about that?or do you already have one.
    Thanks Jeff.

    • He have a Twitter feed – but were really only using it during events (CES, etc). We are exploring how to keep it compelling with daily content, without it devolving into mindless \’I had the best sandwich today!\’ type of posts…

  • Dear Jeff,

    I’ll quote you here “We’re all about flexibility – find the PlayStation information you want in the way that you want – and here’s another easy option for you.”

    So here is my request:

    I’d like the PlayStation Blog to allow for video to be seen on the PS3 or PSP.

    I realize a non hacked PSP cant show streaming video (and I don’t have a hacked one by the way) so at a minimum I ask that ANY time you post a video you also provide download links that are PS3/PSP compatible.

    I find it odd that the premier point of contact with your customers is not compatible with your premier products (in the gaming space).


    • I agree that I\’d love for everyone to be able to watch the blog\’s videos on both PSP and PS3 directly through the browser but it\’s easier said than done. We\’ve had over 1 million video views on our Crackle page in the last 3 months, so we know that it\’s working well for a lot of people.

      Now I know that YouTube plays better with the PS3 browser, so we\’ve also begun doing a better job of uploading things to our account there as well. Bookmark it:

  • its funny seeing how fast people join the facebook group!!! nice eyes THATPSPGUY! XD


  • Way to pwn the grammar coach Jeff! But yeah, you guys are pretty late to the facebook party.

  • This is an off-topic question, Jeff, but I think it’s an important idea to put forward and you are the only person I’ve ever had an answer from on anything.

    When the Home closed beta is expanded, I believe it should be offered first to those who’ve spent the most on Playstation Store (and the Singstore in Europe). These are the people who’ve given more to Sony, these are the people who deserve first opportunity.

    I don’t care if that doesn’t include me, I just think it’s fair for everyone who’s invested heavily back into Playstation, yet again.

    Also, it’s smart business sense, people will then spend what they can at the store to get into future betas of other projects.

    While I’m talking, how about suggesting that those who spend $100 on the Store get a $2 credit to their store account for every $100? This would also get people keen to spend, spend, spend.

    Yes, I do know a bit about marketing myself and I’m very surprised these style of reward iniatives haven’t been seized on as an advantage against Xbox 360’s Live service.

    These’ll probably never get put forward though, the ideas are too good.

    Reward those who reward Sony? Full scale common sense if you ask me!

  • Pokey Pokey ! Yeah this is good. Face Crack will dominate your life for the next 6 months until you7 get sick opf application requests that fill your email inbox with thousands or request every day. Face Crack is what they should call it. Join that group also. Amazing the first time in ages I can rant and be totally on topic. Yay Jeff, will you be my friend?

  • I know my first two posts were off-topic, but what am I supposed to do? Wait for you guys to start a new blog about GT 5: Prologue?

  • Very cool. Yet another place we can all swarm to for information only to find that its updated 10 days after IGN/Gamespot/1up or any other gaming media company posts news about our Sony products.

    I mean I think we should hear about official news first on Sony’s own website. But meh, thats just silly thinking.

    Will you guys continue your tradition of Ignoring Ingame-Xmb/Home/MGO Failure problems? Or anything else that everyone constantly has asked for since Launch?

    Does anyone realize that this site is completely useless? It *Might* save the average joe (who has some how found this site by just typing it in) 1 minute of a google search that provides the same exact detail information from a source days earlier.

    Everyone is constantly upset here. And all you guys do is completely IGNORE everyone. Sure these are the die-hard-sony-fan-idiots(me included) who spent top dollar on a gaming console that doesn’t appear to focus on games. But BOY am I happy bluray won! and man I cant WAIT for another useless Bluray update to make it even more obvious how Sony doesn’t give a rats — about its gaming division.

    Ingame XMB would be far far too much. I mean, i’d much rather have a Faster online store to shell more money out to you guys! I mean, 600 wasn’t enough. I wanna spend more on the lack of games and other content, but I want to spend that money 3x faster with a cool interface.

    I’d hate it if I could literally be in a game, see a friend online, Pause the game, and send a game invite all without using my Cellphone or Instant messenger to lineup an online game. That would suck so bad, Imagine the time I’d save. Imagine how quick and easy it would be? Instead of ‘Oh my friend sent me a message. Let me QUIT the game, and read it. Then respond, so that they can also QUit what they are doing, and read it.” Now thats what I call 4d as well as next gen. I wont even mention the XBL service because everyone definitely has blinders on when it comes to the Sony Online Community.

    Which brings me to another thing. What community? A non-secure blog/forum where EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN can setup an account and troll/flame for days? There is 0 communication from Sony to its fans. This blog is cute, but as I said earlier. Its no Major Nelson. Its sad to see so much potential, possibly one of the most powerful gamesystems known to man.(console) Be dwarfed by an overheating underpowered PC when it comes to its community. But at least it has one.

    One where users/members can be acknowledged for their questions, at LEAST. But I guess you get what you pay for right? There is no reason that Jeff needs to answer anyones questions. Its not like we pay for our service. However, I’d gladly pay 50.00 a year to be able to have an actual community like XBL, and sadly I do. I realize that the 360 is an inferior machine, but guess what? They’ve got gaming down. Sony USED to have it down back before this entire generation has been one whole half erected attempt at supremacy. 10.5 million idiots(me included) RUSHED out to buy this thing because of the REPUTATION sony has EARNED through the years as the games leader.

    I guarantee you the number of people that are supporting the PS3 and want Ingame XMB dwarf the number of people interested in Eye Of Judgement Decks, or Flow Wallpapers, or a LATE TIE IN TO FACEBOOK. Its 2008. How long does it take for the executives at sony to agree to such silly ideas? It seems that the least interesting the feature, the faster it gets accomplished. Anyone else notice? We had a great store, yes a little slow. But it matched for the CONTENT on it. There was no reason to access it super fast, because you could more than likely find the content there. THere is plenty of room for improvement clearly.. but you work on flushing out the infrastructure first, which is what the psn store did. Set up some of the basic structure.

    It would have been great to then move onto what users have been asking for, and develop the first baby steps of ingame communication, but no. No, thats just silly. We can all wait until Fall again, only for that to be delayed, as usual, but at least its another date to mark down and people will pipe down for a while.

    Which is another interesting thing, the entire mediaworld is reporting that Home is Delayed again, but nope. No where on the blog. I guess its because you guys don’t want to read all of the negative comments? But you don’t respond to poignant comments anyway. Just the ones about PSN Cards/Eye Of Judgement/Some other obscure ps3 issues that the minority of people (who cant use google) find interesting.

    Why don’t you do us a favor and take down the Blog until Sony feels the need to respond to its customers realistically? Everyone can find out about how to cut the ps3 on and off or any other remedial information through the forum.

  • This is quite a nice little addition to be able to get informed about Playstation events and updates rather conveniently through something many people use daily…

    However, have you guys ever thought of integrating the Playstation Blog into PSN itself? Perhaps through the use of that little thing called the “Information Board”. ;)

    If you guys do integrate the Playstation Blog into PSN through the use of the Information Board, I would love a unique icon that flashes on the strolling information bar (the one at the top right of the screen) letting me know a new Blog has been posted (of course, have the option to turn that off as I’m sure not everyone would appreciate such a feature).

    I would also love it if you guys integrated it with Home once that gets released. “Playstation Blog Home Space”: a building dedicated to Playstation Blog updates and getting community feedback. Would be awesome to have a “virtual blog” to actually visit. It’s possibilities like this that are the reason I’m excited for Home (another reason I’m excited: visiting Sony’s E3 booth through Home…sweetness).

    Just my 2¢. Continue the great work guys!

  • “People frequently has expressed frustration to me that they didn’t know an event was coming to their area. We though Facebook was a great way to address this – and to see who else in the area might be attending.”

    yeah, I guess that’s one way to address that concern. How about a box on this blog’s front page showing upcoming events? Or a box on the Store front page?

    What I really want is to not have to go hunting high and low for current PlayStation information and content. Imagine one centralized location for everything. Or you can direct me to Facebook. Your call.

  • @willacuz: In game XMB has been confirmed to be in development for quite some time. What do you want them to do? Continually post here that “in game XMB is coming”?

    The Blog is a fantastic place to get secure, official information (read: not rumours) as well as get your questions answered (those red posts you see would be Sony addressing the community’s questions).

    I understand you want that type of communication to be built into PSN, but guess what! That’s what Home is for!

    These things are coming, but they take time. Have patience.

  • ya that great

    thank you sony

    ps3 will be always the best

    iam amr heikal from egypt and iam big fan of sony

  • I guess its a great addition….but im not using facebook so ill pass on this

  • Hey Jeff, this might be useful info for you. Then again maybe not. I know how it’s fun to bring all the things together and all that. I don’t know if it will work for a ‘group’ but for a regular user, you can add a plugin on facebook that sticks a twitter box in your profile. If you can’t get something like that to work with facebook, it could be cool to get a nested twitter box on the actual PS blog.

  • I love you guys! Thanks for keeping your service free and constantly expanding.

  • @ anyone who complains about i.g.xmb or home or anything. go play a game. if you’ve got time to complain to these people then use it to do something else. do we need to be reminded everyday of how you are angry that there are delays. There are delays in alot of things in life. get used to it, I have. Think about the next couple of big games to come out. GTA4, MGS4, LBP, BURNOUT maps, COD4 maps and everything else to come out between now and then. I love what I have and appreciate all that they the dev’s do. complaining like this is a waste of both their time and yours. Why not willacuz: instead get your anger out by going on warhawk and pwning some newbs or hopping on MGOB this friday and I’ll take you on personally, just me and you. Mono a mono. wateva that means. LOL. just the point is: This type of stuff takes TIME. Plus this isn’t the blog post to express it in. You have concerns, do what I did. Search the net for the head office number and call them. Thats what I did. Got my issues resolved immediately. I could just give you the number but the searching will help you to blow off some steam. Happy hunting,.. Facebook.

  • but i have question

    will killzone 2 will be for sure on fall 2008 !!?

    for mercy give us a word

  • I added the page on Facebook. Do you plan on doing something similar to this on Myspace as well?

    Thanks for the update on the unified log in. Hopefully that will be accomplished soon.

    • No plans for Myspace at present – we like the functionality of Facebook, and the ability to build apps for it.

  • I am blown away, not by the FaceBook thing but by how you read my mind!

    “yet another company jumping (late) onto the twitter social networking bandwagon.”

    Everything but twitter was right on, +1 for your psychic abilities.

  • I would like to know Jeff is your read the Home beta forums at all?

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on April 22, 2008 at 5:19 pm: 2 – Single sign-on is a goal for our team this year – we are actively working on it.

    How about y’all finish up In Game XMB first and worry about the fluff later.


    • Different teams, Cobra Girl. I assure you that single sign-on won\’t pull resources from the features you mention.

  • Hi Jeff,

    This is a follow up to #24.

    Thank you for the YouTube link. Hopefully I can RSS it on the PSP. (By the way…any news on getting RSS feeds for the PS3?)

    Would it be possible to suggest to all blog teams here that if they post a video a link to the youtube version (where it exists) be provided within the blog itself?

    I know Crackle isn’t your baliwick but eyeVio (another SONY video streaming product) allows for direct download of hosted videos…the quality is superior to youtube. Perhaps a cross division note to Crackle to add download links or perhaps SCEA can start using eyeVio for posting their videos?

    • I\’ll look into eyeVio, thank you. I\’m less concerned how you all find the videos, more concerned that you\’re able to find it in a way that works for you.

  • so we not going to get playstation nes update on the blog but on face books about events?

  • @ Cobra Girl.

    Long time no see. ;-)

    I doubt Jeff has anything to do with Firmware features. :-p

  • Is is just me, or can I not see the events thing highlighted in the blog on the Facebook page?

  • I hope that this does not defer from this site. Not everyone (including myself) has fallen on the Facebook Bandwagon, and if the Bloggers start putting more effort into that silly application than investing time into this unique site, well – it’s just one more customer lost.

    I enjoy reading and voting on here daily.

    Don’t take that away with yet *another* Facebook following.

    • Absolutely not. Blog first – always. Most of the stuff ends up auto-populating on Facebook. It\’s just another place to find us – a place many people check obsessively.

  • Some of the links on Facebook are not working for me.

    @ J. Rubenstein
    What’s the average views this blog gets daily? i’ll understand if you aren’t allowed to talk about that. I’m just curious… :)

  • So does this mean there will be a PSBlog for Myspace in the future and I can add it as one of my fr-fr-friends, and I can read the press releases in the bullentines? =D

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