THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: SET 2 Available April 28th!

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Happy Friday EOJ Fans,

We are pleased to have received confirmation from Wizards of the Coast that Set 2 cards will be available in North America on April 28th. We realize people have been having a hard time finding cards both here in the US and in Canada, so we hope to follow this post up with a list of retail stores as info becomes available.


Since our PlayStation Store resets every Thursday, we thought it would be best to make the Set 2 download available a few days earlier (April 24th) for $14.99.

We want to thank all the US fans for their patience and support. If you read the last EOJ post, we called out some great EOJ sites that consistently support the community. Since that post we have been able to reach out to these sites and are happy to support their efforts with exclusive EOJ content and official updates.

EOJ Cards

In addition, we have made some of these portals “official” EOJ sites. So the next time you see the seal below, you know that they get art and information right from the source.


Here are some of the new “official” EOJ sites-

Look forward to seeing a lot of great content coming from these sites as well as right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

As always, thanks for the support and have a great weekend!

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  • really nice set might buy them But evreything is coming out in a rush :-/ mgs4 gt5 gta4 omg dualshock3 ughh I need fix more pc’s for this But yes i will buy these if they are 14.99 same as the other decks

  • Will there ever be a pack with just the game and game mat?

  • and with the camera stand since i already have the PS Eye.

  • great news, now i hope i will finally be able to by the cards in canada, i cant wait, i love this game

  • oh i forgot…. also, what are the chances of making a similar eye toy card game based on star wars?? it would be the best you know….

    • By looking at your icon, I can tell why…BTW, Hasbro / WotC has the Hasbro license…so you never know…

  • great but,
    do you have to pay for the update(from the store) and than buy the cards as well??

  • #6 . Yes.

  • #7 Woohooo

  • How is paying twice a Woohooo statement?

  • hey Mark off topic is there by any chance some HOME info coming is all ready summer and SONY has gone all hush hush about it …..

    • Sorry, don\’t have much info on my end (we\’re just software) – HOME is a whole different group

  • As much as I like Eye of Judgment..

    I find it really stupid to pay for the game update, when we have to buy the cards…

    So what if people are misinformed and buy cards without having the update..

    It just doesn’t work? :(

    I’ll be skipping this update sadly…

  • i want scion the biolith lord already and now new cards are out, i feel so sad today =(

  • Thanks for the update. Can you say anything as to the supply of cards on this date? Should we expect all of the pre-orders and anyone going to the stores will be able to get cards? Or will they be extremely rare like Set 1 and have the supply slowly build over time?

    Any chance we can get an update to the US EOJ website soon? The fan sites do a great job but I think an official Sony source with great info (like the EOJ Sony JP site) would be great for building the EOJ community.

    • Yeah, we love SCEJ\’s site too. Hopefully you\’ll see something like theirs over here (that\’s the plan anyway).

      As for supply, we\’re trying to work closely with WotC & Hasbro to get you more info on where to get the cards. There was ample supply, just scattered distribution. Check back for more in a few.

  • hmm how about some custom soundtracks yes please.

    • We hear you guys loud and clear on this one. This is something we\’re pushing the team on if not new soundtracks, at least the ability to play your music off the HDD.

  • also i agree with number 11, to pay twice like this when the cards are already expensive is rediculous, in all honestly i question if ill be getting it either.

  • was wondering for set 3 should make it so we get a theme deck with a key to have the update.. :)

  • #12 blkant I have Scion the Biolith lord. Are you on eye of judgment manager? If so send a trade request to CurryUdon.

  • I would be curious to find out what happened with WotC???? Pokemons took over the printing press? For the last week or two, all the community managers in charge of EoJ, and yourself, simply vanished. Then today, all we get is :” Ok, the cards will finally be shipped on the 28th” Did you all went to WotC to feed the printers because they are lacking manpower?

    Anyway, thanks for the update. As I said before, you always did a great job, even updating us during your weekend previously… And now, bang, a late “news” release on a friday. Have a nice week end!

    • LOL…imagine me with the finger on the printing trigger…i would probably ruin the C/U/R/UR balance (on purpose)..mhuahahah

  • What the freak? Let me guess, we also have to pay another $15 for set 3 update?

  • I don’t like having to pay for both the cards and the update, but I can understand the reason.

    With such a large amount of people NOT buying the cards (printing them off the internet instead), they need to make their money somehow. Otherwise, they’d have no reason to make an update at all. I’m guessing the percentage of people who actually pay for the cards is not high enough to cover the cost of creating them (the physical materials and the man-hours spent on design work and balancing).

    In a nutshell, blame the card pirates for the extra charge. I’d do the same thing in WotC’s shoes. I’d bet that if there was no way to pirate these things, card sales would be high enough to do a free update.

    Of course, I could be wrong. That happens sometimes.

  • Hi Mark,

    With all the recent discussions being made over a Official Strategy Guide for The Eye of Judgment over in Japan. Why isn’t Sony Computer Entertainment of America partnering with BradyGames
    In producing the first U.S Verison of the guide for the North American Market. I would have loved the opportunity of picking up a strategy guide for series 1.

    For more information regarding the Asian Markets Official Strategy guide please see

    You even get a free promotional EOJ card along with your purchase.

    • Interesting, I haven\’t heard anything from across the Pacific on a guide. Maybe we can translate and use as content for upcoming blog posts. In regards to opportunities in Japan, there are plenty for various reasons. The culture, smaller region and very compact market makes it easier to pull of deals. For example, Famitsu (J gaming mag) blew in promotional cards and a cool game guide for (practically) free, but in the US that would\’ve cost a whole lot of $$$ limiting our opportunities.

  • Hi Mark,

    Why isn’t Sony Computer Entertainment of America Partnering with BradyGames in publishing the Official of Judgment Strategy Guide that is being released in Japan.

  • Mark, Thanks for giving us an Official Seal, we love this game and want to see it succeed. I know somethings are out of your control. I might add the biggest thing bugging the EOJ community is the “Disconnect” problem. Keep up the good work and will be set for series 2.

  • @ All the tightwad complainers on every EoJ post ever

    In order for you to pay only once for all this either:

    A) Sony would have to give you a free expansion, sure that’d be nice give us a whole new game for free, why don’t businesses do that more often


    B) WoTC would have to give away free EoJ cards. Walk into Walmart and look for the “FREE – take one” box full of EoJ cards.

    Its a legitmate business model, and although a poor one for a video game, its how THIS video game earns its bread and butter.

  • Hey, thanks for mentioning!!

    Anyway, it’s been some rough battles trying to fight against the whole word with my set 1 cards…but I’m not giving up!

    Thank you for the date. Will hate to wait that long but I guess I have to. Hope this date works this time.


  • Will the new really rare cards [akin to Phantoms] be just as random and rare? Ive baught a lot of boosters and still not a single phantom :(
    [Hell, havent even had any good luck on the other ultra rares department either] >.<

  • hey mark,

    thanks for the mention. man, we’ve got alot going on at . we’ve added an automated tourney and league function, an elo ranking system, trivia, a strategy guide, sponsors, a one-day swiss-style tourney, and our ultimate deck-builder is on the way. busy, busy, busy and having a blast. don’t worry though. no matter how busy we get, we’ll always have the space, time, and energy to handle a sony-sponsored event.
    thanks again, and keep up the good work.


  • mvalledor replied on April 4, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Sorry, don’t have much info on my end (we’re just software) – HOME is a whole different group

    Well then by chance any info on what EoJ will do inside of HOME? Like a lobby or the trophies?

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    when set 3 is releasesd, I’m assuming that their will be an update for that as well. Will we need to buy the set two update before we can buy the third one?

    Also, in a future update could you incorporate a search user/friend, so that we can ask to play a game even if they haven’t set up a room yet? I would just send a message but since there is no in Game XMB….. :( it just doesn’t work too well, if they can’t even read what I sent.

    • I\’m pretty sure you\’ll be able to buy 3 w/o owning 2 – I\’ll confirm when we get there (but count on it) – who knows set 2 may be free/cheaper by then…

      As for future updates, I know the team is working on tons of new feature updates for the online competitions…more to come soon…

  • to all the haters out there, complaining about having to purchase the download for the second deck….It’s the same thing as buying a game like Rainbow Six then buying each proceding Rainbox Six after that…if you get what I mean; your lucky they just did’t decide to release EoJ 2, on a completely different disk then raked you for $50-$60.

  • this has to be one of the most weakly updated games ever, its impossible to find the cards!

  • #17, your account says you don’t have scion the biolith lord

  • @ 13. If your just software and Home is just software. Than if Home is not supported, I am out of this deal. My copy is going used.

    • I think you\’re making a wrong assumption. Software marketing is a completely different working group from the Home development planning team.

  • A crazy wombat just tore up my mat (not really but it could happen, if I could find a wombat), anyway, any chance of buying the cloth mat by itself just in case wombats due find my mat?

    • I know there have been interesting talks from japan on more mat options from 3rd parties. When we get an update we\’ll pass it along.

  • I have a question about the update that’s not yet been addressed to my knowledge.

    I’m located in Germany, but I’m playing with a US-Version of EoJ. Will the Update from the German store work with my US-Version, or do I have to buy the update in the US-Store?

  • Thanks for the news, Mark. You guys do a great job keeping us informed. I for one understand why we pay for the update. Sure I’d love to get it for free, but devs gotta eat, too.
    Bummer about the date getting pushed so far out, though. I have all the decks and a box of boosters pre-ordered with CCG Armory and was hoping they’d be here for my sons birthday on the 20th. We’ll be stoked to play with ’em when they get here nonetheless.

  • Hi Mark (and all the gang). I’ve been reading the blog, in particular the Eye Of Judgment posts, for some time now. Like I’ve said on previous posts, I really like this game. I think it’s a fantastic idea to bring Collectible Card Games to consoles with a cool twist. Everyone has done a great job with this game and you all are amazing for trying to keep us updated.

    I’ve also constantly posted about how I can’t buy the cards anywhere. In this particular blog you mention “There was ample supply, just scattered distribution.” I’m sorry, but this is just not true. I suppose if you live in a major city in the US of A you might find “ample supply” but if you live in a small town in Canada, you get jack squat. You don’t even have a Canada entry on your Official Website….we’re only like 33 Million people here….

    Now, I don’t live in such a small place that we have nothing. We have a Walmart, we have a Future Shop, we have a Blockbuster, we have a Zellers….however even though these stores carry the game, they do not carry the cards. What’s up with this ? I haven’t been able to purchase a single pack of cards since day one (and I bought the set at launch), so in effect the game has been sitting on my shelf, and will continue to do so until I have access to the cards.

    Why don’t these large chains carry the cards ? Why don’t you offer the ability to purchase these cards from the official site ?

    I’m getting really frustrated in how (it seems) Sony constantly shafts Canada (with shipping delays over and above the usual delays, no access to contests, and basically ignores this segment of North America). The competition seems to be able to not exclude Canada…so what’s up ?

    I’m not trying to be a jerk with this post or a troll, I have been a Sony fan (not boi) for some time now and I have the utmost respect for the devs, and pr and eveyone involved in the industry, I’m sure it’s hard to do what you all do. I also appreciate the customer service I receive and have always been happy with the quality of product I purchase….but recently it seems harder and harder to get any straight answers. Could you please inform me a little of what my options are ? I can’t continue to buy products I basically can’t use.

    I look forward to your response.


    • Appreciate the honesty in your comment and many others have shared their difficulty in obtaining cards. I\’m on the road and your note deserves an in depth response – something that I can\’t do from my phone and with kids screaming in the car playing Buzz.

      Check back tonight.

    • Morning Tristan,

      To sum up our challenges, let me explain ample supply / scattered distribution…

      In North America, there are enough cards printed and shipped to support the existing sales figures – so \’ample supply\’ equates to cards \”manufactured and shipped\” and not exactly \”availability\” at retail…(continue read…will explain)

      Distribution on the other hand is the main challenge. Lets take a snapshot of the bigger picture, before discussing further. For the purposes of this discussion, I\’ll exaggerate these numbers a bit.

      ***extreme example***

      Lets just say we forecast 500,000 EOJ PS3 bundles sold. Lets also say that the tie ratio for booster packs is projected at 10:1 – based of market research, TCG trends, peripheral sales, etc, etc. = 5,000,000 booster packs. So as you can see from the above, \’supply\’ has been calculated, projected and manufactured.

      Now imagine the 500,000 EOJ PS3 bundles being split between various retailers (HQ\’s), then individual stores across the various cities. Again the projection game…Each retailer has to project how many copies they should order. Some may see the opportunity and take a big chunk of the pie, others may limit to a minimum (say 2 per store). In addition, they also have to project their distribution to stores, so some stores may have 20 bundles, others may have 2 bundles. (Hold that thought)

      Now for the distribution of the cards…most retailers don\’t sell cards at all, and this in itself has been a tough challenge. Fortunately, some do, and this is where the story gets tricky…So going back to our example, lets split our retailers into two groups – ones that buy cards, the others that don\’t.

      ***Again examples***

      Say the key EOJ retailers who also sell cards order 300,000 EOJ PS3 bundles and the corresponding 3,000,000 million booster packs. And the retailers that don\’t, orders 200,000 EOJ bundles and no cards. Now you have 500,000 EOJ bundles, but only 3,000,000 booster packs, at retail to support the the consumer base. Add to this, the split between cities and stores and you have \’scattered distribution\’ There are other means of distribution – hobby shops and e-tailers, but these don\’t nearly compensate.

      Now, combining the challenges on the micro level, its very possible/common that a city with 300 copies of the game only has 1,800 booster packs to support it, and if a few consumers (and I know they\’re out there) purchase 30-50 packs, this reduces the game/card ratio, leaving some consumers with their own challenge to purchase cards.

      20/20 hindsight – the one thing we\’re working on to help our consumer, is providing a specific list where cards can be found (both @ retail and online. We\’re sure this will benefit both consumer and key retailer supporting EOJ.

      I\’m sure you\’ll have more questions, but this is the bigger picture, that answers the bulk of your questions and explains our challenge.



  • Still think having a marketing manager answering question on a blog, early on a saturday morning, simply amazing. Kudos!

  • @Mark.

    Thank you very much for your response. It’s an amazing thing, this blog, and the work that everyone puts into it. Like the poster above stated, it’s simply wonderful to have such dedicated people to their job. In all honesty, I didn’t expect anyone to look at this blog until Monday, but here you are….a trooper indeed.

    Here’s looking forward to a long (an accessible ;P) future for Eye of Judgment ! Take care and thanks again.

  • >We actually just asked our PD group this. Do you have a US PS3 too?

    No, I do have a European (German) PS3 – but it play US games just fine. I was just wondering if the updates are cross-compatible between the different EoJ versions. I guess I have to buy the US update to be sure. Thanks for answering.

  • Hi Mark,

    Please keep in mind were not asking for a free Strategy Guide the community is willing to pay top dollar for fairly comprehensive and complete strategy guide. Similar to the one being released in Japan.

    Here a picture of the actual guide.

  • Here are some cool stuff the should be for the PS Eye.
    We need more games like this for the PS Eye.
    So many cool things could be done.

    Interactive Lego box:

    Total Immersion:

    Augmented Reality Game:

    Space Port:

    Physics and Augmented Reality:

    Zombie Attack:

  • Gotta give the kudos to TristanMike and his observations on how Canadians are being treated by Sony.
    You admit in your original post how cards are nearly impossible to find in both the US and Canada, and then go on to thank Americans only for their patience and support. I guess our patience and support isn’t worth the time it takes to acknowledge, eh?
    I’d go even further and guess that you’re gonna continue to gouge those of us who live north of the border by charging anywhere from 10 to 20 percent more for downloadable games and add-ons, not to mention cards.
    If there’s a real reason for the higher prices from, for example, the online PS3 Sony Store, I’d be very glad to hear about it. As it is, and I’ve made numerous unanswered posts and emails about this, I gotta assume Sony figures it can shaft Canadian customers because of greed.
    Thanks very much.

    • Apologies, merely an oversight…but technically you\’re American too – \”North American\”.

  • @43: Thanks for the pic.
    Man, I would just love for Sony to put out a comprehensive guide for the US version. My son is high-functioning autistic, and he pores over the gaming guides we buy for him, absorbing every little detail. Of course, I’d probably never be able to beat him after he memorized all the card strategies.

  • Hey, SonicKaos here from You forgot to add us to the list there Mark!

  • Seems like there are a few folks who’d love to have a guide for card/deck strategy, but not enough to warrant a production run from one of the big publishers. I’ll throw this out to see if it sparks any interest…
    I work for a commercial printer and manage the digital press department where we have 2 Kodak NexPress color presses. Print quality is not quite offset or high-end web, but we have printed the Apple iPhoto books in the past, so it’s pretty good. If someone [Black Cubic?] wants to develop the strategies and get Sony to cough up permission to use art [and maybe provide some art assets], I can price out a limited run of perfect bound full color books. They won’t be nearly as cheap as Prima or Brady guides at a low quantity, maybe 2-2.5 times the retail plus shipping.
    I am very serious about this – not a hollow offer.
    contact: powermac666 AT comcast DOT net

  • Hi from spain again Mark, here at spain we not have still the cards… -_-

    We have a web with information about EoJ his name is Los Hijos De Scion, http://www.loshijosdescion. what means Scions Sons, we are spanish, but many pepole north and south america write and read from this page, i have seen ther isn´t no one spanish web.

    Best regards.

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