THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: SET 2 Available April 28th!

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Happy Friday EOJ Fans,

We are pleased to have received confirmation from Wizards of the Coast that Set 2 cards will be available in North America on April 28th. We realize people have been having a hard time finding cards both here in the US and in Canada, so we hope to follow this post up with a list of retail stores as info becomes available.


Since our PlayStation Store resets every Thursday, we thought it would be best to make the Set 2 download available a few days earlier (April 24th) for $14.99.

We want to thank all the US fans for their patience and support. If you read the last EOJ post, we called out some great EOJ sites that consistently support the community. Since that post we have been able to reach out to these sites and are happy to support their efforts with exclusive EOJ content and official updates.

EOJ Cards

In addition, we have made some of these portals “official” EOJ sites. So the next time you see the seal below, you know that they get art and information right from the source.


Here are some of the new “official” EOJ sites-

Look forward to seeing a lot of great content coming from these sites as well as right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

As always, thanks for the support and have a great weekend!

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  • And Mark posts on a Sunday…wow, what a trooper indeed. I hope you’ve been having a great weekend :D

    Thanks for the explanation, it’s really appreciated. I understand (as much as I can) the difficulty in getting the cards out. I mean, I know that Collectible Card Games are enjoyed by a niche crowd and a little more difficult to push/get out there. When I really start thinking about the scope, my mind whirls. I think you all underestimated the demand from the card collecting junkie though.

    I guess my biggest frustration is with the fact that Sony allows these stores to sell the game set, but doesn’t make taking the cards mandatory. For instance one box of “Theme Decks” and two boxes of “Boosters” per three or four copies of the EOJ set. Something like that. If Walmart is unwilling to sell the booster packs, then they should be unable to sell the EOJ bundle. Let’s face it, the game hinges on the cards…. It just saddens me that some of these retailers stock Yu-Gi-Oh cards and don’t stock the EOJ cards.

    There is a local “comic specialty” store here that sells comics, Pen/Paper RPG books, Card games, models, etc. and he has been asked about getting the cards. He kinda just laughs and says good luck, that he’s been trying forever to get the cards to no avail. Now, he could be blowing smoke up my PS3 vents, but I don’t think so. I guess his supplier just sucks LOL

    Of course, what would be very awesome, would be for Sony to sell the cards over the Playstation Network. I don’t mean scans, I mean the actual booster packs and theme decks (with shipping and handling of course). Now THAT would be sweet.

    Anyway, I’m rambling and should move on now. I hope to be able to pick up the cards locally and if not, I look forward to the list of retailers (with a section for Canadian specific locations ;) ) where I can order the cards….and in bulk. :P LOL

    And just in case I haven’t said it enough, Mark, you’re a shining example of awesome customer experience. GO YOU ! :D


  • one of these days i need to pick up this game.. the camera seems a real useful addition to the PS3 system..

  • Don’t forget that My Eye of Judgment Community ( is a “official site” too!

  • That was a good idea to have the Playstation Store sell packs.

  • still waiting on the Sony Character Card Pack. i have been thinking about checking this game out so i’m glad to see the support for the game.

  • Hiya Mark, my questions is when i buy the update, am i only allowed to play online against others who have also purchased it as well, or can we still play against those still on set one? Will there be new element packs as well as booster? and for all of you wondering about getting cards, i work at WalMart in a small rural (country) town, and we have instock right now about 30 booster backs cuz i bugged the electronic dpt. manager to get on the suppliers butt to bring more in cuz me and my 3 buddies cleared them out in one week, took about a month but she supplied them and then some, so be persistent, ask the store to talk to their suppliers and dont give up, and our store is just lucky i guess, 3 of us have 2 phantoms and the 4th person has one phantom so far….. hope it works for you

    • You\’ll be able to play anyone with the original or set2 purchasers. And there will ne new element packs as well.

  • Sorry, forgot one more question, are the new packs gonna be only Series 2 or will they still have series one in them as well?
    Thanks for the time.

  • Hello Mark,
    till the April 28th, is there anyway u, programmers, can make the online battles in north America between north Americans only ?
    because, really .. I’m, and I think most north Americans, been owned so easily by set 2 users :s

    Kind regards,

  • I live in Europe and we got the update on PSN Store, which I already downloaded and installed (took forever). But when I went to the stores no one knew when the cards would arrive. Its really frustrating, when I just bought the set 2 expansion, and then not being able to use any cards.

    Now I have preordered a booster box in the U.S, and I really hope it wont be out of stock when they ship my order.

    The reason for ordering in the US: I live in Denmark, and I we must have the most expensive booster pack prizes in the world. 10 dollars per pack is pure theft!

    Poor me :(

  • I posted a comment in a previous EOJ topic stating that I refused to buy any further EOJ products if I was going to get double-charged for them (ie: paying for the update AND for the cards).

    I made this statement before realizing that people were scanning and printing their own “pirated” cards off of the internet.

    I now fully understand (and support) why the developers need to charge for BOTH the cards and the update.

    It sucks that everyone is going to get binged for the actions of pirates (and I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t pirated my share of stuff over the years). But that’s the price the gaming community has to pay.

    We made our beds (by pirating, etc) and now we have to sleep in it.

    Maybe by paying twice, we’ll be paying off some of our debt to society.

  • You know I was saddened to hear that the EOJ cards were copyable and I thought it would be a big problem for them when I first heard about the game.

    However, the more I thought about this the less I was concerned…thinking back on my MTG time, there would be a couple friends of mine who would create “proxy” cards to test decks or before investing in very expensive rare card from the past sets of MTG.

    More often than not, this is an acceptable practice among friends in MTG. That being said, in MTG tournment play, this is clearly unacceptable. Likewise, I’m sure if there were ever a non-online EOJ sanctioned tournament these copied cards would also be unacceptable.

    With all that said, another reason it just isn’t worth it to copy the EOJ cards is that you end up spending about $100 on ink and paper and the crap you print has no re-sale value. Instead, you could use that to buy boxes of boosters. In a way, these cards are an investment. Some of these cards will be worth money just like MTG cards are now. I’m not saying it will be the same, as WoTC have come a long way in understanding balancing and I don’t believe that the cards are in any way broken like a Black Lotus Mox Set was over-powered in MTG. But as an extreme example…a box of MTG set 1 (Alpha) Boosters is on ebay for $27,000. Sure, copying the cards might let you play online…but you don’t have the actual investment in the game like legit buyers.

  • Agreed. I would never copy a card.

    I love collecting cards, and owning them, and working hard to try to find the rare ones.

    My comment was not really about piracy, but about understanding why they’re charging for both the update and the card packs.

  • dear sony,

    thank you for killing the single most innovative product released in 2007. paying twice for the same game is completely rediculous, and your price per card is extremely high compared to other TCG games. please, make this update a free patch like it is, and encourage people to actually play the game instead of just pay for it over and over again.


    p.s. since the cards wont read in my poorly lit room, when will i be able to play w/o the cards?

  • Play a TCG without the cards?

    Are you on crack?

  • Hi Mark.

    I have to say, I’m really disappointed!
    Ever since I saw the idea of Eye of Judgment back at E3 2005, I have been excited about it.

    Then it came out and I was dying to get my package. But the cards were so expensive. Then the inclusion of an “Ultra-rare” card type just made it that much worse.

    Now, even with the $4 for 8 cards (as opposed to $4 for 15 MTG cards), we have to pay $15 for a download to load those cards into the game? I understand new creatures and spells have to be developed and put into the game, but that’s one of the “reasons” I heard for the high price of the cards.

    I love this game. But I just can’t justify the purchase of so much stuff. Your $15 download should be a code included in a Series 2 starter or theme deck. I’d buy that.

    Just wanted to voice my opinion.

  • Hi Mark.

    There are a few new sites being developed for EOJ right now, and I’m wondering what those sites have to do to get “Official” status, or what steps they can take to get on that path.

    I am involved in one, and we’re doing beta testing right now, trying to get functionality completed and tested ready for set 2’s release.
    It would be a godsend to have such marketing information available, so I was just wondering if its a launch it and when its “popular” enough it becomes official. Or can we ask for a review, or something like that?

    It would be great to know our limits with marketing materials out there available, and what we can and can’t do too.
    Any info you can provide on this would be great.


  • Just to let you know, I live in the Netherlands and it’s very easy to get the cards (both set 1 and 2). And thank you Mark for taking the time to answer all the questions.

  • Mark Valledor

    What is up with this update I just encountered???

    I just loaded the disc like normal and this time I actually hit check for updates just for the hell of it.

    It said there was an update 1374. I clicked ok/yes.

    Then it took incredible amount of time to download which is weird for me, as I have a wired connection.

    Now it is updating(I guess installing). It is updating 1,2,3, etc. all the way until 1374!!! Each install is taking as long as importing a song or 5-7 pictures.

    This is going to take forever! Now I may be overreacting for an update I don’t know about, but this is weird.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    will you still be able to buy set one decks and booster packs after set 2 is released?

  • I’m trying to get the original EOJ pack (game + camera etc.), but every place I look it says it’s been discontinued.

    I’m not in the US, I’m in Australia. What the hell is going on? I don’t want to buy overseas – I want my local version.

  • Hello Mark.

    I appreciate that, with respect to my previous post, your apparent lack of thankfulness to Canadians was merely an oversight, albeit an all-too-common one. With all due respect, Americans do tend to navel gaze…
    I also appreciate the fact that you completely ignored to gist of my post, that being the price gouging of Canadians that Sony continues to engage in.
    While retailers here in Canada routinely offer PS3 games and hardware at near comparable prices to those south of the border, Sony’s online stores continue to overcharge us by up to 25%. And to be completely honest, EOJ products, both online and in retail, are extremely expensive to begin with.
    This is a real concern and I would appreciate it if you or someone in marketing could address the reasons behind these apparently unjustified pricings.
    Thank you.

  • I’ve been reading through these posts and something is very disturbing to me… the lack of outrage that the set 2 is being released in Europe and Japan a FULL MONTH before us… What’s up with that? What is the reason we are getting it so late… It’s definitely a HUGE disadvantage for us. By the time we get them it’s gonna take a while to work out the strategies… without counting that I can’t play competitively for the next month this sucks big time… Why are we one month behind? Thanks mark

  • Hey Mark,

    I’ve looked, and looked, and can’t seem to find any mention of how to get the three English Promo cards. The Japanese cards are out, and I’ve even seen some English Promos via Taiwan, but how will we be able to get our hands on them in North America?


  • Hi Mark,

    What we really want, and are busting our tails to get, are some Set 2 promos.

    It’s seems kind of unfair (but, hey, life’s unfair – got it, honestly) that the good promos are only available to the Japanese. How can I get my hands on some really cool English promos.

    If you are kind enough to answer, thanks in advance.

  • Ok. I just sat down and read through all the comments here, and I just thought I should point out to the legion of whining children…

    YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT AN UPDATE THAT COSTS 15 DOLLARS. Most companies would have shipped this game out as a completely new expansion, requiring a new disc purchase, costing at minimum probably $45 (I’m irish so I don’t know the average american game costs, sorry.) on top of which they would then expect you to buy the cards.

    If any of you were playing magic back around the time of 2nd or 3rd edition, you would know that most 2nd ed cards became useless in 3rd edition, as only the newest set was allowed for tournament play. How do you think that went down with the players?
    It cost a lot more than EOJ are charging, I can tell you.

    And I will admit that 4 dollars or euros or whatever per booster is pricey. But this game is also the first of it’s type – and yes the cards can be easily copied apparently, and all the pirates are laughing their collective butts off at the people who spend the money on them…right up until the point that sony figure out a way to tell a copied card from an original, then we’ll all be laughing, coz we’ll have bought up all the boosters… ;)

    And finally – for anyone who can’t find the cards to buy locally – did it perhaps occur to ye, that you were posting on an Internet site? This internet is an amazing new fangled invention that lets you buy things from far away and have them shipped to you…

    For example, at (an american site) boxes of set 2 boosters are selling for 125 dollars plus shipping – that’s 36 booster packs. For anyone in Europe, ordering that set works out at 97euros and change including 28 dollars shippping – not really all that expensive – it’s the cost of going to a shop and buying 25 packs!!! Makes good sense to me…

    Anyways, just my two cents

  • i live in the Good old USA MARK ! i spent my hard earned $ on set 2 cards have them in hand now and cant play them What a bummer ! i have 6 booster packs enuff to make a deck of set 2 cards yet i still have to play ppl who have the update that i cant buy yet look i have $ i bought my cards from the 13th floor in the Uk had them sent express then i cant get the download sorry to say that hurts the pocket i coulda waited,
    the way i see it , it could have been easy why not if someone scans a set 2 card they get prompted to buy the update
    just another american that is not happy !

  • Okay so what happens to the folks that can’t afford the update(or have no means of paying for it IE CC etc etc.) Are they just going to be stuck with set 1 then and have their butts handed to them by players who have set 2?

    Just curious. Thanks!

  • Seems that quite a few people now have the Set 2 physical cards in North America, as suppliers (e.g. Gamestop) have now got them in stock earlier than expected.

    Is it possible to release the EoJ Set 2 store download earlier, so that North America can now use their Set 2 cards ?

  • @Mark: I agree with Grif!!!! There’s now 3 confirmed online stores selling Set 2 EoJ cards in the U.S!!!! Many lucky guys already have cards in hand. Even myself, as a canadian, may be lucky enough to get U.S. set 2 cards pretty soon. (Somehow, I still pretty sure canadian suppliers will be the last one to have cards). Please, pretty please, get that release patch on the store now….

  • I don’t know if you’re still reading this thread Mark, but can you tell us, with the cards starting to trickle out this week, if the update will be pushed up to the 17th?

  • I have started to buy the individual packs at my local Gamestop on April 14th, no starter decks yet. I have a really stupid question, you can mix your these new card packs into your old ones? or are they to remain separate??

  • @81:

    Yes, you can mix cards from set 1 and set 2

  • I have purchased 7 full 36 booster pack boxes and have opened 5 of them in total and am now 7 cards short of a set. All I am missing is the ability to license and use my $700+ investment. Waiting another week seems less than reasonable.

  • I too would like the release now. I don’t see any reason holding it back if you say it’s already done then why not post it?

  • I’m extremely disappointed that the EOJ Set 2 update is still unavailable in North America. The software is ready, and the cards are widely available. The excuse for delaying the update from March to April 24th was the cards would not be available until the 28th. But the cards are now available and the update is still not here. SCEA’s management of EoJ has been incompetent and their treatment of the game’s fans has been shameful.

  • Well at least you guys can play from set 2. I know there are folks out there that can’t because they don’t have the means to pay for the update I myself being one of those folks so stop whining about the update not being here

  • OK OK i just bouth like 10 booster paks of the second edition bc i recently buy the game and the new booster paks but then its this that u MUST pay an update pack for the game…. and i dont buy things from PSS so what now… i just trow away my cards???? seriously i love the game i love the idea of new cards and i even understand the price for the booster paks but a price for a update that MUST be free since ( u have to buy the game plus cards and decks.) ITS JUST NOT FAIR…sorry bc i dont want to be rude but this has made me mad … i really want an awnser ….. i think that us player dont deserve this…

  • Hey Mark. Still no word on the Enlgish promos? Theyre popping up on ebay and after spending HUNDREDS of dollars, I can’t see myself spending a few more for the promos. So, that being said, any word on how we can get them in the US?

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