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Hi everyone. Just a reminder that there’s no PLAYSTATION Store update today, but the Store remains open for business. As announced last week, Warhawk is still on promotion for $29.99 (regular price $39.99). We’re working hard on getting the revamped Store up and running. Keep an eye out for a walk-through video next week. In the meantime, take a peek at a few screens from the new interface.

PS Store 02PS Store 03PS Store 04

Have a great weekend.

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  • Looks awsome, great job Sony :)

  • Great News!! I’m glad to see that u guys at sony are pleased with the changes to the store enough to post updates and videos.
    I enjoy my playstation experience. I spend more time logged on psn then any other service.
    Myspace is so dead!
    I can’t wait until Home.
    And will the video chat improve? It lags.
    And any new camera applications coming?
    Any new Eye games?
    Thanks Sony, Have a great month!!
    Long Live Sony!!!

  • The new store looks great i cant wait for the launch.

  • Is this true that with the new PS Store that the PS Blog is going to add a forum.


  • The new facelift looks great but I have a few questions. These may be obvious to some but I will ask anyway.

    1. Why in the hell would you cancel updates to the store for 3 whole weeks to implement this? The store is still up and running so its not so that you can do anything to the allready exiting site. Also I’m not a code guy or anything but I have made a few web pages and I know that all this stuff is all written out and then just plugged in. It only takes a few minutes to switch it over. Maybe theres something here that I don’t understand. If anyone knows please feel free to clue me in.

    2. Why can we not just stream content from the store such as previews and such? At first I thought it may have been a bandwidth issue but I don’t think streaming takes up any more bandwidth than downloading huge files. Again someone clue me in if you Know something I don’t.

    Thanks in advance to all you younger folks who I’m sure will fill me in. Or perhaps a comment from someone at Sony will pop up. Great job on the recent forum activity guys. Keep up the good work and communication.

  • Thanks for the update Grace. Store is looking sweet, can’t wait to see it in action.

  • Looks good.

  • @50
    no it is of chain of olimpus :P

  • No thats the recently released Chains of Olympus TV spot.

    See THIS is what Sony should be all about. XMB, Home, give us an update, even if its filler and stuff we already know like this post.

    Notice the four star rating on a post that starts by reminding us of no update.

  • Very Beautiful ……..Can’t wait !!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for posting updated screens! As a couple other people mentioned, that wave in the background should move. I know it’s a silly thing to complain about but having it static is just going to detract from the overall experience seeing as the wave in the XMB moves.

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    @58> oops, yeah you’re right, thanks

  • Does the “Swoosh” that is visible in the background move? I think it would look really slick if it did.

  • great look but i got 2 question
    1)can we answer back messages while in the store?
    2)Does the store have a coming soon page in which we can see what coming soon on the store ?

  • Any word on the PSN cards? Also will the new store be region locked so that EU/US/JN users can’t have accounts on the other nations store any more and keep them restricted to their own PS store?

    If so I will welcome this update to the PS Store with open arms! No more PS Store crash every time a new game download for WarHawk, or a map pack for a game I own is released because 5000 people from the UK/JN, jump into their US Store accounts and clog the servers!

  • I hope these means the store we start seeing actual content. You know, things like PSOne games or PSN games.

    Jet Moto 3 got pulled down due to licensing… wonder why this blog never announced that news?

    If the Japanese PSN store (having the same old interface we have now) can have more PSOne games then the US store something is seriously wrong.

    SCEA has a library of like 800 games… we’ve gotten about 20. Pathetic.

  • looks great!!

    I was wondering when the playstation cards were coming out? Now that the store is getting a much needed makeover, can we expect to see the Playstation Cards anytime soon? I, like many of the younger PS3 users, don’t have a credit card and can’t buy anything from the store. If there were Playstation Cards I would have bought quite a few things, plus in all of the gaming forums I participate in I always see people asking where the cards are. So please, can we at least get some information on them.


  • home!! plz? lol

    but i see a god of war 3 icon i think!!

  • PSN cards are just like everything else, empty promises.

  • one more than i really want is new avatar im tired of the one i have but its the only good looking one i like.Can you guys make some avatar for aaa game that come out.i would love a god of war or mgs4 one.

  • TwoBlack4America

    The images look awesome.I’ll watch the walkthrough video when it’s put on the blog..

  • NicE!!! but… the update today??? where is it!!

  • @72 they said that there will be no updates until the new store is lauched.

  • Thank you Playstation…For all you-do this smiles for you:)…..Just keep’em comin’

  • And then when the PSN is back up we get……
    Metal Gear Online Beta to download.

    I got my invite… I got my invite… na na na na :P

  • Will the PSN cards debut with the new store?

  • @73 ohh..i see, but… when will ready the updates on the new Store??? PC and PS3

  • I posted this in the other thread but it bears repeating. Will the stores still be effectively region locked ie. will they still prevent people who imported games from accessing DLC by blocking foreign credit cards?

    While PS3 games are supposed to be region free currently if a person buys a game in another country or imports a game they will not be able to access any DLC, no add ons, no expansion packs. Either allow foreign credit cards to be used or release international PSN cards ASAP.

    Surely Sony are aware that people import games and some regions do not have their own PS Store?

  • @77 they will only update the ps3 store for now, and the store should be back up in the week of April 17.

  • I know it’s not quite relevant, but I’d like to see some tweaking to the XMB.

    1) Ability to sort games by Alphabetical order (within each system folder).

    2) Ability to split full versions of games from demos.

  • can’t wait for the new store! I agree with what others have said though. Would like a search feature eventually.

  • Hi Grace, I have a question.

    Since the new PS Store is not be restricted to the internet browser, will Remote Play with the PSP allow us to access the store still? I appreciate not having to turn on the TV just to start a download. Sorry if this question has already been answered.

    Thanks in advance!

  • edit – *is not restricted*

  • I noticed that the background is static. Plz work harder to get the wavy lines to move like in the XMB ;-)

  • Do those empty blank squares in some areas confirm there will diffrent content down the road ; ).

  • No that’s probably just the GOW: Chains of Olympus video for the PSP game. It would be cool to have a GOW3 video on there though, or maybe even Resistance 2 ;)

  • i think it is stupid that we dont get demos or anything new this week or next week. Sony could still give us stuff then put the new store out on the 15. But what they are trying to do is have a big blockbuster thing where you download the store and it is like WOW OMG look at all the new things. Then everyone forgets about what a crapy job they have been doing latly, then in about 2 months when home comes out everyone is compeltly happy and the last of the people who still are not happy with sony are silenced

  • Will download speed increase from the store or just store navigation?


    But please hurry i need the new COD4 maps ASAP!!!

    Im getting so much crap from my M$ fanboy friends :(

    But the pics look great and i cant wait for the new and improved store.

  • not-buying-incognito

    hurry up PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Thanks for the update looking forward to the new store front.

    PSone games I need on my PSP when the store comes back up. FFVII and MGS. Please talk to Square and Konami and make this happen. Thanks.

  • lol, title is very misleading.

  • Will sony at some time acknowledge that the rest of the world also would like to buy games from the psstore, and that people can and are importing the console to countries other than the “supported” ones?! I’d really love to buy some games and I know at least a few other friends who would too but you just won’t let us!! =(
    Could this support be included on the store update??

  • So based on your reply to another user’s comment — unlike the previous Store iteration, in the new Store version we will actually be able to still see all of the content even after we purchase an item? Sweet. I know in the current/old version, sometimes after you bought something, it would “vanish” from the Store content list. Lets hope it is still in the regular Store list…I assume thats how the new red shopping bag icon is being used.

  • i am so glad that you used the Singstar interface, it looks 10000x better, now fill it with some actual content worth downloading and we have a winning combo.

  • I thinks it needs breadcrumbs so you can “how you got there” and what category for instance GT5 is in like this:

    Downloadable games -> Racing

  • Will it now be possible to change the language of the store temporarily even if it is not the region’s language? Cause I live in Puerto Rico and not all of my friend s know english. And they’re that type of person that WANTS to read the terms of service.

  • Will the new interface keep a better record of what we have purchased through the store? I know that I buy a lot of games and stuff on the store but its almost hard to keep up with it all.

  • Will their be a Playstation 2 Classics, so we can download old PS2 games.

  • I have been watching a lot of History Channels HD, Space programs. I have to tell you, that you guys suck compared to what those people can do. I would hook up with those people and leave the dirt that you have, on the ground. The 3D look is in. Try it. We might like it.

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