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Hi everyone. Just a reminder that there’s no PLAYSTATION Store update today, but the Store remains open for business. As announced last week, Warhawk is still on promotion for $29.99 (regular price $39.99). We’re working hard on getting the revamped Store up and running. Keep an eye out for a walk-through video next week. In the meantime, take a peek at a few screens from the new interface.

PS Store 02PS Store 03PS Store 04

Have a great weekend.

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  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the video!

    Question: Will there be a search thing of some kind? Or if we go to “View by title, do we then get a list of all the games by alphabetical order?

    • There\’s no search at this time, but there are a lot of ways to \”browse\” content. And we\’ve created categories that we hope make it easy for you to find what you want. View by Title is indeed a list of all the games by alphabetical order.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    thx for the pics! keep up the great work!
    all and any info regarding this is greatly appreciated.

  • I notice the blue wave in the background is in the same position in every picture. I guess it is safe to say that it won’t move in the background like the XMB wave does. Still looks cool nonetheless. Looking forward to the video!

  • Looks nice, I hope it works as good as it looks

  • Looking great so far. Anticipating release day for sure. Keep up the good work! n_n

  • I’m looking forward to the update – it’s been getting unwieldy for several months now.

    Is there any chance of creating a UK/Europe based version of this blog so the non-US people get accurate information about their updates please?

  • I thought that the waves in the background would move around, so like while on the XMB I would click on the Playstation Store button and that big wave thing in the background would move to the middle of the screen and look all fancy. Judging by the fact that it’s in the same position in every screenshot, I guess not.

    Why is this going to take 2 weeks if you’re already done?

  • well if i have learned something with the ps3 that is patience. so i can wait.

    just one question:

    i read that this new store wont be region locked, does that mean that now we have an universal store? and if not, can we still use our “extra”accounts to get content exclusive to others stores? (i.e. echochrome demo in japanese store)

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    @ 6> most of what’s posted here is.. let’s say, universal.. interviews, vids, new pics.. all the same if you live in europe or north pole. I live in Europe and except for prize and release dates of games.. the info is pretty much the same for everywhere.. Why bother having multiple blogs, this one is very good

  • Will the new Store show how big the the download is before we start downloading it?

    Also, maybe an estimated time remaining for a download based on your current speed?


  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Thanks Grace for replying.

    By saying there won’t be search “at this time” does it mean we’ll get it later maybe? :p … But hey, if we have a list of the games by alphabetical order it’s pretty good already. PS: i did the fake you saw on kotaku and stuff lol. Did you guys saw it?

  • Are we going to have to install downloaded content or will it be like the PSP?

  • I noticed a Preview button. Are the previews a quick clip of the game or still pics?

  • Hey cool update…but here are some suggestions to make it better:

    1)allow a moveable wave like the xmb for the store (got suggestion from comment 7 ;) )

    2)maybe when u highlight over the store icon on the xmb, maybe u guys can add a preview…please

    3)maybe there could be links from the description of the games that could direct u to more information on the playstation site for more info


    1)Is there an exact date for the store?…i want it out now, cause it looks AWESOME!

    2)is the small surprise a in-store xmb…lol

    3)please..i need more info about the surprise…I WANT TO KNOW…lol again!!!!

    Thanks for reading!!! THE STORE IS GONNA ROCK!

  • hi Grace –

    what about the PlayStation Store for PC? Will that be getting a revamp also? thnx

  • It looks nice, please keep us updated on everything Sony is doing and planning on doing. We hate being left out :(

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    @14> What surprise? where did they say there would be a surprise?

    @16> No, that question was asked in the other PSStore post and the answer is no

  • Will we be able to still remotely access the store via PSP?

  • Will we ever get more PSN Avatars? I want a MGS avatar :(

    Also does the little red shopping bag mean you’ve already bought it?

    And “PS3 Eye” should just be “PS EYE”.

  • I WANT MY STORE BACK!! :) can’t wait for the store and updates to come back up…bring some ps1 games when you get back!

  • what a lonely thursday it be. what a lonely next thursday it will be. hopefully this will be worth the wait.

  • And when will we see more PSone games?

  • Love it, can we get more info on it?

  • You know, that’s two posts about the store, and I still haven’t seen the word “sorry”. I’d be fine with it if I could buy content directly from Harmonix or Infinity Ward, but I can’t – you’ve made your store the exclusive tollbooth for new content, and then promptly gone on break, leaving your customers (some of which, like me, spent over half a grand on your hardware) unable to access new content.

    Of course, I could have said content right now if I’d bought those games for my 360 instead of my PS3. What a mistake.

  • When and what is the expected downtime between the current PS Store and the new one once it actually go online?

  • When viewing an item’s descriptions, will we be able to see the file size before downloading it?

  • Cant wait for the new store to arrive. Overall I do like the idea of listing the games in alphabetical order, but it would also be nice to view them by price from low to high, high to low.

    Also will there be any changes to the PSN account management, since its seems to be intertwine with the PSN Store.

    It could use a little touch up too! lol

    Man, 2 weeks seems like forever!

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    any chance that the whole XMB could be remodeled? maybe udate 2.6 or 2.7, after Home and in Game XMB are finished?

    While it is fine now, i think it would be nice if when you selected one of the icons (photo, settings, game etc.) it would display the information in the entire space below the icon (in a way that is similar way to the remodeling of this Store) this way since more space would be allocated per section you wouldn’t have to scroll all the way up and down the list to get from one end to the other, and all the same reasons for remodeling the store would apply to this.

    while a simplistic approach can be good, sometimes people like their top of the end technology to look and feel extravagant no matter how they use them. :)

  • whats the preview button do on the picture that shows off gran turismo 5 prologue? im guessin it’ll just stream a quick trailer or maybe bring you to a list of all the trailers?

    and what game add on is in between the unreal tournament 3 add on and the poker add on?

  • I think I read the PC store wasn’t being “revamped” why no update for that?

  • So this one is going to be hardwired to the PS3 right? I can’t wait… keep up the wonderful job!

  • Im loving everything that I see! I just have one quick question. Will I be able to change my credit card number that I have on PSN, the last time I tried it wouldn’t let me. O yeah and another question. Does this new layout now mean that in the future it will make the store easier to revamp again? I can’t wait to see the video as well.

  • Hey guys, I have been checking this blog alot but never had a chance to ask a question.

    I would like to know what’s the Preview menu is for? Is it a video preview or a demo preview?


  • Hey Grace,

    If I may make a suggestion. Would it be possible to be able to alternate it from the image view to a list, meaning text and titles?

  • its cool that your updating it, but you NEED to add movie rentals, or full downloads for movies!!

  • How about working with Bethesda on getting their remaining downloadable content onto the store for Oblivion. We’ve been waiting forever!

  • Thanks for the reminder. Looking forward to the new store (and the video) a lot. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Thanks for the update Grace. I’m assuming when we click Videos there’s a sub menu to separate Blu-Ray, Game and Theatrical videos as it is in the current store, correct?

  • What does that red bag symbolize in the second pic? That we already bought it?

  • Wow… the first day I didn’t want to say nothing about the store because if I don’t have a positive comment I will not said nothing but now with this screens I really like it now… maybe if the menu of the left some inset or glossy buttons or something will be better… maybe I don’t like that kind of light blue. Everything else is just perfect, with a search bar will be beyond perfect lol….

  • can we get a video on how to work the new store?

  • oh I forget it… the preview thing before buy the game that’s really cool.

  • nvm didnt c you already adressed that

  • Really love the new design of the store. Look forward to it.

  • Totally digging the store design. I also have a question, are there plans for more avatars for the PSN ID’s, or perhaps we could use our own from pictures on our hard drives?

  • Looks Great, Still feel like I’m gasping for air and content ;(

  • At least give us some new juicy information regarding it if a new post about the new GUI is going to be made…

    Resistance 2 trailer on April 17th?

  • Will there be a Playstation 1 Tab? ;)

    • There will be a sub-category for PS one classics under the main \”downloadable games\” category. You can go there to find all the available PS one titles for download.

  • I am looking forward to an easier to read and navigate store. At 1080P every thing is too small currently.

    I beg of Sony to work with all publishers to get PS1 games (mostly greatest hits) in the store.

    This is so the store works better with HOME?

  • Stinkin Mushroom

    Euhmm… Do i see a God of War III Video icon ????


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