New PLAYSTATION Store interface coming in mid-April

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This morning, SCEA announced that the PLAYSTATION Store will be revamped with a new look in mid-April. We’ve heard your calls for a more fluid Store interface, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

As some of the most passionate and knowledgeable PLAYSTATION 3 fans out there, here’s some additional information on the revamped PLAYSTATION Store.

The New PlayStation Store

As you can see in the above screenshot, the new interface allows customers to browse through eight primary categories, rather than four, making it easier to locate games, demos, game add-ons and other content. It also enables us to put up to twice as many items per page, significantly cutting down the time it takes to browse through content.

Customers will be able to access, browse, shop and download content as usual prior to the store’s re-opening. However, no additional downloadable content will be posted prior to then, including this Thursday, April 3rd, and next Thursday, April 10th. Regularly scheduled content updates will resume with the Store’s re-opening, at which time additional games and game-related items will be added, including the downloadable version of the highly-anticipated exclusive PS3 title Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

When the PLAYSTATION Store is set to re-open with the new interface, PS3 users will be prompted to download a firmware update which will enable entry to the new store.

We’ll continue to update readers of the PlayStation.Blog on the status of the PLAYSTATION Store upgrade – including a video walkthrough – in the coming days.

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  • Nope, its not an arpil fools regarding the new GT on the ustralian PSN.. I’m not online right now but its about $50+ ozzy dollars

  • when the store finally comes back up can we please get a new HOME vid its been over a year >(

  • Love the new PSN PS3 store and cant wait for it and a video!

  • Noel/Susan, can you please answer the question regarding whether we’ll be able to access stores outside our region after the revamp is done.

    SCEE are horribly slow at having their content prepped for EU store distribution, and the thought of now being forced to wait weeks or months for content readily available in my language, compatible with my tv and ps3 is frustrating and terrifying to say the least.

  • Will there be a search engine in the store? Off topic note, I understand PSN wants quality over quantity, but will there be more old school games like pacman,tetris,card games,etc? I love the new look btw keep up the good work.

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Awesome update! Since this is now updateable through firmware, will we see consistent improvements to the store itself, and will they be through firmware updates?
    Some things I have in mind if they’re not already included are:
    1. Being able to listen to music while browsing
    2. in Store XMB (while not necessary, it would be nice, and I think reasonable especially since it is no longer browser based)
    3. Buying/renting movies and TV Shows
    4. Downloading Music
    5. Being able to change the background/theme & toggling between list and icon views

  • i’m just saying but will future big hit games have demos? because Assassin’s Creed or COD4 didn’t.. never mind i think i know where i’n going.. u__u” please answer though..

  • Susan can you answer that please? ^
    at the top

  • To Noel Silvia,

    Umm i’m just saying this and it my sound stupid to be saying it here but does Wal-Mart or Target sell PSN cards? i’ve heard that EB Games sell them but i really don’t know..

  • The reason for why you can download old content up until right away before the new store is released is because they are two different things…. (current = online application, while future one is an application contained on the PS3 itself), and they won’t be deleting(if that is what they will do) the old one, until the new one is up for grabs.

    Sorry if thats gibberish, but I think that’s the gist of it :|

  • Will the stores still be region locked ie. will they still prevent people who imported games from accessing DLC by blocking foreign credit cards? While PS3 games are supposed to be region free currently if a person buys a game in another country or imports a game they will not be able to access any DLC, no add ons, no expansion packs. Either allow foreign credit cards or release international PSN cards ASAP.

  • Sound to me Like were in for a Treat!

    I Really Think were all in for some Surprises.. But I do think were not getting in-Game XMB just yet.. but who knows.. I have a good idea on what might be in the 2.30 update

    My Perdiction of XMB is Still July-June date. but could be wrong! lets hope so LOL! :D

    — Instant Messaging — Anyone!! come on now wouldn’t this make all of our messages so much easier and faster of responding to all of our friends.. heck yes it would!

    Also would be so nice would be a Instant Messager just for signing in for friend on PSN that would be nice that way I could stay up to date with all my Gaming friends while im at work!

    Thats how decated I am at Gaming!

    And for most — Updated Browser — Could We get some Java Please!
    Aren’t We all tired of CLICKING ON (Do you want to run the Plugin?)
    Of Coarse we Do… LOL why would I be visiting the Site haha! jk

    No really I would like at least a feature that auto runs all Plugins if we could.

    Its cool tho SONY works hard to give is all we can for FREE! Very Thankful Thank You everyone! (BIG HUGS) :D

    I give them ALOT OF GOOD Credit for That!

    Let me get a cup of Tea with that! HAHA!

    HOME would So TOP off all of our Lists if we has a taste of some Good old HOME!

    I just Read in some other Blog posts on about GTA4 having Full HOME support so hope thats true its more then close that it could be so true! :D

    And not to metion that WARHAWK is geting a UPDATE the Coming Morning if you all Sleepy heads wants to know. ;)

    I Put on a quick game of my good old Fav warhawk and what do i see Warhawk is going to get a update!

    Found a post of it on also too

    and sorry for any miss spelling :D

  • It looks very slick. Can’t wait to test it.

  • i love this new look XBOX was already screwed now there just in the dark. lol. but i have a question… there anything new that PSN will come out with like i think a downloadable songs kinnda like i-tunes that way we can get songs that arnt just on CDs we already own?

  • Quote “gchen replied on March 31, 2008 at 11:33 am

    The PS Stores are managed and operated on a regional basis, so there may be some slight differences in the way we merchandise or categorize the content. We’ve selected the categories based on our market needs, and to make it as easy as possible for you to find the content that you want.”

    I’m know one thing for sure and thats the UK store people should all be sacked for doing such a great job (NOT!), because the content we get is never as good as US or Europe and basically sucks balls. If the PS3 was truly universal as you all claim it to be surely all the content should be released at the same time. I’m not bothered about your in game xmb, I talking about the simple things like game updates for Highstakes Video Chat, or the PSP demo’s all stuff that we haven’t got yet and might never get if the UK store guy’s don’t pull there thumbs out of their behinds.

  • Noel Silvia

    Hi, folks!
    Quick update for all of you.
    I just went through all of your comments again and gathered all of your questions, comments, and concerns.
    Even though we’ve been hard at work getting the new Store ready for its launch, we’ve put in some extra-extra hours to put together a special treat for you.
    Can’t say too much (don’t wanna ruin the surprise), but keep an eye here on the Blog over the next few days!
    See you guys soon!

  • Thanks Noel,

    Looking forward to that surprise.

  • Great Noel, I´ll be waiting with patience.


  • I am also looking forward to that surprise…Thanks!

    I have asked this before, however; I have yet to receive a response. Hopefully a reply can be given this time as I’m extremely curious.

    For me, PAL / NTSC support is a major issue. I really NEED the ability to play both on my PS3 (Games as well as DVD’s).
    It should be implemented to allow for switching back and forth from one to the other.
    Is there any hope for a revision to include this in the future?

    I will also list some of my future desires for the PS3.
    Additional requirements include:

    -Direct HDD access.
    -Icon manipulation.
    -Additional sorting options (Mainly drag & drop).
    -Improved browser support with Flash.
    -Password protection for users, installed games, videos etc.
    -Print Screen / Save Option.
    -iPod support.
    -Allow for standard key short cuts. (ctrl a, ctrl z, ctrl x, ctrl v etc.).
    -Allow for creation of new folders.
    -In Game XMB (As if it hasn’t been requested already).
    -XMB volume control.
    -Separate auto-play setting on DVDs / games.
    -Option to adjust opacity on XMB and contents.
    -Allow support for all container formats. Why have any limits?
    -Add the ability to run multiple things simultaneously. (Ex. Play a movie, without closing any running applications.)
    -Add a PS3 timer.
    -Add date and time on PS button.
    -Powered stand by USB ports.
    -Individual icon manipulation option. (Ex. Use own image without having to design).
    -During remote play have option to allow the screen to show the content rather than the current message. Perhaps even allow for head to head via PSP and PS3.
    -Ability to send messages from PSP to PS3 & vice versa during remote play.
    -Option to manually resize browser screen to fit all content. (Ex. Like a computer monitor).
    -Unlimited friends list.
    -All games utilize the “Players Met” section in PS3 XMB.
    -Larger character allowance for user icon comments.
    -Option to change or add to your friends names on your list.
    -More XMB colours.
    -Home (On the way I know but had to mention it…soooo excited).

    There are many more but I’ve clearly taken up enough space already. Is it possible that any or all of these might be included at some point?

    P.S . – Thanks for everything thus far. I realize that Sony is working very hard to satisfy an increasingly demanding consumer base. I just wanted to point out that all is much appreciated.
    Thanks and have a good day everyone!

    Sincerely: stri

    • Nice list, stri. Don\’t know if you knew, but some of those things you can already do.

      For personalizing the XMB icons, you can already do that by creating your own Theme and installing it on your PLAYSTATION 3.
      If you don\’t know how to do this, I\’ll be doing a blog post in a few weeks after the dust clouds have settled and the new Store has been launched, so keep an eye right here on the official Blog.

      iPods are already supported by your PS3.
      If you go to MUSIC, you should see your iPod connected right above all of your music files / folders. If your music isn\’t showing when you select your iPod, press the TRIANGLE button and select DISPLAY ALL and it will show all of the folders your music is stored in. It might be a little tricky to find your songs, but for now, that\’s how you can access your music files stored on your iPod.

      Great ideas and, hopefully, we\’ll see some of them in future firmware updates. One of the benefits of having upgradeable firmware!

  • thanks noel, but im gonna be needing to know if when you say extra extra surprise are you talking about store content or are you talking about the things were asking for like in game xmb? just please tell me im not getting my hopes up just for store content.

    • I can see it now – people taking this \”little surprise\” and running with it.
      So, to clear things up, emphasis on \”little\”.
      For those who don\’t like surprises, read on…

      We\’re going to be recapping some of your comments with answers to some of your questions, although please keep in mind that there are some we cannot address for a variety of reasons. Also, we should have some new screen shots for you, including a comparison of the HD and SD Stores, possibly some \”early looks\” at the Store, and Jeff\’s trying to get some video together for you guys so you can see the thing in motion.

      This time, \”little surprise\” actually means \”little\”, but we\’re proud of what we\’re working on and want to share it with all of you since, from the comments here, you\’re eager to see how it\’s coming along! ;)

  • i hope the surprise is good!! can’t wait

  • i know the surprises….anyway free online already is surprise when compare to rival

  • ooooh would this be a Little Big Planet beta? Am I allowed to start rumours? lol

  • will there be a PSP store update today? or is that not being updated also?

  • hey
    how about a movie section?
    ive read it has an adult section, that’ll get it flying off the shelves

  • What is the new firmware going to be called, 2.30 or 2.21??

    BTW Keep up the good work Sony and the crew posting exiting news here on the Playstation.Blog ;)

  • Noel,

    Thanks for posting a reply in such a timely fashion. I’m not sure if it’s widely known, but that is a major plus with the gaming community. It’s good to know that people are listening to the consumer.

    To clear things up, I was in fact aware that you could personalize the XMB icons & use the iPod, however; I was hoping for improved functionality.
    Perhaps I should have compiled my words better…for that I apologize.

    Mostly I was hoping for some sort of response regarding PAL / NTSC support…as I’m sure you are aware by now, that is my main concern at this point. Perhaps that is an area that you are not permitted to comment on, but it wasn’t addressed at all so I am left wondering. Could you please fulfill a favor and tell me something regarding this matter? I would like to know if you have heard anything about this, plan to mention this to your crew, or simply just not sure at this at the moment. Anything would help at this point. As a designer I am very meticulous in the way I create my own things…so I suppose it’s needless to say that my views will remain the same in every aspect of my surroundings. Playing a videogame is no different. There’s always something that I will find in need of improvement and it will clearly bother me until the day of its correction. As a result; I’m sure you can understand my need for partial clarification at the very least. Hopefully you are able to address this concern, but will remain understanding as well as loyal if you cannot.

    Thanks for your previous and continued assistance with our concerns…and as I mentioned before, all is much appreciated.
    I will look forward to any future posts you may contribute. It appears to me that you have a grip on things around here and genuinely care about keeping us informed.

    Take care and have a good day!

    Sincerely: stri

  • Sorry to double post, but it appears I’ve made a typo above. Not a big deal, I know…but I am picky like that. I am sure others are as well so, I’ll make this website improvement suggestion.

    -Add an “Edit Post” option.

    I’ve always found that to be an important part of any forum.

  • OMG……WHY SONY WHY!!!!!

    Why of all weeks not to have a store update dose it have to be the week for the new COD4 MAPS!!!???

    Now i have to wait 2 weeks :(

  • @325
    i read it march 31st

    anyway are their movie downloads?

  • “We’re going to be recapping some of your comments with answers to some of your questions”

    That’s not a surprise – that’s what a blog is! A surprise would be, “the team put in some overtime and got ‘Still Alive’ out for you guys. It’s not much, but we’re genuinely sorry about the delay!”

    In fact, do you see the word “Sorry” there? Because I don’t see it in the original post – not once did you or anyone else apologize for the fact that the download service will have no new items for two weeks – mind you, the exclusive service on a machine that was not cheap. A little would go a long way….

    • Just to clarify and restate, what I said was:
      \”we’ve put in some extra-extra hours to put together a special treat for you\”.
      No reference was made to a big surprise other than \”ruin the surprise\”.

      I\’m sorry if there was any mis-understanding, but I tried to clarify what I meant as quickly as I could to not get anyone\’s hopes up.

      Thanks for your comment and please feel free to go back through the comments in red to read where we apologize for any inconvenience and are very grateful for everyone\’s patience with us during this interim.

      In the mean time, don\’t miss Grace\’s new post here with new screenshots:

  • what do you mean? no one like the glorified web page as the store? gee…

  • Looks pretty good

  • Any chance you can tell us when the PSN Cards are coming out?

  • i see that the store will require an update… does this mean the highly anticipated 2.40 will come out with in-game chat and/or in-game music?

  • wow you close the playstation store when the hottest dlc (call of duty 4 map pack) hit the market.
    probably the worst decision in the psn history.
    hope at least you will give us the map pack for free

  • hello. I’d like to know if there’s any truth to a rumor I heard recently. it all of a sudden surfaced on April Fool’s Day so I was kinda skeptical/hopeful that it wasn’t true. the rumor was/is that it’s strongly possible that we don’t have the option to listen to music saved to our HDDs while playing ALL games because MS owns a patent that restricts other gaming consoles from being able to do this. PLEASE tell me this isn’t true. PLEASE!!! I’m willing to wait as long as it takes for you guys to perfect this for us as long I know this isn’t true. just say it ain’t so!!!

  • I got an idea about the background, since the PS Store will be integrated in the firmware itself. Why not make the background with the same design but it change color like the background on the XMB changes month by month?

    Sorry for my crappy english, i am french LOL

    Hope that someone reply to my idea, Thanks

  • I’m digging the new interface of the Playstation Store. Can’t wait to download that firmware update to enter this store!

  • Can’t wait for April 17th. It’s gonna be a kick @ss day being able to download the MGS4 beta and GT5:P along with other things you hopefully throw up, Sony.


  • This might totally be off topic but I read earlier in a response that there already is ipod support.

    Well not quite so. I own a 160GB ipod Classic generation 6 (I think) and a European 60gb PS3 (am still pissed off at the fact that the 80gb version never reached Europe and that we got fewer usb ports.) and whenever I plug in my ipod the system freezes.

    and now on topic :)

    congratulations with the new design I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Wallhugger @ 342,

    I personally can understand your frustration.

    I have the 80GB version of iPod and it does get recognized, however; navigation is insane. No names are shown thus creating an impossible situation. Finding a particular song can be complicated when you are forced to play the track to see the label. I myself have over 5000 tracks on the iPod atm so it’s kind of like finding a needle in a hay stack.

    Currently I’m using the media server as an alternative. I can’t stand it though…media servers are unreliable even with the best connections / signals, constantly losing stability.
    I realize that there are other alternatives, but I prefer not to transfer and use space on the PS3 HDD. I would also rather not have to connect other external devices to compensate for these issues. The iPod itself is compact which saves space.

    All I’m saying is that it would be convenient to have improved functionality at some point. Clearly it’s needed…I don’t believe in limitations, especially when they can be corrected.

    As I was informed recently; it’s “One of the benefits of having upgradeable firmware!”

    So…I will continue to have faith in SONY, and will continue to hope for the correction of ALL concerns listed by us the user / consumer…not just this one.
    They are working hard so let’s just keep our fingers crossed for now.

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only person concerned about iPod connectivity problems.


  • @343

    hehe thnx mate :), I don’t worry about it too much though although sometimes I do feel like I’ve been cheated on by Sony when I see new releases for the US and Japan.

    Guess that’s life.

    P.S. I got 28000 songs on my iPod I guess finding a song in that mess is just impossible without a search engine ;).

  • Again, will we be able to play music while browsing the store?

    And why do Sony reps keep implying video downloads are coming to the PS Store

  • Any official word on when the store will be up and running with all the updates and the “little surprise”.

  • @12: GREAT news! Now I no longer fear this is just a new CSS. Thanks for the reply and for making a rewrite! =)

  • Looks better. Home can’t be long as it is in the warhawk update patch and they work closely.

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