Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: The “Mixtape”

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Once upon a time out in some dive club out in the middle of nowhere, Jim Morrison took to the stage and belted out thirteen simple words of unrestrained wisdom: “keep your eyes on the road; keep your hands up on the wheel.”

From that point on, Roadhouse Blues secured its place in the “driving song” library, making its way into an unimaginable number of rare mixtapes and soundtracks.

With Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, we wanted to bring back the idea of the rare mixtape, a collection of songs that you’d be proud to own and play (and play and play and play) over and over again, a collection of classics.

So in went our resident music scout, Alex Hackford, deep into the crates looking for a dozen tracks that both compliment and enhance the Gran Turismo experience, and here’s our list:

  • Weezer – “Automatic” (LA Riots remix)
  • Mars Volta – “Goliath” (EL-P remix)
  • Justice – “Let There Be Light”
  • SebastiAn – “Dolami”
  • Kavinsky – “Testarossa Autodrive” (SebastiAn remix)
  • DJ Shadow – “LOVE LOVE”
  • Does it Offend You, Yeah? – “With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)”
  • The Earaches – “Not the Kind of Man I Am”
  • Thin Lizzy – “The Rocker” (Richard Evans Mix)
  • The Klaxons – “Golden Skans”
  • Friendly Fires – “On Board”
  • Pride Tiger – “Let ‘Em Go”

Weezer’s “Automatic” is actually a unique remix composed by LA Riots exclusively for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue’s opening sequence.

So in a nutshell dear North America (as in these tracks are exclusive just for you), this is our mix-tape, a little something-something to enjoy as you corkscrew down the Eiger, barrel through the Daytona oval, drift through Suzuka Short or any other track of your choice.

Beyond this apex, you can also find all the original Japanese music as well as all the choice items from our European counterparts. So that’s about it for the music end, and outside of that, you can always flag me (or Taku or Alex) down and ask to see our iPods.

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  • iv’e never heard any of those songs so its new to me but custom would be neat or somewere around 50 songs like Burnout paradise has……

  • reposting this, because i really think chris will answer. (looks like he replied to a couple of posts already).


    Mr Hinojosa, maybe you’re the person that the Gran Turismo community always expected to see: someone capable of stablishing a diologue with the players.

    i’ve been a fan of the series since 1998, and i always wated to “talk” give ideas, complain, give compliments, you know, interact with the makers of the game that i love the most.

    i even had a petition about this subject: (if you can read that…

    i don’t have an xbox, but the interactvity that forza has with its players its the type of thing i dream of for GT.

    example: we’re still scratching our heads without knowing if us (early adopters) will get an update in the japanese game, we still don’t know if the online play will be region locked or trully worldwide…

    anyway, i know you’re a busy man. thanks for reading this, and congrats for not letting us down. GT5P looks and plays fantastic. take your time for the full game. in the meantime, how about giving us a clue for porsches, lamborghinis, maseratis… ?

    • Hey, didn\’t you ask this question on my blogpost as well? :)

      Anyways, I must admit I am a frequent visitor of gtplanet. Thanks for your continuous passion over the years.

  • I kinda like how these guys don’t answer the questions that keep popping up like…”will it have customizable sound track from the use of the PS3’s HDD.” A simple “no” or “we don’t know as of yet” or maybe “Heck yeah you guys deserve it for being die hard Sony fans all these years and you know sony an Polyphony studios put that snizz in there!” Now I understand if there expecting the in game xmb to allow this not to far from the release and they could easily say “No the game will not support customizable sound track from the HDD but when in game xmb comes out it will along with all your other games.” I mean really how hard is it to answer a question even if you don’t know for sure. IE “Uhh duh-well George I don’t duh-know George…”

  • I’m especially happy to see The Mars Volta on that list. My favorite band … now we just need to see some Soilwork in racing games!

    I can’t wait for custom soundtracks so I don’t have to listen to the irritating music most racing games have, though.

  • No custom soundtracks = fail.

    Oh and give the owners of the Japanese version split screen and the same tracks and number of cars Sony. I’m hoping online will be global and not regional but Sony seems to be stuck in the 90’s.

  • custom soundtrack options would be cooler…but i’ll just keep my fingers crossed that poly works it out.

  • Preordered this Bad Boy along with the DS3 controller and that’s not all Preordered GTAIV and MGS4 :D

    Can’t Wait to get my hands on the wheel.

    You can count me in on a online Race!

    Don’t Laugh if I Drive backwards over the Finish Line ;)

  • Preordered and waiting patiently for this to come out next month.

  • @54 i agree with you
    i think ill pass on this game now
    until an update
    i dont want to listen to the mixtape
    i want 2 listen my own music
    whats so hard with add this

  • 2 Things:
    First, I think that Releasing GT5 Prologue is absolutely the right thing to do for consumers and hardcore fans of the series. Fans have waited and purchased a ps3 for GT and this is a way to keep them happy. People that are new to the Playstation brand do not understand the weight GT carries. The most realistic driving game ever made, EACH TIME A NEW ONE COMES OUT!!!!! They have the hardest working and most dedicated team behind their product, and that is why the finished project is consistently amazing!

    2nd: This game is NOT Burnout or Need for Speed or even Forza! It is it’s own animal. They put an insane amount of time into re-creating the vehicles for the game. Literally thousands of hours. Plus the fact that have to get licenses to use all the vehicles in game, and then make sure they drive the exact same way as in real life. Polyphony Digital is an amazing company and as Sony fans, we are lucky to have them on our side!
    *Rant over

  • @15 – Prologue isn’t a demo. It’s an early version of GT5. Every year Madden is released but I don’t see people complain about that. Not people who like it. So Prologue isn’t as big as GT5 will be. Big deal. Prologue is still better than most racing games.

  • The game is going to look amazing!!!! i just hope they get the XMB out some time this year. Song’s on BD are OK But mixing it upon XMB would BETTER!!! I don’t care what song’s you put on it every song that I have ever hear get’s old eventuily.

  • So custom soundtracks aren’t an option? Guess I’ll play with the TV muted…

  • I plan on buying this for sure.

    But, off topic.. you need to do your next blog post in pata-speak! Even if it is a Gran Turismo pata-post!

  • to all those moaners going on about custom soundtracks.


    jeez. just mute the in game music and bung a CD on.
    is that sooo hard.

    roll on friday when i pick this up, yepp us gamers in Europe get something first for once. THANK YOU SONY!

  • The game looks great and nice job on the soundtrack guys. But seriously, does it not support custom soundtracks?!? That seems to be a pretty BIG concern for a lot of potential customers.

  • @mobiletone

    man, you really are that simple, huh?

    Obviously you have never played a 360 game with custom soundtracks, IT REALLY IS THAT MUCH BETTER.

    Besides, if i mute the sound, how will i hear the brakes squeal and the engine roar?





  • amazing!

  • @frito

    I would say that mobiletone isn’t simple. The thing that he is, which apparently you aren’t, is an actual GT fan. It’s must be about a decade now that you have been able to turn down (or off) the music in a GT game. Not the car sound effects such as tire squealing and engine revs. The music is handled separately. Hopefully, that helps you out a little.

    Enjoy playing your first GT game.

  • @dkoi

    The thing that I am, is also a 360 owner, and when playing some games with the custom soundtracks, the custom soundtracks will play and not the music without having to even adjust anything, but the sound FX will still sound. The developers can add that functionality.

    so, ……..yeah.

    Enjoy being a sarcastic and kind of sad GT fanboy.

  • So, Mr. Sir. are there custom tracks or not? Give us an answer however coy.

  • Add me to the list of those who want a custom soundtrack. Really a pain to turn down the music and turn on my computer speakers as my music tastes differ greatly than the mainstream.

    I’d hope by now the PS3 can harness the power to allow music tracks to be played from the HD while in-game. From a coding standpoint, I really struggle to see how the OS is struggling to give folder privileges. It really bugs me that Microsoft consoles have had this for awhile.

    FWIW: I’ve been a fan since the original. While custom soundtracks isn’t a deterring point, I really think that it will be a feature to boast that will win some over.

  • Why doesn’t any Sony rep ever talk about custom tracks? Every time someone brings that one up they just ignore all of those posts.

  • @Gregero

    Thats what i said in my first post #53 and i even taunted them err/ i mean i tried. I mean why can’t they just answer it! If i worked at sony and was a person to respond to these forums i would answer all questions as respectively as i could a simple “We don’t know” would satisfy me. But they act like no one is asking and I hate mess like that!

  • there is a post that maddox made on his website about 2 years ago that pretty much sums up how sony is towards its fans and if you haven’t seen it you need to go to this link then.

    Then click on the 6TH LINK down from the “Am I right or what?” statement

  • Not wanting to be a pedant or anything – okay, I want to be a pedant – the only song that compliments Gran Turismo is ‘My Favourite Game’ by the Cardigans. Your selections do *complement* it quite nicely, though.


  • Any words on custom sound tracks? I’d like to play with my own music from the PS3’s HDD.

  • It isn’t a comment for this topic but I have any cuestion about this european new:

    Notice to PLAYSTATION®Network Users
    We have found out that there has been a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PLAYSTATION®Store through PCs, a content download service of the PLAYSTATION®Network. Although unlikely, it is possible that the passwords of a small percentage of PLAYSTATION®Network users may have been changed through unauthorized access, making it possible to view users’ personal information and/or use the Wallet for the PLAYSTATION®Store. PLAYSTATION Network accounts do not display entire credit card numbers, so any unauthorized access to your PLAYSTATION Network account is very unlikely to compromise your credit card number.

    We have taken immediate measures to rectify this issue and system security is restored.

    We have investigated the extent of unauthorized access and possible alteration of passwords that could have occurred before corrective measures were taken, and are directly contacting customers who may have been affected by this incident. In order to verify that your account is intact, we strongly suggest that PLAYSTATION®Network users sign in to the service. If you can successfully sign in with your pre-set password, your account is not affected by this incident.

    For more information, please contact Customer Service.

    Remember; do not disclose your log-in or password details on any email communications.

    ¿Is It true?

  • Will we ever see more customization options, especially with like decal placement and custom paint jobs? Also, visual performance upgrades? I’d love to get a 1969 camaro covered in sponsor stickers and the like with a full blown supercharger and dual quad carb setup sticking out of the hood lol (something like that would be great, especially for specialized races, like drag racing). It would also be a great way to express your creativity and take even more pride into the vehicles you own. Also, it’d be nice to see more muscle cars as well and even classic trucks (like a 1970 Chevy C10 (like I own :P)). A 1970 Nova would be great for drag racing (and hell, be able to tub your cars out for really wide rear slicks, with like 16 inch tread lol). I love GT and everything, but it’d be nice to be able to do other things with your cars like different kinds of races, a professional drag circuit would be nice, and going so far as to take into consideration the temperature, humidity and altitude of a track to adjust fuel ratios, etc., but that’s just me :P

  • Enjoy your $40 demos guys.

  • sorry for a double post, but with sound being better in games now, it’d be very cool if you could have more realistically loud exhaust for muscle cars, and be able to run them with open headers (which would be awesome on a really good surround sound), that’d be better than custom soundtracks IMO :P .

    Every game I played pretty much had a sad representation of how the muscle cars sound in games. The only game that I can remember that sounds the way I like it was on Midnight Club 3, despite the muscle cars using the same sounds, but even then, it was far from perfect. I’m talking being able to hear them sound like this:

  • Why nobody mention about Madden/NHL/NBA games? They release it for every year, what did they add? Couple roosters and enhanced gameplay. And you guys didn’t complain about that?

    MichaelBravo, stop trolling. They never tell us when it is going to be out, so how in the world can they delay the game?

    If you don’t want to buy it, the SHUT THE [DELETED]. It’s our money, it’s MY decision to spend my OWN money.

  • MichaelBravo and Zorox

    I’m not using your money to buy this game, so could you guys SHUT UP? If you don’t to buy this game then be it. Or are you guys jealous that you couldn’t afford to buy this “demo”?

  • From the moment I bought GT1 I knew this game would continue to be one if not the best racing game series ever…

    And it proves me right every time.

    This game looks astonishing, leaps beyond any current racing game out there, and handles better at that.

    Cannot wait to burn some clean rubber with GT5P, will get it day 1 of course.

  • The euro version has allready an update though it doesn’t contain custom soundtracks as far as I could see, but hopefully we’ll see it in a future update.
    A little sad that Beyond the Apex documentary isn’t included in the euro release (that’s what we get for getting the game before NA).

  • Hmm, just got the game today. A little disappointed – but then i guess gt3 set the bar so high.

    So what’s wrong.

    Well, spending 20 minutes copying the blue-ray disk to the hard drive wasn’t exactly a bright start. Why do this to us? Well, the slow loading of cars in the menu was probably something to do with it, but still – it sucks.

    Then I spent another 40 minutes downloading 1/4 of the ‘update’ before it gave up the ghost. Well at least I could run a local game without it after that failed. So if the update fixes the following problem then I apologise – but this is all I can see right now. (and ok i’ll give them some slack here – the servers might be a bit busy right now – I don’t normally buy new games on their day of release, but it was relatively cheap).

    1080P at 60fps!? Sorry – it isn’t. Not even 1080P @ a PAL 50fps. It drops frames as soon as you get close to the car in front. Well it doesn’t actually – it just tears. Gran Turismo tears. That’s like The Temple Curtain tearing to me. Replays don’t even manage to maintain anything like their reported 25fps as soon as you get a few cars on screen (dropping way way down).

    Ok I understand – 1080P is nice to aim for, but if the hardware just wont do it, how about just running at the quite nice 720P. At least give us a choice in-game, other than having to reset the whole system to a different resolution manually when we run a game that insists on running at the highest resolution possible for the display, even when it can’t.

    Coming from the GT team who pride themselves on their technical prowess on Sony hardware, this just makes me sad.

  • @NotZed shut the fu@k up
    you xboxfangirl

  • @NotZed
    shut the f@ck up
    you xboxfangirl

  • @NotZed
    shut the f**k up

  • EUROPE REALESE: 26/03/2008

    It’s an amazing game.. and the interiors.. ooohh.. AWESOME!
    I like everything in the game but i think the online gaming must to be improved, it’s poor:(

  • I have a hard drive full of MP3s I love. How about you offer us no music and let us play music from our hard drive. The API exists, it’s about time games start supporting this.

  • @chasegamez

    you look more like a rabid fanboy with such an undignified response.

    keep it up and you’ll be banned!

    trust me i know!

  • I cant believe all these people complaining about custom soundtrack.

    Theres only one soundtrack that needs to be played and thats the sound of engines tearing up the track. THAT sound is better than any music you have on your harddrive.

    I dont even have a radio in my real life track car, and I want to simulate track days with gt, so why would i listen to music?

    I bet those that want custom soundtracks are the same gamers who play gt with automatic transmission and full aid settings turned on.

    except for “favorite game” i have always left gt music on mute.

  • speaking of “favorite game” we need a poll for the best GT song of all time?

  • @frito
    so what and shut up
    i wasn’t talking 2 you

  • @chasegamez

    lol, grow up!

  • chasegamez: sorry? i will never own an xbox or any microsoft hardware, they are just nasty criminals in my eyes. what’s your point?

    Have you actually run the game at 1080p? No? Then perhaps keep your childish thoughts to yourself.

    A friend also got it yesterday too and can’t update either (and other reports say the same), but he’s running at 720p and had no tearing issues (or it doesn’t bother him).

  • Hi Chris,

    I’ve checked the US version’s tracklist again and noticed there were mistakes in the press release.

    Thin Lizzy and Sebastian tracks are supposed to be “Exclusive Tracks to North America” but they just aren’t !!

    Actually they are included in the game since the original Japanese version !

    Be careful next time. :)

  • Hooo, this is my jam!

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