Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: The “Mixtape”

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Once upon a time out in some dive club out in the middle of nowhere, Jim Morrison took to the stage and belted out thirteen simple words of unrestrained wisdom: “keep your eyes on the road; keep your hands up on the wheel.”

From that point on, Roadhouse Blues secured its place in the “driving song” library, making its way into an unimaginable number of rare mixtapes and soundtracks.

With Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, we wanted to bring back the idea of the rare mixtape, a collection of songs that you’d be proud to own and play (and play and play and play) over and over again, a collection of classics.

So in went our resident music scout, Alex Hackford, deep into the crates looking for a dozen tracks that both compliment and enhance the Gran Turismo experience, and here’s our list:

  • Weezer – “Automatic” (LA Riots remix)
  • Mars Volta – “Goliath” (EL-P remix)
  • Justice – “Let There Be Light”
  • SebastiAn – “Dolami”
  • Kavinsky – “Testarossa Autodrive” (SebastiAn remix)
  • DJ Shadow – “LOVE LOVE”
  • Does it Offend You, Yeah? – “With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)”
  • The Earaches – “Not the Kind of Man I Am”
  • Thin Lizzy – “The Rocker” (Richard Evans Mix)
  • The Klaxons – “Golden Skans”
  • Friendly Fires – “On Board”
  • Pride Tiger – “Let ‘Em Go”

Weezer’s “Automatic” is actually a unique remix composed by LA Riots exclusively for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue’s opening sequence.

So in a nutshell dear North America (as in these tracks are exclusive just for you), this is our mix-tape, a little something-something to enjoy as you corkscrew down the Eiger, barrel through the Daytona oval, drift through Suzuka Short or any other track of your choice.

Beyond this apex, you can also find all the original Japanese music as well as all the choice items from our European counterparts. So that’s about it for the music end, and outside of that, you can always flag me (or Taku or Alex) down and ask to see our iPods.

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4 Author Replies

  • I can’t wait!! Thanks for the update! :)

  • This can’t come out soon enough. For once, I am envious of the Europeans :)

  • roll on friday, that’s all i can say! :)

  • I’m still undecided about spending my cash on GT5 Prologue even though I’m excited for it. I don’t want to spend $45 and then another $65 on the full game several months later. Not to mention the DLC $$$$. In the end that’s even more money out of my pockets. Guess I’ll borrow it from someone once they’ve complete it.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      You could borrow it from someone, but that\’s like licking the bowl after someone\’s finished the ice cream…

      Also, to further clarify, GT5 is still about a year away. You should just decide now to buy it, enjoy it, go online and race against anyone and everyone, rank number one worldwide, get the girl (or guy) and become the most popular kid in town. The end.

  • Exclusive tracks? cool!

    So the Doors didn’t make the final cut, huh? too bad, good song!


    Will Prologue support custom soundtracks from our hard drives?

    If not, will the full fledged version?

    It is a big deal to those who will be spending HUNDREDS of hours playing this great game!


    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Yeah, Doors didn\’t make the cut… and sadly, there\’s a huge list of tracks that didn\’t as well (for various reason). To list a few: BRMC, Eric Clapton, , Atlas

  • Is it possible to play with your own audio tracks from the PS3’s HDD?

  • I’ve been DYING!!!! to download Surv1v3 by Daiki from the GT5 Prologue Japanese Intro Movie.

    Please tell me that song will be in the American verision!!!!!

  • Gran Turismo, the One Game to Rule Them All.. only on Playstation 3.

  • Can you randomize the tracks? Or will it keep playing the same track over and over after loaded?

  • I like it, but I think the intro song in the Japanese GT5: Prologue is better.

  • This on top of the already stellar Japanese tracks, makes me want the game even more. The Blu-Ray space is there, so you might as well it with music.

  • I’m counting down the days for GT5P to hit the store shelves!

  • so can we access the friend list and invite somebody to a game

  • Sweet you got “Does it Offend You, Yeah?”! I was just listening to them.

    To anyone in Sony,

    You need to use the instrumental version of “We Are Rockstars” for some promo material ASAP.

    You will only benefit from my advice.

    COME ON.

  • I will be playing this with the music off but the videos were worth watching.

  • I always love the music in GT games.

  • @15

    GT5P is not a demo. The demo is what is out on the PlayStation Japan store. This is a prologue which is the first time its ever come to the North American market. And Forza 1 has 309 cars because its a full game, GT5P is not a full game, its a taste of what GT5 will be.

    And what does in game XMB have to do with this thread?

  • Are they planning on having any GT5 swag???(shirts hats ect for those lost at swag)

  • Not bad but with that set up I was expecting The Doors.

  • Not really my cup of tea. I hope there’s going to be a custom soundtrack patch in the future.

  • Sony Please for the love of God enable custom sound tracks for this game.

  • The weezer actually sounds awesome and so does Mars Volta. Oh and Chris admit you have the Britney Spears album on the iPod :P.

  • Someone over at Sony is a straight-up hipster raver and I love it.

    I regularly playout stuff like Sebastian, Kavinsky and LA Riots at the clubs.

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Errr…
    Please watch the European GT5:P intro to see how an intro should be done… seriously….

    Cant wait till April 15.

  • Any word on when/if custom music will be available? It would sure be nice to rock some dnb while drifting like a maniac :)

  • This soundtrack will come in the game? or different disc? and if its in the game could we pass it over to our psp?

  • another fine time for user soundtracks.. this one doesn’t move me.. there have been few tracks in any GT game i really liked, and this one definitely doesn’t have anything that catches my eyes, or ears.. i’ve always said racing titles were prime candidates for user soundtracks..i don’t want to hear some stuff i don’t like playing over and over, and i’d rather have music playing while i race(or drive)..

  • @25

    I love GT series, but i have never liked the soundtrack…

  • Please just answer this: will that making-of be available on the Downloadable version of Prologue? Will it be viewable on GT TV or something?

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  • OMGOMGOMG THE MARS VOLTA RULES!!!!! Wow, I love them so much! I’m so glad they are getting more publicity. More people should hear their art. Absolutely Awesome!

  • i don’t get the avatar stff on this blog

  • Custom tracks would be really cool to use. Any chance of that getting in there???

  • Yes, I really would like to know if custom soundtracks form the PS3 HDD will be an option..

    I see you are answering some questions, man, how about this one?

  • Quick question about the GT5P online feature. For Asian/Japanese GT5P they will only support the online racing feature for about 6 months. Will this be the same for NA version? And as Chris mentioned that GT5 is still a year away, So if the NA version will only have 6 months or so online racing support, I better wait for the GT5 full game then.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      That\’s a negative X820. Online features for GT5P online features will not be dropped 6 months post launch. You get in line for GT5P and drive your thumbs raw.

  • X820’s question strikes me as a great question. Will the NA and EU versions online mode always be available or will it be dropped?

  • What is the name of the song in this trailer? It is great. Would buy this one no worries.

  • Yep. Its official, I want this game even more.

    Thanks for even more info, I’m getting this day-one for sure.

  • If there was going to be a $20 upgrade option when GT5 comes out, I could see myself buying Prologue – but paying twice for the same game is just absurd.

  • @40 Well you can either wait for the full game, or get the Prologue and don’t buy the full game. Paying $40 to get the game, while waiting one year for the full game I think it’s worth it. Because the same thing when you buy sports game, NBA, Madden from EA. In this case you even paid the whole price for basically the same game, with probably a little more new features added.

    But for GT5P, you’ll get even more cars, tracks and many other else when the full game is released.

  • Pride Tiger…fricking awesome to see a little band from East Vancouver making its way onto the GT5 soundtrack.

  • Nice tracks, hopefully it’s in the EU version aswell? right? :o

  • I’m pretty shocked that there’s no custom soundtracks. Anyone who’s ever gotten into any racing game(or any game with licensed tracks for that matter) for a prolonged amount of time knows that whether they like the music or not, it’s gonna get old fast. And this being one of Sony’s flagship titles and the most praised racing series on the market…. wow, what a disappointment. Guess I’ll wait for the full game and hope the option is there.

  • Prologe in one week, this is gonna keep me busy for years.

  • Seriously, Sony released over 100 videos here on game trailers showing fancy cars driving around tracks.
    Ok i get it, every single car ever made is gonna be in this game.


  • I am looking forward to this game!

    hopefully it will support custom soundtracks!

  • I have 2 question.First i want to know if there be more racing tracks after launch such as dlc track/events?The last question is if the ps3 suppose a wheel control and which one brand and model please?

  • I hope a firmware update for custom soundtracks come soon… ;(

  • How will you guys transition those who purchased Prologue? As mentioned in a previous post, online support will not be dropped for Prologue players…Will the ranks and everything else you gather in Prologue transfer seamlessly to the full release? I would assume so but it is always great to ask.

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