Warhawk Contest Winners! Plus v1.3 trailer!

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“Insert witty opening BLOG greeting here” :-)

Most of our readers and Warhawk aficionados know that we recently held a contest for players in the US to submit their own insignias and aircraft paint schemes. The response was fantastic and we received a ton of entries. Thus why it has taken us so damn long to review them all, then pick the winners, contact them, and secure all the paper work required by our lawyers.

Welp… the winners are now selected and integrated with the upcoming Warhawk v1.3 update!

Before we reveal the new designs, why don’t you take a gander at this brand new v1.3 trailer and get hyped up for the awesomeness that these new designs will be flying around in:

The team was really impressed by the quality of the submissions. Many of you spent a lot of time designing really great stuff and it’s going to make a great addition to the game — aside form the fact that it’s just plain sweet to get your stuff in a game!

And like I said before the team was really impressed by the paint schemes especially since they clearly took the most time to create. Our artists were so happy with the results that they took the time recently to generate hi-res renderings of all the winners.

The images turned out pretty damn cool and I thought that I would post them here as the announcement rather than a standard text list — text is soooo old-school :-)

Thanks you all for entering the contest – all your great designs add a lot of value to our new v1.3 update!!!


Fellow internet-peeps (not to be confused with the seasonal, addictive Peeps), here are the winners!!!


Here are the winning insignias!


We really liked these insignias be cause they were so diverse; from simple abstract shapes all the way to literal items. These should really help our players personalize their troops and aircraft!

Now of course I can’t leave this BLOG entry without updating you on the v1.3 patch and the upcoming Booster-Pack Operation: Broken Mirror.

The v1.3 patch is “basically” done and our international teams are in the last few days of test so I should be able to announce a release date very soon.

Operation Broken Mirror is also “basically” done but hasn’t gone “gold” yet…in hindsight, I wonder if there is a law or some form of internet etiquette that limits how many words I use in a single post with “digital-air-quotes“? Doh…there’s another one.


I will be making an announcement about this very soon as well. And I must say, the team and I are really happy with how much fun this new Booster is. Between it and the new equipment added in the v1.3 patch, Warhawk feels like a fresh game!

So I’ll leave you all with a little treat, cause you all know how I like to embed little treats in my posts. Here’s a small teaser image from the upcoming booster. But….I fractured it into a bazzilion little pieces — like a digital jig-saw.

And I totally realize that making a puzzle out of a preview screenshot *does* prove to the world that I am a huge game addict!

(Engage digital reverb filter)

ENJOY! — ENJoyyy — ENjjoooyyyy — Ennnnjjooooyyyy — eeennnjjjoooyyyy —–

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14 Author Replies

  • can the new info come out soon?

  • awesome can’t wait

  • I love you guys!!

  • Excellent! I just wonder how this is going to effect the balance of the game, though it should give more power to ground troops which is good!

    I’m a little dubious about picking up the next expansion pack, though. Whilst omega dawn was great whilst people were playing, now when you _do_ eventually find an omega factory map that people are playing on hardly anyone uses the dropships. They’re just too underpowered! Any skilled warhawk can take one down by themselves. This is mainly because people pilot them on their own, because who wants to be on one of the turrets; they’re pretty useless unless you have like 4 people there, yet it’s still boring to be on a dropship turret.

    So I have a few questions :P

    Will the patch help to balance out the power of the dropship?

    Will the APC be a more balanced addition to the game this time around?

    Have you made sure that the field generator won’t be as annoying as mines? :\

    Will there be an option to play without the new wrench/field generator after the patch?

    Dedicated (not necessarily ranked) 32-player split-screen servers would be nice :P

    Sorry for the long post but thanks in advance if you can answer any of my questions!

  • All we need is a LAVA MAP!!

  • can you comment on how home will be intergrated with warhawk ???

  • A lava map would me awsome, also I have a question

    For some reason I cant rank up, and I already have the necessary points to be a wing leader.

  • Sweet Warhawk updates!! But any word on War of the Monster 2?

  • @49 Not a good idea. It would lead to spam invites.

    Trust me on this :P

  • great, i’ll be waiting for it :D !!

  • Hey man i was askin my pals who play warhawk wut they think should be added to the game(maps, weapons, etc.) so heres the list.

    smoke grenades, flash grenades, grappling hook( used to scale buildings and used like a rocket), shield( protects from all weapons except mines and air strikes), Claymore mines (C-4), dual pistols, shotgun, side gun for passenger in the warhawk/nemisis, EMP (held like rocket launcher) that makes planes fall from the sky and short circuits 4X4s and tanks, second scope for sniper that has night vision for the omega dawn map and one with a laser point so you know where its gonna hit, trip mines

    Colluseum, indoor level with multiple floors, lava/volcano map, complete desert map with sandstorms that cause damage by sufficating the lungs, maze (dont really get it), futuristic, Chernovia (chernovan home land), toxic waste dump or swamp

    ejection option for passenger in warhawk/nemisis more clothing options for troops, army crawl (hold down circle button), weather option for maps, new teams (this would be very tricky), one or two person bike, passenger can maybe use their pistol or rifle, mines shouldn’t cause as much damage to jeeps, gender option for troops, in the server information section it should show how many buddy slots their are and how many are used so it will save people time instead of finding out 2 minutes later when it is full

    There is also a game mode me and my friends thought of, King of the Hill, the goal is to be the king at the end of the game. you become the king by killing the king at the time, the king is decided at the beginning by whoever kills the first, whoever was the last to join, or whoever made the server. it is simular to the death match because there are no teams. or alternate way to win is to have a set time limit that begins when you are the king and is counted down, it stops when you die.

    hope this stuff helps you guys think of ideas.

  • Dylan, any chance you could add more Warhawk/Nemesis designs? e.g. a Warhawk modelled after a F22 Raptor etc.

  • Mr. Jobe, after emails were sent out to the contest winners there were worries in regard to why SS# was involved. You, nor did any member of the warhawk staff address this issue or confirm the email’s legitimacy. It would have been nice for you to drop by and just post a short little response saying that the email was the real deal. Asking for SS# in a contest where there are potential 13 year olds is irresponsible. I wish that you were more hands on in taking care of this. I’m still mad you did not pick my taxi design by the way ;)

    • The process of contacting the contest winners was totally out of my and Incognito\’s control and responsibility.

      I think they generally like keeping the devs out of the legal stuff like this — so that\’s understandable.

      Sorry I wasn\’t more hands on with the legal side of things but truthfully, I know very little about it so I probably would have just caused more trouble :-P

  • Dylan, thanks for updating!!
    I’m also looking forward to playing “Operation Broken Mirror”.
    BTW, I imported the US BD version and can’t play Omega Dawn Pack =(
    Plz help me!!

    • I know I know…

      I have looked into this and there is unfortunately not a whole lot I can do for you or the other players that have contacted me.

      Not sure what your specific circumstances are but I know that some players around the world have imported Warhawk from SCEA and they don\’t have access to a PS Store in their region or in some cases, don\’t have a credit card that will work on the US store.

      Again, I wish there was something that I could do to directly help this but it is totally out of my control :-(

  • just when i thought i couldnt get MORE addicted to warhawk, they go and release v 1.3.


  • I can’t wait to get the update and booster pack. Also, sorry to be annoying, but even if everyone on here that cheats hates it, please, please have the, so called Arbitors, stop the cheating. The same people do it every night and I have a list of about 50 of them. Stop the flag tossing please. Please stop the points for it and give a place to report. All I have is a PSN complaint form for cheating. Thank you for everything.

  • Dylan, I was really excited about the more feminine pink designs. You couldn’t have thrown at least 1 or 2 of them in there?

  • In my opinion you cant have a snow map without snow falling out of the sky…

  • *stares in disbelief* wow…

  • Aw, none of my skins made it through… just two of my insignia designs. :(

  • dylan just some question and suggestion….
    will you put female charactere,war is a non sexist thing and i never saw so many girls gamer in another game as warhawk

    when home launch i know we will have trophy of our medals in warhawk,but is there also going to be trophy for ribbon and badges?

    you take out a glitches that was making possible to take the flag out of a bunker from the outside,just to let you know in badland when u are in the bunker below,you can capture the flag by jumping and the flag pass thru the roof/floor,i dont want that to be taken out since its so practical for bringing back the flag when a warhawk is pouding missile in the base but u should know

    in eucadia in the middle bridge you can jump down where there some pipe and hide there,there a glitch that make u able to go throught the colum,never saw someone use it but that could be annoying when u have the flag and want to annoyed everyone else since its pretty hard to get kill inside that colum

    already asked and ask again,please put something that would give the god power for the creator of a server to force change team people,everytime i ask someone to go in the other team to balance team or just to give the other team a good player the response is….well you can imagine

    jumpack!!!jumpack!!! you put it in the middle of the weapong ring,when u grap a jumpack all you need is to jump twice and hold jump the second time and there you go you can fly upward for 30 sec or so

    another idea,you guys from incognito you should create a big tournament for all the good team out there,something serious where every time could chase the stanley cup of warhawk

    and one final thing,your children on playstation underground miss you and they never stop asking when dylan gonna come see us talk with us more,if you can go pay them a visit sometime just dropping a line like LOL or good work on that,they would go crazy for that

    see ya the 02/04/08

  • When are the European lot likely to have a chance to enter a Warhawk design competition?
    I was fortunate enough to have been chosen as a winner then I let slip I was from the UK. – The powers at be didn’t like that one bit.
    (yes I know it was for US kids only, but fancied a go at it)

  • Cool stuff… time for me to get fiddling with that jigsaw!

  • hey Dylan, could you make an option to take pictures for the next patch (by pressing print screen on a usb keyboard) and the pictures to go directly to our hardrive.

    Insomniac made this not so long ago for Resistance, it works great for two things…

    1. We can take pictures of people using glitches making it a lot easier to report them.

    2. Would love to take some pictures of our characters in action.

  • Aw man, my insignia didn’t make it. Congrats to the winners, though

  • Nice, I can’t wait :)

  • Thank you soo much for your continued developer support! I CANNOT WAIT for this update!!!

    Probably the #1 thing I am looking forward to is being able to see who is talking on the mic…in fact, just the other day I was hosting a room when some punk started bad-mouthing everybody. I tried to boot him, but because there were 19 other people in the deathmatch room, it was hard to tell who the person was.

    Thank you sooo much!

  • This Dylan Jobe dude is funny!

    The new update is making me wanna play WarHawk again.

    It’s being a while since I owned a few of you little brown noses


  • While I’m really looking forward to both the v1.3 update and Operation: Broken Mirror, I’m rather disappointed that neither of these designs made the final cut. I was really looking forward to both of them. :(


    And I’m also somewhat curious why the Bio-Reactive Field Generator in the video has grey/tan particle effects, yet the image below shows blue “sparkles” that I personally find vastly more appealing. Are the colors map-specific?


  • Hey Mr. Jobe. Warhawk may have had a bit of a rough start, but the support since then has been incredible and it’s really turned into a lot of fun. I hope other developers will follow your lead instead of rushing off to start on the sequel right after they release the first one.

    Here’s a quick idea I had: Wouldn’t it be cool if players could download a standalone dedicated server that could be set up using PSP remote play? I know my clan would love it so our designated hosts could get a private server running no matter where they were. Just a thought!

  • I redact my previous message. I just heard from someone that Sony did make phone calls to winners to straighten the matter out…. looks like the 100 PMs I sent to various members and potential winners of the contest was not a complete waste after all :) yet so little recognition for mini_sal :(

  • I appreciate the pm sal, even if I did not win. =)

  • I appreciate the pm sal, even if I did not win =)

  • aww, I can’t believe either one of my Warhawk designs didn’t make it… I really want to contribute to this community, please give us another graphics design contest, or maybe add additional designs later (such as mine lol.) I’ll post my designs on the Web later, or something.

  • Thanks Dylan – the patch and the booster pack look great. With any luck, we’ll be able to have snowball fights on Broken Mirror. As long as I can pack a grenade inside the snowball like I do every Winter here. Bloody Kids.
    Thanks for the update – see you in Eucadia.

  • Oh yeah, and I’m also somewhat curious why the Bio-Reactive Field Generator in the video has grey/tan particle effects, yet the image below shows blue “sparkles” that I personally find vastly more appealing. Are the colors map-specific?


  • Dylan, you are FREAKING AWESOME.

    This is exactly the greatest thing to end my night.

    Thank you dude. Seriously, thank you.

  • wow looks great dylan

  • @84

    These colors are the colors of the team they are from, like the mines.


    I love it, gonna put all the pictures of it on my PS3 and going to see if I can also DL the trailer onto it! (How about next Thursday’s PS store update in 1080p :P)
    So I can watch it without lag (Stupid PC :| )


  • please this is my favorite game online period but i recently damaged my thumb badly, my thumb locks and pops in positions =/ because of this turn acceleration or something with the joy stick ruins my ability to control looking, if there is anything you can change thank you so very much, seriously =) either way though ill still be playing the game of course. and to be honest, ive been working all night learning how to use photoshop just to work out that puzzle, i really look forward to playing it, thank you all at incognito for your hard work! =)

    ps. maybe a gatling gun some day =D they’re so destructive =)

  • whats the price :p

  • Here’s the puzzle if you want to see it:

    (Couldn’t resist)

  • Mr. Jobe,
    Any word on my idea about using the R3 to activate the mic so tha you can talk to both teams. Leave the L3 to talk to your team in order to keep strategies a secret. Tap the R3 to activate the zoom, but hold it down to activat the mic.
    If you don’t like that then how about making your mic always active to talk to your team, and the L3 button will allow you to talk to the other team.
    Please let me know if you like the idea.

  • Nice too bad I didn’t see the APC getting featured.

  • Check that pic! That APC will be nice! Also thanks for the info! Now we can have some killer skins to look forward too, as well as some new toys! Yeah infantry will have a chance after this update!

    Thanks so much!

  • Nice. I like this game and I hope this update makes it better.

  • Thank for the heads up on the update.. I also want to put this idea out.. Can you make option for raising or lowering the transparency of the map that you pull up when we hit “select”.. I think that would be helpful..

  • yaaaa i love it!! cant wait!!

  • I love the new paint jobs!! Can’t wait for the new update and broken mirror :D

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