Warhawk Contest Winners! Plus v1.3 trailer!

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“Insert witty opening BLOG greeting here” :-)

Most of our readers and Warhawk aficionados know that we recently held a contest for players in the US to submit their own insignias and aircraft paint schemes. The response was fantastic and we received a ton of entries. Thus why it has taken us so damn long to review them all, then pick the winners, contact them, and secure all the paper work required by our lawyers.

Welp… the winners are now selected and integrated with the upcoming Warhawk v1.3 update!

Before we reveal the new designs, why don’t you take a gander at this brand new v1.3 trailer and get hyped up for the awesomeness that these new designs will be flying around in:

The team was really impressed by the quality of the submissions. Many of you spent a lot of time designing really great stuff and it’s going to make a great addition to the game — aside form the fact that it’s just plain sweet to get your stuff in a game!

And like I said before the team was really impressed by the paint schemes especially since they clearly took the most time to create. Our artists were so happy with the results that they took the time recently to generate hi-res renderings of all the winners.

The images turned out pretty damn cool and I thought that I would post them here as the announcement rather than a standard text list — text is soooo old-school :-)

Thanks you all for entering the contest – all your great designs add a lot of value to our new v1.3 update!!!


Fellow internet-peeps (not to be confused with the seasonal, addictive Peeps), here are the winners!!!


Here are the winning insignias!


We really liked these insignias be cause they were so diverse; from simple abstract shapes all the way to literal items. These should really help our players personalize their troops and aircraft!

Now of course I can’t leave this BLOG entry without updating you on the v1.3 patch and the upcoming Booster-Pack Operation: Broken Mirror.

The v1.3 patch is “basically” done and our international teams are in the last few days of test so I should be able to announce a release date very soon.

Operation Broken Mirror is also “basically” done but hasn’t gone “gold” yet…in hindsight, I wonder if there is a law or some form of internet etiquette that limits how many words I use in a single post with “digital-air-quotes“? Doh…there’s another one.


I will be making an announcement about this very soon as well. And I must say, the team and I are really happy with how much fun this new Booster is. Between it and the new equipment added in the v1.3 patch, Warhawk feels like a fresh game!

So I’ll leave you all with a little treat, cause you all know how I like to embed little treats in my posts. Here’s a small teaser image from the upcoming booster. But….I fractured it into a bazzilion little pieces — like a digital jig-saw.

And I totally realize that making a puzzle out of a preview screenshot *does* prove to the world that I am a huge game addict!

(Engage digital reverb filter)

ENJOY! — ENJoyyy — ENjjoooyyyy — Ennnnjjooooyyyy — eeennnjjjoooyyyy —–

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14 Author Replies

  • OMG!!! Awesome I can’t wait! Nice paints for the warhawk but too bad I won’t be using them. >_>

  • April 2!! That is so close! Can’t wait, the new update looks awesome.

    (btw, first post?)

  • Wow Dylan! You and Warhawk team continue to amaze me! Thank you for your continued support of the game and the fan community!

    So maybe, one day, might we see Warhawk single player adventure?

  • make a new game already.

    • :-)

      #1 Support our community with free updates … \”Check\”

      #2 Support our community with new Boosters … \”Check\”

      #3 Begin development on new game … \”Check\”

      The team and I\’d like to think that we can, rather *should*, support the game we\’ve already released and work on a new title at the same time.

      We take the support of our players and our current game very seriously and don\’t want abandon them just because we are looking at new development.

      I know if I was a player and a dev ditched me I\’d be pissed.

      just my 2-cents.

  • printed out the puzzle! Why did you talk about not announcing the released date when that trailer says it?

  • the update has home intergration but wheres home? (sarcastic)

  • I said a lot of bad things about you when you gave us a complete f’ed up game. Now I like to say sorry. You not the biggest idiot on the planet anymore. Thanks for a great game.


  • Umm if you cant announce the release date yet whats the 04.02.08 at the end of the trailer? :)
    Anyway the patch looks pretty cool man, keep the updates coming!

    • yeah…I know!

      So yes, we are tracking an April 2nd, release.

      But…our QA teams around the world are doing their last checks before they give us the stamp of approval.

      Things are going really well and it does look like April 2nd is going to happen…but, I just get nervous about saying a date before the SONY gate-keepers give me that \”all-clear\”

      There were two videos, 1 with the date, 1 without…I guess, the one that got uploaded was the 1 with the date!

  • Proves you’re a huge something, that’s for sure ;)

    Great work with all this Warhawk support though. Good job Mister Jobe & Co!


    Any chance we can listen to our own music in-game anytime soon?

  • Great patch I can’t wait to see the new look of the Warhawks in battle and any chance in the future there could be Jet Pacs added if so I think that would be great.

    Keep up the good work Dylan Jobe.

    Also there is a rumor going around and I thought why not ask you seeing as you made Warhawk you would know the answer if the rumor is true or not.

    The rumor says that Incognito is working on a single player/ co-op story mode and that this patch will come out in October.

    Plus in October there would be a big update in the online multi-player battles that will allow up to 64 players online.

    Are either of these rumors true or is some one just trying to pull a fast one.

    Also if they are true are you under a NDA so you can’t say right now.

    • There currently is no story driven mode in development. You know, like traditional narrative stuff.

      And we are not currently tracking a 64-player patch.

      Sorry to burst the rumor bubble :-(

  • Dude, you are out of control nerdy… but I love it.

    Looking forward to 1.3!

  • Awesome, awesome stuff. While I’m here, and If the “DJ” is taking requests (get it, pun!)…..Can we have another play v Incog server when Broken Mirror goes live? Also can we have some more servers with OD rotation (med maps, dogfights etc)? Also lastly can we have an official dogfight DM server to go along with the team variety as well?

    Anyway I look forward to the update and booster.

    • Yeah — we should have a beat the devs competition again like we did with IGN!

      I\’ll talk to our PR team and Product Manager and see what we can do!

  • EXCITING! I hope the video hits the PlayStation Store too because people need to witness the greatness!

    Congrats to all of the winners. Oh and I’m trying to put that puzzle together now.

  • Hey Thanks for the trailer!

    You thought about having a PLAYSTATION theme for the Warhawks? It’d be pretty cool to see a PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation Portable themed aircraft in the game!

    When is the patch out??

  • LOL that was a bit of a stupid question! It was right at the end of the trailer!! My Bad!

  • omg amazing i cant waite!!!!

  • @Daemus Ah, you don’t have the cut and paste error lines. But I still beat you to it ;).

  • Do I win anything? Haha, jk!

  • Well, I had to register first, though :D


  • @Daemus Suuuuure ;).

  • Some of the sound effects in the trailer are a bit different than currently in the game. Is that just for the sake of the trailer or are some of them actually changing?

  • Dang, you guys beat me to it. Good job. That place looks cold as hell. :lol:

  • Dylan
    now its time to start thinking of making new free game modes to fresh our warhawk experience even more!

    enyone for last man standing or destroy enemy bases(main base) or sabotage enemy vehicle…….you got my point!

    enyway GREAT update dude……..keep up the good work!!!!!!!

    • You are exactly right!

      As you know we keep updating you guys with new free stuff along with new boosters.

      So while I can\’t say too much, I can say that the team is hard at work on developing some new game modes.

      We have a lot of new designs at various phases of development so I can\’t say which ones will make the cut for the v 1.4 patch just yet…but rest assure that the next patch *will* have new modes, and of course, they will be free.



    YES! Cant fliping wait!

    Also cant wait for the new insignias and weapons!!

  • TY dylan you should add me to ur friends list. my psn is KIT-_-KAT. i waould like to play w/ u one day.

  • Maybe the new booster pack will convince me to dust off my copy of the game and play it again.

  • Dylan Jobe is tha man!

  • You’ve got my money, DJ. I’m gonna have a blast on this new update and booster pack. Thanks a lot for listening to user requests and making a snow map! Will we be able to use the user created skins right away or will we have to unlock them first?

  • That last Warhawk looks really nice.

  • The map is not super huge is it? Can you give us a size comparison to any of the other maps maybe?

    • that is a very good question cause I know that we got a lot of feedback from Omega Dawn that its layouts were too big!

      So first off, let me say that yes, the new battlefield is very large. In fact, it is bigger than Omega Dawn — But Wait !!!

      This was done very intentionally so that we could provide more, variety with the layouts in this new Booster-Pack than any other previously released level.

      There are way more small layouts and medium sized layouts — including some asymetrical ones.

      There are 10 layouts in the new battlefield so you guys will have more control over the games your setting up.

      We were very aware that we needed to give you smaller layouts with this booster pack so hopefully you\’re happy with the increased variety of small to medium layouts.

  • Is that a snow map i see? O_o

  • Those fan ships look awesome, great job to all of those who won and submitted. And glad to hear the update is coming April.

  • If Warhawk 1.3 includes Home, could someone working on this Blog please confirm if Home will be out by the 2nd April as well ?

  • maybe the next map should be a JUNGLE MAP!!!!

  • Killer_Paul ~”If Warhawk 1.3 includes Home, could someone working on this Blog please confirm if Home will be out by the 2nd April as well ?”
    this patch brings HOME functinality not the service itself.


  • Please tell me those people didn’t get prizes, The second insignia is completely ripped from the amarok logo. http://amarok.kde.org/
    Wheres my prize for pointing this out to you.

  • Wow. Great Job to all the winners, really fresh designs! Im so proud one of my paint schemes was chosen (left column, third down :P)because it looks like there was some serious competition! Also my cousins insignia was chosen as well so its all good! Wow
    Id also like to say good looking out to the Incognito staff, it looks like yet another winner. I cant wait to play with all our new toys! Snow map is looking superfly, can we get some wampas in there or something Dylan??

  • A Snow Map!!!!!……awesome!!

    do jeeps by any chance skid on the ice, or not?

    im gonna have so much fun with the bio-field and wrench….i can just see it now, sneaking into the enemy base, sabotaging their tanks, then lobbing a biofield generator towards the flag to get the campers…lol

  • Ha! Don’t think I’ll cut and paste that mixed pic. Just watch! lol

  • Fantastic stuff. Can’t wait. I bow to your greatness!

  • Oops, I forgot to ask. Dylan, about the Warhawk Statue prize, do you have any idea how many will be made and what exactly will the statue be of? Is it a actual Warhawk or will it be a troop? I been taking a look at Gentle Giants website to try to see if they do any other mech/vehicle sculpts but didnt see any. Will we be getting some kind of numbered edition specially made for the winners? Warhawk is off the hook….

    • The statue that is of the Warhawk.

      I\’ve been able to see some photos of the early sculpt and it\’s looking way cool.

      I can\’t wait to get mine!!

      Not sure if they are going to be numbered or not. I\’ll ask.

  • THX DYLAN For this and for reading my message on the PS3 but is this when the new map and APC comes out cause i really don’t know sorry plz someone reply

    • The v1.3 patch is the free update and does not include the APC or new battlefield.

      I\’ll be making an announcement about the new booster pack soon.

  • Where’s the APC!?


  • i have 2 questions. can you add a way for clan leaders to send clan invites while in the game so we dont have to quit. and also you should add something like gamebattles in warhawk, but it would probably be to hard.

  • Any chance of getting a double XP weekend to coincide with this release?

    • This is a great idea!

      We probably wont be able to roll it out in time for this patch but its something that I will talk to the team about for future releases.

      Doing cool things to coincide with the release of a product is always a good idea!

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