Resistance 2 First Look: Multiplayer Classes

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We’ve got a new Full Moon Show podcast up on the Insomniac Games site that readers of the PlayStation.Blog just might take an interest in ;-). This week’s show focuses on the process of going from concept to reality in Resistance 2.

Resistance 2 Logo long

We’ve also posted a couple of new concept art pieces for you to take a look at as well as the final logos for Resistance 2! The Spec Ops and Medic images come from our co-op multiplayer classes. On the show, we discuss these pieces and how important concept art is in the game creation process. In addition, we have one of our concept artists, Brian Yam, who was responsible for all the pretty pictures you drooled over in the Game Informer R2 cover story. Besides the Resistance 2 update, we talk to Lorne Lanning from Oddworld Inhabitants and we’ll update you on Insomniac community happenings – including the launch of a community-driven fan magazine.


Also – one other fun announcement for you Facebook fanatics – you can now become a fan of Resistance 2 on Facebook! Hit this link to check it out.

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  • Can’t wait for this game! ;-P
    Will the 4 player off-line splitscreen mode have Bots??? Didn’t have any in Resistance 1??? That was a shame :-(

  • I love the logo! A big improvement from Resistance 1:

    The Medic looks good but the sniper looks a bit characterless. Too many dark colors.

    P.S. Will there be any name added to Resistance 2, like Rise of Man?

  • Awesome logos! I think the sniper looks perfect considering the era the game is set in.

    You guys & gals over there in Burbank sure are meeting/exceeding a lot of expectations, great job!

    A quick question(s):

    Will there be 2 or 4 player split screen offline co-op? What about split screen online co-op?

    Can I have job at Insomniac :) (I’m studying game development at DeVry right now)?

  • Cool concept art for the coop players? Do they all have a backstory?

  • I know that Resistance 2 is on the way but, will resistance 1+2 have HOME features?(like trophies?)

  • will resistance 1+2 be compatible with HOME, like trophies.

  • sry i thought my 1st one didnt postonce again sry for asking the same question twice.

  • hey james,
    for resistance 2 will there a 2 player co-op of the original story of game over the net or is it just a co-op offline for the story. thanks. i know there is a seperate campaign online than the original story. From the gameinformers.

    • The split-screen offline co-op is in the co-op campaign.

      The single-player campaign is designed for one-player only.

  • Just need to know if this game will support 1080i like Ratchet and Clank did? My friend has the early HDTVs which don’t do 720p and would like to know if it will support the resolution? Many Thanks

  • Have you guys started working on the R2 community? was good but it can be better though.

    Oh about R2. will the SP Campaign be as long as the first game? I like that length even if it was longer than most Shooters. and can you give an estimate of the CO-OP campaign? over 5 hours? :o

    • We are focusing on the 4 C\’s with Resistance 2:


      We are putting a lot of effort into each – but more details will be coming as we continue production.

  • will we be able 2 access the friends list
    and invite a friend 2 a coop game

  • Can you tell us if you received any updated developer kit with the new sdk which has in game xmb or have you been forced to sign a non disclosure contract.. lol
    Oh and have you thought about home integration from the start with resistance 2?

  • Can you tell us if you received an update to the developer kit with the new in game xmb, if not can you tell us whether Sony gave you a restriction on the memory usage when you where developing resistance 1?

  • and please if you are not able to comment, say so dont ignore :D

  • The medic looks great. Not so much for the sniper. His head is too dark.

  • not sure if this is known, but will there be an experience points system like COD4 and RSV2?

  • Man i cant wait for some new news. Can you tell un anything about the mysterious 0708 in your employment video!!

  • I like the new look of the soldiers :-) Nathan Hale will now dress this way too?

  • so,at last how many classes ?

    only spe-op,medic and soldier theree type?

  • @James Stevenson-

    thanks for taking the time to respond to some of the people’s questions!

    This game is gonna be huuuge!


  • thanks james i tryed the psn id to add you on fall of men and its said it didnt find it

  • james,
    so im guessing the single player campaign to follow up the orignal story cant be played with friends?
    just to clarify your answer from earlier.

  • Are you going to be able to have like 2 people play online???? Like a split screen online sorta thing?

  • Is Resistance 2 gonna have a 2 player online? Like s split screen online sorta thing?

  • i cant wait its going to be awsome

  • Forbidden_Darkness

    I have a few questions:

    will you beable to lay down and shoot at the opposite team online? (because that would be pretty cool in multiplayer mode, like call of duty 4).

    will there be alot more guns than Resistance 1 had? and will they be more unique like the ones in Ratchet and Clank?

    is there going to be running like in call of duty 4? (that would make it alot more fast paced and more action like.)

    Please answer these…

  • I can’t wait for this game. You guys should add an online co-op in addition to offline co-op. ;x

  • lets just say…..the only thing im xcited about this year is the release of Resistance 2….all of my friends are caught up with other games and all i can think about is resistance……the first was merely testing the potential of the ps3 and now with time there is going to be so much more to offer I know it….you guys wont let me down i already know……
    but if i were to put in a few tid bits myself (though this might be late)….these all have to do with cod4….the hottest multiplayer out there ryt now…..

    1. dont have individuals host the matches…..there are too many pansies out there that see someone higher leveled and they run….forever being cowards

    2. PLEASE OH PLEASE……allow us to mute people (as allowed in the first)….too many people over exercise their freedom of speech… prefer not to listen to young kids just hitting puberty thinking swearing is cool……nor would i be upset if i missed out on all of those with their anger problems

    3, keep the ability to customize your character…..

    4.make online statistics matter…..meaning….everyone starts out with unfavorable stats….and there are those who seem to have all the time in the world to be able to play……i want current stats maybe updated monthly about those who did the best that month (sure keep the personal stats, but i want to know how i really rank up with others)

    those are the only things i can think of

    ….i like what i see thus far…….oh and come time for game time….id be weary if you see

    YAHTZEEMFER in your room……

    …catch you online l8r

  • i think its better doing the games in 720p and locked 60fps than doing them in 1080p and having framerate issues

  • Thanks very much for responding to my comment, my friend is happy to hear about it. He gets really annoyed every time a game release he wants is locked to 720p but hes happy that Resistance 2 will be in 1080i. Do you give developers the info in your R&D to show them how you can scale it to 1080i?

    I have a 1080p HDTV so it doesn’t bother me but for those like my friend how has the early HDTVs it would be good if games from now on supported 1080i. I like games in their native resolution as they look their best but thanks very much for letting me know!

  • Will we be able to check messages from our Friends List while the game is running?

  • I’ve read on a few sites that Konami dev’s have been complaining about the size of a blu ray not being able to fit MGS 4, do you believe this is more due to audio tracks and cut scenes than visuals…and do you think Insomniac has the same prob with R2? Also can you comment in any way about the party support? The game informer article said it’s going to change…a lot of us think it works fine and should stay the way it is, the only prob I have is accessing my PSN messages from certain points. I don’t want to have to disband a party to send or recieve messages but I believe that falls more on Sony than Insomniac. Comment where ya can, thx.

  • This is gonna be delicious. Hoping for a worldwide release.

    Plus the Insomniac crew joining us ;).

  • great game
    one question
    1. is the online gonna have a level up system like call of duty 4, i love that!

  • for some reason r1 and r2 always reminds me of the film saving private ryan =)

  • there is only one word for this game. “awesome”

  • This game will be Epic, but speaking of Epic… Can you guys perhaps follow Epic’s lead and release a full-fledged editor, but make it better and:

    Allow the editing to be done right on the PS3.
    Allow Sound files to be edited
    Allow Full characters to be edited on PS3 rather than just bodies and not heads…

    It’d be great to have a PS3 exclusive game with a modding community.

    Oh, and will this game have offline co-op as well as splitscreen online?

  • Hey,
    Glad to see you’re reaching out to the community so well. So many developers do not do that, and it really is a tragedy. I have one question for you:

    In the concept art, I got a real sense of scale from the drawings, like you were an ant while lumbering engines of destruction 200 feet tall were smashing the ground all around you. This differentiation of scale is something that hasn’t really been adequately explored in the FPS genre (i’d guess due to tech limitations), but playing a game where you feel small (but stil important) would be something really new and exciting. I’m wondering if that sense of scale made it into the final game, or if it’s wholly focused around the more usual FPS mechanics?

    Thanks in advance for answering the question, and best of luck with the game.

  • Oh, and I also have a question regarding multiplayer experience rewards. I’m aware that R1 had an experience system where you gained cosmetic updates based on your playtime, and that COD4 brought that idea to the whole next level by offering tangible rewards for players who played the game… a lot. This obviously resulted in that feeling of addictiveness and is the cause of much of the love that game generated, but also unbalanced the game, specifically by punishing new or casual players. I strongly believe some kind of tangible reward system should exist in R2 to extend its life and the feeling of accomplishment you get from progressing, but am afraid of it being carried too far. I was wondering if you could drop any hints about how you plan on incorporating progression into the multiplayer of R2, and if those rewards progression gives the player actually matter. If the rewards are tangible, how do you plan to keep the game balanced?

  • I loved the furst resistance I liked the bones stuf you can unlock. will you that in R2?

  • I liked the part in resistance when you first get the sniper and the two british snipers are in the windo sniping and if you wate a while the sniper on the left said ” say what you want about the claymara thay got hart and teeth big [DELETED] teeth!!!” me and my conset laughed for a long time well to get to my point will there be aney funny and random stuf in resistance 2 like the teeth thing?

  • on my last blog thay deleted the word
    F U C K ok just so you all know

  • the word the guy said was big F**King teeth k

  • Thanks for answering my questions. Stil have one.
    In R1 the story is told sometimes in moving scenes and sometimes a naration with stills. That last one didn’t do anthing for me so please more movies to tell the story?

  • what other new enemys will there be?

  • what new wepons will there be if you added new ones?

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