Resistance 2 First Look: Multiplayer Classes

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We’ve got a new Full Moon Show podcast up on the Insomniac Games site that readers of the PlayStation.Blog just might take an interest in ;-). This week’s show focuses on the process of going from concept to reality in Resistance 2.

Resistance 2 Logo long

We’ve also posted a couple of new concept art pieces for you to take a look at as well as the final logos for Resistance 2! The Spec Ops and Medic images come from our co-op multiplayer classes. On the show, we discuss these pieces and how important concept art is in the game creation process. In addition, we have one of our concept artists, Brian Yam, who was responsible for all the pretty pictures you drooled over in the Game Informer R2 cover story. Besides the Resistance 2 update, we talk to Lorne Lanning from Oddworld Inhabitants and we’ll update you on Insomniac community happenings – including the launch of a community-driven fan magazine.


Also – one other fun announcement for you Facebook fanatics – you can now become a fan of Resistance 2 on Facebook! Hit this link to check it out.

We love to hear feedback and comments, so post away in the comments section below!

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  • first!

    Looks freaking awesome =D I’m behind you, Insomniac! 100%

  • Looking forward to Resistance 2. I’ll keep an eye out for that ‘community’ magazine as well.

  • New Full Moon!? YESSS! That is my favorite developer podcast! Well . . . it’s actually the ONLY dev podcast I listen to . . . but that’s because the others are REALLY BORING!

    Anyway, R2 is looking great. *chuckles* You guys would BELIEVE the fanboy crying when you guys said it was going to be on a 50GB BRD. All of a sudden, everyone magically turned into developers, and they all just KNEW that R2 would fit on a DVD-9 if the audio was compressed.

    People are idiots. Anyway, James, thanks for the update! Day 1 buy! Any chance of any of the Insomniacs hanging around close to launch to play some games with the fans? That’d be quite cool.

  • cool will this game support custom sound tacks

  • The medic looks pretty cool, the sniper… ehhh not so much. But i’m ecstatic you guys are keeping us updated like this.

  • EvoAnubis: yeah, we’ll definitely hang around and play with you guys on launch. Can’t wait.

  • Um . . . I meant “wouldn’t believe.” Whoops.

  • “EvoAnubis: yeah, we’ll definitely hang around and play with you guys on launch. Can’t wait.”

    Coolness. Looking forward to it.

  • This is better, now I’m logged in as me. :-) I’m off to lunch, but I’ll answer questions that I can when I get back!

  • I’m really excited for R2. I hope you continue to have great online play with friends list access and excellent voice support.

    I’d love to see you add self mic muting (like Extreme Condition has) and support for scheduling matches, but otherwise Resistance probably had the most thorough and well thought-out online gaming so far, and I hope it continues that way.

    (Yes, I blog –

  • Please tell us there is going to be a demo or online beta? Also will there be XMB support for in-game soundtracks?

    Also what about adding bots to ofline multiplayer?

  • Is Bryan Intihar from 1UP hosting the podcast?

    • Actually, I\’m the host of the podcast – alongside Ryan Schneider and Marcus Smith. Bryan Intihar will be joining us on the next show in 2 weeks.

  • Game looks very nice, I cant wait til it comes out. Already pre-ordered it.

  • Are these classes going to stricly co-op or are they going to be in Multiplayer as well? I hope not.

  • Happy for R2. Is the trailer going to blow us away in terms of graphics, ‘cos i know you did a great job with R&C:ToD?
    Is the game also going to have a connection with HOME?

  • I just have one question about the game:

    Will it look amazingly epicly(Dont know if its a word) better than resistance 1?

    • Check out the screenshots you can find online or in the February issue of Game Informer and decide for yourself :-)

  • **Raises Hand**

    I have questions!

    I know from listening to your podcast and reading on various sites that things can change radically from concept to “final”.

    1. How far has the direction of the art changed from conecpt to final? I guess its hard to quantify such a thing, but I suppose what I’m really getting at is:

    2. Were you able to get out of the PS3 what you thought you would (I realize its probably still an ongoing process though)?

    3. Based on what you have as “final” would you say the single player is longer or shorter than that of R1?

    4. Will we be able to see Nathans & legs this time? With a lot of FPS I feel like I’m a hovering torso…lol

    Thank for your time :)

    • 1. I wouldn\’t say the art direction changes, but sometimes things change when we actually build assets.

      2. We\’re still amazed by the power of the PS3. There is still plenty of room to grow, but we\’re pleased with the results we are getting and trying to share those results with other developers on our R&D page and through the Nocturnal Initiative.

      3 and 4. Too early to say!

  • finally i been asking for a while to get you guys on the blog and i happy to see you guy are on!
    I have 3 questions.
    First b4 asking my question let me say congrats are being one of the best game company developing game i will always buy your games.
    Now to the question can i get a psn id from some1 in Insomniac so can play against one of you guys in fall of man 1 and 2 once in a while.Next question are we getting any interaction with the home reward system for part one.I beat the game on superhuman and got that cool outfit and would love to see a reward in home for it.Next and finale question is will we see a trailer by e3 cause i praying for one to hold me over til game come out ?sorry i know this one is over the 3 questions but what game are u looking forward to on ps3 this year?Please answer back i dont get answer back to much on this blog.

    • Well my id on PSN is jstevenson – but my friend\’s list on the XMB is full with people I know in real life – and even that\’s hard with 150+ Insomniacs!

      You can add me as a buddy in RFOM though. Also, if you see guys with moons next to their names, you know it is an Insomniac. Sorry if you don\’t see much of us though, we\’re all busy playing Resistance 2!

  • With killzone 2 and R2 You guy are whanting me to NOT leave the house. I’ll be locked in MY room for day’s THANK ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60 player online SWEET!

  • Thank you James for the link :D Going to go read it now.

  • i have a few Questions , i was hoping to get a answer, if you got enough time.

    1)Resistance was a great game (single player and online) but it had a few things that made the game a little bit unbalanced, to name 1 thing the ” tag ” from the main chimera gun… are you people making sure that everything will be balenced now?

    2)I’m really hoping that the online part of the game will be excellent , if you look at a pretty big game released this week for the PS3 the online is broken and its a freaking disaster to join or invite someone , is resistance 2 getting a beta to solve this things BEFORE retail version ?

    3)As a community relation manager , Can you do anything for this game tomake it better ?

    4) Will res 2 have the same stuff so replay value is better then normal ? with this i mean get extra weapens the next time you play the SP , etc…

    5)The last Question: You guys aren’t a Sony First party company , but still its rumoured that insomniac has a great relationship with Naughty dog , How did this relationship begin ?

    I want be very happy to see 1 Question answered , i wont blame you if you cannot answer some Question because they need to be secret or that you simply don’t know.

    Thanks for posting the information !

    • 1. Balance is definitely important and will be getting some specific focus. We also will be receptive to community feedback, we had several major patches to RFOM over 2007 that we thought improved gameplay a lot.

      2. We haven\’t announced any betas at this time, but we will be testing the servers plenty :-)

      3. Sure! I try to offer feedback on the game whenever I play and at Insomniac, everyone\’s opinion is very valued. I also gather a lot of community feedback and present that as well.

      4. Way too early to say – though Insomniac games typically feature lots of replay value – 60-player competitive multiplayer and 8-player co-op will help that a lot as well.

      5. We do have a great relationship with Naughty Dog! Back when Insomniac and Naughty Dog were both on the Universal lot, we saw each other all the time. We shared some tech in the PS2 days (Al Hastings took the Occlusion system from Jak & Daxter, re-wrote it into C++ for Ratchet & Clank) and to this day remain good friends – about a month or so ago we had a bunch of the Dogs up here so we could pick their brains on animation and cinematics. We\’ve had Evan Wells and Amy Hennig on the Full Moon Show (check out the archives) – and we\’re all HUGE fans of Uncharted: Drake\’s Fortune.

  • hey james, will there be 60p insom-fridays like on the first game?

    i miss those…

    • A bit early to say for certain, but I think everyone at the company really enjoyed it – so I imagine you\’ll see a return of the Play With Insomniac Fridays

  • good news. cant wait to get this game. the first part was the best ps3 game i had played so far. this one should be better.

  • Looks great- will R2 support splitscreen online multiplayer? and if it does will it support it for the co-op campaign and the 60 player games?


  • Awesome.Any plans for a MySpace page? Just asking,since I’m not on FaceBook…

  • looks and sounds amazing

  • Is the soundtrack going to be any good? I thought the first Resistance’s soundtrack was pretty boring, so I’m hoping the next one has a better one.

  • Bad idea, i play a lot of resistance, and i liked how is it

    Multiplayer Classes, its a really bad idea………………………………… really

  • I remember hearing that Resistance 2 online would feature something along the lines of phone voice quality. I’ve got a few buddies with connections that aren’t so good and it makes it difficult to understand them using voice chat. Will this make a difference in their voice chat in Resistance 2?

  • @29 I believe that the classes are limited to co-op, they’re not in the traditional multiplayer portion

  • You guys, this is really great. It makes me alot more excited for the final release of the game.

  • probably cant say but will there be vehicles in R2 multiplayer? not sure if i want em or not. didnt really miss em in resistance FOM online

    cant wait for this game. listening to full moon show now on my PSP.

  • Thank you Insomniac Games! Now while there are predifined classes in the field can you pickup anyones weapon when they die?
    Beyond classes can we customize character models?
    Will you have a mute option?
    Also is there anyway for you to disable the voice mod tool in game? Voice mod is the most obnoxious crap.
    Can I come to your dev studio for a tour?

  • insomniac want to become resistance a battlefield or a COD4 ????. i think resistance 2 will be cool, but will be not resistance.

  • “Sorry if you don’t see much of us though, we’re all busy playing Resistance 2!”

    Yeah, rub it in why don’t you….

    You guys will need all the practice you can get, anyway, if you expect to stand a chance against the might of EvoAnubis the Almighty!

  • Is there going to be a beta? If so when and how do you get in? Thanks

  • Good thing about the classes being co-op. I have no problem with them in co-op. I just didn’t want them in multiplayer. Also don’t want vehicles in multiplayer, but that’s a bit off topic for the post.

    Resistance 2 is shaping up well it seems. One of my top three “must have” games this year already.

  • nice – resistance 2 is going to give the ps3 a big boost

  • o i got another question.

    when will some new weapons be revealed?

    weapons were my favorite things about R:FOM. you guys at insomniac are really good at making up weapons. cant wait to see some new ones.

  • I, for one, want to applaud you on the incorporation of vehicles, as I think this is necessary, when you’re playing on bigger courses, some that are designated for 60 players, so I’m looking forward to this. But I would want to see more vehicles, than the few we saw in R:FoM. But untill now I’m pretty darn excited, and I’ve always loved everything Insomniac did, so why shouldn’t I love this? =)

  • I’ve got 2 questions for you.

    1) As much as I like a multiplayer game, but will there stil be a great singelplayer game?

    2) What is the resolution of the game (1080P???)

  • Hi James,

    I think your comment that “my friend’s list on the XMB is full with people I know in real life – and even that’s hard with 150+ Insomniacs!” is reflective of a very real problem with the PSN… we need increased friend-list capacity. Maybe you can use your pull with Sony to nudge them to make this happen? :)


  • The Spec ops looks good, but the Medic… the symbols are huge and green? i don’t get it.

    Loved the first one, so i’m getting R2 when it comes out!

  • The sniper looks like a bug catcher.

  • I’m with BlitzXor. A 50 people limit is absurd. I have to delete people almost weekly in order to make room for someone else, and that’s getting very hard to do. I need another 100 spots.

  • OMFG!!!!!! I SOOO knew that you guys were going to use San Fransisco for the background of Resistance 2 that I drew something very very similar to the logo you have now, about 2 weeks ago. take a look

    • Good work! That\’s really cool. :-)

      We\’ve been dying to show the logo, but we just recently got it finalized and through all of the legal teams. It barely didn\’t make today, but we\’re glad it did!

  • When are you guys relesing a trailer? At least a teaser?

    Are those screenshots (on the GAMEINFORMER magazine) truly in-game?

  • Is Sony going to set a good example with this R2 and support Mouse + Keyboard control?

    #1 reason I don’t get FPS or TPS games on consoles is the lack of Mouse + Keyboard support. PS3 has that ability, but the only ones to support it is Epic with UT3.

  • This is very good good news
    i am looking forward for this This is a day 1 purchase for me you guys are the best!

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